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Fab spot to have a warm shower & clean bikes before your drive home. Great welcoming team 👏
Hi there,
We are DUBPC (Down-Under Backpacker Cars), an App-based platform with the aim to help young travellers to seamlessly search, find and at the end of their journey sell their car.
Just before this unfortunate situation with COVID 19 escalated, we were about to launch worldwide promotion via social media to introduce DUBPC to all young people with the intention to visit Australia and New Zealand as Backpackers.
DUBPC Facebook site is https://www.facebook.com/dubpcars/
At this point, we would like to establish a relationship with all communities in the business. We have created a number of videos which could be found on our Facebook site.
Please, let us know if that may fit in your networking concept. We would like to give you the right of access to all of our videos to publish on your social media. Also, we have created high-quality flyers and if you have the space dedicated to that kind of promotion, we will be happy to send you some of them as well.
Rem who runs Flashpackers Ongarue
KA 2020 Day 8 - Pureora to Ohura

Distance: 137.10km
Elevation gain/loss: 1,763/2,178m
Strava evidence: https://www.strava.com/activities/3140734406

I got up reasonably early and departed just after 7:30am, feeling the pressure of limited time and needing to make headway. I had my starter breakfast of porridge aiming to get a second breakfast at the Timber Trail Lodge which was doing pizza during the day for TA and KA riders. While getting the bike ready to depart, the three women in the cabin next door, who were doing TA, were eating cheese on toast! I couldn't help mentioning the delightful aroma that was coming from their cabin. The lovely people that they are took pity on me and shared a piece of their cheese on toast, yum! Many thanks again Karen, Mo and Pauline.

Today was my fourth trip down the Timber Trail so I didn't feel the need to stop too much along the way to take photos or explore. My plan was to get to Ongarue, hopefully refuel a bit there and work out whether or not it was feasible to press on further. The 85km Timber Trail is a decent day ride in its own right and more so on a loaded bike.

I caught up with Mark & Sue who I last saw on day 4. They reminded me that the lodge were only doing pizzas from 1-4pm. I would be arriving too early and didn't want to wait around even though a good feed of pizza would be welcomed. Fortunately, Camp Epic 1km down the trail were offering a couple of toasted sandwiches and a drink for $10 which was a more than adequate second breakfast. Here, I met other TA and KA riders including Mark & Sue again as well as Duncan & Richard who I'd shared the cabin with last night.

Like the day before, it had started out misty but it was quite cool as the track climbed up the side of Pureora and then descended. Then after the stop at Camp Epic it started to rain a bit but after a while that stopped. By the time I reached the Ongarue Spiral the day was getting warmer and was beautiful and sunny upon arrival at Ongarue itself. Many seasons in one day.

Rolling into Ongarue about 3:30pm I found another oasis, Rem and his Flashpackers Ongarue operation. Rem was in the middle of cooking serious food for his guests (and burning the rice while doing so!) and didn't have much in the way of over the counter food left bar some cream doughnuts and soft drink. So I devoured two doughnuts and a coke for starters and then topped up with my snacks. I had enough time to make Ohura 50km away with a plan A to see if there was room at the B&B there and a plan B to camp at the freedom camping area in the town. Calling ahead, Michelle had room at her B&B and she also operated the Fiesta Fare Mexican Food Caravan which would still be open by the time I arrived. So plan A with a food option it was!

It was almost 4:30pm by the time I tore myself away from Rem's Flashpackers after preparing body and bike for the last stretch for the day. There was a decent climb en route too, over the Okaukura Saddle involving almost 200m over about 3km. Once that was done there was another fast descent into the Ohura River valley and into the little settlement that is Matiere. Here I met some interesting people, Thomas & Jenny who own and operate the international Solvej Swing business (see Solvej Swings) out of Matiere and a young lad David. I had a good chat with Thomas & Jenny about their business and they showed me around part of their factory based in the building that used to be the town's bank. They employ a number of local people and are in the process of building a loading bay between the two buildings they use. Its great to see that a successful small business like this can operate out of a place like Matiere. It would take many of these to really make this little town hum but maybe there is hope for remote rural locations like this.

Again, after spending much more time in Matiere than planned, I tore myself away as the day was starting to draw to a close and I'd indicated to Michelle at Ohura that I should arrive around 7:30pm to grab some food. I arrived about 7:35pm to find Michelle still serving food at the caravan even after cooking all day for the medieval market day that had been held in the town (who would've thought?), so I parked my bike and got stuck into dinner. It is amazing how one's life revolves around food when doing these big adventures.

