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Whanganui Tramways


Just curious how far your group have come along with restoring the New Plymouth tram??
That tram, that paddle steamer 😍

Sundays alongside the awa are always 💯

Paddle Steamer Waimarie + Whanganui Tramways
The skies are blue, the sun is warm, and the tram is running!

Whanganui Tramways is running rides today from 11am - 1pm, and Sunday from 1pm - 3pm.
Sorry we had to cancel our Tram rides the last 3 Sundays because of our concreting the forecourt of the Tram shed. However, that is now completed and we will be back this Sunday the 11th July from 1 - 3.p pm for rides again.
Come and join us on 17 and/or 18 October, celebrate Whanganui's heritage with a ride on Whanganui's 108 year old tram and a bright red double decker bus. Saturday afternoon from about 3 PM - 5 PM and Sunday from 1PM - 3 PM. Tickets available at the Tram Shed - $5 per person.
Could somebody from On Wanganui Tramways tell me where the line went fom town to the cliff to verify the photos I have seen.Thanks
it has heeps off history espically regarding the river i went down the river from taumanui to wanganui back in 1968 and still put it in a class off its own the beauty off the scenary was stunning its a shame that it cant be done anymore but i loved it i now live alonside the murry river in australia and its not a patch on the wanganui rivers beauty
Flooding tomorrow, hope you can move that beautiful tram.
How's the barn holding up
Are you guys open ??

Step back in time with a trip on Whanganui’s fully restored tram. Her name is Mable and she is now running short trips along the downtown Whanganui Riverbank on Sunday afternoons, thanks to a wonderful group of local volunteers.

The Tramways Wanganui Trust is a non-profit organisation tasked with restoring the “No 12” Tram and running the Tram for the public of Wanganui and Tourists. The initial tram line currently runs alongside the Whanganui River between the Tram Shed and the P. S. Waimarie. It is a truly amazing journey, and we want to share the experience with the Wanganui community. You are very welcome to visit us

Temporarily closed


I am so excited. I am Mable the Tram in lovely Whanganui and guess what?
The lovely volunteers who look after me have popped in to make sure I have an early night, because tomorrow they are going to bring me out of my shed to run school holiday trips from 1-3pm.
I had forgotten it was school holidays, so that explains why I saw so many children peeping through the windows today!
Come and see me tomorrow, I would love to show you where I live and take you for a ride along the lovely Whanganui riverbank.
If you are under five then there is no charge, or just $2 if you are older than that.
See you tomorrow Wednesday 20 th.In the meantime I am going to bed to get my beauty sleep.
Which must work as lots of people say how gorgeous I am!

Whanganui Tramways updated their business hours. 13/04/2022

Whanganui Tramways updated their business hours.

Whanganui Tramways updated their business hours.


Plans to visit lovely Whanganui this Easter Weekend ?
Then you are in for a treat.
Lovely Mable our fully restored tram will be joined by Neville’s double decker bus on Sunday and Monday from 1 pm until 3 pm.
Two delightful heritage treats to experience.
The cost is $5 for adults and over 5’s or a family pass is $15 for two adults and up to 3 children .
We ask that you still wear a mask given we still have the risk of COVID hanging about .
Buy tickets at the I Site or on the day.


Morning everyone, I am Mable the Tram and I am looking forward to getting out and about this afternoon at 1 pm for a couple of hours.
Even though the sound of all that rain on my tin roofed shed kept me awake!
But the happy smiles of children will perk me up, so bring your family down for a ride along the riverbank.

Photos from Whanganui Tramways's post 18/01/2022

It’s our holiday weekend coming up and while our annual Whanganui Vintage Weekend has had to be cancelled, there is still lots of vintage associated activities happening.
Our genuinely vintage and gorgeous ‘Mable’ will be hitting the tracks in style and she will be joined on the road by our local vintage double decker bus.
So it’s a double journey back in time this weekend. Plus if you look to the skies you may also see the DC3 owned by Air Chathams flying above.
Saturday we will be running from 2.30 -4.30 pm as soon as our popular market has packed down.
Sunday from 1-3pm
And again on Monday from 1-3pm
( just the tram on this day )
Vaccine passes for the bus but not the tram, but masks must ve worn by those over 13.
Tram/bus package $5pp for over 5’s
Or $15 for a family with up to 3 children
Tram only $2pp Under5’s no charge.
So this weekend will be perfect for adding family outing photos to your collection.


