Freedom for Palestine

Freedom for Palestine


This is not a War; this is a unilateral Aggression.


Palestine Association for the Liberation of Palestine Children from the oppression of the Israeli occupation and collecting donations for them through a Paypal or Western Union

Operating as usual


"I hope u're still alive brother"...
Così ho interrogato l'amico di Gaza che mesi fa mi spedì un SOS disperato, mentre la città si trovava sotto l'ennesimo attacco genocida.
Fortunatamente mi ha risposto quasi subito.
Da quel giorno ho seguito centinaia di persone iscriversi a "Freedom for Palestine", e ne ero felice; iscrivendosi, potevano avere un ponte più o meno diretto coi fatti, taciuti dalle aziende di informazione.
L'amico gazawo mi aveva chiesto aiuto ed io, seppur minuscolo, glielo avevo fornito, pubblicizzando il gruppo a tutti i miei contatti.
Ma la nota un po' dolente della questione è che non stanno arrivando aiuti economici, se si escludono 60 dollari (sigh).
Possa questa mia piccola precisazione risultare utile alle sorelle e ai fratelli della più grande prigione a cielo aperto del mondo.
PS: l'iban si trova sulle informazioni del profilo.
Grazie, shukran, a tutte/i.


Palestinian 🇵🇸🇵🇸❤️


SHAYAY NOR Jamal Shukair from the town of Silwan, who has gathered influenced by the occupation near the climb of the leader east of Jerusalem in occupied Palestine🇵🇸💔😭🇵🇸💔🇵🇸🇵🇸


What a shame for those people who lie to children. He told me touchingly that he donated to our children a sum of money, and after a day I discovered that he was deceiving. Why do they do this way, planting hope in the faces of our children, and then disappointment?


Palestinian refugees in the United States of America people are calling for freedom and justice for Palestinian children


Good morning my friends from occupied Palestine

Photos from Freedom for Palestine's post 23/11/2020

There is a question for you, my dear friends. ????????? Why does this happen in the children of Palestine without about the children of the world? Why do they not have the right to live their childhood completely freely?

You are free to express your opinion


What is she thinking of🤔????
Is she thinking about the period she will stay in this dismal place
Or about her impossible dreams?
Children have rights to be protected and educated but our children don't have any of them.
Why are you silent and do nothing?
Imagine you and your children face these circumstances!! What would you do?
Being away from you homes and live in grim tents facing poverty and displacement.💔💔💔

Photos from Freedom for Palestine's post 21/11/2020

Hello my dear friends, who among you can set up a donation campaign for children who sleep in tents and the winter season has begun? There are children who want to sleep in tents and we want to provide them with some blankets, food and heating


„No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark year old Nabil had no choice but to leave his family in 22 Palestine to seek sanctuary in Europe He was suffering from a life threatening illness whilst going through the harsh asylum seeking process it is , for .people here on the Greek Island of Chios Last night his distressed friends tried to call an ambulance .as he started coughing up blood The ambulance failed to arrive until much later, and after .volunteers from a local NG0 called them. lost his life Whether he would have survived if given immediate medical care is unknown, but for sure he may not have been in so much pain whilst he took his last breaths if he! had been listened to Nabil has already suffered enough and we as a world have failed him, as we have failed the millions of displaced people worldwide Today, as I sat in a living room with the brothers from Palestine as they listened to Quran recitation and prayed for his soul, they asked us if we can hel p send his body .back to his family in Gaza As I looked at the sad faces and as his friends cried I thought to myself they have already been through so much .and now this The Palestinian community in Chios, explained that they will also try to collect funds amongst themselves but with no money or little governmental cash allowances they .barely survive themsel vesbarely survive Truth is, people who are seeking refuge and asylum would want nothing more than to be in their own home lands and we in the Western Wolrd discrimination against them with our racist policies and oppressive regimes violating all human rights, when all they want is Safety Our authorities do not even pay to send the deceased back to their homelands and so it is up to their families and friends to raise this amount of € 3000 A message from our friends from palestine in Chios: 'Please help send our brother, Nabil Braika back to his family in Gaza for his burial I am sorry that we couldn't do more for him but the least .we can do is provide him with dignity in death


Oh God, we ask you to take revenge on those who mocked or mocked our Messenger, may blessings and peace be upon him.
O Allah, bless him and bless the prophet Mohammed


This is how Zionists block Palestinians of moving
There are more than 700 check points like this in occupied Palestine

Photos from Freedom for Palestine's post 15/05/2020

On the streets of Gaza at night, you can take a tour and see the poor.

