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- 18 and 22 Karat Saudi Gold jewelries including custom-made like Arabic names.
- Pristine pre-loved items.
- Essential oils are aromatic plant extracts with health benefits.
- Potentially earn free products and commission.

PM for prices and learn more. #18karat #18k #gold #jewelry #essentialoil #oil #preloved #secondhand #moneymaking #business #onlinebusiness #money

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Mitsubishi Pajero V6
Year Model: 2017
Clean and well-maintained
With latest insurance
Complete maintainance service done by Mitsubishi service center

QAR: 65,000 (slightly negotiable)

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18K Saudi gold pendants and earrings. PM for prices.

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18 K Religious theme jewelries. PM for prices.

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18 and 22 K bangles and bracelets. PM for prices

Photos from EZENtial things Shop's post 19/12/2020

18 K Saudi gold earrings and pendants. PM for prices.

Photos from EZENtial things Shop's post 18/12/2020

Necklace and earrings set - 18 Karat Saudi gold. PM for prices.

It's now easier to send EZENtial things Shop a message. 18/12/2020

It's now easier to send EZENtial things Shop a message.

It's now easier to send EZENtial things Shop a message.


Thanks to my hand model/ promoter @caesar.mangulab


Portable diffuser and one 5mL essential oil.


#unboxing #ezentialoil

Unboxing my newly delivered essential oils!

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Young Living Premium Starter Kit with 12 premium essential oils, essential oil accessories, 2 NingXia Red Singles, Thieves mints and Diffuser.

Be a member and start your journey to a toxin-free lifestyle for only QR 750 (shipment inclusive):

Message me for details.


Finally, Young Living Philippines Premium Starter Kit with Desert Mist Diffuser is back! With 11 premium essential oils, essential oil accessories, 2 NingXia Red Singles, and Desert Mist Diffuser.

Be a member and start your journey to a toxin-free lifestyle for only PhP 9,180:

Message me for details:


How to install the roller in essential oil bottle.

Super Synergy Serum for Daily Protection 30/08/2020

Super Synergy Serum for Daily Protection

DIY, tips and tricks using essential oils: courtesy by The Oilbularyo


🌸 EYE ROLL BLEND: https://youtu.be/GZv3_QIbHjY

🌸How to Use Roller Bottles with Essential Oils: https://youtu.be/pHTIdddKrz8

🌸 Super Synergy Serum for Daily Protection: https://youtu.be/lOlKNDM2HyE

🌸 Aromatherapy Inhalers + Essential Oils: https://youtu.be/F6JIq3mpqtE

🌸 CARRIER OILS: https://youtu.be/Ry2QerMUMjU

🌸 How to Make Water Based Sprays with Essential Oils: https://youtu.be/hma0QMqYRL8

🌸 Lava Stone Bracelets + Essential Oils: https://youtu.be/FSciq_ST1Yk

🌸 DIY Calming Room and Linen Mist: https://youtu.be/cVPbRiRqe6w

🌸 Natural Nasal Spray + Essential Oils: https://youtu.be/aa3BTx43CPU

🌸 DIY Luscious Lip Balm: https://youtu.be/rWeK4P7pcfQ

🌸 Natural Body Wash + Essential Oils: https://youtu.be/jmRQwmt1U_0

🌸 Orange Blossom Facial Foamer: https://youtu.be/X0pff-8dNKg

🌸 Diffuser Necklaces: https://youtu.be/lOd23wDOnE8

Super Synergy Serum for Daily Protection A synergy is a blend of essential oils that are allowed to sit to produce something stronger. Making this synergy is easy and one of the best things you can ...



DIY Essential Oil Flavored Ice Cubes | Young Living Essential Oils 29/08/2020

DIY Essential Oil Flavored Ice Cubes | Young Living Essential Oils


DIY Essential Oil Flavored Ice Cubes | Young Living Essential Oils Want to get creative in the kitchen (children are invited too), play with flavors and styling, and feel fancy to boot? Dress up your drinks with ice cubes in...

Peppermint Essential Oil: Benefits & Uses | Young Living Essential Oils 29/08/2020

Peppermint Essential Oil: Benefits & Uses | Young Living Essential Oils


Peppermint Essential Oil: Benefits & Uses | Young Living Essential Oils Peppy and perfect, Peppermint essential oil is an all-time favorite! Looking for Peppermint essential oil uses? When it comes to this peppy oil, there’s almo...

How to Use Your Feather the Owl Diffuser | Young Living Essential Oils 29/08/2020

How to Use Your Feather the Owl Diffuser | Young Living Essential Oils


How to Use Your Feather the Owl Diffuser | Young Living Essential Oils Say hello to our cutest essential oil diffuser yet: Feather the Owl. This exclusive, custom-designed ultrasonic diffuser functions as a humidifier, aroma dif...

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How to Activate Pay Portal-Young Living 23/08/2020

How to Activate Pay Portal-Young Living

Here is a quick easy guide for your new members on the following:

Use of Essential Oils?


Essential Oils By Essential Rewards?


