Bushy Park Tarapuruhi

Bushy Park Tarapuruhi


Furry friends just did some big conservation work for Bushy Park Tarapuruhi in Whanganui! According to Forest & Bird's Mandy Brooke, human volunteers found and caught nearby rats. But just to be safe, in came the canine conservationists!

DOC ranger Miriam Ritchie and her rodent-sniffing dogs Will & Ahu flew in from Auckland. They snouted everywhere, hunting for rats. Two days later, they gave the all clear... all was rat free! Will you join us in thanking Miriam, Will, and Ahu for their AWESOME work? 🖐🐾
Bushy Park Tarapuruhi will immerse you in a time gone by, a time of beauty and grandeur. From the extraordinary homestead, to the breath-taking wildlife preserve, this is the perfect place to escape and dream.

Whanganui is full of treasures to be discovered, come and find them here, we welcome you ❤️
Bushy Park Tarapuruhi will immerse you in a time gone by, a time of beauty and grandeur. From the extraordinary homestead, to the breath-taking wildlife preserve, this is the perfect place to escape and dream.

Whanganui is full of treasures to be discovered, come and find them here, we welcome you ❤️
A Stitchbird or Hihi. Endemic to the North Island and photographed at the weekend in Bushy Park Forest Sanctuary near Whanganui.
Bushy Park Tarapuruhi
IT' FINISHED: I have not got a name for this one yet, inspired by the amazing hanging vines Bushy Park Tarapuruhi.
Am pleased with it, still to paint the edges and varnish, will do several of them at the same time . This has taken a while but i am pleased. Still got to take a better photograph so I can take a print. This was taken with my phone and it does not always get the colours right,
size: 60 x 90 cm
acrylic on canvas
Today with the weather so horrible, I spent the day in the studio, retouching a painting that has been living behind the couch, I got carried away a couple of years ago with a lovely new colour and paint and stuffed it up, it did not look too bad and did hang on the wall for a while, but it started to annoy me so it went behind the couch. NO MORE i Hope , quite like what I have done with it . will show you next time I post so watch this space.
Celebrating another regional gem in our iconic sites programme, Bushy Park Tarapuruhi in Whanganui. This beautiful forest is cared for by the Bushy Park Trust, Forest and Bird, and local iwi Ngā Rauru Kiitahi. It is protected by a predator-proof fence. The forest is free of nasties such as rats, possums and stoats, which allows native wildlife to thrive.

Horizons helps protect this taonga by providing funding each year towards keeping the pests animals out and controlling weeds that threaten the forest integrity. A great place to visit to get close and personal with some of NZ's rarest wildlife such as the tieke (saddleback) and hihi (stitchbird) #ConservationWeek
📸Photo Credit - Cleland Wallace
A fantastic look at what goes into translocating toutouwai (NZ Robin) from Bushy Park Tarapuruhi to their new home at Turitea Reserve in Palmy.

The Forest Sanctuary at Bushy Park is a Forest & Bird project with 89 ha of predator proof fenced native forest, where saddleback (tīeke), kererū, hihi and other native birds can thrive. It's definitely worth a visit (and stay) on your next trip past Whanganui.
Follow the path to an enchanting world of escape... Bushy Park Tarapuruhi dissolves the stress of the working week and takes you to a beautiful past full of cozy, comfy luxury.

Thanks again to Images by Fiona Lysaught for the incredible photography ❤

Bushy Park Tarapuruhi's beauty makes fantasies come to life. Visit for the romance, visit for a walk through the enchanting wildlife reserve, visit to throw the complications of modern life aside ❤️

This beautiful photo was taken by Images by Fiona Lysaught, give her a follow and keep watch for more of Fiona's talent ahead...

