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Petrosolutions is incorporated under the guidelines of SAIF Zone UAE to extend its vast experience of operational presence in countries like India, KSA and Republic of Yemen.

The company envisages to expand its presence to the entire middle-east by the "gateway status" that UAE offers to the Oil and Gas market of the region. We represent renowned manufacturers and service companies known to the Oil and Gas industry, and we work hand-in-hand to succeed in their business endeavors by offering state-of-art and cost-effective solution. Petrosolutions is managed by a team o

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Grupo Sumcab

Sumcab Specialcable Group is delighted to invite you to the Advanced Factories 2019 Fair, which will be held from 9 to 11 April at the CCIB, Barcelona.

This annual meeting gathers the industrial leaders: the most innovative companies in industrial automation, robotics, machine tools and digital manufacturing, which together with technologies, allow to boost industrial competitiveness thanks to new business models, new production processes and the Implementation of Industry 4.0

Sumcab will introduce its latest breakthroughs in cutting-edge technological solutions, including energy systems for industrial robots and special cables for Industrial Automation and Industry 4.0:

-CABLES FOR INDUSTRY 4.0 | Ethernet Industrial
-ACCESSORIES FOR INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS | MTPReel, Linear Cables, Motion Track Cables
-CABLES FOR INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION | Power, Comunication & Control

It will also present the NEW Catalog of Cables for Industrial Automation, including a complete range of cables for fixed and mobile installation, cable holder chain and robotics

You will find us at the Stand Nº F633
We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Expect High Performance


Grupo Sumcab

The largest concentrated solar plant in the world - CNN Video

We are proud to have been part of the largest concentrated solar energy project in the world
Sumcab has successfully developed, manufactured and supplied special communication, low voltage and medium voltage cables for this impressive project.
Cables specially designed to withstand highly severe weather conditions.

Key Data
Project name: Solar Power Station, NOOR II, NOOR III
Place: Ouarzazate, a city to the south of the Moroccan High Atlas, famous for being the gateway to the Sahara desert, at 1,151m above sea level
Climate: Desert
Products supplied: special electrical communication, low voltage and medium voltage cables.
Supplied quantity: 2,250,000.00 metres (100 40” containers)

Thank you Sumcab-Team for the great job!
CNN Video:


Analysis instrument for determining the quality of SF6 gas, model GA11

The SF6 gas analysis instrument model GA11 is an innovative and inexpensive instrument for determining the SF6 gas quality. Model GA11 can measure the concentration of up to seven parameters. #SF6 #gas #measurements

Make sure that everything is fine with your SF6 gas filled compartment and now measure up to 6 different parameters to determine the gas quality. Learn more:...


Gas Presence Detector, model GPD-1000

Even if you only have 0.0003% of SF6 gas or its alternative gases in your immediate environment, we will detect it for you!

Learn more:

Contact us for your requirements.
#SF6 #WIKAinQatar #Petrosolutions

Even if you only have 0.0003% of SF6 gas or its alternative gases in your immediate environment, we will detect it for you! ➡ Learn more:


CPD8500 Digital Deadweight Tester Overview

Achieve the accuracy of a deadweight tester without the need for mass sets. The new CPD8500 Digital Deadweight Tester features an accuracy up to 35 ppm and can operate continuously over a wide pressure range in absolute or gauge mode.

#digitization #pressure #cpd #calibration

The CPD8500 Digital Deadweight Tester is an instrument that combines the performance of a manual pressure balance with the efficiency and usability of a comp...


Wika-Sami #DBB valves ready for packing for a petrochemical plant
#Wikavalves #Samivalves #madeinItaly #completesolution #doubleblock&bleed #petrochemical #valves

#Petrosolutions #WIKA_in_Qatar #valves #manifolds #Wika 15/08/2018

Diaphragm Seals For More Reliable Bioethanol Processes

In bioethanol production processes, engineers must closely monitor pressure, temperature, level, and flow in order to ensure safe and efficient operations. Diaphragm seals in these applications do double duty: protect pressure measurement instruments from the medium, and prevent the escape of harmful emissions into the environment. Processes in bioethanol production put a toll on pressure measuring instruments. WIKA’s diaphragm seals can protect instrumentation from the media and prevent instrument’s premature failure and loss of containment for safer, more reliable operations 10/08/2018

