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Manufacture reproduction parts for Kawasaki KT250 1975-76 motorcycles, ship worldwide. Includes fend

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post 02/11/2022

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post


A new KT250 A2 Poster available in Australia & NZ - $26.95AUD plus $15.95 tracked shipping to Australia

Timeline photos 05/04/2022

Great effort

๐Ÿ’ญ The return of hope? Bronson Bauman Racing came to Volusia swinging and brought the Harley-Davidson back to the box. Read more about the journey ๐Ÿ‘‡

fred&debktparts 24/12/2021


Buy quality re-production KT Parts from Jim Lee. Jim carries the range of Robs KT Parts for USA, Canada, UK, Europe & Africa KT250 owners.

If you are in NZ or Australia contact Robert Cochrane direct

fred&debktparts All prices are shown in Australian DOLLARS & postage is NOT included.I can take payment in any currency,by either Paypal(you can use your credit card to make a Paypal payment)or check,so long as the amount = the $Australian price. Ask me for the price in your currency,or use one of the online curren...

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post 24/12/2021

In stock for delivery, new Re-Production fibreglass sidecovers with alloy plugs. Contact Jim Lee for Northern Hemisphere plus Africa orders, or Robert Cochrane for Australia & New Zealand


Merry Xmas to all KT250 Owners around the world. Just received a batch of 40 Fuel/Petrol Cap rubbers. Available in the Northern Hemisphere & Africa from Jim Lee. In NZ & Australia from Robert Cochrane.

Have a great Xmas

Photos from Dold Industries Ltd's post 17/08/2021

Photos from Dold Industries Ltd's post

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post 27/05/2021

New Zealand KT250 rider Daniel John Cochrane 4-02-1982 - 19-09-2014 R.I.P son - thanks for the inspiration to buy the KT Parts business from Fred, and develop more re-production spare parts


Love riding KT250 in streams & rivers

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post 17/09/2020

RE-PRODUCTION Chrome KT250 Trail bars. Copied from a genuine set from USA, a key part of the Trail Kit. These bars are a lot higher than normal and would be great for us older trials riders (ride more upright with body weight off the front end), plus great for trail riding and Vinduro where you are standing on the pegs a lot. $98USD each plus $48USD tracked courier to North America and UK/Europe. Quality chrome & contruction

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post 30/08/2020

A busy couple of hours at the dinning table packing KT250 parts for customers, a couple of old ones cleared up, plus 4 new customers who purchased from 27th to 30th Aug, all sent out today by NZ International Post to Canada, Alaska (first customer in that State), USA and Australia. Plus a package for NZ, plus a mix of Triumph, Harley, Norton & J*P posters for NZ customers. I can only pack in 1 hour stints but pleased to be nearly up to date. My goal is always to despatch quickly, and then its up to the postal systems

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post 13/05/2020

A couple of KTs in Wanganui at the NZ Masters Games, in 2019, An awesome event organised by Glen, Ben, Ivan, Craig - the restored KT was done by Mark Stoneman. His dad Ron was the new Merchandise Manager at Dalgettys, based in Wanganui, who was offered the cancelled Export Order of KTs from Canada. With some locally made carriers and fittings they were marketed through their stock & station outlets as fam bikes.


Great news for motorcycling in New Zealand

Media Release - Pero Confirms all go for Southern Classic & Motofest

Mike Pero has confirmed his companyโ€™s ongoing commitment to motorcycle racing in New Zealand with the announcement today that both the Southern Classic and Motofest will proceed under the Mike Pero brand and with its financial support.

Read More:

Mobile uploads 24/04/2020

Mobile uploads

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post 29/03/2020

Found these pics from an early trial (for me) in 2010 at Kaitoke north of Upper Hutt - run by Tim Tibbes. Note I am so new to the sport I am wearing my scooter helmet, Lol. The bike was very rough and only just ran when I got it, but with the help of Fred Carter I got the bike sorted and rode it for 8 years. And the last pic is of me on Fred Carters bike, going for a test ride to help me see how great they are when fully sorted.


Anyone looking to have a good read, here is the NZ Kiwi Rider magazine online, its FREE, and lots of back issues - enjoy

In need of some motorcycle content to keep you entertained? Our entire digital archive of magazines is free to read - head to the link and you can scroll through them all.

Please share with your riding buddies, on your wall, in your groups - a little bit of distraction for you really helps us.

