Al Halal Veterinary Clinic

Al Halal Veterinary Clinic


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Gracie will be desperately needing a home next year this time as we are going to be going back home. Very chilled quiet cat very independent and house trained she enjoys the outdoors just as much as indoors. She is up to date with her vaccinations and will have her chipped if new owners want it done.
anyone have contact number for al halal clinic please
Ramadan hours?
Sponsor a Spay Please!!! With support from Al Halal Veterinary Clinic in Al Khor, we have secured a special rate of QR 250 per female if we provide all the medical supplies. We have a private donation of QR 5,000 to specifically cover supplies such as painkillers, antibiotics, sedatives and anaesthetics for 50 female dogs! We just need to find money to cover the vet cost!


It's not rocket science. It will make a difference.

Please click this link to sponsor a spay!!! The Wonderful Organisation does not charge any fees so every penny goes towards the cause.
PTP admin.

It's been almost a year that our baby went missing at Izghawa, Gharaffa area last April 12,2018 and till date we are still hoping to find her and bring her back home...

Though we stopped posting after 6 months from the time she was lost, we never stop visiting souqs, mzad, oryx, checking pet groups, pets lost&found groups in fb hoping that maybe we will still find her. Today, while checking the groups on Facebook, there was a comment from a concerned pet lover stating that she has a friend who lost her cat and found it after almost 1 and half year because she did not stopped posting. So now, inspired by her story, will be posting again the photo of our lost baby. If by chance u get to see a familiar puppy, pls contact me on the number mentioned on the photo.

Thank u in advance!
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Our dog went missing last 10th April 2018 near to izghawa park - gharaffa! She's a female Pomeranian about 3 years of age..

We are willing to REWARD anyone who will return it back or give us lead where she is..

Pls contact me on 55823979.

We are still searching for our dog... female Pomeranian, went missing in Izghawa - Gharaffa last 10th April 2018.

Pls contact 55823979 or just pls bring her to any vet clinic... 🙏🙏🙏
This beautiful girl found me this morning whilst walking my boy. She is so friendly and has been groomed recently. Been to the vets and unfortunately she isn't microchipped. If someone knows her I have her with me. Proof of ownership will be required.
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hi are you open today ?
Good morning what are your opening times during Ramandan and Eid please

Al Halal Veterinary Clinic provides treatment for all animals from cats to camels! We will do our best to ensure your pets are well and cared for.

If you are unable to bring your pet to our clinic, we can come and visit your pet. Thank you!

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اطلبوا افضل خلطة لخيول الانديورو ,من عيادة الحلال البيطرية


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AlHalal Veterinary Clinic


Al Halal Lovely Cat



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