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Picnic and Bottle bags, timeless travel bags and purposeful accessories.


The wood carrier - shop our best seller! ​​​​​​​​
Perfect for carrying a big load from wood shed to fire without any mess. 🙌🏻🙌🏻


The Utility bag is an ultra durable tote that carries everything from muddy boots to sports gear to daily & weekend essentials.


Team photo 📸


Talk about peas in a pod. 🩵 If it wasn’t for Susie’s mother and father Susie’s wouldn’t be what it is today.
Back in the day Susie’s parents took everything but the kitchen sink on their epic family picnics at the races, the lake, the farm. They needed a strong, dynamic bag for all the good stuff… Gin, tonic, whiskey, beer, wine, thermos of coffee, little milk bottle etc… No wonder the bacon and egg pie always came out a bit squashed! 🥧
Susie’s first design (the bottle bag) was an instant hit with the extended fam and friends and from one kiwi picnic to the next word spread about Susie’s trusty bags - all the way around little NZ.🇳🇿


Just locate a cool spot, park up with your Susie, and chill out with your mates for a picnic. Easy peasy! 🌿✨

Photos from Susie's post 17/05/2024

Jet boating has always been a family tradition, and our Susie’s bags were always on deck, packed with snacks and drinks for the adventure. We know how handy they are; being made from canvas, they can be easily stashed behind the seats. Over the years, we’ve been tagged in photos from our amazing followers, using our bags on their own jet boating trips. It’s wonderful to see our bags creating memories and inspiring more adventures.
Who else shares these memories from their fam jet boating trips? Share your stories with us! 🚤💼
Here are a few missions up the - Dobson, Rangitata, Wilkin and Matukituki rivers.

Photos from Susie's post 16/05/2024

Ensure your furry friend stays snug this winter with our durable canvas dog bed. 🐾


This fabulous Cooler bag in blue is perfect for beach trips and picnics to the park.

Shop online - small Cooler bag. 🙌🏻🙌🏻


Here’s a trip down memory lane. Janey and Fred have been the OG supporters of Susie’s since day one. (Fred in the photo, just a few weeks ago up the Ho**er Valley). Their faithful Susie’s Picnic bag has been on every adventure for 34 amazing years.
Susie’s all began back at Lake Benmore and on the farm, where summers were spent basking in the sun ☀️ with Janey, Fred, and their children. Susie designed her first bag (the bottle bag), that kept everything upright, in one place, nice & cool, and saved the B&E pie 🥧 from destruction. Now, seeing Janey and Fred’s Susie’s bag still standing strong after all these years fills us with happy memories & nostalgia. 📸
Here’s to Janey, Fred, and the countless adventures still ahead. To all the memories made and the ones waiting to be created! 🥂


We often get requests for more behind-the-scenes content, so over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some BTS gems and throwback Susie’s memories. We’re so thankful for your ongoing support and curiosity about what goes on BTS.
Whether you’ve been with us from the start or are just joining the Susie’s family, we hope you enjoy these BTS and memories. ✨
Stay tuned from Monday night onwards as we start sharing. 📸
For our longtime followers: you may spot some repeats, but we hope you enjoy them nonetheless. 🤍


A picnic bag that lasts the distance and is tough enough to go on any adventure. ❄️🌻💛

Photos from Susie's post 08/05/2024

The Roll bag. ✨
The ideal weekend companion. With a long shoulder strap + convenient handles, it’s perfect for those weekend getaways. Two exterior pockets keep things organised, making it a versatile essential for any adventure. ✌️
Just fyi - the shoulder strap is extra for those who prefer slinging the bag over your shoulder. Totally optional. :)


Hurry, before they’re gone again!
With Mother’s Day around the corner, we’ve been hustling to package these beauties non-stop.


