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Invitation & Stationery design is the speciality. Creating special custom and bespoke invitations.

REAL ESTATE 13/12/2023

Hej guys! We are looking at research to provide better services to Real Estate agents and realtors... if anyone has any friends in the business, any information would help us with research. Here is a link to the survey. We need about 50 responses, but of course, more would help.

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Acrylic signs for businesses!


A bit more about our signs!


Hello! Some clients have been inquiring about this design we posted. :) Since we are waiting for it to be loaded up onto our website (we are tidying up a bit) we are going to list it here the prices and information.

Product Info:
- LED Neon Used
- Clear or Black Acrylic Backing
- Drill holes and Hanging Chain Provided
- Power adapters for US/Canada, Aus/NZ, Ireland/UK, and Europe (we service globally)
- Free DHL/FedEx Shipping to your door
- 2-3 Weeks Turnaround Time One Digital Proof is approved.

Prices & Sizing

25*11.5 inch (63.5*30cm) $350 NZD / $210 USD
30*13.5 inch (76.2 *35cm) $399 NZD / $240 USD
35*15inch (88.9*40cm) $520 NZD / $315 USD
40*17.6 inch (101.6*45 cm) $605 NZD / $359 USD
45*19.6 inch (114.2*50 cm)$799 NZD/ $475 USD
50*21.6inch (127*55 cm) $999 NZD / $599 USD

Colours of LED Neon
- Purple
- Vivid Pink
- Deep Pink
- Red
- Ice Blue
- Dark Blue
- Green
- Cool White
- Warm White
- Lemon Yellow
- Gold Yellow
- Orange


Destination wedding?


Navy & Gold Elegance


Loving the blues...


Wooden Box Gift Ideas


Blush Velvet is soooo soft and stunning! I've never felt invitations that are so plush!!!

Home in Sweden Watercolour Notebook Watercolor Painting | Etsy New Zealand 14/02/2022

We are creating some really new products! So excited to add notebooks to our collection. We can do custom or you can choose from one of our uploaded artworks. More will be uploaded over time. Thank you Torvald Ejnesjö for submitting this beautiful artwork for purchase. A beautiful Swedish home painting!

Home in Sweden Watercolour Notebook Watercolor Painting | Etsy New Zealand This spiral bound notebook includes perfect for jotting thoughts and sketching ideas. Wipe cover gently with a damp cloth if needed. A beautifully created watercolour painted by Swedish artist Torvald Ejnesjö, this is a classic and beautiful style of Swedish homes that graces this lovely notebook.

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A bit more about our signs!