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Before coaching Presidents, Hollywood stars and millions more, his upbringing was anything but glamorous.

Beaten and ridiculed, Tony Robbins overcame his hardships and conquered adversity through resilience and passion.


Rob Greenfield

Welcome to the world's first Recycle Mall!
A mall that only sells recycled and repurposed items!
Co-produced by Guerrilla Foundation

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The Farm Project

There are tiny pieces of plastic in the seafood you're eating. -- Zooey Deschanel

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Cleaning A Stuffy Nose With Salt Water



This entrepreneur had a rough childhood and now has a net worth of $1.6 billion. #MakeCheddar


Harrowing! Just sends shudders up your spine to think of something like this !! May the Almighty keep our children safe ..

A desperate mom rushes into a supermarket carrying her lifeless toddler – then she turns around and runs back out...



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UNILAD Adventure

This resort in the Maldives is pure luxury 😍✨


UNILAD Adventure

This resort in the Maldives is pure luxury 😍✨


BuzzFeed Video

This Girl Can Fit All Her Trash From The Past 5 Years Into A Single Mason Jar



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Forever Living Middle East HQ

Look Better. Feel Better with F15.
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FOREVER DAILY! Your ideal health in a bottle. Essential Vitamins & Minerals.

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[10/21/17]   Make sure that every woman in your life reads this:

1.Take care of your health. Spend time n money on maintaining yourself.

2.Learn to be independent. Its perfectly ok to not earn, but its important to be independent.

3.Learn about investments and taxes. Its not necessary to have someone else manage your savings n earnings all your life.

4.Plan and save for your own gifts n desires. You don't always need a boyfriend or husband or your dad to buy you something you love. Gift yourself!

5.take equal responsibility of your parents.

6.Let the father take care of the unwell child once in a while. Its ok. Your career is equally important and the father is equally responsible.

7.Let other family members take care of your kitchen sometimes. Its ok if the kitchen platform is exceptionally unclean or sink is full of dirty vessels. Relax n take that break!

8.Help the other woman, even if you dont like her 😉 You never know what her battles are. Empower the needy ones, like your maids. Teach her basics of hygiene, education and finances.

9.Create a support system. Its ok to get on well with inlaws! Not every family needs to have a saas-bahu drama.

10.Have some friends (men and women) beyond your husband's or boyfriend's group. Its ok ! Spend some time away from family with your friends.

11.Its ok to not cry. Not all women need to be senti all the time 😉

12. Be vigilant, be prepared to handle tough situations. When things go wrong, try to be balanced and find way out of your problems. You don't need to play the victim.

13. Find time to read and keep yourself updated.

14.Raise independent, caring and health conscious kids. Make all family members equally accountable and responsible.

15. Spend some time doing what you like, even if its just sitting idle. Dont feel guilty about it, just because others feel its worthless.

16. Believe in yourself...... . If you won't , no one else will



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Forever A-Beta-CarE is there for you!!

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Infinite Skincare by Forever Living Products

You can’t stop the sands of time, but you can slow them down with Forever’s newest and most advanced anti-aging line: infinite by Forever™. This system helps...


Forever living Bee Pollen
What Is Pollen?

Bee Pollen is made by honeybees, and is the food of the young bee. It is considered one of nature's most completely nourishing foods as it contains nearly all nutrients required by humans. Bee-gathered pollens are rich in proteins (approximately 40% protein), free amino acids and vitamins, including the B-complex, and folic acid.

Bee pollen is a complete food and contains many elements that products of animal origin do not possess. Bee pollen is richer in proteins than any animal source. It contains more amino acids than beef, eggs, or cheese of equal weight. About half of its protein is in the form of free amino acids that are ready to be used directly by the body.

It is important to recognize that a one teaspoon dose of pollen takes one bee working eight hours a day for one month to gather. Each bee pollen pellet contains over two million flower pollen grains and one teaspoonful contains over 2.5 billion grains of flower pollen.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, has listed bee pollen as one of his 22 most recommended energy foods. Bee pollen can be used medicinally for a wide range of conditions, from prostate health to skin conditions, and can help correct specific nutritional imbalances within the body.

Here Are Just 10 Great Reasons To Add Fresh Bee Pollen To Your Daily Diet!

1. Energy Enhancer - The range of nutrients found within bee pollen makes it a great natural energizer. The carbohydrates, protein and B vitamins can help keep you going all day by enhancing stamina and fighting off fatigue.

2. Skin Soother - Bee pollen is often used in topical products that aim to treat inflammatory conditions and common skin irritations like psoriasis or eczema. The amino acids and vitamins protect the skin and aid the regeneration of cells.

3. Respiratory System - Bee pollen contains a high quantity of antioxidants that may have an anti-inflammatory effect on the tissues of the lungs, preventing the onset of asthma.