The gorgeous Mable is usually out and about every Sunday afternoon between 1 and 3 pm.
But during January, she is especially thrilled to be able to travel along her riverbank tracks on Wednesdays and Fridays from 11 am until 1.30 pm, so that families can add a tram ride to their holiday memories.
Just $2 per person and under fives are free.
So we can all keep safe, please wear a mask, turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and scan our QR Code.

Photos from Whanganui Tramways's post 23/10/2021

Hi there people. It's Mable the Tram here, and I am excited to be out and about again on the downtown Whanganui riverbank at Labour Weekend. And even more excited that my friend the double decker bus will also be here with me.
With our lovely team of volunteers to organise us we will be out on both the road and the tracks.
Well I will be on the tracks and the bus will be on the road of course.
Combined Tram & Double Decker Bus Rides will be available from 1 pm -3 pm on both Sunday 24th & Monday 25th October
We have Cash & Eftpos available.
Tram only 5 yrs and over $2.00 pp
Tram/Bus 5 yrs and over combined fare $5.00 pp
Family Combined Fare ( 2 adults & up to 3 children) $15.00
Under 5's no charge.
We all look forward to seeing your happy faces.


Morning everyone. It’s Mable here and I am so excited. I am finally allowed to come out for awhile tomorrow afternoon.
I have been stuck inside for so long. Just talking to myself and giving passers by a 😉 through the window.
My lovely friends are going to take me along the riverbank and you ca come for a ride.
But please remember how old I am!
At 109 years old, I would really appreciate it if you would wear a mask, but not just for me, but also for my team of helpers and your fellow passengers.
1- 3 pm tomorrow, I so look forward to seeing you. Especially the children.


Morning everyone, it’s Mable here again on this last winter Monday for 2021.
Oh I wish I could be out again like this!
Picking up the children on their way to school, with my cheery driver chatting to the parents, as they see them safely on their way.
I certainly made sure I took good care of them .
Hope you are still all looking after each other.
I am quietly waiting in my shed until we are allowed out again.
Looking forward to seeing you all again when we can.

Photos from Whanganui Tramways's post 23/08/2021

Morning everyone from my red shed by the Whanganui river. Even though my home is lovely, here’s a photo of how it’s full of light when the sun is shining like yesterday, I do wish someone would pop by to see me, even if they do just take a photo of themselves pretending to drive me.
Because I heard that the PM said if you are by yourself, you can choose someone else to check in on you.
Love from Mable.


While Mable loves being out in the sunshine and catching up with all the lovely people who care for her, she also knows how important it is that she isn’t out and about during the COVID lockdown.
Especially because of her age.
So she is doing the right thing and is cosily tucked into her shed on the riverbank to wait it out.
She will be back out and about when she knows it’s safe to do do.
Sleep 💤 tight Mable.

Photos from Discover Whanganui's post 16/07/2021

Photos from Discover Whanganui's post

Whanganui tram trust takes second look at track extension - NZ Herald 14/07/2021

Whanganui tram trust takes second look at track extension - NZ Herald

Whanganui tram trust takes second look at track extension - NZ Herald

Photos from Whanganui Tramways's post 11/07/2021

On Sunday 11th July, our riverside heritage tramway was operating again with tramcar No' 12 being able to use the new concrete yard. Our line had been closed for three weeks as work had been underway to prepare the site and lay the concrete. The new surface looks very smart!

At the Waimarie Centre end of our line, the old petrol bowser station has been demolished and the site is to be sown into grass until plans are put forward as to what to do with the section. One day in the future our line will be extended from here, most likely linking into Whanganui's Old Town Zone.

Photos from Whanganui Tramways's post 05/07/2021

On Wednesday 23rd June, preparations were underway that saw the removal of the old asphalt and loose chip surface from our tramshed yard. A week later, the concrete trucks were arriving and the contractors were undertaking the finishing touches. The new work complements the riverside precinct and will provide a smarter surface from which our passengers can board the tramcar from. This part of downtown Whanganui has been enhanced recently with new toilets, a timber feature wall next to the tramshed and planter boxes to help define the rail corridor.


This is your chance to learn how to drive a tram. But this is not just any tram.
This is Mable the beautifully restored original Whanganui tram. We are looking to add to our pool of volunteer drivers.
If you are interested then message us, tell us a little about yourself and provide your contact details.
We can arrange a 30 minute session for you during July.
Be warned. Driving a tram is addictive.


