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To look beautiful and attractive is a natural part of life in human beings. But to expose oneself beyond certain limits in certain people appears to be a method of negative attention-seeking behavior with underground complexes. It may be based on self-projection, but it exploits the s*xual urges in other person who may be tempted to an extent of s*xual assault. Extremist body exposure to such a fashion leaves no difference between a beast and an intellectual of modern day civilized world. What is next may be a reversal to the original indecency of Adam, whom Satan in revenge turned naked.
Islam has placed great importance on the purity of character, dignity, safety and security of women to remain a pious symbol of respect through covering to maintain a curiosity persona to avoid exploitation in society. Allah provides chances for self-correction before sending torment on people. It is advised to women in V-33:59,” O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies (i.e. screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way). That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed. And Allah is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”
Perhaps it is based on the example of two stones, in which one in covered by cloth while other is placed open in a class table; everybody remains over-concerned to enquire about the wrapped one. As an exposed body leaves its face value on extra exposure and available in social media, so it loses its appearances under law of saturation. In order to regain attention one has to seek various alternate techniques to attract the masses, in which at time they pay the price for the novelty experiences. Islam quotes that mother is the first teacher and a psychologist of her children, so even know better than doctor and physical caring. Perhaps that is the reason the new generation avoids to take this tough assignment. They rather concentrate on easy liberal life in human commercial race. It is reminded in V-31:14,” And We have enjoined on man (to be dutiful and good) to his parents. His mother bore him in weakness and hardship upon weakness and hardship, and his weaning is in two years give thanks to Me and to your parents, unto Me is the final destination.”
It is the fault of male in dominant culture in developing countries that surpass the religious morality. Religion since Jews period has set strict lines about women rights and obligatory to run a strong marital units. So, while describing the women rights, monthly money, divorce rules, children caring, time of divorce in hard conditions etc. in Al-Baqra 221-242 with logic along legal bindings, it is reminded that your wives are alike land for growth as relieved in V-2:223,” Your wives are a tilth for you, so go to your tilth (have s*xual relations with your wives in any manner as long as it is in the va**na and not in the a**s), when or how you will, and send (good deeds, or ask Allah to bestow upon you pious offspring) before you for your ownselves. And fear Allah, and know that you are to meet Him (in the Hereafter), and give good tidings to the believers”
Without consent, s*xual activity (including oral s*x, ge***al touching, and va**nal or a**l pe*******on) is s*xual assault or r**e. Modern s*xuality has gone to an extent of taking instinct like animals without guarantee of the accidental intention resulting in infants, and who will be the responsible for such innocent creature not even aware of the fathers’ persona.
Western researchers have various concepts about s*xual consent is an agreement to participate in a s*xual activity. Before being s*xual with someone, you need to know if they want to be s*xual with you too. It’s also important to be honest with your partner about what you want and don’t want. Consenting and asking for consent are all about setting your personal boundaries and respecting those of your partner — and checking in if things aren’t clear. Both people must agree to s*x — every single time — for it to be consensual.
In this respect the given research data from RAINAN Law Group the legal role of consent of each state sets its own definition, either in law or through court cases. In general, there are three main ways that states a**lyze consent in relation to s*xual acts:
• Affirmative consent: Did the person express overt actions or words indicating agreement for s*xual acts?
• Freely given consent: Was the consent offered of the person’s own free will, without being induced by fraud, coercion, violence, or threat of violence?
• Capacity to consent: Did the individual have the capacity, or legal ability, to consent?
It is further added that if not, the state may be able to charge the perpetrator with a crime. Examples of some factors that may contribute to someone’s capacity to consent include:
• Age: Is the person at or above the age of consent for that state
• Developmental disability: Does the person have a developmental disability or other form of mental incapacitation, such as a traumatic brain injury?
• Intoxication: Was the person intoxicated?
• Physical disability: Does the person have a physical disability, incapacity, or other form of helplessness?
• Relationship of victim/perpetrator: Was the alleged perpetrator in a position of authority, such as such as a teacher or correctional office?
• Unconsciousness: Was the person sleeping, sedated, strangulated, or suffering from physical trauma?
• Vulnerable adults: Is the person considered a vulnerable adult, such as an elderly or ill person?
The point worth considering of such mating without a bond is it may lead to an accidental or unplanned pregnancy or under tonic state of physical relationship, without understanding the consequences of who will be the responsible for the resultant infant in this fast moving capitalist world. The data a**lysis of culprits of s*xual assaults and ra**st killers indicates the bases of such offenders are the early life traumatic childhood incidents of ghetto and neglected children. After such dating and s*xual pleasure, the mating partner is a stranger but no one takes the burden of innocent creature that comes into existence without a guaranteed parental unit to take care for his prosperity and purposeful life. Otherwise, he will remain in mental suffering about the legal father’s identity, unwanted child negligence, shame of a respectable identity in locating social status, job, marital relationship etc. Such a damaged child struggles for survival with certain personality disorder or sociopathic tendency for his own society becomes irresponsible for the psycho-social and adjustments orders which may turn him into a s*x offender, gangster over reaction to his life trauma. So, it may be an output of” Moderate, Capitalist System the Main Vehicle for Abrupt Change in Women, S*x orientation and Family Concept”.
Despite of freedom of s*x with mutual consent and welfare support along medical facilities of abortion, main social issue is the life adjust disorder with which confronting the modern generation. The confusion, anxiety based on dominating the opposite gender is a great issue which is discussed by the expert in dozens of weekly TV program without natural fruitful results. As each gender lacks tolerance, mutual respect, morality, discipline and understanding, so the resultant children as the most targeted population. One of the reasons of selecting marital s*xual functioning issues in my post-graduate studies was the above-mentioned cultural aspects labeled under religious devotion. Due to the ignorance and restriction on healthy growth of the teenagers, Due to this vital humanistic instinct, mostly they involve in so**my, self-pleasuring techniques etc.
People just favor a freelance life instead of disciplines, responsibility and rights to deliver among mankind. Freedom of choice is not a blind alley as one has to take care of others’ boundary as each one has his own authority, which culprits cross and misuse the concept of democracy. Therefore, one must apply the senses and act within a circle as an extremist arrogant surpasses these limits under spell of power.
For All Universities Girls

