Pink Pepper Craft Studio - formerly Qatar

Handmade Party Decor and favors, Kids Craft Kits, Seasonal handmade Decor, String Lighting. Home of Monster Buddies, The Wookie Monster, Inmates and more.

Papercraft specialising in party ware, favors, and invitations. Craft kits designed and produced by Aly. All our items are hand crafted which takes skill, time and patience. If you would like to place orders for parties we will need some notice. Typically we need at least two weeks notice to put together handmade items for your party and if you would like us to plan and organise your childs party then we will require at least 6 weeks notice.

Operating as usual


Here’s a little sneak preview of a display I’ve made under ScALYwags and Nuncle for the apartments at Shatin Racecourse in Hong Kong. A mix of paper mache, wire work, painting, sewing and printing. I think the kids will be delighted it’s just a pity I fly out tonight for Australia and won’t be there to hear their squeals.


Been a while since I posted on Pink Pepper.
Australia, Hongkong, Macau, Vietnam, Australia.

Under scALYwags and Nuncle we have been doing the odd market here in Australia with some of our old Pink Pepper favorites and some new designs too and we have been having a ball. Next weekend we are off to the Adelaide Psychic Fair to peddle our wares and we are very excited about that


Not much crafty goodies have been created of late but I’ve been getting some inspiration from some travels to Australia, Macau, Hong Kong, Goa India, Qatar, Wales, England, Paris, Versailles, Montmatre, and now onto Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam and The Hague.


Off getting inspired. In the UK having a minibreak.


Inspiration is running freely round Australia’s Adelaide hills. You may think I’m hopping mad but the truth I’m really only a roo loose in the bottom paddock.
This week on the farm it’s been blue wrens, kookaburras, galahs, foxes, roos and koalas.
Oh and of course Nuncle


May your day be full of laughter
May your day be full of kin or friend.
Here’s hoping that your in laws
Don’t drive you round the bend.
May Santa fill your stockings,
May the snow it be all white.
Merry Christmas to you all,
And to you all a good night.


We completed our first market in Australia on the weekend, introducing some new products within the in-Mates collection as well as some delightfully festive tags and cards.

We have also branched out with a new business ScALYwags & Nuncle which will now be the official penitentiary for in-Mates and their offshoots. Links to page, website and other online sales venues will be added to this page once the logo is finalized.

For my Qatar, Gulf countries, UK and USA followers and friends
I will find out postage costs in the near future and from March 2018 I will be able to customize and post made to order products to you as requested.

Here is photos of our latest product lines
Bag Bandits. Perfect for bag bling or key rings these little crooks and crookettes will surely steal many a heart.

Abominable Snowmen

Girl in-Mates

Boy in-Mates


So what does one do when it’s Halloween looming but all craft supplies and tools are on a shipment to Australia. Worse still, what does one do when they are settled in their new appartment in Hong Kong and they receive a letter from management saying that kids will be trick or treating this Halloween?
Even better yet what does one do when the only item of potential craft supplies is a pair of scissors, a new tea towel, and a bunch of Halloween candy they had urgently home delivered today?

Why one manages to make ghostly ghostersons of course


Photos from Pink Pepper Craft Studio - formerly Qatar's post


Presenting the bride and groom on their special day. Our latest commission piece.


Having a wee little break and getting some inspiration in the glorious Welsh countryside.


No I won't


Buttons, stamping, ribbons and more. Craft supplies for sale


Craft supplies for sale


Craft supplies for sale


Craft supplies, kits for sale


For sale stamps, rubbing plates, inks


Clearing out some of my craft collection for those residing in Doha.
There will be a lot of photos going up now and in the short term.
I confess I'm a hoarder.


Hurry and get your application in

UPDATE: We are postponing the market until later this year— so sorry to disappoint!


