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Earthwork Landscape Architects operates throughout the Wellington and Horowhenua /Manawatu region designing both rural properties and smaller coastal and urban gardens.

Photos from Earthwork Landscape Architects's post 23/01/2024

It's a fascinating process taking ownership of someone else's much-loved garden and making it your own. I first designed this garden in 2005 and over recent years a new owner has taken ownership and has adapted it for her own taste, needs... and time availability! I am so delighted to see this garden mature...and as it does, as always, nature can take more and more of the credit and the designer less. But letting nature create the beauty, and knowing what to trim/remove/let go wild etc is such an important part of the process and this gardener is doing a wonderful job💚

For photos etc of the original garden please see "Waikanae" garden under Rural Gardens on my website

Photos from Earthwork Landscape Architects's post 24/01/2023

Many people grow Swanplants for the Monarchs to lay their eggs on - and then ensues the panic when (not if) the leaves are all eaten before the caterpillars mature!
But not many grow something for the butterflies to feed on once they emerge triumphant from their chrysalis! It appears many people dont realise that Monarch butterflies don't eat Swanplants. And they need food - lots of it. They live for about 6-7 weeks and in the northern hemisphere they fly across oceans and continents! In NZ they migrate to warmer parts within the country - Tauranga is apparently their preferred overwintering holiday destination!
So we need to feed them. An easy-to-grow plant (drought/dry soil/sand/salt/wind tolerant) I can recommend that they just love is Buddleia. Plant the cultivars - the wild Buddleia you sometimes see in riverside scrub etc is now a notified w**d. The garden varieties, though, are very pretty, slightly fragrant and are especially popular with Monarch butterflies. There is something very special about having these gorgeous butterflies flying around your garden and stopping in for afternoon tea - plant a few in your garden! Here are a few on my Buddleias last night🧡🖤🧡🖤


Many of my clients are not gardeners... and some have had years of watching plants die prior to me coming along and telling them what to grow where. This cartoon is for them!

New Earthwork LA Kapiti Connection!

My recent purchase of a property in Otaki is now allowing me to work on more rural and coastal design projects on the Kapiti Coast and further north into the Horowhenua and Manawatu regions. I look forward to helping people with rural blocks, equine establishments, farms, and large gardens as well as those gorgeous smaller coastal gardens - all of which I have a great love and affinity for. Contact me by email - [email protected] or give me a call on 0274 252 494 to discuss your project and go over what types of design packages I can do to fit your requirements and budget etc.