Are you up for a new challenge ?
Few things you need to know about the #Girls_ACPC
- It is only for Girls obviously and organized by an all girls team
- It is completely online, everything can be done from home
- It is an official individual contest and it's a non qualifier so you can still participate in your local/regional qualifier contest
- It is only for the university students (including Masters and PhD students)
- It is a great opportunity for all university girls to train on their skills and put them to the test
- The First GirlsACPC will take place on 10-11 July 2020
And finally the big hit, there will be sponsored training to many ACPC region contestants and by participating, you will get the chance to be trained to improve your level
Join us through the following registration link, the deadline is 1 July so hurry up
We look forward to our visit to CCQ from March 7-14-2020. Myself, another colleague, along with 16 students from Bridgewater State University are excited for this visit to interact with faculty, students, staff, and the community at large. Hopefully, we will develop more collaborative academic, educational, and cultural work with CCQ.

نعلم الأجيال لبناء مستقبل الوطن
We Teach Generations for a Better Future

Operating as usual

Photos from Community College of Qatar's post 21/02/2022

نبارك للطلبة الفائزين بانتخابات المجلس الطلابي ٢٠٢٢ عن القطاعات المختلفة ونتمنى لهم النجاح في خدمة المجتمع الطلابي.

Congratulations to all members of the newly elected students’ council 2022. We wish them all success in serving the students’ community.

Photos from Community College of Qatar's post 10/02/2022

يسرنا الإعلان عن أسماء المرشحين لانتخابات المجلس الطلابي الثالث ٢٠٢٢. تابعوهم لتتعرفوا أكثر على برامجهم الانتخابية.
يفتح باب التصويت اعتباراً من اليوم الخميس 10-2-2022، الساعة 8:00 مساءً

We are pleased to announce the names of the candidates for the Students’ Council 2022 elections. Follow them to learn more about their electoral programs.
Voting opens from today, Thursday, February 10, 2022, at 8:00 pm


مسابقة اليوم الرياضي 2022

من هو أول منتخب ضمن التأهل لبطولة كأس العالم قطر ٢٠٢٢، بعد الدولة المستضيفة؟

National Sports Day Competition 2022

Which team was the first to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, apart from the host country?



يذكرنا #اليوم_الرياضي_للدولة في كل عام بالتأثير الرائع للرياضة على المجتمع.
حافظوا على النشاط البدني ونمط حياة صحي في هذا اليوم

Every year #NationalSportsDay reminds us of the wonderful impact that sport has on our society.
Maintain physical activity and a healthy lifestyle on this day


مسابقة اليوم الرياضى للدولة بكلية المجتمع فى قطر ستنطلق بدءًا من الغد و لمدة ٣ أيام.

