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Providing holistic approaches through Proper Financial Planning & Financial Literacy to your family's finances. We do coaching sessions and teach about strategies and techniques on how to budget, allocate, prioritize and organize cash flow/ income. :)


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As we bring you another powerful guest speaker – Bro Bo Sanchez, The Feast’s Founder “Light Jesus Ministry”. PLUS! Hear the real-life story of Genova Financials’ Senior Unit Manager Pamela Faye “Pam” Panti (a teammate of mine!) on how she started her exciting entrepreneurial journey with AIA Philippines as a fresh graduate and qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)!

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Happening on Apr 30 (Sat), 10:00 AM – 12:00 NN via ZOOM.

Tell us how much you LOVE your family 22/03/2022

One form of love is Protection of the future of your family. ❤️✨

Tell us how much you LOVE your family Nothing shows you love a person more than getting them protected. What’s more is if you avail one now, you’ll get some savings.


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Prof. Xy De La Torre, REB, REA, CPA
XDT & Company Inc.

Special thanks to Riza Carmela Gonzales! 😊🙏🏼✨

Our client envisages swaying the world with his own talents and skills, by using communication & music. But his passion won’t just suffice the obligations of adulting. As he sought and applied for jobs on-site and online he waited but he was frustrated as he felt his passion and dream may have come to a blur.

Until he saw this on a job site. “Flexitime and earn as much as ₱100,000/ month and be an Entrepreneur”. Without any knowledge of sales, he applied to be a Financial Advisor because he really wanted to earn and have his own way of freedom and passion.

Then his struggles begun. Just like any other FA, contradictions of his own family and friends plus rejections almost got him. But he overcomes it by learning how to accept the process.

He stays motivated by giving himself a reward. He adheres that being kind to himself is a motivation that helps him be more productive and supports his mental well-being. And in the next 5 years, he will achieve his goal to have a huge property where he is dedicated to building a house for his own family.

Thank you for trusting XDT & Company Inc. :)
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Sharing this infographic for your knowledge: Protection Plans can work with your HMO.

Alam mo ba, AIA Health Cover can work to supplement what your HMO covers para wala ka talagang problema in the event na magkasakit ka!

Usap tayo and let me tell you all about it! Sign-up here: http://bit.ly/AHCwithHMO

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I’ve noticed whenever I get to see Filipino families who are in a disposition of suffering financially, specially on the hospitalization of a loved one. Struggling to pay the medical bills or even worst a death of someone dear to them. That some of those families carrying the burden most of the time falls into charity of other relatives, friends and even strangers.

Masaklap na pangyayari ito at sa tingin ko walang masama lalo na kung nakakatulong ito sa ibang tao lalo na sa kapamilya mo. Ang mahirap lang sa ganoong sitwasyon, pati ikaw ay apektado.

Ano ang ibig sabihin ko nito?

Masakit na mawalan ng kamag-anak. Damay-damay lahat lalo na kung may pinag lalaanan ka dapat ng pera mo. Be it tuition fees, pang groceries, pambili ng gamot, pamabayad sa kuryente o tubig, and etc.

Apektado ka dahil pinag paguran mo yung pera mo para sa mga pinapangarap mo sa buhay (yung bahay na pinagiipunan mo, business, kasal, kotse, travel, cellphone o sapatos or etc.). Pinagpaguran at sinakripisyo mo ito, hindi para ibayad mo lang ito sa mga bills.

Kase para saan ba naman lahat ng tinatarabaho natin diba? Dahil gusto natin abutin ang mga goals o pangarap natin sa buhay.

Hindi masamang mangarap at lalong lalo na ang pagtulong sa kapwa. Pero bago muna natin tulungan ang kapwa, tulungan muna natin ang sarili natin.

Unahan na natin bago pa may mangyari ang hindi natin inaasahan. Better plan on it than regret on everything at the end. Mabuti ng protektado tayo kesa sa hindi.

Some people don’t realize, na ang mga desisyon na ginagawa natin ngayon ay makakaapekto lalo na sa hinaharap ng buhay natin at sa ibang tao. Kung hindi natin uunahin na protektahan ang sarili natin. All will be lost, sa isang pikit mata!

