Big Brown Paws Doggie Daycare & Grooming

Big Brown Paws Doggie Daycare & Grooming


Lily looking beautiful too 😍
Costa looking pretty sharp! Thanks Victoria.
Costa and Lily feeling so much better after their groom today. Thank you Victoria.
All that fur gets in all ya nooks and crannys, I felt so prickly 😂 😂
I'm so proud of myself. Love you Fern ♥️
WOW! What a fantastic celebration we had last night for our Gala Awards Event! Huge congratulations to all our award winners, including our Overall Business of the Year Taupo DeBretts! See below for a full list of the winners for 2021 -

Tremains Micro Business -
🥇 Winner - Freedom Tribe Pilates
🥈 Highly Commended - Huka Falls River Cruise

Vine Eatery & Bar Small/Medium Business -
🥇 Winner - Big Brown Paws Doggie Daycare & Grooming
🥈 Highly Commended - Spacecraft

Strettons Large Business -
🥇 Winner - Taupo DeBretts
🥈 Highly Commended - Lava Glass

Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology Not For Profit -
🥇 Winner - Thrive
🥈 Highly Commended - Tongariro National Trout Centre

Legend Excellence in Social Media & Marketing -
🥇 Winner - Landmark Homes
🥈 Highly Commended - Spacecraft

Amplify Excellence in Innovation -
🥇 Winner - Incredible India Restaurant
🥈 Highly Commended - Unichem Mainstreet Pharmacy

Taupō District Council Excellence in Environmental Sustainability -
🥇 Winner - Taupo DeBretts
🥈 Highly Commended - Tongariro National Trout Centre

More FM Excellence in Community Contribution -
🥇 Winner - Total Sport
🥈 Highly Commended - The Cozy Corner

Cargill Stent Clarke Lawyers Excellence in Leadership -
🥇 Winner - Reviva
🥈 Highly Commended - Spacecraft

BNZ People's Choice -
🥇 Winner - Pure LED

Unison Overall Business of the Year -
🥇🥇🥇 Taupo DeBretts 🥇🥇🥇
Woooooooo hooooooo
I was delighted to receive a Mother’s Day card from Anika. Thanks Big Brown Paws team!
My three dogs now full time 5 days a week doggie day care. Amazing team and we are grateful the three amegos having more fun than we are at work.
You all know how much the Legend team love their four legged friends so you could imagine it's been a match made in heaven working with the team at Big Brown Paws Pet services Limited Taupo with their marketing strategy and new website.
Let's all be as happy as this pooch as we head in to the second to last weekend of 2020.
Happy International Dog Day guys!!
Photos please

'Enriching the lives of canine and owner'

Where your fur baby can socialise & have fun! 🐾 Doggie Day Care
Full Dog Grooming Services
Group Walks
Dog Bus Service
Dog Washes
Nail Cuts

Providing comfort and care to you best friend 🐾

New Clients: We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your pets!

Operating as usual


Happy International Women’s Day!
From all of us at BBPAWS!

We celebrate international women’s day on the 8th March to recognise the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. We celebrate to raise awareness about gender equality and lobbies for accelerated gender parity.

Here is a favourite quote
“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
-Mother Teresa


Best Mates Monday! This week the spotlight is on the budding new friendship of Raphy & Violet! 🐾

Violet has just come back to BBPAWS after having a break and Raphy made it his mission to make her feel super welcomed!💕


This little guy has won our Dog Of The Week for being the tiniest doggo with the biggest heart 💙 Despite his teeny stature, Oakley is as fearless as it comes - he has wasted no time making friends of all shapes and sizes! On his first day at BBPAWS, Oakley decided to befriend some of the dogs ten-times his size - we think he was secretly employing them for protection! 🤣 He adores cuddles from staff throughout the day & he even won the Gold Medal in our BBPAWS Olympics for his beautiful contemporary dance 😅 Thanks for continuously brightening our week, little cutie! 🐾

Photos from Big Brown Paws Doggie Daycare & Grooming's post 04/03/2022

This week we welcomed these two beautiful dogs to our Big Brown Paws whanau 👋🐾

Oscar is a lovely, placid retired Greyhound who loves taking a dip in the paddling pool, snoozing on the beds & being the wise guardian to the younger doggos.

Ru is an adorable Miniature Schnauzer who was quite possibly the most popular new dog we have had to-date on his first day; he made more friends than we could write on his Report Card!!


A soggy dog is a happy dog


"The saying 'opposites attract' couldn't be more accurate for these two besties! This unlikely duo, Blu & Nessie, have an absolute blast together - height difference is no issue for these pups!"


Dexter went on his first walk with Big Brown Paws this week, and had an absolute blast! The humans had fun too as Dexter made sure to stay with the group and always came when called. For his great behaviour he has been named Dog of the Week and can come along for walks anytime.


This week at Big Brown Paws we had a new fur member join our crew! Meet Gwen🐶
Gwen had a fulfilled day that consisted of cuddling all staff and making sure all the dogs were behaving in the pen✨


Kia ora BBPAWS family! Please read this post from VetPlus regarding Parvovirus in the community. Also read below for our canine vaccination requirements at BBPAWS.


The vaccinations we require for canines at BBPAWS are:

1) ✅DHPP/i✅ (Canine Distemper Virus, Canine Adenovirus - CAV-2, Canine Parvovirus, Canine Parainfluenza)

2) ✅Kennel Cough (KC)✅ (Bordetella)

3) ✅Leptospirosis✅ (Lepto, Leptospirosis copenhageni)

We also require our dogs at BBPAWS to be regularly treated for fleas & worms.

If your dog has received their vaccination boosters please send us a picture of their updated Vet Book, or upload it to their profile on Paw Partner.

