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One hundred year old secondhand business, dealers in a huge range of collectibles, antiques, furniture, musical instruments,tools, appliances, etc......

Operating as usual

Photos from City furniture exchange's post 04/09/2021

Apologies for not updating this page in a while, but we have been extremely busy finding interesting stock for you to buy. We have just installed this new bespoke cabinet during level 3 lockdown, so it will be ready and full of tools and hardware for when we open under level 2 restrictions.

Photos from City furniture exchange's post 01/11/2019

Hi. I thought it was about time we posted something on Facebook. But instead of posting pictures of the latest estates that we have picked up this week, I would post a picture of some old planes. If you have been into the shop you would have noticed I have a workshop behind the counter. This is where I restore antique furniture by using hand tools.

The planes pictured on the work bench are all made by Stanley and they range in age between about 1900 to the 1930’s. All of them apart for the plane on the far left I use for restoring and dressing timber.

The first five planes from the left are smoothers,the next three are jack planes,and the last three are joiners. Stanley numbered all of their planes and these range from number 1 through to number 8.

My favourite plane is the seventh plane from the left, which is a no5 1/4. This was made for students and sold to schools, as it was a lighter plane and therefore easier to handle.

I might post some other types of tools that I use in the shop at a later date.

Cheers Andrew

Photos from City furniture exchange's post 27/08/2019

If you are looking for a bit of difference, we may have what you are looking for. Tools, retro, furniture, China, glassware, lighting and much much more. Come in and have a hunt. We’d love to see you

Photos from City furniture exchange's post 10/07/2019

Winters in full swing but we have had some nice warm days and keeping the fire going on the cold ones. The shop front has had a nice fresh paint job and we have lots of nice treasures inside that would love a new home. A small selection of pics including an ongoing repair. Come and have a look what we have that you can’t do without !!!


We Have just brought over eight hundred records. These date from the 70's to the 90's. I will be putting out twenty new records every day Until they are all out. These will be sold through the shop and not on line or on Facebook.Thanks.

Photos from City furniture exchange's post 26/07/2018

Another crazy day of winter sunshine and sprinkle of showers. You never know what the day will too with city furniture. A trove of treasure from iron to glass, ceramics to wood. Lots of tools and household needs, collectors items, records etc. The fires going so come in and step down memory lane. like and follow us. See you soon.

Photos from City furniture exchange's post 20/02/2018

Its been a while since we have posted some of our fantastic treasure so take a peak and come and spend some time in our shop. All sorts of hidden goodies from records to table saws, crystal to tin trunks.. Something for everyone. See you soon.

Photos from City furniture exchange's post 29/03/2017

Come in and see some of our latest unusual and interesting items espeshly for you... A medieval style adzed table and ten chairs including two carvers, great for family feasts. A solid industrial desk, display cabinets, lots and lots of goodies you can't do without. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Timeline photos 21/12/2016

Merry Christmas to everyone and have a fantastic 2017.

Photos from City furniture exchange's post 26/10/2016

Here's some new china that's come in this week. Don't forget we are always looking to buy good quality tools, garden tools, kitchenalia and furniture.

Photos from City furniture exchange's post 22/09/2016

look what's new this week. We have original vintage framed movie posters from the 40's. Retro working clocks, mirrors and some deer antlers. New stock every day that's to numerous to mention. Come and visit us.

Photos from City furniture exchange's post 18/08/2016

Wow a year has gone and big changes have been made. Check out the before and after photos behind the counter. Alot has been happening out in the store rooms behind the scenes and when you come to our store, you will notice more changes happening over the months. We look forward to seeing you.

Photos from City furniture exchange's post 20/06/2016

This week we have a large amount of military models and our usual range of collectabless and homeware.