This week we celebrate and thank the many volunteers throughout the Horizons Region. Horizons' provides funding to different areas and groups across the region for biodiversity and biosecurity work, much of this work is done by volunteers. Today Horizons' staff members were involved with a planting day at Bushy Park Tarapuruhi. A considerable amount of work completed on this sanctuary is carried out by volunteers and they are an integral part of supporting its thriving habitat. #NVW2021
Thanks to Dale and the team for our amazing weekend. Truly an experience of a lifetime. Just fantastic
Sadly late last month we lost our dear little hihi 'Tihi'. At the grand age of 10 years old (life expectancy is 7 years), rangers noticed Tihi wasn't his usual self, so was taken to Wildbase where unfortunately he passed away.

The hihi programme started at Pukaha in 1978, with the plan of breeding hihi for release into the wild, developing new populations. One being ZEALANDIA Ecosanctuary, where the population is now thriving!

Tihi was the last hihi in captivity, however we are lucky to be nestled between two unique reserves with healthy populations. Zealandia, and Bushy Park Tarapuruhi in Wanganui, be sure to go and spot them!

Bushy Park Tarapuruhi, Forest Sanctuary and Historic Homestead. Wildlife, visitor centre, walking tracks, accommodation, tours, refreshments, venue hire.

Free entry, donations welcome. Sanctuary open daylight hours. Homestead open 10am-4pm, Wed- Sunday. Homestead is closed Monday and Tuesday for Food and Beverage service. Park and Sanctuary still open as normal during daylight hours.

Operating as usual


Rats! Thanks to Air Chathams and the Department of Conservation Dogs programme for their support and response.

Unfortunately, we have just had a brief run of rats (we think all one family) in February within the driveway area below the Homestead. Good news is we caught them - we hope!

After the rats were caught we had no further sign on tracking tunnels or in traps for 3 weeks, we booked a specialist rodent dog check. These are the only dogs allowed in the sanctuary, and have special certification by the DOC conservation dogs programme.

Miriam Ritchie and her two dogs arrived off the Air Chathams flight from Auckland to Whanganui happy and ready to get to work last Tuesday morning. Somehow the weather cleared enough for them to do a good check through the area we had had rats in, and across the whole forest monitoring network over the next two days. That's a lot of walking! They found no indication of rats, which is great news for us.

Every year we get a full forest rodent and mustelid check with these specialist dogs through the DOC Conservation Dog programme. Those checks are scheduled well ahead of time, and usually are dogs which are closer to us. Because this was an additional and shorter notice check in response to an incursion, we were fortunate that Miriam could squeeze us in between her scheduled off-shore predator-free island work.

We appreciate how hard Covid has been for airlines to operate, and we are relieved that Air Chathams has managed to keep our Whanganui flights going to and from Auckland. Thanks again to Air Chathams for their support in flying Miriam and her stellar rodent dogs Will and Ahu to help us at Bushy Park Tarapuruhi.


An Appeal to My Food Bag customers

Bushy Park Tarapuruhi Forest Sanctuary is collecting the wool insulation packs My Food Bag use for frozen and chilled foods to use as plant protectors.

We are planning new plantings over several hectares extending our precious forest. Those wool insulations will provide perfect protection for our new plants keeping them moist and stopping them getting swamped by weeds and grass. Bundles of them can be left on the verandah of our Forest Manager at 15 Pitt St, or if this is not convenient, phone 027 265 0082 and we will see what we can arrange for pickup.


We have received a wonderful poem from someone who had a lovely stay here some years ago. We're so grateful for you sharing it again, Ursula McMorrow.


Alone in your mansion,
Secluded in ancient forest,
No sound but bird call.

Losing your whole family,
You piled stone on Palladian stone,
Made harmony and symmetry
a cocoon for pain.

Raising champion stock,
with gleaming thoroughbreds
cutting a dash at the racecourse,
or filling the ballroom with laughter:
Your days were full.

You watched the weather
while Miss Connolly presided.

Scots Presbyterianism informed your times
and the days that were empty.

Gradually you retreated
from the elegant rooms
and grand corridors
to a fireplace within a curtained alcove
of your beloved Bushypark.
Still, cold.

