Nlighten your World Doha/Oman

Nlighten your World Doha/Oman

Our Nlighten products are plant based and NO harmful chemicals

Operating as usual


Milk Fridge Baguio is the place to be!
Sarap ng milktea.. sarap pa ng usapan!

Excited for the days to come..great team plan!
Thanks sir Lean.. let’s end this year with a blast!



All heading abroad!!!
Thanks to all the loyal customers!!



As the economy is shifting, you need to have a legitimate & creative sources of extra income.

For example:
Here is an Additional Income of my business partner who is working abroad.. but earning from P750.00 to P2,850.00 in just a couple of minutes. 😱💯💰

I’m currently looking for potential business partners who is interested to earn a flexible income such as this. If you’re interested, just send me a PM & I’ll teach how you can have your own creative source of income! 😉


2 packages bound to Hong Kong 🇵🇭 ✈️ 🇭🇰

Congratulations to one of the top #Ntrepreneurs in our team, Mely David Echanes. One of the fastest distributors I know that’s based in HK.

Keep up the great work! We are proud of you!
#teamTYCOONS #teamHK


All set for the holidays! 😉
Thanks to these loyal & committed leaders!

And thank you for joining us & helping us solidify our gameplans mentor Kerbick! 😁


It’s never boring talking to a dreamer like me! Soar high Lyka! 🦅


Ciao! We’re officially open in 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺
#3rdcontinent 💪🏻😉💯

October 27, 2019 signifies the entry of NWORLD to the European continent. It was this day that we made another remarkable moment as NWORLD celebrated the soft opening of its newest ground of hope in Milan, Italy.

Present at the scene were some of our exceptional leaders and Ntrepreneurs who brought greater Nspirations with their motivating tips, lessons, and stories that made the passion and spirit ablaze. The presence of our beloved President Juluis Allan Nolasco and each and everyone’s company made it even more momentous.

This is just the beginning of our phenomenal journey in conquering the global market. Together, let us continue to bring #NWORLD's wonderful products and life-changing business opportunity not only in Italy, but to the entire European Union.

NWORLD to the world!


Follow us on Twitter @NWorldOfficial
Instagram: Nworldwideofficial
Youtube: alphanetworldcorporation
Google+: thealphanetworldcorporation
Vimeo: nworld


Day 01 of many more goal plannings to come. Congratulations Vanni G Mon! 🥂
#coaching101 #businessplan


Late night business coaching session..



Ang costume na kinakatakutan ng karamihan!

“JONA” ang kambal ni Judith 😱

Dagdag income din kasi pag may time para di ka bisitahin ni Jona!

**plus points for creativity 😂




Busy busy day..
Online orders ready for pick up! 😉
Order gone wild! 🤪

How many days left before Christmas.. got to hustle more! 🎄🎁🎅



As what the sticker said! LOVE IT! 💙
Another online transaction done today. 😁
Business has never been this easy! 😉



“Grabe si SM, pati Turon pinatulan!” They really have it all. But instead of looking at it this way, why don’t we look at what we can learn from them. “Grabe is SM, kahit Turon tinatrabaho!”

They are already SM but they keep working hard and continue to innovate. Kung si SM hindi nahihiya magbenta ng turon at hindi niya minamaliit eto, huwag tayong mahiya kahit ano ang trabaho natin at huwag natin mamaliitin ang sarili natin!

Kapag tinanong ka kung ano ang trabaho mo or business mo, huwag mong lalagyan ng “LANG.”

Anong trabaho mo? “Empleyado LANG ako.”
Anong ginagawa mo? “Housewife LANG po ako.”
Anong business mo? “Maliit LANG na negosyo.”

Be proud kasi marangal yang trabaho o negosyo mo. Lahat nagsimula sa maliit kahit si SM. At kung kinailangan ka na magbenta ng turon, be proud. Kung si SM ginagawa, tayo pa kaya? #YOUniqueThoughts



🇭🇰 ✖️ 🇨🇦

Just lastnight..
1 New Team Member from Hongkong
1 Additional Package order from Canada

All transactions done with just a tap of a finger! 😉
Business made EASY & CONVINIENT!



Just had a business plan done with one of my team members, together with her very cute assistant hehehe

Let’s do this ma’am Joana! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻



Something to ponder.. both for the parents and kids!
Sakto for the my kapwa Millennials and Gen Zs 😉

My dad: You will inherit nothing.
Me: 😤

Other the other hand, why you shouldn't treat your kids as investments:

Get updates from us on telegram:

We’re also abit dank (and also having further discussions) on IG:


Character is revealed when pressure is applied. What kind of character do you have?