The lack of food in their homes or the lack of housing for them, this is the case for children only, so how can their families!

All this suffering due to the Israeli blockade of Gaza, but with the epidemic the matter got worse
Share pictures, so that the world sees this injustice


Watch how Gaza's children suffer


🌎 The Hebrew media / attacking Netanyahu and demanding a harsh response to the Gaza Strip.


We call for everyone to donate the processes of Virus Corona In Palestine and to prevent the spread of this virus in the bodies of children


Urgent Ministry of Health: The young Ibrahim Muhammad Halasah (25 years old) was martyred after he was shot by the Israeli occupation forces near Bethlehem in the southern West Bank.




Infographic .. racist Zionist laws against prisoners
# Palestinian_Prisoner Day


Smile, how much of a smile you have wiped, and optimism. How much optimism is far from cloudy. Think better about God and trust in him, after each hardship is easy.


Children of Gaza put corona


Hello my friends, the page was retrieved after it was closed by the israeli army

Photos from Freedom for Palestine's post 24/02/2020

Israeli warplanes are bombing Gaza now

Photos from Freedom for Palestine's post 24/02/2020

Very violent bombing of Gaza now


Now the Israeli bombing of Gaza

Photos from Freedom for Palestine's post 25/01/2020

Look at the children of the world, they imagine beside a tree, a sea, or something beautiful, but the children of Gaza did not have anything beautiful for rockets carrying tons of explosives. The Israeli occupation killed their ambitions and dreams and planted in their hearts fear and terror. !!! Imagine that you are unable to bring the medicine to your child and you see him every day suffering from pain and burns😔🙏🇵🇸


Exclusive photo from Gaza city of a man performing his job in the very cold atmosphere

His face has a word ....


Photos from Freedom for Palestine's post 21/01/2020

A Palestinian family has been living in Gaza for a long time in a house made of plastic and fabric. Winter has come, his house and children have been drowned. This is the life of the Palestinian people in Gaza. Where are you, kind-hearted people? Donate the children of Gaza and the people of Palestine.😭🇵🇸💔🙏

Photos from Freedom for Palestine's post 20/01/2020

Today, the campaign for the warmth of the winter was achieved by collecting donations and distributing some clothes and jackets to the children of gaza. We thank everyone who contributed and donated to us and was the reason to draw a smile on the face of the children of gaza. There are still children waiting for your generous donations. The warmth and tranquility of gaza's children in water, cold, hunger and pain🇵🇸🙏💔😭

Photos from Freedom for Palestine's post 20/01/2020

Here is Palestine !!!!! Here Gaza is a pain, the pain is invading, and the Palestinians from the Israeli occupation army are another pain from a life of poverty, hunger, rain and extreme cold This is what the people of Gaza are suffering in these rainy conditions The difficulty of movement and movement because of the rain water and the lack of infrastructure for sanitation to you What happens To them we ask you all to extend your hand and cooperation of the people of Gaza This difficult life Many pledge to us to make a donation and then deceive us We do not want people deception We want the owners of great hearts who does not accept that he sleeps full and his brother sleeps without eating💔🙏🇵🇸😔