Now wild birds watch
as we tread the virgin forest.
They fear no predator:
your legacy a homage to nature,
a small triumph over
the randomness of death.

Photos from Bushy Park Tarapuruhi's post 02/01/2022

Check out the stunning new artwork gracing the visitor centre floor! Newly installed and beautifully created by Des Bovey. A great way to learn about the forest floor and creatures that live there.


It's Christmas out here too! Come visit us and enjoy the coolness of the bush.


Ho ho ho and a merry Christmas and a super duper happy new year from Dale and his team at the Homestead. This year the Homestead will close 24th December. We will open again for accommodation 27th... Please refer below for more details (Artwork courtesy of River City Press).
Needless to say Sanctuary and Forest is open every day during daylight hours...


Dale was away in town for a couple of hours last week, guess what he brought back for the Grand Master Bedroom!


Great set up with Forest & Bird at the market in Whanganui today. Come down and see us!


I have not managed to catch a photo of our resident Kaka yet, but we have just had a large family of North Island Brown Kiwi fly in... they can even be seen during the day!


AGM today at Bushy Park Tarapuruhi and it’s three years of Dale’s wonderful care for the homestead and all the guests.

Kaka | New Zealand Birds Online 28/10/2021

Kaka | New Zealand Birds Online

Kaka has been seen and heard at Bushy Park Tarapuruhi, and now also in town near Virginia Lake....do let us know if you should see one when visiting Tarapuruhi!


Kaka | New Zealand Birds Online Geographical variation: North and South Island sub-species are recognised but this is not supported by genetic data. There is a trend towards greater size from north to south


Zoom call tonight for the monthly Bushy Park Tarapuruhi Trust meeting!



Check out the latest news from the team!

BUSHY PARK TARAPURUHI NEWSLETTER Springtime under lockdown! The challenging times of 2020 have continued into 2021, with the Delta variant of COVID-19 now throwing a serious curve ball into the NZ recovery scenario. Unfortunately, as I write this, the Sanctuary and Homestead remain closed to the public. Outside of lockdown, the Sa...


The 25th December Christmas lunch is not happening this year!....But we are doing a Mid-winter Chrismas look-a-like lunch on Saturday 24th and Saturday 31st July....taking bookings now!


Bushy Park Tarapuruhi

Fantastic to have Horizons staff lend a hand at the sanctuary getting plants in the ground. Thank you!


Dale Pullen, leaseholder of the Homestead is so happy to announce the arrival of (the) Baby, Grand Piano....
Here seen being played beautifully by house- guest Veronica...
Dale is considering taking lessons!

Photos from Bushy Park Tarapuruhi's post 10/04/2021

And for dessert tonight we have Lisa's homemade chocolate tart with cherry preserve, cream and ice-cream...


Great summary of the latest activities at Bushy Park Tarapuruhi!


Hihi feeding


One of our feathered friends sending a reminder that we rely on donations - every cent is appreciated by the team and used to care for the forest, the wildlife and the buildings.

Photos from Bushy Park Tarapuruhi's post 20/02/2021

Want to support Bushy Park Tarapuruhi? Join as a member! $30 individual, $50 families and $100 corporates. Sign up via the online form below.



A glorious morning at Bushy Park Tarapuruhi for the 2020 AGM. Hearing all about our biodiversity progress from the wonderful sanctuary manager Mandy Brooke.

Luxury and history in Whanganui's Bushy Park - NZ Herald 07/02/2021

Luxury and history in Whanganui's Bushy Park - NZ Herald

Thanks Tim and NZ Herald for a lovely write up.....

Luxury and history in Whanganui's Bushy Park - NZ Herald Tim Roxborogh discovers the natural charms of Whanganui.

Luxury and history in Whanganui's Bushy Park - NZ Herald 07/02/2021

Luxury and history in Whanganui's Bushy Park - NZ Herald

A wonderful travel review in here!