Because character is the real foundation of all worth while success. 😉

Thankful for the support, commitment, dedication & most importantly the loyalty of these fine ladies! ♥️


FILIPINO MINDSET = Study and get a job. Nagkaroon ng monthly salary na 30k a month. Ang ginawa bili ng gadgets, gimik, pag naubos na uutang kasi ok lang may sahod naman ulit mindset.

CHINESE MINDSET = Study and start a business. Nagtayo ng maliit na negosyo kumita ng 20k a month, binalik ang puhunan sa negosyo, naging 2x ang kita. Binalik ulit ang puhunan 4x to 10x na ang kita. Then bili na ng house and lot, car and start ulit ng ibang business.

Ang problema yung kultura natin. Yung sinabi sa'yo ng magulang mo na "mag aral ka ng mabuti para may maganda kang trabaho" Walang mali dun pero kung gusto mo umasenso at umangat kelangan mo alisin yan paniniwala na yan sa buhay mo.

Work smarter not harder. (c)


Lessen the appearance of freckles and prevent it from spreading by using these two of our best selling products that is made in Korea! 😊
Having SPF 50++ without the greasiness that we all hate. 😉


💋💋 Testimony from Mrs. RELICA 💋💋

Watch, Look, Listen and Learn 😜🤩😂

I’m not a fan of using Facial Mask but when i tried this amazing product #NLighten02GlowiNSerumMask, my regimen will never be the same.

Excited to use it every night! 🥰

#icaBogs #icaVLogs #nLighten #ctto #repost


Legit Testimony 😍😊

💋💋 REPOST fr Mrs. SHARA 💋💋

Share lang guys kahit ganap na kong momshie di pa din nawawala sa akin ang night ritual bago matulog.. secret para pag gising fresh pa din at kahit napupuyat kay baby, achieved ang pimple-free at glowing na skin.

Step 1. Maghilamos with Nlighten premium soap, mild lang to mga bes pang moisturize ng skin. 😊
Step 2. Nlighten facial cleanser, ilagay lang sa bulak tapos upward stroke and wag ikukuskos ng madiin,,tandaan manipis balat natin sa face, sarap ng feeling pagkatapos. ☺️
Step 3. Apply Nlighten Cloud cream, matte finish na po yan, I use it as my night cream na din. Pwede din sa araw pang base sa make-up or powder. Di na ko magtataka, eto best seller..😁

P.S. if may pimple naman po ako, (di naman dyosa, nagkakameron sadja)😂 pinapalitan ko lang po ng Nlighten Kojic soap yung premium hanggang sa maging marks na lang and totally mag disappear then back to basic. 😍



📌 Nworld guarantees that NLIGHTEN O2 BUBBLE CLEANSER helps hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.
📌 YES, I would definitely agree on that. This amazing cleanser is specifically formulated with exceptional ingredients to help relieve the skin from dead skin cells, sebum, impurities, and any excess debris.
📌 Nlighten 02 Bubble Cleanser goes beyond cleansing to hydrate and rejuvinate the skin with the revolutionary Korean skin care technology of oxygen therapy.

Available onhand 👐

Nworldwide |
Instagram | @n_w0rld


This lady is young, determined and full of ambition! And my job is it to help her reach her highest potential and goals in life!



#NLIGHTENToothpaste is now in store to bring out more brighter smiles to everyone! This amazing toothpaste is specially formulated with carefully chosen ingredients to help give you fresher breath, healthier gums, and whiter teeth!

Make the bright choice for your smile!

#whiteningteeth #whiteningtoothpaste

[10/04/19]   BRASO PROBLEM?
My pag asa na mga beshi, thank you sa aking savior #GreenJuice and #Coffeemix plus #BodyGel.

Yung akala kong wala ng pagasa ang braso ko, meron pa pala

Sleeveless ready na ulit ang peg

Goodbye 38lbs of fats!
Wag ka ng babalik ha!

If ganto din ang problema mo, baka mtulungan kita.

#NbodyUser #Goodbye38Lbs
#MomOfThree #64kgTO47kg #Repost


Hi meet Monique Ann Fajardo 29 years old from Parañaque former legal assistant and now full time NTreprenuer and Distributor of NWord who earned 6 Digits Monthly

Why Nworld: I’ve always been that “Go-Getter” kind of independent woman so a man’s money never really excited me much (just a bonus not a ladder to upgrade to). Thus, I really hated settling for only an okay job with an okay pay to get by. I knew I was destined for something greater than just working hard for someone else’s dreams.

