Watermelon Ink.

Watermelon Ink.

Take it Old. Make it New. We love to make things. Using salvaged chairs to side-road pallet wood, or empty baby milk cans to second-hand trinkets from the souq.

We also love everything watermelon. And in the spirit of such a flexible fruit, we want to bring you
just as many diverse, fun and appealing products. From our craftshop home, come DIY projects to make your own spaces more creative, vibrant and memorable for the whole family. Our eclectic brains are sprinkled with a passion for the arts. We paint and make films in our day jobs, which keeps us kee

Operating as usual

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Sometimes you need to pull some strings to make things work … then colour, cut, and hang them on the wall 😉 little room makeover with lots of DIY elements. #electicism #nonconforming #roommakeover #diy #diymama #interiordesign #artdirectorqatar #doha #qatar #qatarliving #personaltouch

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Why buy a new furniture if you can give one a makeover?

This coffee table is made out of 100% salvaged solid wood. We had it for almost 9 years and not ready to give it up just yet. It’s been scratched, damaged and stained but no good paint can’t cover any of that .

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Accepting preorders for the next batch of our very unique, 100% recycled Abelardo, Nicole, and Suzy planters 💚 .


Have you got your present for Mothers Day yet?! It’s not too late. We still have few of Abelardo, Nicole and Suzy planters left. PM is the key!

Have you got your present for Mothers Day yet?! It’s not too late. We still have few of Abelardo, Nicole and Suzy planters left. PM is the key!

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Few photos of the Ramadan playdate I did for my girls and their very few close friends. Girls have been so resilient these past days with all the uncertainties (actually more than a year now) and have not been out for a very long time. They’ve been so good in their homeschooling, not a single complain about it (I do though 😂) but, the only thing they kept saying was how they missed their friends so much. As a reward for being super good, I surprised them with mini Ramadan-themed playdate and they loved it! .
Proud to say as well that I did not buy a single thing on this setup (except for the food) All the decors were reused , recycled and reloved. Mostly liked the table. It was actually a very heavy solid wood door from one of my set designs a while back. I have removed all the metal bits . A little bit of polish and voila! A nice weathered dining table 😀. (Picture of the door on the last photo)


Abelardos, Nicoles, and Suzies are back! Place your orders now 🙂

#recycle #upcycle #functionalart #savedfromlandfill #lovemamaearth #doha #qatar #handmadewithlove #supportsmallbusiness #uniquepiece

Abelardos, Nicoles, and Suzies are back! Place your orders now 🙂

#recycle #upcycle #functionalart #savedfromlandfill #lovemamaearth #doha #qatar #handmadewithlove #supportsmallbusiness #uniquepiece


One of the kids in the class today: Let me guess, the artist we are learning today is dead again. 😂 How I wish my regular job is like these ones – just mostly creativeness and lots of pure joys! What a lovely and super fun bunch! Good luck with schools kiddos 🤗


One thing for sure is I’m going to miss teaching art classes when the school starts again 😊 These kids are just amazing! Always learning something new from these little thinkers, like — fish can’t sneeze but they can cough 😁


I wish I can do a little summer art class graduation for the kids before they all go back to their schools😊.
My most favourite workshop is the ‘My Little Mondrian’ . Kids were actually engaging with our discussion about recycling and upcycling. I was so impressed that they were very much aware of what is happening in the world and their surroundings. Wouldn’t it be nice if the schools will add more practical skills and earth-friendly life hacks in their curriculum? (Just my little opinion 🙂 )
Our upcycling workshops are carefully thought and planned. Resources are 100% recyclable. The design and materials used were bespoke for the kids safety.


Mannequin Challenge part 2 done!!!Another super and creative packed Friday afternoon with these lovely ladies. If only I can keep all their creations 😁


Mannequin Challenge accepted! What a creative afternoon with these ladies 🤗 I’m super happy with the the final result, makes me want to just keep them all 😆 and I promise they’re all smiles too behind those masks😃. A very relaxing way to spend time with your family and friends 💕


Why do I love teaching arts for kids? Not only it promotes visual and motor development, it also improves the social skills especially of the little shy ones. By the end of the workshop today, they all became super friends and discussing about crazy stuff 🤣. When the innocent minds start talking, they really made me laugh. What a bliss!


What a heartwarming afternoon. These happy little bunnies made my crazy day crazier in a very good way. Their innocence and pure hearts were so unfiltered that the art is just a bonus 😍


Was a super day! These sweet faces enjoyed the making of their new Mondrian-inspired chairs. We also discussed how we can help saving the Earth by doing recycling, reusing, upcycling and reloving. Everyone has shared their amazing ideas.
Our chairs are 100% upcycled!


Monet style painting is such a long process but, impressively, this lovely group just got on with it and followed the step by step instructions without any complaints. Lots of funny chats and silly questions in between but all is well that ends well. In this case, amazing paintings! 😍


Our workshop 💚💙


2 new workshops this week! One for adult too 😉. All fully booked though 🙏


I could talk to this group all day while painting. We discussed from where Wassily Kandinsky was born (Russia) to latest computer games to civil war 😳. Their minds are just so fascinating! Don’t mind having them again 🤗


What a bunch of cuties today. A mix of cheekiness and shyness in the beginning. But, the most important bit was they all became super friends in the end . Comparing their obra maestras, lots of chats and play 🥰


I must say, I am super impressed with these little impressionists! I think they nailed the Claude Monet Art Workshop! No manic or panic happened only lots of paints and fun 😃


The most awaited unique and all original concept upcycling workshops are back!!!
Starting off with this (title is still WIP,suggestions are welcome) .
Let’s give these girls some love and a well-deserved makeover. This is dress-up-your-Barbie full size version (or maybe just half of it)!
Top it off with some sassy bulb and you got a new striking fashionista lamp😉. Oh, and did I mention they are all 100% recycled materials? (Except of course for the electricals)
DM to reserve your space. Very limited seats available !!!




While I was sealing this stand I can’t help but wonder who sculpted this beautiful piece...They are definitely single-handedly carved by a very talented person. It’s so intricate! Whoever you are, I wish you can see that I have saved your work from the landfills and now at home by someone so lovely 💙


There are million of ideas to help heal mama Earth. I have one, simple and nice 💙 Never overlook an old furniture 😉 Reuse! Recycle! Repurpose! Relove! .
My client requested for a Greece inspired colours for her outdoor space. Painted the stands in the Santorini shade of blue then matched with some white and vivid coloured mubkhars 💙


*** SOLD OUT ***
Introducing the ‘Abelardos’ . No, they don’t need no barber! Hurry only 8 pieces available! First PM first served 🙏 .
All are individually hand carved. 100% recycled materials . Polystyrene and POP


A day full of colours! Not only we did amazing paintings, there were singing and lots of chit-chats too 🤣 these kids are hilarious! It was definitely tiring but I’m pretty sure we all enjoyed it! #kandinsky


Impressive bunch of little Picassos!!! We did a little discussion about other famous painters too 😊 i love this job!


Thank you 🙏


SELFIE-CASSO 2 done! It’s all boys workshop today! All well behaved and cheeky at times 🤣 We had a good laugh and lovely finished paintings for them to take home 💙


Friday morning sketch 😌, no loud noises from the construction, kids still asleep ... bliss!


We have back-to-back kids art workshop next week. PM me for more details 😃


Our first ever ‘Selfie-Casso’ Art Workshop was awesome! These kids are natural-born maestros 🎨 👏🏼

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