Nick, you’re a legend! Thanks for the note on our wood carrier. Stoked it’s helping you out. 🙌


Wishing all our duck shooting crew an epic opening weekend! ​​​​​​​​
Oh, and we’re close to bringing back our gun covers! 🙌​​​​​​​​
It’s been a bit of a hunt finding the right makers here in NZ, but we’re almost there. 🦆 🦆 🦆

Photos from Susie's post 30/04/2024

This crew made the most of the school holidays with endless lake days in the south. 💦 ☀️ And we’re totally loving their bright beach get-ups! 🌈
The picnic rug in these snaps is all snapped up, but we still have the Mackenzie & Royal Stewart faves.
Say hello to dry bottoms and happy picnickers with our clever waterproof backing. 🙌🏻
Shop Picnic rug & Picnic bag -

Photos from Susie's post 28/04/2024

Susie’s Picnic bag. The original ✨
Shop our best seller.


Did you know? Our bags are proudly crafted with NZ made leather. Quality and homegrown goodness all the way. 🇳🇿✨


Quick fact.
Did you know our Picnic & Bottle bags have a pocket down the side for your utensils….how handy! 🙌🏻


Beach picnickin’ 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦​​​​​​​​
Built to keep the important things accessible, chilled and dry. 💯


The lads are stoked = Anna’s stoked. 🙌🏻🙌🏻​​​​​​​​
Shop Swag 👉🏻

Photos from Susie's post 21/04/2024

Rolling out our waterproofed cotton canvas mat for those dewy days! No worries about damp ground—just chill and enjoy a dry, cosy picnic. 🍃🧺

Photos from Susie's post 20/04/2024

Holds 12, but keeping it cool with 6 for now. 🍻 ❄️

Photos from Susie's post 19/04/2024

Have an amazing weekend everyone! We’ll be on a mission to find the perfect picnic spot for an autumn adventure, and will be feasting on the last of the season’s strawberries. 🍓🧺❤️
The large picnic bag - black shown in this photo. 📸


Up close and personal with our Roll bag: YKK zips – the ultimate in durability. And hey, we’ve got your back with that end compartment for keeping those extras separate and sorted. 🙌🔒


Hey Ben, thanks a bunch for the epic shoutout about our overnight bag. Stoked to hear you’re loving it. Here’s to many more adventures ahead. 🙌🏻


Hello everyone! 👋🏻 It’s been a little while, so we thought we’d say hi and introduce ourselves again. We’ve noticed some new faces, so a big hello to our new followers 🙋 - it’s wonderful to have you join us! And a big shoutout to our OG supporters - thank you for your ongoing support! 🙏
This is Susie, she will not enjoy having a photo up on social...but without her this little business wouldn’t be what it is today.
Susie created her first ‘Susies’ bag 34 years ago. That was the bottle bag, and not only was it the perfect accessory for family picnics on the farm and holidays at the lake, it became an instant hit with her friends and family.
Before long Susie was spending her days cutting canvas to deliver to her close knit group of specialist sewers. As word got out about Susie’s growing collection of bags a small online store was born, and today, the family owned and operated business employs sewers all over New Zealand.
While the trademark ‘Susies’ canvas bottle and picnic bags remain fan favourites, the range now includes weekend bags, tote bags, picnic rugs to dog beds and cushions.
But as the product range and client base has grown over those 34 years the philosophy has stayed the same: to produce top quality, durable and stylish gear, hand-made in New Zealand.
Thank you for all your support of Susie and her bags. We absolutely love seeing our canvas goods on adventures around the world so please keep sharing and be sure to DM us your pics. 📸 😎

Photos from Susie's post 14/04/2024

Gear up for your next adventure with our all in one carry all. It’s the ultimate stash for your bathroom gems – toothbrush, creams, and all. Featuring two separate compartments and a wipeable lining. 💫


Loading up the Roll bag + Overnight bag. ✌️
Have a great weekend everyone! 🫶🏻


Hey Millie! 👋 Whoa, thanks for dropping such an awesome testimonial about our picnic bag! This one’s a long read, but we didn’t want to miss any of the good stuff. We’re absolutely stoked to hear how it’s been rockin’ with your family for 25 years - thats some serious durability! Your support and loyalty mean everything to us. 💪✨

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Cooler bags for the Dads! Say no to socks this Christmas! 🎁
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