4. Treating Allergies – Pollen reduces the presence of histamine, ameliorating many allergies. Dr. Leo Conway, MD, of Denver Colorado, reported that 94 percent of his patients were completely free from allergy symptoms once treated with oral feedings of pollen. Everything from asthma to allergies to sinus problems were cleared, confirming that bee pollen is wonderfully effective against a wide range of respiratory diseases.

5. Digestive System - In addition to healthful vitamins, minerals and protein, bee pollen contains enzymes that can aid in digestion. Enzymes assist your body in getting all the nutrients you need from the food that you eat.

6. Immune System Booster - Pollen is good for the intestinal flora and thereby supports the immune system. According to holistic health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola, bee pollen has antibiotic-type properties that can help protect the body from contracting viruses. It's also rich in antioxidants that protect the cells from the damaging oxidation of free radicals.

7. Treats Addictions – Used holistically for healing addictions and inhibiting cravings by suppressing impulses. Because bee pollen crashes cravings, it may be useful for healthy weight loss. However, more research is needed into these potential benefits, particularly when it comes to weight management.

8. Supports the Cardiovascular System - Bee Pollen contains large amounts of rutin; an antioxidant bioflavonoid that helps strengthen blood vessels, assists with circulatory problems, and corrects cholesterol levels. Its potent anti-clotting powers could help prevent heart attack and stroke.

9. Prostate Aid - Men who suffer from benign prostate hyperplasia can find relief by using bee pollen. Bee pollen can help reduce inflammation to stop frequent urges to urinate.

10. Infertility Problems - Bee pollen stimulates and restores ovarian function, and therefore may be used to assist in accelerating pregnancy. As well as being a hormonal booster, it is also a great aphrodisiac!


Top 12 Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains over 200 active components including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, polysaccharide, and fatty acids – no wonder it’s used for such a wide range of remedies! The bulk of the aloe vera leaf is filled with a clear gel-like substance, which is approximately 99% water. Humans have used aloe therapeutically for over 5000 years – now that’s a long-standing track record! The list of benefits and effects for this miraculous plant are many. Here is a list of the Top 12 Benefits of Aloe Vera (including some medicinal uses):

1. Aloe Vera Is High in Vitamins & Minerals:
Aloe Vera contains many vitamins including A, C, E, folic acid, choline, B1, B2, B3 (niacin), B6. Aloe Vera is also one of the few plants that contains vitamin B12. Some of the 20 minerals found in Aloe vera include: calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium, sodium, iron, potassium, copper, manganese.

2. Aloe Vera is High in Amino Acids & Fatty Acids
Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. There are about 22 amino acids that are necessary for the human body and it is said that 8 of these are essential. Estimates of the amino acids found in aloe range from 18-20 amino acids, with all 8 essential amino acids. Aloe vera also includes quite an impressive range of fatty acids. Aloe contains three plant sterols, which are important fatty acids – HCL cholesterol (which lowers fats in the blood), campesterol, and B-sitosterol. All are helpful in reducing symptoms of allergies and acid indigestion. Other fatty acids include linoleic, linolenic, myristic, caprylic, oleic, palmitic, and stearic.

3. Aloe Vera is an Adaptogen
Aloe vera is a well-known adaptogen. An adaptogen is something that boosts the body’s natural ability to adapt to external changes and resist illness. It is thought that aloe’s power as an adaptogen balances the body’s system, stimulating the defense and adaptive mechanisms of the body. This allows you an increased ability to cope with stress (physical, emotional and environmental stress like pollution)

4. Aloe Helps with Digestion
Poor digestion is related to many diseases. A properly functioning digestive tract is one of the keys and foundations of health. Aloe is known to soothe and cleanse the digestive tract and help improve digestion. The interesting thing about taking aloe internally is that, because it is an adaptogen, it helps with either constipation or diarrhea, helping to regulate your elimination cycles in whatever way you need. It’s been a great remedy for people with problems such as irritable bowel syndrome as well as acid reflux. Aloe also helps to decrease the amount of unfriendly bacteria and in our gut keeping your healthy intestinal flora in balance. Aloe is also a vermifuge, which means it helps to rid the body of intestinal worms.

5. Aloe Helps in Detoxification
Aloe Vera is a gelatinous plant food, just like seaweeds and chia seeds. The main benefit to consuming gelatinous plant foods in your diet is that these gels move through the intestinal tract absorbing toxins along the way and get eliminated through the colon. This will help the proper elimination of waste from your body and help the detoxification of your body.

6. Aloe Alkalizes the Body
Disease cannot manifest in an alkaline environment. Most people are living and subsisting on mostly acidic foods. For great health, remember the 80/20 rule – 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acidic. Aloe vera is an alkaline forming food. It alkalizes the body, helping to balance overly acidic dietary habits.