يرجى اتباع شروط المسابقة على حساب الإنستقرام لدخول السحب على الجائزة !

سيحصل الفائز على جائزة قيمة مقدمة من الكلية و سيتم السحب و إعلان اسم الفائز يوم الخميس ١٠/٠٢/٢٠٢٢

National Sports Day competition by Community College in Qatar starting from tomorrow and will be for 3 days.

Please follow the competition’s terms on our Instagram account to enter the prize draw!

The winner will receive a valuable prize provided by CCQ.

The draw and the winner's name will be announced on Thursday 10/02/2022



التعليم هو حق أساسي لكل إنسان وعاملاً هاما ً في تكوين الشخصية وهدف من اهداف التنمية المستدامة. شاركونا أهم المعلومات عن التعليم!

Education is a fundamental human right to everyone and an important component for personality development. It is one of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Share with us the most important information about education!


‏‎كليه المجتمع فى قطر توفر لكم ‎فيديو خطوات الترشح لعضوية المجلس الطلابي الثالث

‏ Community College of Qatar is offering you a steps video for its 3rd student council Elections


Photos from Community College of Qatar's post 19/01/2022

يعلن قطاع شؤون الطلبة بكليه المجتمع فى قطر عن انطلاق انتخابات المجلس الطلابي الثالث (2021-2022)

The Student Affairs Department at the Community College of Qatar announces: the start of the elections of the Third Student Council (2021-2022)



أعلنت كلية المجتمع في قطر عن توقيع مذكرة تفاهم مع معهد الشرطة لتعزيز التعاون في المجالات الأكاديمية والبحثية ذات الاهتمام المشترك، وذلك إيماناً منها بأهمية تبادل الخبرات بين مؤسسات التعليم العالي ودوره في خدمة المجتمع والوطن. وقع الاتفاقية الدكتور محمد إبراهيم النعيمي، رئيس كلية المجتمع، والمقدم علي سعود الحنزاب، مدير معهد الشرطة، وذلك بحضور عدد من كبار المسؤولين بالمؤسستين

The Community College of Qatar (CCQ) and the Police Institute signed, today, a memorandum of understanding (MoU), with the aim of promoting academic and research cooperation in areas of mutual interest. The MoU stresses the importance of exchanging expertise between higher education institutions and its role in serving the community and the country.

The MoU was signed by CCQ President Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Naemi, and Director of the Police Institute Colonel Ali Saud Al-Hanzab, in the presence of a number of senior officials from the two institutions



كلية المجتمع تحصد جائزة "الأكاديمية المميزة" في مسابقة هواوي لتقنية المعلومات والاتصالات في منطقة الشرق الأوسط لعام 2021

أعلنت شركة "هواوي" فوز فريق دولة قطر بفئة "الأداء المتميز" في مسابقة هواوي لتقنية المعلومات والاتصالات في منطقة الشرق الأوسط لعام 2021، حيث حصلت كلية المجتمع في قطر على جائزة "الأكاديمية المميزة"؛

وفاز الطالب سالم الخاطر، من برنامج بكالوريوس الأمن السيبراني وأمن الشبكات، بجائزة "الأداء المتميز"؛ إضافة إلى فوز الدكتور عبدالله حسين الغشامي، أستاذ تقنية المعلومات بالكلية، بجائزة "المعلم المميز".

The Community College of Qatar wins ‘Special Academy’ award at the Huawei Middle East Information and Communication Technology Competition 2021

Huawei has announced the victory of Qatar State Team in the category of “Excellent Performance” in the Huawei Middle East Information and Communication Technology Competition for 2021 where the Community College of Qatar received the “Special Academy” award.

Student Salem Al-Khatr, from the Bachelor's Cyber Security and Network Security, won the "Excellent Performance" award,
in addition Dr. Abdullah Hussein Al-Ghashami, professor of Information Technology at the College, won the "Excellent Teacher." award.


يفصلنا عن العودة للكلية يوم واحد فقط .. متشوقون لرؤيتكم غداً في حرم كلية المجتمع.

Only 1 day left to return to campus ..We can't wait to see you tomorrow at the campus.


مع بداية الفصل الدراسي الجديد، اطلع على التقويم الأكاديمي لشهر يناير.
As the new semester begins, check out our academic calendar of January.