Happy reading!

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post 14/03/2020

Now available - Reproduction Clutch Cable Clamp (Part No 92037-164) listed on Page 52 of the parts books. Fits on the front of the lower triple clamp left side (with screw and washer) and item often missing on machines after 40 plus years - So add that finishing touch to your restoration - l have a small batch only, $9.50 USD plus post

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post 22/01/2020

A couple of special KT250 greeting cards now available of the 1976 KT250 A2 machine, plus the fuel tank. The interior of the cards is blank so you can use them for a range of special occasions, birthdays, xmas, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Just $3.95 USD each plus postage. PM me for further info.

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post 24/12/2019

Merry Xmas to all the KT family out there. Heres a few pics of a KT I recently picked up in NZ as my new twinshock trials mount, and I hope to do some trail rides as well. Not keen on the seats lack of padding. It will get a full repaint over time but for now it will be a rider, not a restored show bike. Its for grin factor super fun


New Brake Return & Chain Tensioner Springs have been ordered from my NZ supplier, a batch of 100 each and they will be ready at the beginning of Feb 2020. Price each is the same as last few years at $7.50 USD each, or $10.95 AUD or 5.70 pound sterling.

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post 02/12/2019

DC Alloy Sprockets was the brand name I gave my sprocket range as a tribute to my late son Daniel Cochrane who was a great KT250 enthusiast, and classic scramble rider in NZ. Sadly he was killed 5 years ago in a freak motorcycle accident in Queensland. We had a lot of fun on the KT250, plus riding Suzuki & BSA, road bikes, plus he raced a 1971 BSA B25MX for a few years, even sharing it with Jeff Smith 500cc World MX Champion and SSDT winner. Dan was my inspiration for buying the Fred Carter KT business, I knew I could help people


A new batch of galv spring wire BRAKE SPRINGS are currently being quoted & ordered. If you need springs I also have sidestand springs & footpeg spring sets in galv wire also. Stock of chain tensioner springs very, very low. PM me if you need new springs (pics show new spring sample, plus an old one)


New KT250 in NZ sells for $5252 NZ dollars after spirited bidding by 3, one pulling out at around $4,800


A set of new replica fibreglass sidecovers produced in NZ with alloy mounting plugs (developed by Fred Carter). I dont normally get them painted but a customer wanted it done. Painting the covers and fitting decals, plus clear coat was just over $300 NZD, plus the covers and decals


I have a couple of new KT fork springs for sale (the short ones as pictured) that are the last of the Fred Carter upgrade springs - have an extra winding on them I believe. Open to offers as I just want to clear them. Open to offers as long forgotten what the full set was worth

Kawasaki Kt250 1976 24/11/2019

Kawasaki Kt250 1976

A new Kawasaki KT250A2 has been discovered in New Zealand, has 1 mile on speedo and is up for auction on our Trade Me site - NZs version of ebay

Kawasaki Kt250 1976 Selling as is, restoration or display project, found in a hoarders garage, where he had kept it under rubbish since 1976, he bought for car less days, but only...

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post 14/10/2019

Service Bulletin Kawasaki KT250
Gear Ratios
The 1975 KT250A and 1976 KT250A2 were originally supplied with 15T countershaft sprocket (front) with a 52T rear sprocket, the later dished in shape. A 14T sprocket was offered as a factory option. At a later time Kawasaki issued a 13T and 17T optional sprockets for the KT250.
15T front was for general road use/plus off-road, the 14T for trail riding and farm use, a lot of KT were sold and used as farm bikes in New Zealand. Others were used for commuting, town riding, bush bashing, trail rides, deer & pig hunting, competitive trials and even beach racing in the trail bike class. A very torquey and versatile machine and very popular in NZ.
13T front were for trials use and hunting in the bush, while 17T was for the serious road rider. The original KT sprockets were size 428 chain, and upgrades to 520 size have been available for many years due to the greater availability of 520 rear sprocket size options.
DC Alloy Sprockets is a new approach to keep the global KT250 fleet running with a range of 428 and 520 sizes available, and a spacer to solve the dished sprocket problem.
KT 428 alloy front sprockets in sizes 12T, 13T, 14T, 15T, 17T available โ€“ 52T Rear
KT 520 alloy front sprockets in sizes 10T, 11T, 12T, 13T, 14T available โ€“ 44 T rear
Ratios 428 Ratios 520
12T - 52T = 4.33 10T - 44T = 4.4
13T - 52T = 4.00 11T - 44T = 4.0
14T - 52T = 3.71 12T - 44T = 3.66
15T - 52T = 3.46 13T โ€“ 44T = 3.38
17T โ€“ 52T = 3.05 14T โ€“ 44T = 3.14
Please note โ€“ These ratio lists show the comparative ratio to help you select your sprocket choice. 12T has been added as a Trials ratio that some riders prefer โ€“ and equivalent 520 combinations are shown to help you choose. (some owners have purchased a selection of front sprockets so they can enjoy their KT250 for different ride events, styles. Other sizes if required to special order.
DC alloy Sprockets & Robโ€™s KT Spares are not responsible for any performance upgrades or tuning problems you encounter with your KT. The sprockets are designed for use with standard engines, not road racing, beach racing, land speed work, hill climbs or sprinting pursuits. Nor are we liable for any claim for accident or injury caused while working on, riding, competing, racing your KT250 machine.

