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Videos by Kabalen/taste of hyderabad in Doha. board meal 3 ulam + rice qr 11 and qr 300 monthly boodle fight everyday short order outdoor catering all services Filipino Indian cuisine

Table Top Boodle fight

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Table Top Boodle fight

🆓Free Home Delivary 🚚 FREE. FREE For order 31128601whatsapp 🔙Every day buffet available 35qr only ✔️Dine-in & take away ✔️Break fast lunch and dinner 📍Located al muntazah beside al meera Gandang gabi KABAYAN Try our board meal only for 11qr. 👍🏻may tatlong ulam kna may kanin kapa sulit diba..,👌🏻👉🏻3ulam +Rice .... ———————————————————————— ♨️Pick any menu good for 10/15 persons qr100/- only 👉🏻♨️We accept bulk order and catering services too. 👉🏻♨️FREE HOME DELIVERY MINIMUM ORDER DEPENDS LOCATION 💬🤙🏻 🔆Monthly Lunch and dinner = Qr 550 🔆Monthly Lunch or dinner = Qr 300 👉🏻Many more short order and Boodle fight also Available. ———————————————————————— ♨️👇🏼NEW MENU:- 🔷Bilo Bilo = Qr15 🔷plain rice = Qr5 🔷garlic rice = Qr6 🔷Beef steak = Qr30 🔷beef bistek = Qr28 🔷Beef/ckn bicol express = Qr30 🔷KFC style fried ckn = Qr25 (6pcs) 🔷Beef siomai = Qr10( 5 pcs) 🔷kwek kwek = Qr15(3 piece) 🔷Chicken skin = Qr15 🔷GOTO BATANGAS 1500ml = Qr25 🔷LOMI BATANGAS 1500ml = Qr20 🔷BALBACUA 1500ml = Qr30 🔷BEEF/CKN arozcaldo 1500ml = Qr20 🔷BUFFALO WINGS = Qr25 🔷BULALUGAW 1500ml = Qr30 🔷Crispy Beef isaw = Qr8/stick 🔷Crispy Ckn isaw = Qr4/stick ✴️ 🔷Inihaw na bangus 800gm = Qr30 🔷Inihaw Ng Tilapia =Qr 30 🔷Paksiw Ng bangus 1500ml =Qr28 🔷Fish Fillet S&SS = Qr25 🔷BBQ Ckn = Qr 3 (per stick💥) 🔷Crispy ckn dinakdakan = Qr25 🔷Papaitan = Qr25 🔷Bulalo 1500ml = Qr25 🔷beef Kare kare 1500ml =Qr28 🔷Beef menudo = Qr28 🔷Pancit bihon = Qr20 🔷Pancit Canton = Qr20 🔷Mix pancit = Qr25 🔷Pancit palabok = Qr25 🔷Spaghetti =Qr25 🔷Sisig. Chicken = Qr25 🔷Sisig Beef = Qr

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