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Soundation Summer Technival by Malá Péťa MiniP Photography 🙏🏻🪄

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Lost and found, some more to come


That was an absolute success TEAM.

The level of production shoot out this weekend at Valley Views Glamping for all the professionals and volunteers exceeded all expectations.

And the most wonderful thing I heard along the weekend is that everyone loved over everything THE PEOPLE... Yes, all of you made it special. I heard that so many people made new and interesting connections and had awesome conversations...

Special shoot out to the amazing visuals and laser show by Ethan and Ed, the impecable sound by Fidelity and the quality of the music for all music artist, also to the performers that added a final spark on the visual show. The incredible decorated UV hole by Steam Room aka my loved friend Thiago. The workers who stayed till 2 am putting together all the pieces of the stage I created. And Ruari for managing and bringing to life The nest, which offered the best chilling area I could dream with. Also food and vendors with top quality art like Luna and F***y, and Ylse and Tun for the Kali's Den.
Neverending thanks to David for creating a jummy vegan kitchen to keep the care of all the team and artist, and Megs to organise such a journey of workshops that people enjoyed and apreciated. Thanks to the drummers that engaged all the dancefloor for the african dance and Travis for welcoming everyone at the gate. Also the care angels who where on point for the couple interactions needed, and the waste crew which also told me almost no garbage where needed to remove. A note here that the owners where tottally amazed that they didnt found a single piece of rubbish in the floor along the weekend. Wow.

Special mention to Tom Hardy who was the first and the last on the land ready to help in all ways. What a machine men!

Lost and found will be shared soon along footage from the weekend on the Soundation page and insta. If you have any extra footage please send to [email protected]

I get told I do too long post, but sincerely I think all extra job done was worth it, cause the message about our values reached out and the vibe on the weekwnd was the absolute highlight.

Thank you


Wow. What a first night. And first morning...
A bit of everything for everyone.
Tottally stocked with everyone's mahi thrown on this beautiful journey.

Second round going on. Door sales still available 💜


Info to all the Summer Technival attendees !!!

We are getting all the magic sorted for the weekend. Our gate crew will give you a small event induction at your arrival, but here are a few important things to note.
Address: 161 Domett Road Otiake, Kurow 9494 - Valley Views Glamping

Gates open: Friday 1st December 2023 at 3 p.m. until 11 p.m.

Opening ceremony: 5:30 p.m Friday 1st December.

Gate opens for One Day Passes: Saturday 2nd December at 10 a.m. - midnight.

Please have your ticket and your ID ready to show at the gate.
-Door sales. Cash Only. We won't have change at the door
-Price at the door. $200 full weekend, $100 for one day pass from Saturday to Sunday.

What to bring:
Comfortable warm clothes, costumes, sunscreen, headlamps, cash for food and vendors, and food you wish to cook for yourself or share with others :-)
Any props? We will have a fire circle on main stage. Drums? We will have a drum circle on Saturday.
What not to bring
Glass anywhere on site.
Alcohol to the dancefloor.
Glow sticks, glitter, feather boas or any other MOOPY(c) material.
On Sunday, after the music finishes, people will be allowed to stay longer if needed after the party and not drive straight after encouraging safe driving.
Waste and alcohol policy:
Our welcomers will give you a trash bag at the entry for refuse waste you'll have to bring back with you. Recycling and composts stations will be available at the campground and near the food truck area.
Alcohol free dancefloor. This is not a total drinking ban, but rather a call for responsible comsumption and respect for the land.
Facilities and Vendors:
Camping area,
Toilets & drinking water

Food vendors: Kebabs, Vegan and Gluten-free Food truck, Coffee & ice cream.
The S**t Shop: Earplugs, lights, and many more things!

-----Extrictly R18---------------------------------------------------
------------------------No Dogs--------------------------------------
--------------------------------------No glass-----------------------
---------------------------------------------------No fires----------

See you all soon!!!


Optihonic is bringing to the Technival his massive talent with projection mapping to blow your mind, wait to see...

2 hours from wanaka, 2h from Dunedin and 3 from Christchurch.
Dont miss the awesome weekend and grab your tickets on

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Last round of artist that will bring the sweetest and jumiest tunes to the Technival. From Fun House to the deepest downtempo and live instrumental. Music to dream,to dance, to chill, and feel.
Prepare your senses.
Less than a week to go!
Get your tickets on


Everytime I see Matt Mckeg (Destroy with Science) on stage, I get absolutely hypnotize for the way he create sounds from scratch, the magic of creating music on the flow always fascinates me and we are having some of that magic not only for his set, but for an awesome Tom Cosm hardware live set at the Technival

Quality to cut shapes in and out of your brain...

Tickets on:


🔥 We are one week away from the Technival!
What’s on offer?
- Discounted tickets
- More one day passes
- A giveaway!

🔥 Discount Tickets will be $150 each for a limited time (25% discount)
This will only last until Sunday at 5pm!

🔥 Last give away!!! How to get a double free pass?
1- like this post and tag your friends
2- Share the post and tag Soundation.
The double pass winner will be announced next Friday.

🔥 One of the main objectives of this festival is to offer a space where all generations can connect through music and many kinds of art. To achieve this we are releasing another round of one-day-passes so everyone can experience the Technival’s magic ✨

For all information related and to buy tickets, link to our website.

🙌🏻 We are preparing the most amazing immersive experience full of interesting workshops, interactive art, the cleanest quality Sound system and the most amazing show of lights, laser, projections and performers to mesmerize your eyes while you dance.