Photos from Community College of Qatar's post 31/12/2021

الطلاب والطالبات الأعزاء، إليكم عددا من النصائح لنضمن لكم بداية استثنائية ونتائج مميزة خلال حياتكم الجامعية!
شاركونا نصائح أخرى من واقع تجاربكم!
Dear students, here are a number of tips for a successful start and outstanding achievements during your college life!
Share with us other tips from your experience!


يفصلنا عن العودة للكلية يومان .. اشحذوا الهمم لبداية متميزة

Only 2 days left to return to campus ..Get ready for a great start!


يبدأ فصل الربيع ٢٠٢٢ يوم الأحد القادم.
إليكم آلية الدراسة والإجراءات المتبعة داخل حرم الكلية
The Spring 2022 semester will start next Sunday. Here are the study plan and the procedures followed on campus.


يفصلنا عن العودة للكلية 3 أيام .. اشحذوا الهمم لبداية متميزة

Only 3 days left to return to campus ..Get ready for a great start!


يفصلنا عن العودة للكلية 4 أيام .. أخبرونا عن استعداداتكم للفصل الجديد!

Only 4 days left to return to campus ..Tell us about your preparations for the new semester!

Add location


يفصلنا عن العودة للكلية 5 أيام .. حيث ينتظركم عدد من المفاجآت الحماسية!

Only five days left to return to campus where a number of exciting surprises await you!


يحتفل العالم اليوم بلغة الضاد، اللغة العربية، وهي أكثر اللغات تحدثًا ونطقًا ضمن مجموعة اللغات السامية.

شاركونا بمعلوماتكم عن لغتنا الجميلة.

‏Today, the world celebrates Arabic Language, which is the most widely spoken of the Semitic languages.

‏Share with us what you know about this beautiful language.


بمناسبة اليوم الوطني لدولة قطر وتخليدا لذكرى ذلك اليوم التاريخي والذي قاد فيه الشيخ جاسم بن محمد بن ثاني "رحمه الله" شعبه نحو التأسيس وإرساء قواعد الدولة الحديثة في 1878م،

نرفع أسمى آيات التهاني والتبريكات
إلى مقام حضرة صاحب السمو الشيخ
تميم بن حمد آل ثاني
أمير البلاد المفدى

وإلى صاحب السمو الشيخ
حمد بن خليفة آل ثاني
الأمير الوالد

وإلى سمو الشيخ
عبدالله بن حمد آل ثاني
نائب الأمير

وإلى الشعب القطري الكريم

سائلين الله جلت قدرته أن يعيد هذه المناسبة العزيزة وقطر تنعم بالأمن والعزة والرخاء في ظل القيادة الحكيمة لأمير البلاد المفدى

On the occasion of Qatar National Day, and in commemoration of this historic day in 1868 when Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani, estabkish the foundations of the Modern State of Qatar,

We extend our warmest congratulations and greetings to

His Highness
Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani
Amir of the State of Qatar

His Highness
Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani
Father Amir

His Highness
Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Thani
Deputy Amir

and to the gorgeous people of Qatar

We hope for more returns of this memorable occassion and wish that Qatar always enjoys security, welfare and prosperity under the wise leadership of His Highness The Amir


السؤال الثالث من أسئلة مسابقتنا الثقافية

أجيبوا عن الأسئلة الـ 3 بشكل صحيح لتحظوا بفرصة للفوز بأحد جوائزنا القيمة.

الإجابة يجب أن تكون في التعليقات على حسابنا في الانستجرام مع الإشارة (منشن) لصديقين.


السؤال الثاني من أسئلة مسابقتنا الثقافية

أجيبوا عن الأسئلة الـ 3 بشكل صحيح لتحظوا بفرصة للفوز بأحد جوائزنا القيمة.

الإجابة يجب أن تكون في التعليقات على حسابنا في الانستجرام مع الإشارة (منشن) لصديقين.


اليوم تنطلق مسابقتنا الثقافية احتفالاً باليوم الوطني. سيكون هناك سؤال كل يوم على مدار 3 أيام.

أجيبوا عن الأسئلة الـ 3 بشكل صحيح لتحظوا بفرصة للفوز بأحد جوائزنا القيمة.

السؤال الأول

الإجابة يجب أن تكون في التعليقات على حسابنا في الانستجرام مع الإشارة (منشن) لصديقين.

Photos from Community College of Qatar's post 13/12/2021

احتفالاً باليوم الوطني، ستنطلق مسابقتنا الثقافية على انستغرام بدءاً من الغد ولمدة 3 أيام.