Luxury and history in Whanganui's Bushy Park - NZ Herald

Photos from Bushy Park Tarapuruhi's post 24/01/2021

The Homestead is closed today and tomorrow for Food and Beverage service (as normally on Monday and Tuesday). However, Saturday and Sunday we did serve close to 150 cups of tea and coffee, accompanied by Dales amazing scones and Lisa's incredible baking.... Enjoyed by lovely people who came from near and far, many dressed up to the nines....


Dress up and be part of the fun for the Vintage Weekend in Whanganui

We're so excited to announce that we have not one, but two incredible prizes of a night's accommodation and dinner for two from the generous team at Bushy Park Tarapuruhi, worth $230.00 each, for the winners of the Vintage Classic category at Mainstreet Whanganui's Carnival of Costume Competition at Bayleys Whanganui Vintage Weekend next Saturday 23rd January from 2.15-3.15pm!


The Vintage Classic category is original vintage or vintage inspired outfits from any era up to and including the 1980s (some young people even tell us that 90s is vintage these days!). Enter on the day at the Majestic Stage from 1pm onwards.

Bushy Park Tarapuruhi is an unique old Homestead, built in 1906, within an Eco-Sanctuary, behind a two meter high predatory secure fence. At the Homestead you can step back in time, and experience a historic Bed and Breakfast home-stay like nowhere else in New Zealand! The current lease-holder; Dale Pullen's attention to detail and hospitality experience makes everyone feel welcome, wanting to stay longer.

The Homestead is open for day visitors Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm, offering Devonshire Tea and light refreshments. The Forest, Information Centre and Museum is open every day during daylight hours, and the only noise here is from the Tui's food-fight in the pōhutukawa trees!

Find out more about Bushy Park Tarapuruhi by visiting www.bushypark.nz

Discover Whanganui


Recently arrived Christmas card from The Netherlands, from past Ph.D Students Emmy and Natasja.....


Absolutely stunning work from local artist with proceeds supporting the work of Bushy Park Tarapuruhi.

Two big jobs finished! A poster of wildlife to be seen at Bushy Park Tarapuruhi, Whanganui, and a 16 page companion guide to the botanical trail.

Copies available at the park homestead (closed Mon-Tues), and at the Whanganui Museum.

Poster A2 $20, Trail booklet $5. All for a good cause!


While it is still quiet, Dale and the Team from the Homestead would like to wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas....


Ok if you're really leaving your Christmas shopping to the last minute, you can now get these wonderful new botanical booklets about Bushy Park Tarapuruhi from the Whanganui Regional Museum for $10, or the beautiful posters for $20, or from the homestead during opening hours. Have a wonderful summer holiday and make sure you get out and enjoy nature.


Our local native Christmas tree in full bloom at Bushy Park Tarapuruhi - the rātā. Photographed by Jacqui McGowan. You can see at least one from the driveway hedge.


Great article about our beautiful spot in today's paper - such a fantastic research base for students. Also note for tomorrow only (Thursday 17 December), the driveway is being resurfaced so a few challenges in accessing if you're planning a visit. Cars will need to stay at the bottom paddock.


Love Bushy Park Tarapuruhi? Love birds? Have poster space? Need a Christmas present idea?

Now available for $20, the most beautiful posters by Desmond Bovey - his art work is impeccable. Buy from the homestead or message us to pick up copies from Mandy in Whanganui.


Wonderful to see our Dale, who is a gem himself, gracing the front page of today’s paper. The place is truly looking magnificent - come see for yourself!

bushypark.nz 23/11/2020

Bushy Park Tarapuruhi – Bushy Park Tarapuruhi Forest Sanctuary & Historic Homestead

Yah! A spiffy new combined web site for Bushy Park Tarapuruhi Forest Sanctuary and The Historic Homestead..


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Hihi feeding
ANZAC DAY 25th April 2020
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Just now we are so lucky to host an exhibition by the very talented local artist Pauline Allomes....My cell phone pictur...
Today’s the day! Hope to see you out at Bushy Park Tarapuruhi for our visitor centre opening and celebration. There are ...



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