The Pinnacle Ski Club NZ

The Pinnacle Ski Club NZ


Josh & Eva are super stoked with the new ping pong 🏓 table.
So glad to be back down here.
Had our first weekend in the Ohakune lodge this weekend as new members of Pinnacle. Keen to tick away at little maintenance things while down there over the course of winter - who do I talk to about what things I think could be done? /Is there a master 'to-do' list somewhere?
Lucky lucky!
Book in, drive up and join the 10 other guests at Pinnacle ski club Whakapapa lodge and get some early season lines in.
We had two nights of delicate, fresh, powdery snow fall and what a stunner to wake up to.
Grab breaky at 730, head off for your first run at 830 and be first in the lift lines before 9am🤙
After 2 days of sad sad rain, the freezing level has dropped and there is snow falling again!!
Here's some good news. If you're game enough, there is a run to be had outside the front doors. Taken on Saturday 10th July.
Here's the current view at Pinnacle Whakapapa lodge. Sunday 11th July.
Hi everyone, I'm Doug and I'm the custodian at the Whakapapa lodge this winter 2021.
Im looking forward to meeting you when you come for a ski.
I've been trying to capture some photos of the snow conditions as they develop over the last week up here at Whakapapa. Today is really positive, we received a drop of snow over night which has covered the corner of the rock garden just below the lodge.
No doubt RAL will be stoaked as they have been working noticeably through the nights to ready the rock garden for school holidays.
Ps, if you have any fruit trees and there's some spare fruit bring it to the lodge with you
Rock garden looking pretty good again.
Booter day
Guys be careful on the road this weekend , an all wheel drive was written off and closed the Bruce briefly this arvo
A few different angles from this week, place looks amazing, the traverse of fear is cut , knoll was finally opened and there's fresh snow on the way.

Welcome to Pinnacle Ski Club, your gateway to some of New Zealand’s best skiing around Mount Ruapehu. Join our ski club for accommodation options.

You can stay at our "ski-in ski-out" lodge located on the Whakapapa ski field or at our Ohakune Alpine Village lodge - where you can drive right to the front door. The Pinnacle Ski Club has been established for over fifty years with both lodges available all year round. The mix of members includes families, singles and a large portion of long term members making the club a great experience for a d

Operating as usual

Photos from The Pinnacle Ski Club NZ's post 15/02/2022

Massive congratulations to Zoi for winning her third Winter Olympic medal today - at only 20 years young - talk about inspiring! 🙌❄️🏂🥳

Photos from The Pinnacle Ski Club NZ's post 27/01/2022

According to Garmin we are 820m from the top car park with 96m of vert…. not a bad way to stretch the legs after hours in a car! Beautiful day on the maunga 😍 #pinnacleskiclubnz

Markus Eder's The Ultimate Run - The Most Insane Ski Run Ever Imagined 10/11/2021

Markus Eder's The Ultimate Run - The Most Insane Ski Run Ever Imagined

It's been a tough second half to the year, especially for Aucklanders who were in lockdown for the ski season .... here's to more freedoms and hopefully a lot more skiing in 2022! 🥂❄️😎🤞

Markus Eder's The Ultimate Run - The Most Insane Ski Run Ever Imagined Watch the exclusive behind the scenes on Red Bull TV 👉“Sometimes my mind goes kind of crazy a...


We started getting late afternoon snow just before the lifts closed. Woohoo. Give the custodian a call to find out what the on mountain conditions are doing to help plan your trip.


The snow started falling last night at Whakapapa.


Happy to be back at the Whakapapa lodge, ready to host anyone who can get here.
We are recieving a timely dusting of snow as well. See you soon...

Photos from The Pinnacle Ski Club NZ's post 10/08/2021

The storm has passed and the avalanche control is mostly done.
There are nice big pockets of powder to be found and the piste has been groomed.


What's the best sight on the Maunga?
Well, today it would be the sight of fresh falling snow.


Fresh snow, get on it!

Freshies available today at Whakapapa.


Afternoon in the Valley.

Come on up to Pinnacles lodge at Whakapapa.
Like I did today, you could write a report in the morning while the snow releases and ride the Valley T all afternoon.
The waterfall is serviceable so ski into the lodge when you're done. Mint.👌

Photos from The Pinnacle Ski Club NZ's post 27/07/2021

Morning inspection of the slopes. It's pretty nice.