Surface Thermocouple - WIKA USA

Surface thermocouple or RTD sensors are a convenient and safe way to non-intrusively measure temperature. WIKA designs exterior surface, or “skin,” sensors that maintain high performance under the harshest process conditions. Our solutions excel in challenging applications where most other sensors would fail. We have specific surface thermocouple or RTD sensor solutions for various applications. Click here to learn more: #surfacethermocouple #thermocouple #rtd #Wika #Petrosolutions #WIKA_in_Qatar A thermocouple is a temperature sensor which delivers an electrical voltage that is dependant on the temperature. Within the WIKA range you will find the right thermocouple for each application. 28/07/2018

We keep increasing the number of products with CPR certification

In accordance with the market demand, and in order to continue to offer a wide range of solutions to our customers,
up until now, we have more than 40 products families of products with CPR certification.
We have created an expert work group in the development of the design and certification of new products.

More information:
#specialcables #CPRcertification
#Sumcab_Qatar #Petrosolutions #Instrumentation #cables #Qatar Our Industrial Engineers who, together with our Technical Department, R & D and Quality, develop the design and certification of new products


WIKA - Electronic pressure switch with display, model PSD-30 (English)

Petrosolutions is your partner for WIKA range of products in the state of Qatar.

Contact us: [email protected]


The WIKA pressure switch model PSD-30 combines the functionality of a switch, transmitter and display in just one instrument and is part of a switch series w...


Forbes Marshall

On 20 & 21st June, Forbes Marshall conducted the seminar cm training program for customers at Salt Lake, US office. It was attended by customers from diverse industries. In this two day seminar, topics like steam basics to condensate recovery and it’s benefits to the process plants were covered.
The customers were also provided hands on application demo in the warehouse for various steam accessories. A much appreciated seminar, which helped customers to understand steam benefits and the solutions Forbes Marshall offers for process industries.


120 dB: Why is the dynamic range of a radar sensor important?

The 80-GHz radar sensors VEGAPULS 64 and VEGAPULS 69 have a very wide dynamic range, which allows them to measure media with poor reflective properties considerably better than standard radar sensors. Thanks to their unique 120 dB, these high-frequency measuring instruments can also handle extremely challenging measuring situations, including foam, turbulent product surfaces, condensate or buildup on the antenna.

But how exactly do the dynamics affect a measurement application? The following 3 facts explain the basics:

dB, or decibels, are not a measure, but a "ratio" that describes the level of power, by comparing two number quantities with each other.
dB are not linear, but logarithmic. Thus, each additional dB multiplies the total value exponentially. This means: an additional 3 dB doubles the power, and an additional 60 dB increases the power by one million-fold.
The following rule of thumb helps to understand the dynamic range in level measurement: 26-GHz standard sensors, like many 80-GHz sensors, operate with a dynamic range of around 90 dB. By contrast, 80-GHz radar sensors from VEGA, such as VEGAPULS 64 and 69, reach 120 dB. The difference of 30 dB corresponds in practice to a 1000-fold improvement in the dynamic performance!
And by the way: a dynamic range of 120 dB makes it possible to detect the tiniest of reflections. This makes it easy to measure media with low dielectric constants, like polystyrene beads or fine-particle silica.

Please contact Petrosolutions on +974-44131090 for more information or a demo of these powerful radar level transmitters..


CPH7000: Portable, multi-functional and ideal for on-site calibration

The new CPH7000 process calibrator from WIKA is a portable multi-function instrument. It combines the measurement of pressure, temperature, current, voltage and ambient conditions. The CPH7000 is therefore suitable for the testing and calibration of analogue pressure measuring instruments and also pressure and process transmitters.

In the version with an integrated hand pump for test pressures from -0.85 … +25 bar, an integrated barometer and an external atmospheric module, the CPH7000 enables an on-site calibration with only one instrument. With its electronic module, the calibrator can supply all standard measuring devices with current and voltage, measure output signals, simulate sensor conditions and carry out pressure switch tests. Furthermore, via a Pt100 probe, it can even measure the medium temperature.

Working with an accuracy of 0.025% of measuring span, the CPH7000 is easy to operate. A touchscreen with eight application fields enables a speedy and safe setting of the functions and parameterisation of all tasks. A high-performance data logger automatically saves all measured values. These can be transmitted via the WIKA-Wireless function to a final device with the WIKA-Cal software for further processing. In addition, with WIKA-Cal the creation and upload of calibration routines to the CPH7000 is possible.