7. Cardiovascular Health
There hasn’t been a lot of studies conducted on aloe’s effect on cardiovascular health, but there has been some research to show that aloe vera extract injected into the blood, greatly multiplies the oxygen transportation and diffusion capabilities of the red blood cells. According to a study published in the 2000 issue of the British Medical Journal, beta sitosterol helps to lower cholesterol. By regulating blood pressure, improving circulation and oxidation of the blood, lowering cholesterol, and making blood less sticky, aloe vera juice may be able to help lower the risk of heart disease.

8. Aloe Helps Boost the Immune System
I think given the stresses of our daily lives, every one can use a boost to their immune systems. The polysaccharides in aloe vera juice stimulate macrophages, which are the white blood cells of your immune system that fight against viruses. Aloe is also an immune enhancer because of its high level of anti-oxidants, which help combat the unstable compounds known as free-radicals, contributing to the aging process. (Free radicals are a bi-product of life itself, it is a naturally occurring process but we can overload ourselves with unnecessary free-radicals by living an unhealthy lifestyle). Aloe is also an antipyretic which means it used to reduce or prevent fever.

9. Aloe Vera is Great for the Skin
Because of aloe’s well-known healing properties for the skin, aloe is one of the primary compounds used in the cosmetic industry. It is a known vulnerary, (meaning it helps heal wounds) and is great for applying topically to burns, abrasions, psoriasis and even to bug bites. Aloe acts as an analgesic, acting to help relieve pain of wounds. It’s feels especially good to cut a stem of aloe, place it in the fridge and rub it on sun burnt skin – the immediate soothing effect feels like an absolute lifesaver. Aloe is also an antipruritic: A substance that relieves or prevents itching. Aloe vera is an astringent: which causes the contraction of body tissues, typically used to reduce bleeding from minor abrasions. Due to aloe’s high water content (over 99% water) it is a great way to hydrate, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin and fits within my general guideline: “Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat!” Aloe increases the elasticity of the skin making it more flexible through collagen and elastin repair. Aloe is an emollient, helping to soften and soothe the skin. It helps supply oxygen to the skin cells, increasing the strength and synthesis of skin tissue and induces improved blood flow to the skin through capillary dilation.

10. Aloe vera is a: Disinfectant, Anti-biotic, Anti-microbial, Germicidal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-septic, Anti-fungal & Anti-viral:
Wow, I think that covers all anti- bases. Okay, I admit, that was just a sneaky way to add in another 8 good reasons why you should keep an aloe vera as a handy (to to mention beautiful) house plant and incorporate it’s uses into your healthy lifestyle. Aloe vera’s active ingredients are sulphur, lupeol, salicylic acid, cinnamic acid, urea nitrogen and phenol which are substances that prevent the growth of disease-causing microorganisms and act as a team to provide antimicrobial activity thus eliminating many internal and external infections, also active against bacteria. It also helps to treat fungal and viral infections.

11. Aloe Helps Reduce Inflammation
Aloe Vera contains 12 substances, including B-sisterole, which can help to slow down or inhibit inflammation. This may be able to help with painful joints due to stiffness and help improve joint flexibility.

12. Weight Loss – A Secondary effect
Improving your digestion, and detoxifying your body will have a secondary effect of promoting weight loss because when you start to improve your digestion you naturally eliminate more efficiently, which is a primary way that we all detoxify – through our bowels. This will lighten your toxic load on your body and will give you more energy.


A detox program that will transform u in 9 days !!


Forever F.I.T. 1

Forever F.I.T. is an advanced nutritional, cleansing and weight-management program designed to help you look and feel better in three easy-to-follow steps: Clean 9, F.I.T. 1 and F.I.T. 2. Clean 9 will help you begin to remove stored toxins from your body and feel lighter and more energized. F.I.T. 1 will change the way you think and feel about nutrition and exercise and teach you how to make your weight-loss sustainable. F.I.T. 2 will help you build lean muscle, tone your body and complete your transformation. Together, these three Paks will help YOU get F.I.T. and look and feel better.

You CAN lose weight, you CAN look better and feel better than ever before and CAN make a permanent change for the better. Forever F.I.T. 1 will show you how!

Each Forever F.I.T. Pak contains:

4 1 liter bottles of Aloe Vera Gel®
2 pouches of Forever Lite Ultra® Shake Mix
1 60 tablet bottle of Forever Therm™
1 70 softgel bottle of Forever Garcinia Plus®
1 30 stickpak box of Forever Fiber™
10 Forever PRO-X2™ High Proten Bars
1 Forever F.I.T. 1 booklet



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