Lucky lucky!
Book in, drive up and join the 10 other guests at Pinnacle ski club Whakapapa lodge and get some early season lines in.
We had two nights of delicate, fresh, powdery snow fall and what a stunner to wake up to.
Grab breaky at 730, head off for your first run at 830 and be first in the lift lines before 9am🤙


Enough cover to break out the rock-hoppers from the locker 🤙
#pinnacleskiclubnz #whakapapa #ruapehu


We finally have some snow people! 🥳❄ Hopefully this cold snap is the start of much more white gold to come....
But we still need plenty more you say? Not this chap who dusted off his rock hoppers to score the first freshies of the season - he sure deserves a medal for keenness! 😂 top show


The RAL 2020 Annual report has been released, in case you missed it.


Don’t forget to get your bookings in!

Photos from The Pinnacle Ski Club NZ's post 17/04/2021

Lodge re-stock 2021. Getting your happy place ready for the winter 😃


The snow fall has started at Mt Ruapehu!
Still a little early but always exciting!

Mt Ruapehu On The Hunt For Staff 05/04/2021

Mt Ruapehu On The Hunt For Staff

With borders closed the ski fields are facing labour shortages this winter - do your bit for the team of 5 million by working a season on the slopes! ❄️❄️😎👍

Mt Ruapehu On The Hunt For Staff Mt Ruapehu is calling out to Kiwis with a love of the outdoors and winter sport to head to the maunga for some winter fun – and offering them a job opportunity while they’re there. With the borders still closed to international ski staff Mt ...

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott and Nico Porteous create history at World Championships 13/03/2021

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott and Nico Porteous create history at World Championships

In case you missed it.....massive result for Kiwi's Zoi Sadowski-Synnott and Nico Porteous at the FIS World Championships in Aspen.
Porteous took out the halfpipe with back-to-back left and right 1620's - the only athlete to ever land this in competition. Impressive stuff! Well done Zoi and Nico.

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott and Nico Porteous create history at World Championships Wānaka's Zoi Sadowski-Synnott and Nico Porteous have won medals at the World Championships on the same day, just like they did at the Winter Olympics in 2018.

Mt Ruapehu - Instructor Training 28/02/2021

Mt Ruapehu - Instructor Training

Ever dreamed about becoming a professional ski or snowboard instructor?! This season could be your opportunity to make this dream come true.

With a lack of international instructors due to travel restrictions, Mt Ruapehu is looking to fill it's Apprentice Instructor Programme with local talent. If this sounds like you then make sure you check out

AIM - To gain instructor qualifications.

- To be part of a comprehensive training programme completing a NZSIA ski & snowboard exam. Successful apprentices have ability to teach and continue training at Mt Ruapehu in 2021.

- Seasonal or casual employment within the Snow Industry at Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand if successful.
- Free introduction with a 4-day training preparing for the Level one NZSIA exam.
- NZ qualification in skiing or snowboarding with New Zealand Snowsport Instructors Association if successful.
- Continued training throughout the winter with recognised Trainers within Tūroa/Whakapapa Ski and Ride school.
- One of our values is Manaakitanga. You will create lasting friendships teaching skiing and snowboarding.

Mt Ruapehu - Instructor Training Discover Mt Ruapehu during summer or winter! Ride the country's most advanced gondola, Sky Waka, high above the beautiful world-heritage-listed mountain area all year round. Ski or Snowboard two of NZ’s largest Ski areas, Whakapapa and Turoa all winter long for action packed family fun all year. 21/12/2020

Idyllic summer getaway - The Pinnacle Lodge - Turoa

Looking for a place to get away from it all and explore this summer? Idyllic summer getaway - The Pinnacle Lodge. New to Bookabach! Fully furnished rustic lodge with plenty of space for families or groups to enjoy. Just a...


One metre of fresh powder blanketing whakapapa... who’s lucky enough to be at the lodge today??!!
#whakapapa #mtruapehu #springskiing #pinnacleskiclubnz #powder #nzpowder


Snow ❄️ is bucketing down today and more to come this week... Perfect time for the school holidays!! #pinnacleskiclubnz #ruapehu #whakapapa #springsking #nzsnow #snowboarding #skiing #turoa


Mt Ruapehu

In case you missed it - the opening of the Fat West T-bar is in the pipeline! ... and Snow-vember will be going ahead after Labour weekend, as long as the snow sticks around on the upper mountain🤞 🥳 ❄️🏂
The freezing level is forecast to drop on Monday with more snow on the way, so get your bookings in for some school holiday action on the slopes!


We are ecstatic to be heading back to Level 1 tonight! 🥳
For those of you that tell us to just give you the highlights in these updates...we promise we will come back with that soon, however right can only be right that you hear this from these two!