The point is, some people don’t see the value and how powerful Life Insurance can help you and your family in achieving your dreams specially on the financial aspect.

You may say that it won’t happen to me anytime soon, I understand it and I respect your opinion. But THIS IS REALITY! THIS IS NOT FANTASY! LIFE IS FULL OF UNCERTAINTIES!

Malaking tulong kung may emergency fund ka, then good for you, dahil ito ay mas makakatulong lalo na kung may emergency ang pamilya mo or ang kamag anak natin.

Just for an example. When you drive a motorcycle you can always choose to wear or not wear your helmet, but in case of an accident you would always want to be protected by your helmet. And if you don’t wear the helmet you can just only wish that you should had worn it.

I see my job as the helmet. I am your helmet in your journey, protecting you against the risk of life’s uncertainties.

Kaya tanong ko lang sayo, sino gusto mo magbayad ng pang hospital mo?


Pamilya mo?

Kamag anak mo?

O yung Life Insurance company mo?


Is it possible to have HMO, Life Insurance, Investment and a Health & Wellness Program in an all in one plan? 🤔

Well, YES! 😳🤯

Secure your future with a Health card for hospitalization by Intellicare + Life Insurance for your family by Philam Life + Investment for your growing Medical/ Retirement Fund + A health and wellness program by Philam Vitality, ALL IN ONE PLAN! 😱💯✨

By just saving ₱73 each day in a month! You can now have your peace of mind and a Financial Advisor to consult in guiding you on your financial journey! 😌🛣📊🪙✨

AIA Med-Assist will help you focus on your recovery by covering 90% of your in-patient expenses, as well as other medical expenses that can pile up without notice.
It is a co-pay plan that comes in four different packages to match your budget, with a long-term payment scheme for more manageable premuim payments.

Getting sick nowadays can be very expensive. But if this happens, you need a backup plan like AIA Med-Assist to help you focus on recovering as soon as possible so you can continue life and work.

Don't let all your hospital bills add to your worries! 🏨💁🏻‍♀️✨

👉🏼 If you're interested, please sign-up here: https://bit.ly/2RSRh7h

✅ Here’s my Agent code: 007602586



3 Things to consider when building your emergency hospital fund ❤️

Getting diagnosed with an illness or getting sick in general may cost big hospital bills. So here are 3 things to consider as you take a step ahead and prepare for life’s unexpected.

This is why AIA offers Med-Assist so all these 3 can be covered if something unexpected happens. Let’s break it down below!

If you're interested, please sign-up here: http://bit.ly/BuildingEmergencyHospitalFund



👆 Insurance


"Tama na may insurance, yung maganda may insurance na may investment ka pa.
Si Ogie Diaz nung nandun kami sa lamay ni Chokie magaling mag compute ng insurance benefits yan nakakatuwa. Dapat kasi meron.

At 20 to 30 years old ka dapat productive ka. Yan kasi yung crucial.
Bago mag 40 dapat unti unti kana nag babawas ng trabaho para pag dating mo ng 50 to 60 years old nag rerelax ka nalang. Secured kana sa sarili mo kasi nakapag ipon kana. Yung iba pag dating ng 40 years old saka pa lang sila ng sisimula kaya pinapatay nila sarili nila dahil hinahabol nila yung nawalang panahon.

Kaya yung bata sinasabi lage, “YOLO muna tayo bata pa naman tayo eh.” Hanggnag magising nalang sila isang araw, " AY ANG TANDA KO NA PALA WALA PA AKO NA IIPON."

"Make a living but don't forget to make Life".

(Credits to the original owner of this post)

Tara! Usap Tayo. ❤️💝❤️


As you keep your mind and body healthy, you also have to ensure your financial health is in good shape so you can continue living to the fullest. ✨

Need to align your goals with your finances? Take this 2-minute assessment with LIV to guide you: http://bit.ly/KeepingYourHealthinCheck


Hey! Check out these healthy ingredients to shake up dinner time and take the step towards living a

Did you know you can also earn rewards while living healthy? 😳

Sign-up for a free online consultation here: http://bit.ly/HealthyIngredientsYouShouldHave


🪙 Never Invest Money You Can’t Afford To Lose

Don’t invest the money you need for living.