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post 14/10/2019

Kawasaki KT250 alloy sprockets - an engineered design solution with a spacer for your rear sprocket, plus a range of high tensile alloy front sprockets by DC Sprockets of NZ - pictured are the 12T, 13T, 14T, 15T & 17T front sprockets, the rear spacer, plus the 52T (standard factory item). All items are available to purchase separately. Can combine postage with other items [email protected]

Rob's KT Parts updated their business hours. 14/10/2019

Rob's KT Parts updated their business hours.

Rob's KT Parts updated their business hours.

Rob's KT Parts updated their address. 14/10/2019

Rob's KT Parts updated their address.

Rob's KT Parts updated their address.

Rob's KT Parts updated their phone number. 14/10/2019

Rob's KT Parts updated their phone number.

Rob's KT Parts updated their phone number.


KT 250A2 1976 Restoration - paintwork and decals. I've noticed a tendancy for signwriters and painters to make the KT sidecover and tank 'duo green' stripes line up to make a strait line. This photo shows the correct setting of the decals, matched from NOS parts from Fred Carter by the very fastidious owner Mark from Wanganui

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post 14/10/2019

New Airbox rubber - to carburetor. The old rubbers go hard and some can be brittle or corrode. Air leaks do effect the smooth running of your KT. Seven or more years ago Fred Carter saw the need to produce new carburetor to airbox rubbers and invested over $2.500 USD in getting the injection mould tooling made so a NZ specialist company could make small production runs for him, to get all the KTs running sweet again. Rubber prices have skyrocketed in the past 2 years but I have been able to keep the latest batch down to $45 USD plus $12.55 airmail postage. I can combine postage if you require other items, [email protected]

Photos from Rob's KT Parts's post 14/10/2019

Kawasaki Carburation - One of the best ways to solve 'running' problems with your KT is to eliminate any potential air leaks and have the best air filtration for your machine.

Unifilter KT250 Filters made in Australia are made using the best air filter foam available in the world. I get the filters made to special order so I can keep the KT fleet running well. They are listed on Fred & Debs KT page, and I sell them on ebay,com and They are listed at $26.75 USD plus airmail postage of $12.55. If you come direct to [email protected] they are $24.00 USD (I will send you a paypal invoice in currency of your choice) plus postage - no listing/success fees to pay so I can pass the saving onto you. I can also combine postage to help keep costs down


In New Zealand KT250 were sold in large numbers and were very reasonably priced back in the late 70s. They were sold as farm bikes, trail bikes, trials bikes, commuter bikes and some were even used in Beach Racing in the trail bike class. This was taken in Whakatane at the local beach races I believe - 'Just too much power by the look of it' - more details to follow later


The hypnotic sound of a sweet KT250, a 1975 A model - lovely looking machine

Photos from Cycleworks - DAMON Gruenwald's post 13/10/2019

Another stunning example of a KT250 A2 restored by customer and friend Damon, a NZ exhaust specialist Cycleworks

Timeline photos 13/10/2019

Another stunning KT250A2 restoration by customer Damon in New Zealand

KT250 A2 - Mark Restoration 13/10/2019

A stunning restoration in New Zealand by Mark

It's now easier to email Rob's KT Parts 13/10/2019

It's now easier to email Rob's KT Parts

It's now easier to email Rob's KT Parts





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