Untitled album 15/02/2016

Items for sale this week Febuary

Photos from City furniture exchange's post 01/12/2015

Here we are ... Six months on and with Xmas on the horizon, we have lots of great stuff for you all. Here are some pics of what we have recently got in the shop. Tools through to collectors treasure plus everyday needs. Look forward to seeing you soon


Today is a monumentous day at City furniture exchange, today John and Sue handed over the reins to Andrew Gannon. That's right , the business has been sold, after being in the Keating family hands for the past 68 years. It was an off the cuff remark in conversation with another couple, which led to this decision, and with much thought and deliberation, and not a few sleepless nights, John and Sue are stepping aside to pursue new adventures. Andrew and Tara will continue to provide the same good service and quality eclectic stock ,whilst bringing new energy and passion to this iconic secondhand store. Please call in and say hello,have a browse around and check out the bargains .Johnny and Sue would also like to thank all of our great friends ,customers, sellers, ear benders, arm twisters the living and dear departed ,who have granted us an opportunity to make a living. It has been a wonderful journey and we wish Andrew ,Tara and family all the very best. .love and good blessings to you all

Timeline photos 19/03/2015

Hey, for all you bikers out there. What about this retro 'Healing' Ten Speed. In great condition for its age, come an take her for a spin


Our hours, for anybody wanting to call in an have a lookies are, Monday - Friday 9am till 5pm, and Saturday's 9 -12.30.

Timeline photos 06/03/2015

Come and get your very own bar leaner & tractor seat bar stool handcrafted by John Keating as seen at the Riverside Bar.

Timeline photos 06/03/2015

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 04/03/2015

Classic 1970's Kiwi packaging....


just in new tool handles, axe, shovel, spade, pick etc..also more estate furniture, nice oak tallboy, oak dining table, bar leaners, standard lamps ,oil paintings, vintage 1960`s playboy magazines[under counter,phwoarrr]. McAlpine Jug, 1928 General Electric fridge, tileback washstand. Come on down and check us out

Photos from City furniture exchange's post 29/09/2014

GE fridge from 1928 .tile back washstand.oak tall boy


As we approach this coming election I would like to draw attention to readers and Politicians some of the trials and realities facing small business. Our secondhand store has operated in Whanganui for one hundred years this year, and in our family since 1947. And despite our rockstar economy 2014 is shaping up as one of the tough ones. In a city with a high proportion of beneficiaries, recent Govt. policy changes to WINZ grants have negatively affected not only ourselves but hundreds of small businesses through out the land.
As of late last year grant applicants seeking whiteware are forced to purchase new Chinese made Hiar fridges and washing machines direct through Hiar subsidiary Fisher and Paykell. No more reduce, reuse, recycle ,send our funds offshore and keep China in full employment. Sadly it means I can no longer make wages for one of my employees ,so WINZ pick up another "client" . The higher cost of the whiteware also means there is insufficient funds left for other essentials, tables, chairs,kids beds,draws, with clients pushed towards the whiteware. Of course these grants are repaid by the client just that the WINZ staff choose what they can get.
The reasoning behind this policy change was the high turnover of supposedly unreliable appliances, with clients. The reality most often is there a financial crisis and the person sells the most valuable thing in the house ,the fridge or washer. You can check this out for yourselves by visiting used appliance, pawnbrokers stores and count the late model Hiar appliances. We have been offered them still in their box.
We have always given warranttee`s with our whiteware and continue to do so ,we just ask for a level playing field. The challenges in small business are big enough already with out our own Government giving foreign corporations preference over taxpaying Kiwi employers .I This is with out even thinking about the good ,good reasons for recycling and reusing . I have heard that a significant number of shops have closed down across the country over the last few months and whilst Ms. Bennetts policy may not be the only reason, I am sure it plays a big part. Get used to more empty retail spaces.
John Keating Prop. City Furniture Exchange 83 Tawa St Whanganui 063446969

Photos from City furniture exchange's post 08/05/2014

Hey you..totally overun with fine estate furniture. silver. Crystal. Lace. Retro junk .pots. Dolls .hardware. Guitars .my o my were are we gonna put all you're self and us a favor and come and have a look

Untitled album 21/02/2014

Untitled album


As we enter our centenary year, it`s time for us to celebrate and acknowledge those who have toiled before us, from the original founder Tom Windle in 1914 at 233 Victoria Ave, to my late parents Tom and Betty Keating 1947 to 1989 .It`s been a long and interesting road to the present day, thru good times and hard times, we are still here and writing about it on a machine never even considered possible back then. I hope to use this page to keep you up to date on all things secondhand and ensure our survival for the next century .Good luck to us all ,John





83 Tawa St

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