It is commonly suggested to put 10-20% away, and irrespective of the percentage I highly recommend you ‘PAY YOURSELF FIRST’ and allocate a portion for investing from every wage payment you receive.

By overcommitting money to investments, you create more stress on your daily life and this will lead to poor investing decisions and therefore results.

The key here, is to ensure you don’t tie up money in investments that you need to meet on your ongoing living expenses.

💡Invest Wisely

Get an education so YOU know what you are doing and what to do.

Do your research before investing, and choose established and stable companies to manage your funds.

You get all the information you can, invest in a course or two and start accumulating good quality investments.

Over time you will become proficient in investing and then you can decide to look at another asset class.

Then, and only then, if you want to outsource some of the tasks consider specialists in the specific strategy you are implementing.

It may be tempting to go with a company or individual who promises high returns, but always take a look at the track record of the company you will invest with, as well as the person who will invest the money for you.

📌 Set A Goal And Realistic Expectations

Decide how much money you want and by when, and calculate what it would take to get there.

Knowing these numbers will also help you to understand the type of assets you will need to invest in and the level of risk required to get the returns you need.

Since returns are a function of risk, the higher the return required, the higher the risk you will need to take.

Knowing this in advance can enable you to adjust your expectations so you don’t have to take on too much risk.

📈 Build Your Wealth Slowly But Surely

Don’t trust get-rich-quick schemes.

Investing for wealth is a long term game, it’s just reality, accept it and move on.

Investments take time to grow.

Big gains come from the power of compounding.

Be prepared to stay in the game for a long time.

You’ll learn a lot of things along the way that will make you a smarter investor.

You will make mistakes, but you will grow smart, you will also learn from those mistakes and do it better next time.

By being in for the long term, these mistakes will also be easier to manage and recover.

Now, investing for the long run doesn’t necessarily mean buy and hold a stock forever.

Sometimes you will need to sell stocks that aren’t performing, it’s just part of the game.

It just means that this is a long term game and you need to be prepared to play it for the long term.

It can be a long process, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

📊 Diversify Your Investments

Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

A diversified portfolio of investments is the preferred approach.

Diversified means a spread of stocks, property, fixed interest and even a business if you are interested.

Diversification is not about just spreading your money across a host of stocks and hoping over time they go up as a group.

Diversification is to have investments across different asset classes and time periods.

It’s one of the safest ways to safeguard your investments.

By spreading your investments across different asset classes you not only spread your risk, you minimize losing your assets and you also benefit when each asset class that is rising.

It’s best to spread out your money among different products to reduce risk.

🪜 Invest Regularly and Consistently

Put money into your investments on a regular basis.

It doesn’t have to be a large amount of money to make a difference.

It also doesn’t have to mean putting money into an investment.

Do something every day to become a better investor.

Do some research, read books, magazines, forums and you can also get some coaching to help guide you.

💔 Never Make Emotional Decisions

Your thoughts lead to your feelings, your feelings lead to your actions and your actions lead to your results.

Which means we need to be in control of our emotions when making investment decisions.

You will develop experience and skill as time progresses leading to better decisions on a consistent basis,

but when you start out you won’t necessarily have the experience to guide you.

Base your decisions on solid research.

Do your due diligence.

Having control of your emotions when making investment decisions will ensure better outcomes.

A good example of this problem is what people do when stock markets fall sharply.

Most people panic when their stocks are plummeting and they sell, normally right at the bottom.

If you take the emotion out and realise that you are in the stock market for the long term, that markets recover, you will save yourself that loss, and even be open to the opportunity of making some money when prices start to recover.

🕰 Invest Now

Money compounds over time, the sooner you start, the sooner you can get your money working for you and not the other way around.

Compounding has been described as the 8th wonder of the world, so let’s get it working for you.

The returns may be small to start out,

but you have to get these small returns to be able to achieve the large numbers in the future.

Remember the biggest trees all started from seeds.

Once you’ve taken care of your basic needs,

start investing as soon as you can afford to—a little can go a long way if you take a long-term approach.