After a lovely two and a bit course meal thanks to Michelle and her Mexican caravan, she showed me to the B&B accommodation that was right next door behind the building that Michelle ran her other business, Alchemy Botanicals skin care. Sharing the same accommodation was Anna who and had spent the evening catching up with a friend in Ohura and was now riding solo. She was the only other Kopiko Aotearoa rider I'd seen since the latter part of the Timber Trail. I had a comfortable room (that I was allowed to share with my bike!) and for the first and only night of my Kopiko adventure, I slept in a bed with sheets rather than my sleeping bag. After another big day, sleep came swiftly.

PACKAGE Pureora - Ongarue
$245 pp
bike hire and meals extra cost
Ph 027 321 6274




My $50 3inch tyre came from China today so all set for the TT , planning on riding the circle of 130kms in one day , gearing down to 32 chain ring at Pureoroa , I'll get the video from Relive via Strata , just waiting on the weather , could be a long wait........


Bike camping




Food , drinks , toilets , mattresses and showers available

Bruce Hopkins Walks The Long Way Home for GRG - Givealittle 28/11/2017

Bruce Hopkins Walks The Long Way Home for GRG - Givealittle

Call in and see me at the Southern end of the Timbertrail in Ongarue FLASHpackers , I`ll find a bed and some grub etc.

Bruce Hopkins Walks The Long Way Home for GRG - Givealittle Bruce Hopkins (aka 'Ga***ng' in LOTR) is walking the Te Araroa Trail raising funds for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust NZ - Givealittle is the place to donate and fundraise for causes and charities online.


Steve Bilton and Dee Nagle riding the Mega Grind on day 3 . Phil Walter finished the 780klms course in just 46 hours !

Photos from Flashpackers Ongarue's post 04/11/2017

Tom Crehan and partner from Taranaki , testing their kit in preparation for Tour Aeotearoa 2018


Jakub and Daska cycling home to Czech Republic ETA 2019
Website bike packing nomads .com / check out their gear


Clare and Gideon cycled from Worthing UK over 18 months , calling in for a quick coffee before contemplating the Timbertrail


NYFD Chief Steve San Filippo and partner Lai all cleaned up next morning after a hetic 45klms ride on the Timbertrail


Full suspension USA tandem , 26 inch carbon fiber rims , steel frame , hydraulic brakes , internal hub gearing, can be cut into 3 pieces for transport
Garry and Annette from South Sydney rode the Timbertrail on their tandem hybrid in 6 hours,if there were records kept this would have to be the top
They are registered with the TA Trail 2018 , due to depart the Cape on the 24th February 2018 along side 2 other tandems

Ongarue will be hosting the 600 cyclists coming through the Timbertrail next year

Timeline photos 17/03/2017

No maintenance carried out on the 2nd half at all this year , DOC have reneged on Iwi negotiations and the person in charge (DOC) needs to go now ! Not good enough

Timeline photos 11/11/2016

Stan and Maureen from the UK touring NZ

Timeline photos 28/09/2016

Russy on her 50th along with Mitch , Thomas and Dave from New Plymouth enjoying lasanga at the FLASHPACKERS after their 45klm ride

Timeline photos 27/08/2016

Korean wooden town bike at the supermarket , 26 inch wheels , 1 speed foot back brake $NZ1,250.00

Timeline photos 23/08/2016

Korean Commuter

Timeline photos 05/03/2016

Katleen Van Dyck turned up at FLASHPACKERS with a broken catcher and wants a refund.....lucky she only broke her catcher and not her neck !


300 cyclists biking 3000klm from the Cape to Bluff , watch the event life on MAProgress. NZ google search
1st group left on Sunday the 21st , a group of 6 cyclists came through Ongarue at 7am today averaging 300klm a day
No back up crew
Must rest for 6 hours between 9pm and 9am
Take selfies at designated points
Entry fee donations
Cyclists carry tents , clothes , food in their paniers
Organized by the Kennett brothers
Fantastic race !

Timeline photos 10/01/2016

Here's Lisa's bike,she is from Germany doing a NZ solo tour on her $30 trademe bike.......good luck Lisa your going to need it!

Timeline photos 15/12/2015

Meet an Ongarue local

Timeline photos 04/12/2015

Timeline photos

Untitled album 27/11/2015

Untitled album

Flashpackers accommodation 26/11/2015

Flashpackers accommodation

Untitled album 26/11/2015

Untitled album

Timeline photos 26/11/2015

Your host Rem Rensen

Timeline photos 25/11/2015

A cyclist coming in to Ongarue from the timber trail.

Mobile uploads 24/10/2015

Sunday morning , Labour Weekend , due to the forecast people canceled , the one's that didn't care nailed a perfect day......

Photos from Flashpackers Ongarue's post 10/04/2015

Photos from Flashpackers Ongarue's post




6 Ongarue Village Rd

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