Thanks to our Queen to whom we owe the pleasure of a day of leisure!
And what better way to celebrate this than this ‘double the memories’ experience.
Ride our very own tram and a double decker bus on Monday, now that’s a family outing to go down in your book of memories.


So nice of people to think of us... we really appreciate this addition to our collection . To be used on special occasions!

Whanganui Tram Trust receives delightful and useful donation

A set of shiny metal ticket clippers was enclosed with a letter from David Page of Hamilton to the Whanganui Tram Trust recently. The clippers had been used on Whanganui trams by David’s grandfather shortly after World War I.
David wrote: “My grandfather, William Herbert Coleman, was a conductor on the Whanganui trams. I am not sure of the actual dates, but I imagine he was working perhaps just after the First World War. He died aged 78 in 1948.”
He said Mr Colman was nicknamed “Hold Tight” because, according to Mr Colman’s daughter, David’s mother, that is what he said as the trams moved off.
Chair of the operations committee, Bruce Kelly, said Mr Page’s gift was much appreciated and would be displayed in the Tram Shed on Taupo Quay. “They’re very special so we will only use them on rare occasions,” he said, adding that unlike the modern ticket clippers, Mr Colman’s clippers punch a cross in the ticket not a circle.
The tram runs on Sundays from 1 – 3pm or by arrangement.

The clippers


Ok so there will be no sheep, and the cars around will be more modern, but one thing hasn’t changed.
Our tram looks just as great as she used to. But she has an easier life now on the downtown riverbank.
She deserves it, don’t you think ?
After such a long time providing transport for earlier generations of Whanganui residents .
You can take a ride this afternoon from 1 pm until 3 pm.
And our volunteer group will be happy to share the stories of her previous life.


This weekend you can try riding on our lovely tram along the riverfront .
Mable is her name and she is just gorgeous.
Close your eyes and you could be back in the days when this tram carried passengers through our town. Walkers scuttled out of the way and bikers had to swerve when Mable came through.
I-3pm Sunday and Monday this weekend. Our lovely volunteers will be there to help you on if you need it and to take you on a journey of nostalgia .
We would love to see your photos .


Double up on the fun with a ride on both an original Tram and Double Decker bus. This is a perfect outing on Sunday and Monday.
And a chance to add another photo to your collection of family memories. Maybe even dress up to match the era.


Look what’s happening this weekend. Not just one, but two rides back in time. Tickets are available from The TramShed or from the I Site.
How lucky are we in Whanganui to have such generous people volunteering their time so our families can go on a little time travelling ! Thanks team.


Another reminder, if we don’t already realise how lucky we are here to still be able to take a ride on our lovely tram.

Here we go again! In line with the current Government regulations regarding COVID-19, Bendigo Tramways will be CLOSED until further notice.


Love this interior photo of our beautiful tram by Duncan Rogers.
If you have a photo of the inside of our tram filled with people we would love to see this as well.


A warm welcome to our visitors to town for Waitangi Weekend and especially those out there participation in the NZ Masters Games Are you a fan of vintage travel ? Then today and tomorrow take some time to take a ride of our restored Whanganui tram.

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29 Moutoa Quay

General information

Number 12 Wanganui tram was built by the Boon Tramcar company in Christchurch, New Zealand in about 1911. It was on of six shipped from Christchurch to Wanganui and was brought into service on the 26th September 1912. According to anecdotal evidence No 12 operated mainly between Victoria Avenue and the coastal suburb of Castlecliff.

The Wanganui Corporation Tramway system was closed on the 24th September 1950 and the tram stock disposed of. Collector Jack Ryder saw it in 1960, bought it and transported it to a shed in Avondale, Auckland. Aucklander David Harre saw it there some 20 years ago. Later he brought it off an aging Mr Ryder as he planned to restore it.

An Incorporated Society to restore the tram was established and the restoration is almost complete, thanks to the dedication of David Harre, hundreds of volunteers and grants from Lotto Environment and Heritage, Pub Charity, and the Pacific Conservation Trust.

Tramways Wanganui Trust Details:

Chairperson: Kritzo Venter

Email: [email protected]

Postal Address:
Tramways Wanganui Trust Inc
PO Box 4296
Wanganui 4541
New Zealand

Opening Hours

1pm - 3pm
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