Not to miss!!!

Photos from Soundation's post 22/11/2023

Have a look on all amazing Workshops, foodtrucks and vendors that are joining for the Technival and if you didnt got your tickets jet go to website and ensure your place in this immersive journey!

Photos from Soundation's post 20/11/2023

Here is a list of the most upbeat artists you will enjoy at the Summer Technival. " full live sets by the hands of DestroyWith Science and Tom Cosm and DJ sets from midnight onwards to drive you into 2 full journeys along the 2 nights with Ebb Modom, Igua, Nevermind and Sandrita

Photos from Soundation's post 23/10/2023


Only 6 weeks to go for the Technival and we are gonna give some double passes away!!!!
Have you got ideas for costumes yet? Different ways to get to win a double pass

1* follow
Like this post, tag and share! tag your friends and Soundation 🙌

2* Share a pic of your costumes for Technival, tag friends and Soundation!

We will publish the first winners next Friday, Miowwwww!!!

And remember, if you want your friends to join, only last release of tickets available and we have a limited capacity!!!!

Dont let them miss the first Full Techno Carnival of the area that last 3 days of full Housy and chill music, with 2 night journeys by the hands of the best Techno artist of the South island.

Summer kicking on, time to re unite with friends, share and enjoy interesting workshops and a magical forest with the best vibes.

Photos from Soundation's post 19/10/2023

TechMeOver at Friday 20th October
Starting labor weekend full power with a flavoured Techno night of faster and industrial sounds
🔥10pm Slimberley
Hailing from the north east of England and now a Queenstown local. Slimberley grew up listening to trance, hard house and happy hardcore, which often flows into her well known tech house sound. Taking music inspiration from the likes of Mark Broom, Sasha & Digweed and Riva Star to name a few, she definitely likes a harder style of house and techno.
She’s a regular at the George Fm pop ups around town and has recently played Electric Rush, Digital Love and This Kind Day. Slimberley’s guaranteed to get your feet moving early doors!
🔥11:30 Ally Kruz
My love for electronic music started when I was 16 years old and soon after that, I started DJing (I'm 27 now). I play mostly techno and recently started mixing a bit of psytech and psytrance in my sets. I won 2 national DJ contests (one in my home country Slovenia and one in Croatia). With my friends, we organized electronic music events and festivals in Slovenia. I Performed in all the major clubs in Slovenia and Croatia and shared the stage with world-known DJ.s such as; Deborah de Luca, Stella Bossi, Marika Rossa, Xenia, Pan-Pot, Fernanda Martinz, Marcel Fengler, Marko Faraone, Mark Knight. and others...
Last year I released my first track Parallel Universum.
🔥1am Modom
A techno DJ based in Christchurch, New Zealand with a passion for dance, EDM and mixing inspired by the European and Detroit Techno scenes.
Drawn to the unconventional and unpredictable, she serves up to her audience a smorgasbord of palatable tracks ranging from acidy, raw and hypnotic to hard, driving and industrial, often with smatterings of delicious fruitiness thrown in for good measure.
🔥2:30am Sandrita
Flavoured 4x4, combining old-school style with a variety of tastes. She revolutionizes the dancefloor with acid touches, electro sounds, and happy beats, each infused with her sweetened signature. Her sets range from uplifting hard groove to Hypnotic upbeat Techno, occasionally exploring a crossover of geners.

How to miss it?


Next Friday 20th October. Summer Technival fundraiser.

Bringing a hell of a line up to Queenstown

Soundation Podcast #1 Nevermind 04/06/2023

For the first Chapter of this new Podcast, Soundation showcases a full production set from Aleks Dahlberg aka Nevermind. 130 vibe of dirt and dark contrarythms with a bit of history about our guest.
The second section will keep everyone in the loop about banging events happening in the South Island of New Zealand for the next month of June 2023.

Next chapter on Drop FM June 28th 9pm

Soundation Podcast #1 Nevermind For the first Chapter of this new Podcast, Soundation showcases a full production set from Aleks Dahlberg aka Nevermind. 130 vibe full of Dark and Dirt Contrarythms with a bit of history about our gue

Photos from Soundation's post 07/04/2023

TechMeOver vol 7

All the pics from last Saturday

Nice shots from our friend Nico Mumont

Tag your friends!


Soundation is back in Queenstown soon to deliver more sweet vibes, sick Techno, and memorable times!!!!

Straight back into our beloved club in town for the 6th edition of TechMeOver.

For this welcome home, we are celebrating it full steam inviting our friend Gabriella Gonzalez from Auckland and we will please you with some sound upgrades handled by the Magnetic Low Crew.
Jump with us again on the techno train to ride the musical wave as we used to. Starting the night Funky as , filling it with Melodic tunes, getting lost with deep dark sounds and finishing over the roof with faster rythms.

Early birds are live for 10$, 20$cash at the door.

Were you missing it???

Soundation Summer Technival. The Bubble#2 1:30am Set Sandrita 14/02/2022

My set from the night. In comments a link to the full video

Soundation Summer Technival. The Bubble#2 1:30am Set Sandrita Long time waiting to have the right time, in the right place with the right crowd to play this tunes. Afrodisiac Hard Techno Scrumble with some Trancy dessert was played on the best soundsystem we hav

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That was an absolute success TEAM.The level of production shoot out this weekend at Valley Views Glamping for all the pr...