Green Tea HP - Qatar

Green Tea HP - Qatar

Years ago when we started the ‘green tea’ journey we simply wanted to (1) perfect the Green Tea HP™ experience and (2) continue to please our customers with a more perfect taste, a more perfect price, and a more perfect way to enjoy the beverage while on the go.

Little did we know that thousands of these happy customers would return repeatedly to let us know that they had been sharing their newly found Green Tea HP™ drink with family, friends and fellow employees. As a result of these experiences, they began to request a more trouble-free way to purchase in bulk and the possibility of being compensated for their sharing of the product with others. At firs

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"Green Tea HP is now available" Rawayeh Alnoud Trading Co.
Bldg. 18 Blck 14 Al Bidda Hotel Souq Waqif, Doha Qatar

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Caramel Cappuccino
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Try the newly created Pink Crush
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Your body, while made up of multiple systems and complex functions, is really a single seamlessly integrated organism that relies on a fairly simple set of nutritional building blocks to thrive. The problem is, our convenience driven eating and drinking habits have virtually excluded these essential ingredients from our daily diets.
Formulated with a proprietary blend of key nutrients, trace minerals, and an anti-aging antioxidant blend, including pure and highly concentrated EGCG—the ultra rich, super antioxidant exclusively found in green tea extract. Green Tea HP™ delivers a concentrated dose of ingredients that not only inhibit fat absorption, but increase the bioavailability of the key nutritional resources required to maintain optimal health and longevity.
That's why Green Tea HP™ is the most effective and sustainable way to enhance your body's natural abilities. From weight loss to well being, internal wellness to external appearance of youth and vitality, and everything in between, Green Tea HP™ changes the way you look, and feel, today and tomorrow.
1. Delivers key antioxidants to help slow the aging process—inside and out.
2. Boosts energy and sense of well being immediately.
3. Promotes weight loss, and satisfies hunger.
4. Enhances healthy immune system function.
5. Helps prevent normal cells from turning cancerous.
6. Provides building blocks for long-term wellness.
7. Helps suppress the formation and growth of tumors.
8. Improves cholesterol level regulation.
9. Helps control blood pressure.
10. Decreases the risk of stroke by making blood platelets less " sticky".
11. helps control blood sugar levels.
12. sugar-free and aspartame-free. diabetic-friendly.
13. wards off viruses, fungi, and food-borne bacteria.
14. fights bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities and bad breath.
15. green tea hp™ is the only green tea made from fresh, not dried, green tea leaves.
16. provides 1250 mg of green tea extract per serving (20x the amount in one cup of tea).
17. delicious, refreshing, natural fresh taste and color—no artificial colors or preservatives.
18. low calorie (all pixies are under 13 calories per serving).
19. provides 100% of the daily value of vitamin c in each serving.
20. mixes instantly and tastes great, cold or hot.
21. carbonation free.
22. nutrient rich.
23. less than half the price of coffee and energy beverages.
24. patented chemical, alcohol and solvent-free, water extraction process.
25. easy to share, we never need to interrupt your favorite tv shows with annoying advertisements, as we reward our customers for sharing their experience with their friends.

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For Inquiries Contact us: + 974 66 88 01 63
email at: [email protected]




P.O.Box 37409 Bldg. 18 Blk. 14 Souq Waqif, Doha Qatar
Dawhat Al Qatar

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