If you have any queries regarding Canine vaccinations, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you😊

Sadly we have been seeing a few cases of parvovirus; this virus can be deadly to your puppies or dog.

Parvovirus (‘parvo’) is a highly contagious, viral disease. Symptoms are - lethargy, lack of appetite and fever. This usually progresses to vomiting and bloody diarrhoea. The disease can progress quickly and severe disease often results in death.

Please make sure:
•Your puppies have received the full vaccination course
•Your adult dogs’ vaccinations/ boosters are up to date
• Dogs and puppies undergoing the vaccination course are kept away from public areas, parks, the lake and dog exercise areas (they are not fully protected until 10-14 days after their last vaccination).

If you have any questions about parvovirus or our vaccination process, please phone us on 0800 VETPLUS
If you do suspect your pet has parvovirus please contact the clinic before bringing your fur baby in, due to the highly contagious nature of this virus.

Photos from Big Brown Paws Doggie Daycare & Grooming's post 24/02/2022

More photos for your enjoyment

Photos from Big Brown Paws Doggie Daycare & Grooming's post 24/02/2022

Here is a few photos of our week


First time babies

This baby boy had his first mini groom today, not sure it was his favourite thing but he sure did look dashingly handsome. Also the groomer in training got some more great practice under her belt, super job!


Nothing like a good face lift to finish off the middle of the week in the grooming room today.


Tongues out Tuesday!
These doggies are having a great time with there tongues out!

Photos from Big Brown Paws Doggie Daycare & Grooming's post 21/02/2022

Swims and walks from last week and today!
We take out a group of 10 dogs a day, so if you would like your dog to join in the fun let one of our staff know. For $5 your dog will join us on a 40mi n to 1hr walk, swim adventure, you can also purchase walk cards.


Closing ceremony of our doggie Olympics!
What a great effort by all, staff included
All the doggies are winners


Day 4 doggie Olympics!
What a great effort from staff and dogs, Cookie you were the star of the day!


This week we award 'Dog of the Week' to the legendary Nala AKA Nana!🍌 This beauty's character is as big as her appetite, and her will to participate in just about anything at Daycare is even larger! Nana always puts her paw up to join in walks, games, tug of war, cuddles & swims. She loves the water more than anything and it would be difficult to find a dog faster at swimming and more buoyant than her. Nana loves a good natter, especially when it's home time - she'll talk your ear off with a side-portion of sass! Thanks for being a consistent ray of sunshine at BBPAWS Nana, your unique personality makes our day 💙

Photos from Big Brown Paws Doggie Daycare & Grooming's post 18/02/2022

This week at Big Brown Paws has been a full on week with new dogs coming in left right and centre!🐶.
This week we welcome Milly W, Lunar and Arlo who have all been busy making new friends, zooming around the daycare and loving the staffs welcoming arms into their new school!⛅️
We also Ava and Louie who are visitors that popped in for the day who appreciated all our staff’s Hospitality!🐶🤍


Day 3 of our doggie Olympics!
We have all had a great time with the doggies doing different sporty events.


Today in the grooming room we decided to throw a little party for this sweet munchkin Rosie!!
Today she is turning 6 years old!🤍🎂
We hope you have an amazing rest of your day Rosie and all the team thank you and your family for the amazing cake to celebrate this amazing day for you!!✨🐶


Day 2 at our doggie Olympics!
All dogs have this event a go, all the dogs love to run!


This floofy big girl had her first de-shed with us today. Despite yelling all her sins at the groomer Winter was a very good girl with a fur coat to die for.


Was this little old lady's last groom with us today, she's off to live the rest of her days at home with her mamma. Sparkles has been a client of ours for roughly 2 years so will miss her very much.

Doggie Olympics swim event 2022 15/02/2022

Doggie Olympics swim event 2022

To celebrate the Olympics we thought we would do our own BBPAWS doggie Olympics!
Over the next few days watch what we have been up to with your dogs. We will announce all the winners this Sunday for our closing ceremony. Go team paws!!

Doggie Olympics swim event 2022 Big Brown Paws are celebrating the Olympics with the dogs by holding our very own Doggie Olympics ...

Doggie Daycare Valentine's Day 2022 14/02/2022

Doggie Daycare Valentine's Day 2022

We are now on Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram, Paw Partner and Facebook. So check out all to see pics and movies of your fur babies!

Doggie Daycare Valentine's Day 2022 Valentines Day at Big Brown Paws.


Morning all!
Grooming dates available are from 7th of March to the 14th of March.
So get in and book as we are filling in fast!🐶

Photos from Big Brown Paws Doggie Daycare & Grooming's post 14/02/2022

Here's what we got up to for Valentine's 2022 - see if you can spot your furry Valentine!❤


Pooch smooches Valentines day 2022

♥️Happy Valentines everyone!♥️

Doggie Daycare dating app 13/02/2022

Doggie Daycare dating app

Hope you are all having a great weekend, this is a little teaser before the main event tomorrow for Valentines Day!♥️ What would your dog's dating profile say?!

Doggie Daycare dating app This a teaser of what’s to come tomorrow on Valentines ♥️ ...



Milo is always the life of the party here at Big Brown Paws. If he's not busy playing with anyone of his dozens of friends, he's off in the grooming room making sure he looks his best for meeting his next best mates. First impressions matter, after all.


Meet Wilson!
Wilson is our newest member of the Schnauzer clan, making best friends with Harry Jr and having a big day running around making memories here at Big Brown Paws!🐶


Enjoy time, Enjoy walks, Enjoy cuddles and Enjoy them!

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A soggy dog is a happy dog
First time babies
Pooch smooches Valentines day 2022



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