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Ramadan 2024

Experience exquisite Ramadan moments here at bāzār.

استمتع بلحظات رمضانية رائعة هنا في البازار.

📞 30712450

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Ramadan 2024
Experience exquisite Ramadan moments here at bāzār. استمتع بلحظات رمضانية رائعة هنا في البازار. 📞 30712450

Iftar at bāzār
Experience an enriching Ramadan journey at bāzār featuring live counters for BBQ grills, Shawarma, Ouzi, and so much more . QAR 222 per person. Kids under 6 dine for free, 6-12 enjoy a 50% discount. Don't miss out – Buy 1 Get 1 available on Entertainer, MyBook, and UrbanPoint For bookings, call or WhatsApp 30712450

Private iftar gatherings
Book for your private iftar gatherings with us at an attractive price and choices. احجز معنا باقات الإفطار بأسعار وخيارات رائعة. 📞 30711101

Ramadan Nights 2024
Feast your senses with our exquisite Iftar nights at bāzār. With live counters, wide choices of mains, delectable desserts, and great ambience makes it a memorable experience. QAR 222 with Ramadan juices, Karak, and Arabic coffee * Available on Urbanpoint, MyBook, and Entertainer* 📞 30712450

Ramadan Kareem!
Ramadan Kareem! رمضان كريم!

Wyndham Reel
Capturing postcard-perfect moments on clear sky days, here by the beach.

Ramadan 2024
With a curated menu that celebrates tradition and flavor as well as a welcoming ambiance, every detail is crafted to enhance your Ramadan experience, here at bāzār. Grand Iftar Buffet: QAR 222 inclusive of Ramadan Juices, Karak, and Arabic Coffee Kids below 6 eat for free, and those aged 6-11, get 50% discount. Available on Entertainer, MyBook, UrbanPoint مع قائمة منسقة تحتفي بالتقاليد والنكهة بالإضافة إلى أجواء ترحيبية، تم تصميم كل التفاصيل لتعزيز تجربتك الرمضانية. جراند إفطار بوفيه ۲۲۲ ريال قطري شاملة عصائر رمضان والكرك والقهوة العربية. الأطفال دون سن ٦ سنوات يتناولون الطعام مجاناً، أما الأطفال الذين تتراوح أعمارهم بين ٦ و۱۱ عاماً فيحصلون على خصم ٥۰% متوفر على Entertainer وMyBook وUrbanPoint

Pause, breathe, and cherish the little joys around you. The lights, greenery and lobby blooms of our hotel remind us to appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

Afternoon high coffee
Nestled in the opulent lobby, a seat is waiting for you in Crema to indulge in our favorite activity, catching up with friends over our unique afternoon high coffee. ⏰ Daily | 2pm-6pm 💰QAR 101 per person 📞 +974 30712450

Wyndham Grand Doha West Bay Beach
Reaching the sky, shining along the shores of the Arabian Sea, your favorite beachfront hotel welcomes you! عند وصولك إلى السماء، وتألقك على طول شواطئ بحر العرب، يرحب بك فندقك المفضل على شاطئ البحر!

2023 recap
Wrapping up 2023 with a heart full of gratitude, joy, and anticipation! 🎉✨ Thank you, dear guests and team members, for making this year truly special. Here’s to cherished memories and the exciting journey ahead in 2024. See you all on the flip side!

Merry Christmas
Spreading the festive cheer! Merry everything and happy always.

Festive greetings
From our family to yours, have a joyous festive season!

Turkey To Go
Turn your holiday gatherings into a grand affair with our expertly prepared full-roasted Turkey complete with gourmet trimmings, sides, and sauces. QAR 690 (6-10 guests) Order should be placed 48hrs in advance. 📞 30712450

Pizza at bāzār
Some days all you need is pizza and then more pizza. Hands up if you feel it too?

Dinner buffet
ن النكهات العالمية المفضلة والمألوفة، بوفيه الخاص بك في انتظارك. بوفيه العشاء العالمي متوفر لدينا الآن بسعر حصري From international flavors to familiar favorites, we’ve got your global cravings covered. Our International Dinner Buffet is now available at an exclusive price. 🗓️ : Thursday & Friday ⏰ : 6:30pm-10:30pm 💰 : QAR 90 with soft beverages 📍bāzār West Bay, G floor 📞 30712450

Outdoor season is here! Get out and about to explore the best our city of Doha has to offer. Thanks to our strategic location, adventure is just around the corner! 📸: Visit Qatar

Ouzi night 2
Last chance to experience our Grand Ouzi Night, featuring the superstar Naimi Ouzi! Savor it in pizza, tacos, and more before it's gone. QAR 199.99 with soft beverages | Available On Urbanpoint and Entertainer Thursdays | 7pm-10:30pm 📍bāzār West Bay, G floor 📞 30712450

bāzār breakfast
Did you know we serve artisanal single -origin coffee to all our guests during breakfast? A rarity but for us, it's a standard. Book now for our breakfast, daily 6:30-10:30 am. QAR 150 per person 📍bāzār West Bay, G floor 📞 30712450 Buy 1 get 1 available on Urban point & Entertainer

Grand Ouzi Night
Enjoy delicious Ouzi and more with Grand Ouzi Night. *Buy 1 get 1 available on UrbanPoint & Entertainer apps* QAR 199.99 with soft beverages Thursdays | 7pm-10:30pm 📍bāzār West Bay, G floor 📞 30712450