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A woman who lives in a tent wrapped in blankets with her psycho-sick husband and her two children for more than a year and a half lives with frogs and mice. She did not ask for the most of her dreams. She was a “room” with only a bathroom and kitchen inside.
This 24-year-old lady looked up on the earth and curled up at the sky and heard the whine of her passers-by, the leaders and their sons ...
A speeding car "took her life and her child with dangerous wounds" came and went to God complaining about your injustice and the tyranny of your hearts ... Today, officials are racing to visit her tent "not to help her" to take pictures next to her body and heartache ...
Allah is my suffice, and the best deputy ...
● The Lady | Rana Abed Muhammad al-Naqla (24 years), resident of Jabalia Camp in Gaza, and her seriously injured child, "Hala Ahmed al-Naqla (5 years).🙏🇵🇸🇵🇸😭😔💔

Photos from Freedom for Palestine's post 19/01/2020

Sewage torrents flowing through the streets in Gaza and its camps in the summer, to which rain torrents join in the winter to impose curfews in some areas and heavy losses in others. Like the death of children from serious diseases or drowning, what do you think, is it a "division and a share" or can we press for change and save Gaza ?! Who can save, donate and change, leave us a comment🇵🇸😭🙏🙏🙏

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Other Charity Organizations in Gaza (show all)
هيئة حماية الطفل والمرأة - فلسطين هيئة حماية الطفل والمرأة - فلسطين
محافظات غزة- الشمال- بيت لاهيا

هيئة حماية الطفل والمرأة- فلسطين هي منظمة خيرية تنموية - إرشادية - علاجية - تثقيفية - إغاثية

برنامــج خفـــة خيـــــر برنامــج خفـــة خيـــــر
Gaza, 00972

برنامج خفة خيرية سيتم بثه بشهر رمضان المبارك 2021 بتقديم الإعلامي اليوتيوبرز حسام أبو الحاج 😉 لاعب خفة اليد المميز محمود البلتاجي 😉

دار القرآن الكريم والسنة - شرق غزة دار القرآن الكريم والسنة - شرق غزة
مسجد العمري الكبير

دار القرءان الكريم والسنة - شرق غزة جمعية تعتني بتعليم وتحفيظ القرآن الكريم على أكمل وجه. نحو جيل قرآني فريد

Sadaqa pour Gaza Sadaqa pour Gaza

Sadaqa pour Gaza est un projet d'aide pour des familles de Gaza. Aides alimentaires, financières, médicales ou matérielles.

دار القرآن الكريم والسنة ــ المغازي دار القرآن الكريم والسنة ــ المغازي
قطاع غزة ــ المغازي

صفحة رسمية

الشبكة الفلسطينية لمناهضة خطاب الكراهية الشبكة الفلسطينية لمناهضة خطاب الكراهية

هي شبكة تأسست في مارس 2020م ضمن مشروع بيئة حامية من خطاب الكراهية ودعم حرية التعبير والممول من الاتحاد الأوروبي , لمواجهة خطاب الكراهية

Waslt Khair - وصلة خير Waslt Khair - وصلة خير
Gaza Strip
Gaza, 00970

منظمة خيرية

لجنة زكاة دير البلح _ قطاع غزة لجنة زكاة دير البلح _ قطاع غزة
دير البلح _ البصة _ خلف مسجد الرباط
Gaza, 972

هيئة خيرية تتبع لوزارة الأوقاف والشؤون الدينية بغزة، تسعى لمساعدة الفقراء والمحتاجين والأيتام والأرامل.

Nasser S. El-helou - ناصر الحلو Nasser S. El-helou - ناصر الحلو
Omar El-Mokhtar St.

جمعية خير أمة الخيرية جمعية خير أمة الخيرية

جمعية خير أمة الخيرية ، هى جمعية خيرية مرخصة تسعى للتخفيف عن الأسر الفقيرة والمستورة في قطاع #غزة عبر صدقات ومساهمات أهل الخير

جمعية غيث للإغاثة والتنمية جمعية غيث للإغاثة والتنمية
شارع جمال عبدالناصر (الثلاثيني) مفترق المغربي عمار القصاص الطابق الرابع
Gaza, 00970

جمعية غيث للإغاثة والتنمية جمعية خيرية لمساعدة الفقراء والمجتاجين في غزة.