Alongside my thirst for success, Nworld came to play. Not only did it turn my dreams into reality but it also made me significant by helping other’s lives thrive too than just merely survive. Thank you Nworld! You are a blessing to us all. ❤️

Congrats maam Monique Ann Fajardo🎉🎉



Hello everyone! We are now accepting orders for our upcoming NEW products!!!

Save BIG TIME! When you avail our pre-order promo for these wonderful products!! Kindly PM me for orders and more details!! Thanks for your love and support!! 💪🏼🥰


Choose and buy P500 worth of products!!

You will get the following:
🔹100K Accident Insurance

But if you want to earn more using your online store like Lazada. Better message me now! 🤑


Looking for a business to start without the immediate need to quit your day job? Searching for anything part time or sideline that can give an additional income?

Then I can be of service.. let me guide you on how you can start your own business now. 😉

Congratulations Rhona for closing another PSP package and for welcoming a new member to our team! 😁👏🏻🥂


Nlighten Body Cream

👉 Dark Skin
👉 Uneven Skintone
👉 Dry Skin
👉 Sensitive Skin Specially in the Sun

✔ Instant Brightening,Lightening and Glowing Effect
✔ Like whipped cream
✔ Non sticky body cream
✔ Protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays
✔ With Sunblock Protection
✔ Leaving the skin moisturized, nourished and protected from elements.
✔ Helps presents instant brightening effect.
✔ Helps nourish and moisturized the skin
✔ Lighten Scars

Spread a right amount of product on your body and gently massage. Usable for sensitive area. For optimal result, use daily.

Try it to believe it!
Get all your favorite Nworld health and beauty staples from ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️



May nagtanong sakin, bakit yan ang profession na pinili mo?
Bat pagbebenta ng sabon?

Isa lang sagot ko, may idol kasi ako..

Wag nating ismall-in ang negosyo ng sabon, hindi mo alam, eto na pala ang magpuputol ng kahirapan ng pamilya mo 💪🏻🤩

Walang mali at nakakahiya sa ginagawa ko, baka lang ngayon, naiisip mo may kulang o mali sa ginagawa mo.. baka lang naman..

Wag kang mag-alala, may solusyon dyan..
Pagtulungan natin ☺️ #atyourservice



NLIGHTEN Budget Set 1 : Helps get rid of Acnes and Lighten Pimples marks.

♥️NLIGHTEN Kojic Papaya with Glutathione Soap - 3 in 1 skin lightening and pimple prevention soap.

♥️NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser - Deep cleansing toner, skin lightener & prevents pimples.

♥️NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream - Instant lightening facial mosturizer with sun protection.

We don't offer solutions, we claim results.

Achieve a healthy looking skin you want!
Try it, to believe it.

Avail and be my business partner. 😊

Try and See the Difference: Scientifically PROVEN SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

Get all your favorite Nworld health and beauty staples from ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️


He is Jan Jan Bendanillo, dating SECURITY GUARD, taga bantay, kahit pagod at puyat, hindi makaalis sa pwesto. Minsan straight duty, minsan walang off. Sawa na sa trabaho pero hindi makapag resign.
Few year ago, nakilala si Nworld, tinrabaho ang negosyo, naging COMMITTED at SINERYOSO ang negosyo. After few years, boom! Nagka-resulta, naging successful sa negosyo.
✅ Ngayon, retired young na sa work! 😃
✅ Negosyante na nakakapag travel pa! 😃
✅ Marami ng time to spend para sa pamilya. 😃

Congratulations Sir Jan Jan! 🎉🎉🎉


Want to boost your confidence to be all out in every day activities?

Achieve it with the long lasting protection from #NEWBrighteningDeo! This deodorant helps make your underarms bright, fresh, and smooth.

Get all your favorite Nworld health and beauty staples from ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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💋💋 Testimony from Mrs. RELICA 💋💋Watch, Look, Listen and Learn 😜🤩😂PANALO! SWEAR! 🙋🏻‍♀️🤩I’m not a fan of using Facial Mask...
GOOD NEWS! 😃You can now order your favourite Nworld Products ONLINE! 😲 To start, just click the link below ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️https...
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Day 03 🇹🇼 🇹🇼 🇹🇼Shifen Old Street is a bustling hub for those eager to get a glimpse of an old railroad town which still ...
Check out my driver!!!! 🔥💯🧡She’s been requesting to drive Cheeto since Day 01.. 😅WISH GRANTED 😉#MommyRacer#Hustler
I’M SUMMER READY ☀️🏝🍻Thanks to my JUICE 💚💚💚Masarap na & healthy pa!Keeping me fit all day.. EVERYDAY 💪🏻💯🔥#GoGreen#Juicin...



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