39 South Lodge

39 South Lodge


Wellington Freemans heading up this weekend. Looking forward to seeing you all...yussss!!
Are there any shares for sale? Thanks
The mystery of the random shoes 👀🕵🏻
39 south own ski crew second week of another fun filled school winter holiday
July 2017
Kicking off with a couple of drinks, it's fabulous to reunite Lodge families

We are a privately owned ski lodge in Ohakune New Zealand. P O Box 369, Napier 4140 39 South Lodge is a privately owned ski lodge in Ohakune and is for the exclusive use of its shareholders.

The aim of 39 South is to provide high quality accommodation at low cost. The lodge is run similar to a ski club but the main difference is that each member buys a share. There are 100 shares in total. Central to the culture and successful functioning of the Lodge is the concept of communal living, with most facilities being shared

Operating as usual


Bike storage at 39 South.
The wood shed at the rear of the building is being setup for bike storage. This is a case of back to the future, since this shed was originally built for bike storage and then became a wood shed. Recently we installed power in the shed for e-bike charging. We will be altering the annual wood delivery to leave more room in this shed all year round.
So please store & charge your bikes in the "wood" shed.

Bike storage at 39 South.
The wood shed at the rear of the building is being setup for bike storage. This is a case of back to the future, since this shed was originally built for bike storage and then became a wood shed. Recently we installed power in the shed for e-bike charging. We will be altering the annual wood delivery to leave more room in this shed all year round.
So please store & charge your bikes in the "wood" shed.


We now have some retro ski art. Thanks Rach 🥰

We now have some retro ski art. Thanks Rach 🥰


School holiday snow fun is coming to an end for this fabulous gang of 39 Southers. And what a great 1st time effort on the board today Chloe G🏂, you nailed it!


Yeti meets 39 South Lodgers!
Magic group ski day.


Lodge dads, fresh lodge-made bread. Thx Scott.


Our AGM, thanks to all those who’s could make it and big thanks to Dave & Rach for all their work making it another successful and great weekend!


Last day of Level 2. Mother Nature smashed it with a magical bluebird day. ☀️


Another beautiful day in paradise for 39 South lodgers.


Fantastic skiing today - the 39S Kids!


What to do on a no-ski day...

[08/24/20]   Hi Everyone.

A message on behalf of Chelsea and Jason Langman. If anyone has borrowed some red and black Gabel ski poles from Locker 9 (Langman), can you please advise and return ASAP. They are named.

Sad to hear that this has happened Jase, and hoping for their quick return.


stuff.co.nz 15/08/2020

Person infected with Covid-19 from Auckland cluster visited Tūroa skifield last weekend


stuff.co.nz Skifield operator RAL has had it confirmed that a person from the Covid-19 cluster visited Tūroa on Sunday, August 8.

[08/12/20]   We are back at alert level 2. With Auckland at level 3. We will only be accepting bookings from regions at alert level 2 or lower.

We will be reviewing existing bookings week by week. If your region is at alert level 3 or 4 your bookings will be canceled.

Please work hard on maintaining good hygiene precautions. If you are not feeling well please do not come to the lodge.

[06/14/20]   We are at Covid-19 alert level 1. Under this level the lodge largely returns to normal. Normal booking rules apply.

We do ask that you follow good hygiene precautions by washing your hands and coughing into your elbow.

If you are feeling unwell please do not come to the lodge.

[05/14/20]   We are now at alert level2.

Lodge bookings are open again with Covid related restrictions. A table has been added to the 39 South web site under the News banner. It describes how Covid restrictions will impact your stay.

We are moving the start of season bookings out to 1 July.

The reason for moving the booking date out to 1 July is to try and avoid processing bookings while there are restrictions on group sizes and physical distancing.

[05/12/20]   The 39 South board members are meeting (via zoom) on Thursday evening. At this meeting we will establish how the lodge will operate while in alert level 2.
I expect the online booking system will be available again on Friday 15th.


Mt Ruapehu, Whakapapa & Tūroa Ski Areas

Latest Turoa progress report, DV

Kia ora,

We are still 7-8 weeks away from our traditional full mountain opening date, and as we’ve seen in the past 7-8 weeks, a lot can happen in that time!
The news yesterday around Alert Level 2 is promising and we will be able to release more information mid next week once we have confirmation of the timeframe to move to Alert 2 and any restrictions attached to that. We’re hopeful for a winter here at Mt Ruapehu. Here’s Dingo with the Turoa update from the week.

In the meantime, stay in your bubble and help us have a winter this year!

[04/27/20]   39 South Ski Lodge - Alert Level 3

We are now at alert level 3 but what does that mean in terms of using the ski lodge?

The ski lodge is still not taking bookings yet. It is important to note that the ski lodge is not physically locked down. If you find yourself in Ohakune and need a place for a short term stay please use the ski lodge. With one condition - You must let me know.

For contact tracing it is now more important than ever that we know who has been at the ski lodge. I will do my best to make sure we do not have groups of shareholders at the ski lodge at any one time.

Before you enter & when you leave the ski lodge call me - David Gempton 027 4518 574.

Above all be sensible. We are all trying to beat Covid-19. Unnecessary travel around the country carries the risk of spreading the virus to the ones you love.

For further details of the Level 3 restrictions place read the "Alert Level 3 Details" on the 39 South Web Site.

Stay safe and I hope to see you soon.
David Gempton
39 South Ski Lodge
Board Chairman.