#SpringBacktoWinter (Conditions pending!)


Getting ready for a big day on the hill with a lazy cuppa before kitting up and cruising down to the sky waka.... no car park booking - no worries! #thisishowwedoit #nohassles #pinnacleskiclubnz


Car park booking rules are being further relaxed and the weather for this weekend is looking mint!!! 🙌❄️⛄️😍

With the next announcement on the length of Covid-19 Alert Level 2 due on Monday 14th (for a possible change on Wednesday 16th) we are hoping that this will be the last week of 7-day bookable parking that we will need to release under these restrictions. We will then revert to weekends only until 27th September.

As our data has given further insight into visitor trends and the recent positive change of now being able to load full chairlifts with face coverings worn, we have been able to accommodate more capacity overall. This has allowed us to be more flexible with the process around parking. With that in mind:

• The bookable window will reduce to 7am-1pm at Whakapapa and 7am-11am at Tūroa from Thursday 10th September, 7 days a week until we return to Level 1

• We will be running a digital release system during the above times - as guests leave the ski area, these numbers will be released in blocks back into the availability online for you to book. You will still be required to hold an online booking before being allowed access to the ski area, but this will increase on the day availability during the peak times

• After the control point stands down, we will continue with manual road closures if we reach our reduced Level 2 capacity

• On the parking booking site, we have reordered the booking screen to ensure your details are captured prior to viewing availability, so that your selection can be secured quicker. Over time we are working on your feedback of adding a timed reserved cart

Now that we are able to account for those leaving the ski areas early, we are able to stand down the control points earlier, making time on the snow more accessible for afternoon visitors.


Another bluebird today at @whakapapanz @mtruapehu . Who’s coming down this weekend???
📸 @mike.harrison66
#nzsnow #bluebird #ruapehu #pinnacleskiclub #pinnacleskiclubnz #whakapapa #winternz #skiing🎿 #snowboarding #nz #newzealand


It’s a stunner of a day on the maunga! ☀️ 🏔 View from outside of Pinnacle Ski Club this morn. If you’re not stuck in Auckland I wonder where you should be today?! I’d know where I’d rather be ⛷🏂❄️ 📷 @mike.harrison66 #nofiltersneeded
#whakapapa #mtruapehu @whakapapanz @mtruapehu #bluebird #pinnacleskiclub #winternz #winter2020 #nz #ohakune #newzealabd #northisland #snow #skiing🎿 #snowboarding #snowlife


Mt Ruapehu

Morena, we are stoked to have been seeing the snow come down the last few days which is fantastic timing as we near the half way mark of the season! a good set up to a strong second half.

We are about to do another car park release and thought we would reiterate how that works while we are at Covid-19 Level 2. When we see good weather we are able to release more capacity (up the numbers) but when we can see weather complications we need to tighten up for safe distancing protocols as the cafes and covered areas become a lot more crowded. If the weather improves between this parking release and the day we may be able to boost the numbers so do keep an eye out.

This will all get easier when our Alert Levels (hopefully) improve soon! 😊


Mt Ruapehu

Check out the Trailforks app if you want to know where you are...where you have been (and where to next!). The app started out in mountain biking but you can toggle the settings over to ski and see that the Mt Ruapehu trails are all loaded in there too. The app is also really handy if you get into trouble with a speed button you can use to call emergency services alongside a nice clear read out of your coordinates- a great tool towards keeping yourself safe!


Wellington - LIVE

Mt Ruapehu tonight towering behind Paraparaumu beach 😍

Purchase a high quality A3 print of this photo here:

(use code "CHRISTMAS" for $10 off)

📸 @lilia.alexander


Mt Ruapehu

The opening of the Valley and Knoll T-bars is imminent - time to dust off the planks and start getting excited!

Into the upper mountain at Whakapapa!

Steve is feeling good about the Valley T-Bar for this weekend and the team are now cracking into work on the Knoll which might line up quite nicely with some good weather early next week.

We are also pleased to let you know that group lessons are now bookable online! thank you for your patience with this


Mt Ruapehu

Steve filmed this for us last night...a bit of a look at what is needed for us to get more of the mountain pumping ☃️

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Fresh snow, get on it!
Afternoon in the Valley.
❄️❄️❄️Are you between 18 - 25 and looking to shred this winter at Mt Ruapehu?!! ❄️❄️❄️Then we have a deal for you!!!For ...
Snowing flat out



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Mt. Ruapehu

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