Family of NICU WWRC Hamad Med Corp

Family of NICU WWRC Hamad Med Corp


NICU Wakra Hamad hospital narces and doctors
Are very kind , Excellent service awesome caring , God bless NICU family there , I like to thanks everyone from the bottom of my heart , thank you so much , more blessings, stay blessed everyone
Good morning all. I know its a long shot
Anyone in HMC family accommodations in Madinet khalifa, markhya, Ben omran or Gharrafa and wants to switch accommodations or currently leaving HMC , please pm me.
Thanks in advance

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit - ICU
Intermediate Care Unit- IC
Isolation Care- Isolation Unit The NICU is located at the ground floor of Women’s Hospital, Hamad Medical Corporation Tel: (0974) 393909 Fax : (0974) 393993

The continued development of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Women's Hospital is a remarkable story of creativity and dedication.

Operating as usual

Photos from Family of NICU WWRC Hamad Med Corp's post 05/04/2016

Photos from Family of NICU WWRC Hamad Med Corp's post

Photos from Family of NICU WWRC Hamad Med Corp's post 18/03/2016

Photos from Family of NICU WWRC Hamad Med Corp's post


Sister Annamma Varghese sends her hello to all nurses at NICU. ...Please pass to all at ICU, Intercare, Tiny Baby Unit and Isolation.

Photos from Family of NICU WWRC Hamad Med Corp's post 04/09/2015

Does anyone remember her especially old nurses in women's Hospital?


1. EX NICU Nurses who have worked since the inception of NICU in Old women's Hospital since 1975- Please note as the names come up some of them joined later as well

EX Head Nurses ( Left The Unit)
Ms Mary Mc Dowell- UK
Ms Sour- Filipina
Ms Latifa- Qatari
Ms Mini- Indian
Ms Maria Romero Poochie- Filipina
Ms Elene Solis- Filipina
Ms Flonor Visda - Filipina

SN 4 Previously Known as SRN- (Left the Unit)...

Ms Rosamma Ramdas
Ms Taji - Indian
Ms Annamma Varghese- Indian
Ms Chacko - Indian
Ms Cristina Valdez - Filipina
Ms Chita Mas - Filipina
Ms Annie Calcutta- Mauritius
Ms Omana Varghese- Indian
Ms Carina Oller- Filipina
Ms Wayne Peters - Canadian
Ms Jet- Filipina
Ms Beatrice ( Beth) - Filipina
Ms Fe Rui - Filipina
Ms Bessie Sison - Filipina
Ms Violy - Filipina
Ms Gracy Roy - Indian

SN3- Previously known as RN ( Left the Unit)

Ms Mariamma Abraham - MK - Indian- Passed away
Ms Sharon- British - Passed Away
Ms Usha- Indian Passed Away
Ms Mariamma Abraham - Indian
Ms Josephine- Pakistani
Ms Mary Peter - Indian
Ms MP - Indian
Ms Jacob- Indian
Ms Baby Dguzman- Filipina
Ms Lerma Pascua - Filipina
Ms Jovi - Filipina
Ms Cora Corsky Filipina
Ms Anita Binay- Filipina
Ms Susan - Indian
Ms Minda - Filipina
Ms Rosanna- Filipna
Ms Nelia Francisa- Filipina
Ms Vergie Sapida- Filipina
Ms Myrna Aguliar - Filipina Passed Away
Ms Gloria Chua- Filipina
Ms Esterma- Indian
Ms SKV- Indian
Ms Edna- Filipina
Ms Marichu-- Filipina
Ms Tita Mojares- Filipina
Ms Vafa- Egyptian
Ms Sayeeda - Egyptian
Ms Mercia- Indian
Ms Julie- Indian
Ms Koshy- Indian
Ms- Shally- Indian- Left NICU for Metabolic Unit
Ms Susana Reyes- Filipina
Ms Marilyn- Filipina
Ms Tadique- Filipina
Ms Adafe Bonina- Filipina
Ms Rosemarie Ammari- Filipina
Ms Rosamma Augustine- Indian
Ms Aleyamma Chandy- Indian
Ms Achamma- Indian
Ms Panicker – Indian
Ms Mel Fer- Filipina
Ms Carolina- Filipina
Ms Emy Yamul – Filipina
Ms Jancy - Indian
Ms Sushma Indian
Ms Gracy kutty - Indian
Ms Viji- Indian
Ms Gloria- Indian
Ms Sushma- Indian
Ms Elvira Balaba- Filipina
Ms Magadha- Egyptian
Ms Merlin- Indian Left NICU joined West 6
Ms Shirley- Indian
Ms Isabelita Francisca- Filipina
Ms Faith- Filipina
Ms Marilyn- Filipina
Ms Loreena- Filipina
Ms Melinda- Filipina
Ms Emily - Filipina
Ms Lucita Clemen Filipina
Ms Cynthia Altarejos - Filipina
Ms April Nora - Filipina
Ms Cynthia Maanay- Filipina
Ms Elizabeth - Indian
Ms Bedur- Egyptian
Ms Philomina cherian - Indian
Ms Divya- Indian
Ms Mary- John - Indian
Ms Mariamma John- Indian
Ms Jyoti Mol Cherian- Indian
Ms Lo**ta Labarda Filipina
Ms Haydee Filipina
Ms Nurain Filipina
Ms Neuva Filipina
Ms Rhodalina Vincente - Filipina



Hamad Medical Corporation

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