تابعونا وأجيبوا عن كل الأسئلة بشكل صحيح لتحظوا بفرصة للفوز بجوائز قيمة


تابعوا برنامج خِذ فكرة لتتعرفوا أكثر على البرامج الأكاديمية التي تطرحها كلية المجتمع في قطر
حلقة جديدة عن برنامج إدارة المشاريع مع الدكتور عز الدين البخيت عميد قطاع العلوم الإدارية.


لمن فاته حضور حفل التخرج، إليكم ملخصاً لهذا اليوم الاستثنائي، يوم تغمره مشاعر الفرح والفخر.

‏For those who missed the graduation ceremony, here is a summary of this special day, a day filled with feelings of joy and pride.


سعدنا بتخريج الدفعة العاشرة من كلية المجتمع في قطر متمنين لجميع خريجينا التوفيق والسداد، وإلى أن نلتقي معكم في تخريج دفعة مميزة أخرى.

We were pleased with the graduation of CCQ’s tenth batch. We wish all our graduates success and excellence.
Until we meet again in

Photos from Community College of Qatar's post 01/11/2021

تحت رعاية معالي الشيخ خالد بن خليفة بن عبدالعزيز آل ثاني، رئيس مجلس الوزراء ووزير الداخلية، احتفلت كلية المجتمع في قطر بتخريج 865 من الكوادر الوطنية الواعدة في العديد من التخصصات
Under the patronage of HE Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, CCQ celebrated the graduation of 865 promising national professionals in multiple fields

Photos from Community College of Qatar's post 01/11/2021

كَرَّم معالي الشيخ خالد بن خليفة بن عبدالعزيز آل ثاني، رئيس مجلس الوزراء ووزير الداخلية، الخريجين المتفوقين
HE Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, Prime minister and Minister of Interior honored our esteemed graduates


إن هذا الحفل المُهيب لتخرجنا من كلية المجتمع هو مناسبة لتأكيد ولائنا لدولتنا العزيزة.. وسعينا الصادق للمشاركة في بناء وطننا المُكلَّل بالمجد.. وسيدفعنا نحن الشبابُ من الخِريجين والخريجات للعمل والإنجاز
الخريج حسن الشهراني


لقد حققت الكلية نقلة نوعية خلال العِقد الماضي من خلال تقديم 20 برنامجاً من برامج الدبلوم والبكالوريوس الفريدة والمتنوعة لتلبية الاحتياجات المتنامية لسوق العمل ورفد المؤسسات الحكومية والخاصة بالكفاءات القطرية المتخصصة


بإمكانكم مشاهدة الفيلم القصير "عِقد من الإنجازات والتميز والنجاح" من خلال الرابط التالي:
You can watch the short film entitled “A Decade of Achievements, Excellence and Success” through the following link:

Photos from Community College of Qatar's post 01/11/2021

انطلق حفل تخرج الدفعة العاشرة لكلية
المجتمع في قطر.. شاركونا مشاعركم عبر البث المباشر للحفل عبر حساب الكلية الرسمي على منصة يوتيوب

The graduation ceremony of the tenth batch of the CCQ has begun.. Share your thoughts through the live streaming of the ceremony on CCQ’s official account on YouTube

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معرض الديكور المسرحي لطالبات برنامج الفنون المسرحية في كلية المجتمع في قطر
دور المجلس الطلابي وصلاحياته



Cring Road, Al-Muntaza

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Al Tarfa Street, Al Daayen, Qatar
Doha, 200592

معهد الدوحة للدراسات العليا هو مؤسّسة تعليمية وبحثية مستقلّة متخصصة في العلوم الاجتماعية والإنسانية والإدارة العامّة مقرها الدوحة، قطر.

International Open University - IOU International Open University - IOU
21 Kanifing Mosque Road, Kanifing South
Doha, 2340

International Open University (IOU), previously known as Islamic Online University, is your source for authentic, quality, affordable and completely online education.

Doha, 23873

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Biomedical Research Center at Qatar University Biomedical Research Center at Qatar University

BRC is considered to be the capital investment of QU in the area of biomedical science and the embodiment of the QU commitment towards “Population Health a

Northwestern University in Qatar Northwestern University in Qatar
Education City
Doha, 99999

Located in Doha's Education City, Northwestern Qatar offers top-ranked undergraduate degree programs in media and communication.