Some said, the best time to invest is yesterday.

And yesterday is gone.

So invest now!

Start today, no procrastination allowed.


Our job as a Philam Life Financial Advisor is to provide expert advice when it comes to finances.
We teach personal money management, savings and investing strategies while your are by being protected at the same time.

Do something today, so your future self will live a worry-free life tomorrow.

Send me a message 📩 for a free virtual meeting.


Are you an EARLY BIRD 🕊 OR NIGHT OWL 🦉 ❓

Night Owls 👉🏼 https://www.insider.com/benefits-of-being-a-night-owl-2017-6
Early Birds 👉🏼 https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/feb/03/the-five-benefits-of-being-an-early-riser


To all my clients and customers.

Just a Simple note to say how grateful I am and how much I appreciated your continued support and faith on me during these difficult transitions.

I am grateful for the trust you’ve placed in me, and the opportunity to serve you.

Serving you is my biggest asset.

We hope you had a wonderful experience with our company.

Always stay healthy and keep safe!

Maraming salamat po sainyo. 😌🙏🏼✨

To serving people with a heart and helping people live healthier, longer and better lives! ❤️

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If you're interested to learn how I can help you and your family, sign-up here: http://bit.ly/RealityofHealthcareCost


If it’s worth 7% - 9% to live in a house now, isn’t it worth another % to be sure that your family will always live in it?
The only thing worse than a home without a parent is a parent without a home. 💔

✅ The future will take care of you if you take care of the present.

✅ No one ever plans to FAIL, but too many of us failed to plan.

✅ More good things are lost by indecision than by the wrong decision.

✅ Failing is not the problem; not planning is the problem.

Life insurance is prepaid tomorrow. 👍🏼💯✨

Set a financial planning coaching session with me and I will you some tips and strategies on how to budget, allocate, prioritize and organize cash flow. 🗓😊 👉🏼 Here's my calendar: https://calendly.com/gwavefinance


Simply send me a 📩 private message to KNOW MORE on what I do for a living now! 🤓

Do something today, so your future self will live a worry-free life tomorrow. ❤️

📸©️ Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash



1️⃣ Trading time for money 🕰 = 💵

— By far the worst of the three income earning strategies, it is employed by approximately 96% of our population—doctors, lawyers, accountants, laborers, etc. There is an inherent problem with this strategy—saturation. You run out of time. If a person accumulates any degree of wealth employing this strategy, it will be at the expense of a life. They compromise on the car they drive, the house they live in, the clothes they choose and the vacations they take. They rarely, if ever, get what they want.

2️⃣ Investing money to earn money 📈 = 💵

—This strategy is used by approximately 3% of the population. The number is small for the obvious reason—very few people have any money to invest. Many people who effectively employ this strategy follow the advice of a trusted, knowledgeable advisor.

3️⃣ Leveraging yourself to earn money 📚 = 💵

—This is where you multiply your time through the efforts of others by setting up Multiple Sources of Income (MSI). This is, without question, the very best way to increase your income. Make a decision to have many sources of income; it’s the strategy that wealthy people have used dating clear back to the ancient Babylonians. Unfortunately, this strategy is only used by approximately 1% of our population, yet that 1% earns approximately 96% of all the money that is earned! You are only a decision away from membership.

ℹ️ Resource: It’s Easy to Earn Money By Bob Proctor


“No matter what struggles we face and what adversities we will endure.

No matter what attacks, humiliation and violence are visited on us.

We must persist.

We must continue.

We must stay strong.

We must live our luminous nature.

And magnify our sovereign selves.

Even if it feels the whole world is against us.

This is truly what makes us human beings.

Even if it seems the light will never transcend the darkness, keep making your walk to freedom.

Model what’s highest for the rest of us.

Exemplify grace, for the majority of us.

Demonstrate actual love, for all of us.”

- The Spellbinder (5 AM Club)


Never give in, keep that fire burning! 🔥


3 words to describe for yourself. 😊✨

💖 Blessed
😌 Kind
🤓 Zealous

What’s yours?