Essential Oils By QuickOrder/Shop?


Essential Oils By NFR?


Essential Oils By Rebates Claim?


How to Enroll to Young Living?


Commissions, Hyperwallet


Clickable Adobe Acrobat File Pdf file is available for download at the Files Folder.

How to Activate Pay Portal-Young Living How to activate the Young Living pay portal.




The first-ever progesterone serum on the market, Progessence Plus blends all-natural, USP-grade super-micronized progesterone from wild yam with vitamin E and essential oils. Studies indicate that penetration of progesterone is facilitated by limonene from frankincense and bergamot and menthol from peppermint oil. Progessence Plus is portable, has a pleasant smell, and doesn't require the cycling of application sites like other progesterone supplements.

Progessence Plus serum is an innovative progesterone serum specially formulated by D. Gary Young and Dr. Dan Purser.

Debra Raybern ("Gentle Babies") writes these notes:

Here is what I have compiled on the Progessence Plus Serum, feel free to share.

The Magic Bullet for Women??

For many women this Young Living EXCLUSIVE product just might well prove to be the magic bullet for their health concerns. Progessence Plus Serum is much more than just a progesterone supplement.

First of all what can progesterone (P4 - the exact kind the body produces naturally) do for you and who can use it?

If you are over the age of twelve, or younger but already having a menstrual cycle and suffer from:

Migraine headaches,



Post Partum Depression

Mood swings


Metabolic Syndrome X - insulin resistance

Hot flashes

Night sweats





Hair loss

Lowered libido

Muscle wasting

Weight gain

Day sweats


Bone health issues (osteoarthritis)

Nerve damage

Low energy levels

Pituitary problems or damage (***Most common cause of low progesterone)

Low thyroid (caused from damaged pituitary)

Interstitial Cystitis

and probably other things not mentioned

and if you want to:

reduce your risk of breast cancer

kill breast cancer cells

reduce the risk of heart attacks

then Progessence Plus Serum may be your magic bullet. OK, I hear you. "I've tried progesterone creams before and they did not seem to help; or they did for a while and then stopped". Progessence Plus Serum is different. This USP grade wild yam (P4)progesterone is super-micronized to less than 5 microns, then melted into the essential oil infused serum containing vitamin E, and essential oils frankincense (boswellia sacara), copaiba, bergamot and peppermint that absorbs into the skin and levels out progesterone levels like never before.

Oral hormones have an undesired side effect; according to the International Journal of Pharmaceuticals. That side effects is increased estradiol. They suggest topical applications over oral troches or sub-linguals.

Dr. Dan Purser has spent his professional life researching and education both physicians and women on the dangers of regular hormone therapy, and the preferred safe alternative of progesterone. His research concludes that 98% of all women, ages 12 and up would benefit from the use of progesterone cream if they have any of the symptoms listed above. Girls as young as 12, he says, with heavy periods, cramping, PMS will benefit. Even women with complete hysterectomies and nursing moms. Women using Progessence Plus Serum can safely use through the tenth week of pregnancy, and by then the body should be making sufficient amounts on its own.

Dr. Purser said: "Taking just ONE birth control pill increases your risk for breast cancer for the next TEN YEARS". This should never be an option when Progessence Plus Serum will help you overcome the symptoms the birth control pill is often prescribed for.

In his quest to bring his patients the very best, his lab partnered with Young Living to create Progessence Plus Serum, sold exclusively through Young Living.

How to use:

It is not necessary to use according to your female cycle, daily use is fine, but you can use according to your cycle.

Apply to clean dry skin, such as after a bath or shower. As oils build up on the skin during the day, better absorption will occur if the skin is clean and warm.

Use as often as desired, generally one to two drops on the neck over the carotid arteries, temples, jaw, forearm, spine, etc. every hour or until symptoms are gone.

Once you are feeling better, then you can adjust the amount used.

Do not use with medically prescribed progestins or birth control pills.

Symptoms of nausea may occur within the first couple hours as the body gets used to the progesterone, apply more and they will dissipate.

CTTO by essentially sweet thyme


Essential Rewards


Bonus for Enroller

1. Starter Kit Bonus
= $25 one time bonus when the member registers na ikaw ang Enroller and nag purchase sha ng Premium Starter Kit

2. Fast Start Bonus
= 25% of PV ng purchases ni new member (for example si Member A) na ikaw ang Enroller sa first 3months nya
= 10% of PV ng purchases ng every new members (members B to Z etc) ni member A, during the first 3 months nila (members B to Z etc)

3. ER Enrolment bonus
= $15 one time when the new member (Member A) joins ER on the same month na nag enrol sya at may at least 100pv ER purchases for 2 consecutive months

For example
Member A enrols with a PSK on ER with additional 90pv making the purchase total of 190pv
The bonuses for the Enroller will be
1. $25 = Starter Kit Bonus
2. $47.50 (25% x 190) = Fast Start Bonus*
3. $15 = ER Enrolment Bonus
Total = $87.50


12 5mL essential oils


Product guide


12 essential oils and diffuser


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#unboxing #ezentialoil


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