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How awesome are you guys for offering that guy on The Newshub page a job! Keep us updated
Yummy blueberry smoothies made from the best blueberries @ Berries Direct
Hi Berries Direct, we picked a couple of buckets of your beautiful blueberries today and was just wondering if they are spray free - no problem just needed to know.
Thanks 🦋
Hi its Darren King from Tunnelhouse tech Ltd, if you are looking at the second hand greenhouse in Rangiora and would like to talk about costs and or options, give me a call 021392934 or email [email protected]
Will you be open Saturday (25th) for picking?
Any blueberry picking tomorrow?
Hi, are you open for PYO today?
Hi, are you open for PYO on Monday & Tuesday?

Blueberry and Gooseberry grower,
Local in Canterbury and Export to the World. Berries Direct are on Free flow Frozen Blueberries � $10/kg

Operating as usual


Looking for a family thing to do today…. try pick your own Blueberries

Open 10-4 Saturday and Sunday 528 Jones Rd

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Thinking of where to go this weekend… Pick Your Own is still OPEN.

528 Jones Rd
10-4 Saturday and Sunday
Realfruit Ice Creams available and FreeFlow frozen 2022 Berries

Just a few weekend left for the season Get yours today

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Easy picking here today


What a stunner of a Sunday
Loads of happy customers tomorrow.
Super easy picking and the flavours are

Open 10-4

Pick your own Blueberries
Real Fruit Ice Cream
Pete’s Pete's Natural Soda


Blueberries PYO OPEN 10-4pm Saturday and Sunday
RealFruit Ice Creams available and Free Flow Frozen 2022 Blueberries (Limited stock of 100kg)

We will be open for maybe one more weekend, there is heaps of Ripe fruit hanging ready to pick

So pop on out to Berries Direct and grab yourself some amazing SuperFruit


What a stunner it’s shaping up to be today. Come grab some fresh blueberries and an ice cream before you head to the water.
OPEN 10-4


Got them Saturday Feelings, with great weather forcast and some great ripening during the week we have an abundance of berries ripe for the picking. Come on down 528 Jones rd Weedons for PYO Blueberries, Frozen Blueberries and Real Fruit Ice Creams

OPEN 10-4 Saturday and Sunday

Get them before they're gone.


Sunday - A little chilly but on the plus side the berries are super easy to pick. Heaps of space to spread out and enjoy.

With the cooler weather they have sized up well also

Grab your plump blueberries today Berries Direct


PYO OPEN 10-4 SUNDAY 27th February
528 Jones Rd

PYO Blueberries

Frozen Blueberries

Real Fruit Ice Cream

Pete's Natural Soda

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Wow what a good solid rain and waking up to a fantastic day.
We’re open 10-4 today. Picking is still good but you will need to venture into the bushes more than pick the edges.

Rabbiteye when walking through last night still have nice ripe fruit low and high and Delites will be best picking up high. The Delites will pink a dark pink colour as they do not go blue, but are beautiful eating, nearly zero grit and fantastic flavour.

We also have our RealFruit Ice Creams made with our own blueberries and Hann Harvest raspberries, and Pete's Natural soda so refresh with after.

So come on out, enjoy a casual pick relax in the sun and fresh air and roam free amongst the large area available inside the orchard


Pick your own OPEN 10-4 Saturday and Sunday
We have Rabbiteye and Delites ripe for the picking
As well as our own Real Fruit Ice Creams, Frozen Yogurts and Pete's Natural sodas.

Don’t forget our amazing FreeFlow frozen Blueberries $16/kg available from the PYO shop


Sorry people it’s too wet to open the orchard today.
We will open as soon as the weather allows


At a loose end, looking for something to get outside and enjoy the air?
Then support local and Pick Your Own.

PYO Blueberries OPEN 10-4
Wash it down with a RealFruit Ice Cream or Pete's Natural soda.

PYO $18/kg - FreeFlow Frozen Blueberries $16/kg


Beautiful picking in the orchard today. Mind the puddles and enjoy

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The rain has finished and the puddles are starting to disappear,
So grab some boots, a bucket or two and head on out for some PYO Fruit

The picking is sweet, and finish with a RealFruit Ice Cream treat

OPEN 10-4


How will you eat yours

Pecan Brownie Ice Cream Bars with all the blueberries 😍😍😍

Head to @panaceas_pantry for the easy recipe!