Photos from Pink Pepper Craft Studio - formerly Qatar's post


Slowly getting back into the scheme of things.
Workshop coming up on first Friday of May


From the weekend Qatart Katara market


Awwww bless ya guys


We were tagged as part of a 7 day crafty challenge, and I'm not one to back down from a challenge so I've decided to twist it. You see I do not have time to make things at the moment given I'm trying to reduce my hoarde and get ready to move into new things, but I do still have rhyme flying through my head all the time. So here goes

Day One of challenge

An ode to Somaiya

There be a fine lass Somaiya,
She's truly a grand ol bird.
She's a super duper card maker,
The best in all the world.
To say it's been an honor,
To call that chick my mate,
Really does no justice to
A girl that is so great.
And whilst it really seems quite weird,
For me To write of things so sweet.
The only thing I can say
Is I wish she'd wash her feet.


Our last one we will be in attendance for. Yes we are still here :).
Come check out the huge reductions on our monsters and remaining items including crochet jewelry, craft kits and some awesome crafty books to help get you started on your own handmade journey.


Happy crafty year to you all.
We stayed in Doha this year, mainly coz who would have the heart to leave behind this evil creature.


The following 6 in-Mates are now up for sale.

Doha residents can pay and collect from Riviera Gardens Compound. In-Mates are Qr100 ea.

International buyers:
Please contact me re price. Postage is an additional cost.


Bail was set today for three inmates custom ordered for a bloke with a wicked sense of humor and whose family and friends are in for a real treat.

Farewell my masked bandits 27/11/2016

QAWS Flood Appeal

For those who don't know one of our favorite local animal charities was flooded severely last night. Though it will take a while before damage is assessed and rebuilding or relocation will occur they are in desperate need of foster carers and eventually funds. If you can temporarily take in a cat or dog, put together parcels of bedding, collect some food, store some food or bedding, please contact either QAWS itself or me,
And if you can donate some funds to help them rebuild and care for the critters please do so here Kelly Allen has posted a new update!


Doha Mums

Here's a little video snippet of Pink Pepper at the Doha Mums market

Doha Mums Market @ Radisson Blu Hotel open until 4pm


Look at the gorgeous photo QatART shared today.


Scrap booking papers will no longer be taken to Doha Mums as I have been through tonight what I'm taking and I simply won't have room to fit them in. So if anyone is interested in that sort of thing just contact me and i can arrange a viewing at my home


Angels and fairies
And whiskery santas.
Elvies and snowmen
Possibly bananas
Halloween goodies
Lots of discounted bling
These are a few of pink peppers favorite things.

Kids craft kits are on sale
Oh so super cheap.
Halloween costumes
For kids with big feet.
Lots of new products
That'll make you smile,
This year with some help we've gone the extra mile.

Lights that are twinkly
And in-Mates in jails,
Monsters so quirky
Witch gloves with nails.
Beefeater zombies
With soft squishy brains
This year pink peppers gone simply insane.

Come see us at at the Doha Mums Autumn Market this Saturday 11am-4pm.
Early birds welcome from 10 for extra entrance fee. Held at the Raddison Blu this is one of the biggest markets of the year.

Pink Pepper will be selling much of their pre-2016 product at reduces prices in order to free up some room for future product so come along and have a look.

There is also a bunch of new Halloween and seasonal handmade product to be had, something for everyone.


Check out some of the cool range of product we make and some of the other products on offer at the Doha Mums Autumn Market, October 22nd at the Raddison Blu.

Special offer on many items.


Want to see more of what coming with us to Doha Mums market?

Designed as a collaboration between Pink Pepper and I I Heart Zombies Australia, these exquisite Zombies are sure to be a talking point in your home. Their beauty lay in the attention to detail. Not an artery has been missed, no foot left unturned.

These are for decoration only and are NOT a toy.

Sold with a doll stand.

Come check them out at Doha Mums market. Details are pinned to top of Pink Peppers page.

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Today's Katara QatART market was a great success.  We even got our mug on tv while Leila and I were doing our workshop.Y...


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