Link to Video:

Link to Product Information & Datasheet:

Please contact Petrosolutions for more information or a demo of this pressure calibrator. 21/08/2017

Selection criteria for dial thermometers (2): process temperature - WIKA blog Which dial thermometer is suitable for which process? Whether a bimetal or a gas-actuated thermometer is used depends on several factors


How to Calibrate and Span a Pressure Transmitter

#wika #calibration technology with innovative solutions

#Petrosolutions is your trade partner in #Qatar for #wika range of products

Find out how to calibrate and adjust the span of a Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmitter with a 4-20 mA output using a WIKA CPH7000 Portable Process Calibrator.


Contact Petrosolutions for your requirements.


Grupo Sumcab

Sumcab Robotics y Sumcab Tailor Made Cables tienen el placer de invitarles a la Feria AUTOMATICA 2016 Munich, una de las más importantes del mundo en todo lo referente a automatización industrial.
Se celebrará nuevamente en Munich, en las instalaciones del recinto ferial del New Munich Trade Fair Centre, entre los días 21 al 24 de junio de 2016.
Nos encontrarán en el Hall B5, Stand 206.

Más info en nuestra web.

#cablesespeciales #Automatica2016 #FeriaMunich #SumcabRobotics #SumcabTailorMadeCables 13/04/2016

With 80 GHz into the future | Radar level instrumentation from VEGA

For Expertised solutions contact us at Petrosolutions Trading & Services

Send your inquiries at:
[email protected]

Call us: + 974 4413 1090 The new generation of radar level sensors is non-sensitive to condensation and buildup and has the smallest antenna of its kind. Simply world-class! 02/04/2016

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Presentation on MAFNA Customised HVAC solution to KEO Internatinal Consultants in Qatar.

We are here in Qatar at
Petrosolutions Trading & Services
Email: [email protected]
Call us: 4413 1090 11/03/2016

World’s first water desalination plant based on renewable energy to be launched in Qatar Qatar will be the first country in the world to launch a fully automated and remote controlled Water Desalination plant Powered by Renewable Energy.The project is located in a farm owned by Ali Hussain Ali Al Sada and it is arguably the first fully automated and remotely controlled plant, with low e… 07/03/2016


Sumcab Tailor Made Cables has been awarded as the company to design, develop and manufacture high security cables for the new lighting project of the new structure of MATAF, MECA.

Mobile Floor for Mataf, Meca
In order to increase the capacity of pilgrims visiting the Al-Masjid Al-Haram (The Sacred Mosque or The Grand Mosque) in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, has been built a round bridge with two floors and three entrances at the circmambulations space around Kaaba. The new structure will accommodate 130,000 pilgrims in an hour, while the previous Mataf capacity was 52,000 pilgrims.

Sumcab Specialcable Group
We manufacture solutions!

Contact Petrosolutions for your requirements of cables in the Middle East.

Email us at: [email protected]
Call us: +974 4413 1090

Petrosolutions is an exclusive Distributor for Sumcab Special cable group Spain. The latest news from Sumcab Specialcable Group. We manufacture special cables. We offer solutions for the most diverse national and international markets



Petrosolutions Trading & Services - The only Authorized distributor and Stockists for WIKA range of products in State of Qatar.

Contact us for your requirements.

WiKA Sales Devision
Souq Mesaieed l Bulding A, (A-S03) l Mesaieed industrial City l Qatar.
T: +974 4413 1090 l F: +974 4413 1093

Email us: [email protected]


Grupo Sumcab

Sumcab Tailor Made Cables: fabricante de cables especiales para GAMESA

Finalmente y después de un intenso proceso de homologación, Sumcab Tailor Made Cables ha obtenido por parte de GAMESA la homologación como fabricante de cables para instrumentación & control.
Hemos diseñado y creado un producto especifico, con diámetros exteriores y pesos reducidos, capaz de soportar torsión, tracción, constantes vibraciones y las condiciones medioambientales más severas.

Gamesa es uno de los principales fabricantes de aerogeneradores del mundo, líder en España en la fabricación, venta e instalación de turbinas eólicas.

Sumcab Tailor Made Cables
We manufacture solutions!

#cablesEspeciales #Gamesa #STMC #turbinasEólicas #diseñodecables #fabricantedecables


Petrosolutions - Simple Solutions for Complex Needs

Looking for Instrumentation calibration technician for qatar.
Interested candidates send your cv to [email protected].