[03/24/20]   Hi All

With NZ moving to Alert Level 4 due to Covid-19, and as we move into Self-Isolation, 39 South Lodge is closed and all upcoming bookings have been cancelled. Future bookings are suspended for the time being and while we remain in Alert Level 4. This will be assessed as the Covid-19 situation evolves.

2020 AGM and Working Bee
With these changes the 2020 AGM and working bee is postponed until later in the year. We propose to postpone the working bee and AGM until Saturday September 26th 2020. This is the first Saturday in the term 3 school holidays. This does breach our constitution requirement of holding the AGM within 15 months of the previous AGM. However, given the circumstances we believe this is the most practical and responsible approach.

All the best to all shareholders and your families.
Stay safe and take care of each other. We look forward to seeing you on the other side.


Beautiful day in Ohakune. Eat is still here and is now vegetarian.

gandi.net 13/01/2020

Gandi.net: Domain Names, Web Hosting, SSL Certificates

It’s back!!!
The 39 South web site is back online. Please make all lodge bookings with the booking request on the web page.

Many thanks to the staff at Gandi.net that worked through the weekend to recover the damaged storage in the data centre.

gandi.net Your web presence starts with a great domain name. Choose from over 750 different domain extensions at Gandi.net, one of the world's leading domain name registrars. Buy the perfect domain name for your website now!

[01/12/20]   Jan 10. We have an ongoing outage on the 39 South web site. Please place bookings by emailing the full details to [email protected]

I will let you know as soon as the web site is back online again.


What a day and what a huge effort by a great team. An enormous thanks to Pete Nicholson, Rach Hay, and Nigel Allan who came at short notice, gave up their Sunday and worked without a break to get the lodge ready for use following the renovation. - It’s looking amazing.


The flooring is done. Now to rebuild the bedrooms. Yay 😀


The renovation is progressing well. The new ceilings are up. Plastering and painting is now complete and the new flooring is about to be installed.


The renovation is underway. Last weekend a group of shareholders worked hard to empty the bedroom wing. Over the next 5 weeks we have a series of trades people working at the lodge to totally refresh the sleeping and bathroom space.


See - it’s a six seater 😀🥂🥂🥂

[07/18/19]   Turoa development. This from RAL:

Turoa Developments 2019
Many of you will be interested in how Turoa redevelopment plans are progressing. The project is a multi-year investment which includes addressing the Giant, Parklane and Movenpick chairlifts, developing additional beginner lifts and facilities at the Wintergarden area, upgrading snowmaking infrastructure and café facilities.

Phase one of the project will take place this summer, and we can now announce that we have signed a contract with Doppelmayr to complete a major upgrade of the Giant chairlift starting immediately after we close this season. After 41 years of hard service the Giant is very deserving of this upgrade and we saw the importance of this lift last year when the High Noon was out of action, so it was ultimately an easy decision for the board when assessing the first priority for the redevelopment. We have also now completed a significant snowmaking expansion providing top to bottom cover on the Giant which will be further enhanced by some pump upgrades this summer.

In parallel with the Giant project, we will commence the infrastructure upgrades required in preparation for the construction of a new high-capacity gondola lift to replace both the Parklane and Movenpick chairlifts subject to receiving Works Approvals. This will include upgrading the electrical infrastructure, relocating snowmaking equipment and other key enabling upgrades.

The consent process for the new Gondola is underway with stakeholder consultation and the completion of various impact assessments. We hope to receive our consent and Works Approval before next winter season. This will allow us to commence construction of the new Gondola in November 2020 assuming the capital raising, consent and works approval processes are all complete.


School Holidays at 39 South.... not the best week for skiing, meant a hot fire and card games...

[05/05/19]   For all booking requests or queries please contact the booking officer via the booking39south email address. For those of you who have made bookings please double check your bookings so that any discrepancies can be addressed ASAP

[05/01/19]   A huge thank you to the wonderful people that freely gave their time to the 39 South working bee.
Without this hardworking crew performing annual maintenance we would not have the such a well kept and attractive lodge to enjoy. Please join me in saying thank you to our hero's....🤩

39 South Working Bee Hero's 2019:
Jo & Alister Mills,
Penny Lockwood & Rob McDonald,
Will & Juliet Johnson,
Marie Henderson,
Dan Grove,
Carl & Toni Grant,
David Vaughan,
Ernie Shuch.

[05/01/19]   Bookings for the new ski season have been processed and are available on the website. Please check under "Your Bookings" to view your confirmed dates.


This weekend we had another successful working bee and AGM. The lodge is looking better than ever and all ready for ski season. Thanks to everybody that helped and made the AGM. during the weekend we took the opportunity to have another fire alarm / evacuation test. Please remember the emergency meeting point is at the front of the drive...

[04/18/19]   Hi there,

Just a reminder the AGM & working bee will be on Saturday 27th April. (The AGM starts at 6pm).

This is your chance to have a say in how the lodge is run and to contribute ideas for improvements that can be made in the coming seasons.

If you can not make the AGM please do send in a signed proxy form.

Please attend as we do need to achieve a quorum for the meeting to be valid.

Happy Easter!

[04/03/19]   Good News! – The lodge is going to be WARMER this winter!
The ripple switch on the heaters is no-longer!!!

The power company has changed the way they charge for power so there is no benefit turning off the heaters in the bedroom wing etc during the peak power time to save their old exorbitant lines fee...

More about heating – Rm2
There is new heater in room 2, to replace the old broken one. It’s installed under the window. With the new rules, this is the only place the electrician would install and sign off. Please be mindful to not lean suitcases or leave anything touching the heater.
Cheers, Dave V☃️😀



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