Garden Mother of Unity

Garden Mother of Unity


Pedido de oração: Peço a Deus Pai em nome de Jesus e da Virgem Maria, por favor, para a paz no mundo e, tudo de ruim que pode acontecer antes da segunda vinda de Jesus não vai acontecer e rezar que têm acordos de paz entre os países europeus, Estados Unidos, Israel e Irã. Pedir também que não há terremotos no mundo, e não acontecem guerras ao redor do mundo, e não há guerra entre Peru e Chile, e não há guerra entre Estados Unidos e Coréia do Norte, e não há guerra entre Estados Unidos e Siria.

The Garden "Mother of Unity" is a space for humanization, socialization and insertion of people in s


Today we remember the memory of the martyrdom of Rachel Corrie, an American student and activist for Peace and the Palestinian cause.

On March 16, 2003, she was protesting the illegal demolition of hundreds of Palestinian homes in Rafah, Gaza Strip, when she was brutally murdered by the Israeli Armed Forces who ran a bulldozer over her, crushing the 23-year-old girl.

Years later, we acquired the land in Rafah and built the Jardim Mãe da Unidade, which supports Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip. This land watered with the blood of Rachel and of so many who fought for justice today produces fruits of unity, peace and resistance for all Palestinians.

Free Palestine now and forever!

Photos from Garden Mother of Unity's post 25/02/2021

The activities of our Community Garden and Orchard didn't stop with the arrival of winter, on the contrary, the production of our flowers and vegetables has tripled and today more than 300 families survive from the commercialization and consumption of everything that is produced in our garden.
More than cultivating plants, we cultivate lives, social integration and dreams.
"One will be the table, the mother earth will be the Altar!"

Photos from Garden Mother of Unity's post 07/11/2020

This is Farid, he is Syrian and is with his family at the Rafat Refuge... He and his family are Jewish Arabs, a group opposed by both other Arabs and Orthodox Jews... But they opened their hearts to unity with us , and together we discover that what unites us is greater than what separates us: we are together for the ideal of unity. Today he happily shows the fruit of his work here in the Garden; they survive on the trade of vegetables produced here.
They also learned to love and respect the Word of Jesus, because they discovered that we are a Word Living and a Word of Life: Jesus asks Allah, the God of us all, that everyone be one!

A garden that cultivates flowers, fruits and life!

Let us always have Jesus in the middle.
By Subdeacon Yasser.

Photos from Garden Mother of Unity's post 20/09/2020

Our little ones in the Refugee Camp have been out of school because of the new coronavirus pandemic for more than six months.
As there are no new contamination records at the Refuge, we decided to do this activity with the children outdoors, on our pleasant summer nights. A work of recycling, as old tires will serve our Garden, preserving nature, unity and fraternity. How gratifying to be able to see and feel the smile of each of these children. This is the joy of the Gospel, the joy of giving oneself to Jesus Forsaken through others, in each one of these little ones. "Whatever you do to each of these little ones, it was Me who did it", say Jesus.


Gradually life begins to sprout, nature brings us the hope that the Creator always renews life in us!


Life will always be the greatest good, the most valuable gift that we want to preserve!


Do you know the therapeutic and healing effects of working with nature?
We believe that touching and caring for the earth and plants helps us to overcome traumas and to rediscover the happiness of being a child of the Creator.


Thank God the seed are cast on the earth. Each seed planted, each plant seedling placed on the earth represents a rescued life, a rescued self-esteem.
Thank you Jesus


We started the work well, between seeds and seedlings, planted lives!

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An integration project, a love project, a unit project...

The Garden "Mother of Unity" was dreamed by the young Subdeacon Yasser Nassif, a project aimed at the families of Syrian and Palestinian refugees, with the aim of reinserting them socially and financially.

Inspired by other ideas of social reintegration involving gardening and a subsistence culture promoted with UN support, for some years Yasser has been working to create a large garden to teach these people a new profession: in that garden they can grow flowers, fruits, vegetables, and they can sell products produced and enjoy all the profits obtained in order to rebuild life.

It is also a space for women victims of domestic violence who need to leave their homes and, therefore, learn a new trade and be able to resume life away from their aggressors.

In addition to an economic and social reintegration activity, it is also a therapeutic activity; we believe in the power that plants and contact with nature have to heal traumas.



Al Tarik Al Hadidi

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