Email Subject must be "Calibration Technician"

Hurry up.


Looking for Instrumentation calibration technician for qatar.
Interested candidates send your cv to [email protected].

Email Subject must be "Calibration Technician"

Hurry up.


Grupo Sumcab

Desde el pasado 5 de febrero de 2016 Sumcab Tailor Made Cables, es oficialmente proveedor homologado para cables especiales en el sincrotrón de luz ALBA.
El sincrotrón de luz ALBA es una infraestructura científica de tercera generación situada en Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona) y es la más importante de la zona del Mediterráneo.
Se trata de un complejo de aceleradores de electrones para producir luz de sincrotrón, que permite visualizar la estructura atómica de los materiales y estudiar sus propiedades.



The Art of Joinery!


Offshore Job Experts

Visiting a Jack-Up Rig


Seaman Guide

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Petrosolutions FZE

Follow Us on Linkdin Petrosolutions is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organisation having specialization in supply of Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Drilling & Safety Equipments to Oil & Gas Companies, Water Treatment Plants, Aluminum Smelters, Steel Plants and Power Generating Companies. Our Strength: Project bas…


Italian Burner

Making of WIKA pressure gauge

تصنيع عدادات الضغط من داخل مصنع WIKA الألمانية ... روعة الصناعة الألمانية

Our Story

Petrosolutions Trading & Services (PSTS) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company operating in Qatar since 2012. Petrosolutions is incorporated under the guidelines of State of Qatar to extend its vast experience of operational presence in country. The company envisages to expand its presence to the entire middle-east by the "gateway status" that offers to the Oil and Gas market of the region.

We represent renowned manufacturers and service companies known to the Oil and Gas industry, and we work hand-in-hand to succeed in their business endeavors by offering state-of-art and cost-effective solution.

We represent reputed international brands like WIKA(Germany), WISE(Korea), VEGA(Germany), SUMCAB Special Cables(Spain), Forbes Marshall(India), Arkon Flow(Czech Republic), KSR Kubler(Germany), DH-Budenberg(Germany), Euromisure(Italy), GAYESCO(USA), SAMI(Italy), VISILUME(UK), MAFNA(Canada) and many more.

Our Product range includes supply of Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level measuring Instruments. Supply and installation of Continuous emission monitoring system, Boilers, Control valves. Supply of power, instrumentation, control and Thermocouple extension cables, Supply of calibration Instruments.

We provide calibration and validation services for HVAC, cold rooms, Isolation rooms, operations theaters, Hospitals, Laboratories etc.

Petrosolutions is managed by a team of experienced professionals, which coupled with its mission to keep abreast of the latest technological innovations worldwide is adequately geared towards meeting the needs of its clients in the years to come. The company operates in strict accordance with international organization for standardization 9001:2008. Our expertise lies in both Upstream and Downstream segments of the Oil and Gas business.

Petrosolutions Trading & Services
Shop S-03, Building A, Souq Mesaieed
Mesaieed - Qatar
Tel: +974 4413 1090
Fax: +974 4413 1093
[email protected]

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-Power and Control Cables
-Cable Trays And Ladders
-Test & Measuring Instrument-
-Hazardous Area Electrical Equipments
-Switch gear components
-Automation & Control products
-Low/Medium Voltage Switchgear & panels
-Earthing & Lighting Protection Systems
-Electrical Junction Boxes

-Temperature/Pressure Gauges
-RTD's & Thermocouples
-Instrumentation & thermocouple Cables
-Needle Valves & Manifolds
-Level Instruments
-Guided Wave Radars
-Instrumentation Junction Boxes

-Pipes & Pipe Fittings
-Ball Valves
-Gate Valves
-Butterfly Valves-
-Globe Valves

Process Packages
-Gas Conditioning, Processing, Separation & Filtration Equipments
-Indirect water/glycol bath Heaters
-Heat exchanges
-Filter Separators

-All types of Custom Build HVAC

-Drill Pipes
-Rig Accessories
-Cross Coupling Protectors

Antisieze Lubricants
-Copper based regular grade
-Nickel based nuclear grade
-Pipe compound with Teflon
-Marine grade
-White food grade with PTFE
-Red bearing lubricants
-High Temperature lubricants



Souq Mesaieed
Dawhat Al Qatar

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:00
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