Doha Walking Club

Doha Walking Club


Does this group still function?
I see from dates that this group may not be in existence anymore. If there is a walking group around or talk of re starting this group please let me know as a keen walker. Thanks
Is this club still active?
New to Doha, when do you meet up and where? What sort of distances?
i walk one to two hours every day in Aspier since 16 of november 2014 and i lost 40 kilo
Walking can also involve a furry friend right? Lola is still searching for her forever home and she loves walking!!
Hi all - living on The Pearl and would like to join the walking just getting over tendonitis though, so would it be too fast a pace for me?
Happy to know that there's a walking club in Doha... Keep walking.....

Together we walk; together we have fun and enjoy the discussions while walking for health. We walk every Wednesday for two hours. Different other activities are possible after: swimming, squash, ping pong, volley ball, and why not eating a bit: BBQ ...

Contact details:

E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel: (974) 77558899


Dear walkers, this is to let you know that the two admin of Doha Walking Club (DWC) walked out of Doha. DWC is looking for energetic admin to continue arranging and animating the weekly walk. The previous admin are creating new walking club in their country and are willing to do walking exchange with the help of the new active admin. The first two to volunteer will be nominated.


Dear all many (not sure if it is the majority or not), requested to resume on 12th instead of today since there are plenty of events going on. YAY you have one more week to stretch till you walk :)


Summer is over; shall we start walking?


Folks, we will resume in September. We cannot make you walk in summer or walk with less energy during Ramadhan. An experienced gym coach is willing to join us from September onward. Very encouraging!


2 hours at the Pearl every Wednesday, why not start walking at the Corniche from Four Seasons to the Islamic Museum? And why not outside Doha, getting wet at the mangrove for people who can dare? .... further more... in December we can fly to Oman to walk on the mountains. It's all about walking adventures. Your suggestions are most welcome.


Dear all, we will not walk today. We will resume next week on Wednesday 22nd June 2011. We will create an event to remind everyone. Enjoy the rest of the week and have a wonderful weekend. DWC team

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Guess what? It is Wednesday!!! Walking Day!!!

Timeline photos 17/05/2011

Bungee Jumping at the Pearl


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