Thinking of a new breakfast this year, then stock up on local
blueberries 🫐, FreeFlow Frozen for your convenience or Pick your own

Available Berries Direct

Smoothie bowls are the best way to start the day and get a jumpstart on your 5+ A Day 🫐🍌🍇

To make these Blueberry Açai Bowls by @rawandfree place the following in a blender & blend until smooth:
1 cup fresh blueberries
4 frozen bananas
2 packs pure Açai
1-3 cups coconut water (depending on desired thickness)

Pour into bowls and top with fresh blueberries & anything else you like! Halve the recipe for 1 serving. Enjoy 💜

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Easy picking in the orchard today. Rabbiteye and Delites on-form

With the rain kn the way today is likely your best day to pick so we’re open 10-4 and if the weather holds we may keep it open later


PYO Blueberries OPEN 10-4 Thursday

Pop out for a relaxing pick while the kids are at school. Enjoy the flavour changes from Rabbiteyes to Delites and finish with a RealFruit Ice Cream (made with our Blueberries 🫐)

We also have huge stocks of beautiful big juicy FreeFlow Frozen berries for $16/kg. Don’t settle for the imported fruit at the supermarket, buy local, support local and know exactly where your food comes from


Happy Tuesday people
We will be closed generally during the week days now and open weekend. Picking in the weekends will be awesome woth our late variety coming on this and fast.
We will be looking to open a couple
Of afternoon- evening picks if people are interested also for after school ice creams and berry picking through February
Please do let up know what days are ideal for you all.

We will be open as normal on weekends 10-4 for PYO , Realfruit ice creams and FreeFlow Frozen blueberries


We are closed today.
Please note our new hours are now 10 am - 4 pm Saturday and Sundays only (no longer open during the week)


Closed today

Photos from Berries Direct's post 28/01/2022

Blueberry waffles are a weekly family treat in our house.

How do you have yours?

PYO OPEN 10-4pm - $18/kg

FreeFlow Frozen - $16/kg

Ice creams $6lge - $4sml
(Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry or Mixed)

So grab your container and mask and head on out.

We are picking in our back block, there is still
darrows (the very big ones) at the top end of the block as well as amazing picking throughout.

As this is a mixed block some bushes will now be empty but please feel free to move about and find the treasures hidden in the bushes and up high.

Ice creams will be available from 10-4 also as well as Pete's Natural sodas, and our FreeFlow Frozens ready picked to take home for baking,smoothies or just eating YUM.


Still plenty of good sized berries to pick, OPEN 10-4
We also are picking our Rabbiteye variety on the edge of the back block, these have a very strong flavour and general firmness.


The suns out and the berries are there to pick
Come in down and grab some blue and an ice cream

We also have frozen strawberries in stock so can make the strawberry ice creams also for a limited time

Open daily 10-4pm


We will be open today (Monday) from 10-4pm
We also have heaps of FreeFlow frozen Blueberries in stock for $16/kg

Remember the Rules for Red are simple
Space, Scan, Mask, Sanitise and No eating

So grab ya gummies and a coat, spread out and enjoy the picking


Berries Direct will be open tomorrow (Monday) weather permitting and throughout the duration of a Red Traffic Light Alert.

What does RED mean at Berries Direct?

-Masks remain mandatory (please also take them home with you, we don’t need to be your collection spot for the used ones)
-Covid Record QR Scanning is still required
-Please maintain at least a distance 1m from those around you.
- Strictly no eating in the orchard. We are not a buffet so please respect this.
- Be patient with staff and others in the Orchard/Shop we will be operating on 1 Customer at a time and as such will serve for fruit and ice creams per each customer.

Supplying food is an essential service and as such anyone can visit us (with or without a My Vaccine Pass)

Our PYO will remain open 7 days until the end of January and will then reduce opening days (still the same hours) for February


Sorry we will be closed today until the drizzle clears


Nice cool morning for picking today. Lots of fruit and easy picking. Lookout for our live video shortly

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528 Jones Road

Opening Hours

Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm

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