As a young adult, getting life insurance may not be at the top of your priority list. 📝🤔❓

Learn why it may be a savvy financial move to invest in life insurance in your 20s or early 30s, even if you don't think you need it yet. 🤓👍🏼💯

After all, you’re more likely to be healthy, not married, and don’t have children yet who depends on you. 🧍🏻✨ 🧍🏻‍♀️✨

And with an entry-level job, you could be on a tight budget. 🤷🏻‍♀️💸 🤷🏻‍♂️💸

While you’re considering all the other financial priorities that you have as a young adult, you might also want to give some time and attention to taking care of potential future life insurance needs. 🧐☂️💖

Having an insurance policy while you are at a young age locks in lower costs and reduces the total amount you’ll spend on life insurance, which saves you a lot of money over the course of your lifetime. 😎👍🏼💯✨

When you apply for a life insurance, the cost of it remains the same for the duration of your policy, unless you change the amount of coverage. 😮✅

Life insurance premiums are generally considerably lower, the younger that you are at the time of application.💰📉

Premiums (the amount of money an individual or business pays for an insurance policy) will typically rise with age since the company has to adjust for the higher risk of death that increased age brings. 💵💰📈⚰️

However, your health will also play an important role in calculating premiums or becoming approved for a policy at any age. 🌡🩺♥️💉

One factor that’s more important than age in determining an applicant’s life insurance risk, is health. 🧘🏻✨🧘🏻‍♀️✨

Statistically speaking, a person who is in excellent health is considerably less likely to see an early death than one who is in poor health. ❤️📊🧮

Also, take note that life insurance premiums for smokers can be 10 times the premiums for non-smokers. 🚬😬🚭☠️

At least one part of the reason why you should get protected with life insurance when you are very young, is so that you can get it before any chronic health conditions develop. 😷🤧🤒🤮

Though you may be young, chronic conditions most likely high blood pressure and cholesterol often begin to show up after age 30. 🫀🫁🧠👀

If you can get your life insurance policy before any of these conditions develop, you’ll pay substantially less in premiums. 😌👌🏼💯✨

Some companies will give you discounts on your life insurance based on running, swimming, keeping a vegetarian diet, etc. 🥗🍑🍆🏃🏻🏃🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♀️🏄🏻‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻

The healthier you are, the more incentives and rewards you’ll have for being healthy. 🥰✨🤩👌🏼💯

So if you’re already keeping in shape, check this out: https://youtu.be/Zocb273qVJY 👈🏼

In conclusion. 🧑🏻‍🏫☑️

It will be less expensive to purchase life insurance now, while you are young and in excellent health, than in the future for it will be much more expensive when you have your own family and other obligations to take care for. 🤗❤️✨

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What I do for a living? 🧐

I'm a Financial Consultant in and as a result of what I do, I provide value to by providing L.I.F.E. solutions to S.A.D. problems:

❤️ L - ife time financial protection
❤️ I - ncome when disabled
❤️ F - inancial planning
❤️ E - mergency Fund


😔 S - ickness
😔 A - ccidents
😔 D - isability/ Death (untimely passing)

I give suitable financial solutions to meet your needs through , and plans that are appropriate and affordable for your better future. 😊

As a Financial Advisor, I fight against risk to save lives, protect dreams and secure your future with a healthier, longer and better life. 💖✨

✅ Set a schedule to get a financial planning coaching session with me and I will you some tips and strategies on how to budget, allocate, prioritize and organize cash flow. 🗓😊 👉🏼 Here's my calendar: https://calendly.com/gwavefinance


Simply send me a 📩 private message to GET A QUOTE now! 🤓👍🏼💯

❗️Do something today, so your future self will live a worry-free life tomorrow. ❤️




❤️ Take something off his or her to-do list 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼✏️🗒

Sure, it’s not super romantic, but nothing makes you fall more in love with your partner quite like taking a task off their never-ending to-do list. Whether it’s walking the dog, folding that heaping pile of laundry or handling any other daily household chores, every bit of extra help is always appreciated. 😌👌🏼

❤️ Video Games 👩‍❤️‍👨🎮🕹

Stuck at home? Tag with your loved one and go head-to-head in Call of Duty Mobile, Mobile Legends, Valorant, Resident Evil 8: Village, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, a new Nintendo Switch game that you can play together—or if you're all about nostalgia, challenge your Special One to a round of good ol' Mario Kart. Because teamwork makes the dream work. 💯✨

❤️ Netflix and…open a bottle of wine 🖥🍷🍾

Whoever said spending a lot of money was the only way to celebrate?
There’s nothing wrong with choosing to have a frugal date with your Valentine. Pop open a bottle of wine (or your preferred craft brew) and indulge in some of the RomComs Netflix has to offer snuggled up on your couch. 💖


Save at least 20 percent of your income, in reference to the 60/20/20 budget rule where 60 percent of your income is spent on needs, 20 percent on discretionary items, and 20 percent is to put away as savings/ investment. Instead of letting your savings sit idly, consider setting aside money in your investing activities. These are long-term investments such as life insurance, retirement fund, education fund, critical illness fund, health care and other long-term savings that can beat inflation to give yourself and your family the protection they need for the future. 😎👌🏼💯✨


One MYTH about Life Insurance 😱⁉️

“Your employer may provide you with life insurance equal to 1-2 times your annual salary and you may even be able to purchase up to 4-6 times your salary.

Even if your employer's policy is initially cheaper, the cost may go up each year and you may not be able to take it with you when you leave, You can purchase an individual policy that locks in your rate for a period of time or allows you to build cash value if you want to keep the policy your whole life.”

📜 Reference: https://www.forbes.com/sites/financialfinesse/2014/06/06/7-myths-about-life-insurance/?sh=74cc081a7585

Are you getting your financial goals back on track? 📈 Try the Liv Financial Needs Calculator to set your goals, and let us help you achieve them. 🤗✨

All you have to do is:

1️⃣ Go to Liv: http://bit.ly/LivCalculator
2️⃣ Take the short assessment

AND ❣️

You can just sign-up here👇🏼 for a Financial Planning session:

✒️ http://bit.ly/2021GoalSettingwithAIAPhilamLife.

✅ Here's my agent code: 007602586
✅ Agent name: Joseph Gelvin R. Agualada

📆 You can also check out availability on my calendar schedule: https://calendly.com/gwavefinance ☺️

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“Nobody can foresee the future eh... certainly not even in a situation where you'll end up needing a financial plan. Because you don't know without a doubt when you'll gonna need it, then why not plan early?” Those are the words of an accountant friend as we talked about financial planning. 👌🏼✨

Consider having a Financial Plan as an assurance for you, your friends and family’s future—similar as how a shield secures a fighter during the most life threatening situations. She wanted to be financially protected, so she can plan for whatever may occur on her future—be it sickness, hospitalization, retirement, or even untimely passing. The only difference is that a financial plan and protection does not only provide you during your lifetime, but even far beyond it. ❤️💯✨

In what ways would you be able to benefit from a having financial plan? 🧐


Just like her, are you responsible too for your future? 🤨 If YES, then follow these simple steps:

1️⃣ Go to the AIA Philam Life website: http://bit.ly/WinAniPadAir
2️⃣ Input mandatory information on the Liv Financial Needs Calculator
3️⃣ Sign-up by clicking “Contact an Advisor”.
❗️Don’t forget to put my name (Joseph Gelvin R. Agualada) and advisor code 007602586 under the Message section!

⚜️ You can also choose to set a financial planning session with me. 😊
👇🏼 Here's my calendar👇🏼

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Starting a new life with the love of your life is really an exciting stage for any couple. 👩‍❤️‍👨💞✨

At dahil malapit na ang ! Here are some tips as you start a new life with your forever partner! Siguraduhing ano ‘man ang mangyari.

I can help you and your partner reach your financial goals to the ones that matter most with . ❤️👌🏼💯✨

Simply sign-up for a free virtual appointment here: http://bit.ly/NewLifeWithYourForeverPartner.

⚜️ Here's my agent code: 007602586

🗓 Here's my calendar 👇🏼

Or simply send me a private message 📩 to get your session.

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As you keep your mind and body healthy, you also have to ensure your financial health is in good shape so you can contin...