Hotels in Raurimu

Find hotels in Raurimu. Listings include Slalom Lodge, Wood Pigeon Lodge, Raurimu Chalet.

Slalom Lodge A Slalom Lodge
11 Kaitieke Road
Raurimu, 3990

Slalom Lodge, Raurimu is central to Mt Ruapehu, the Tongaririo Crossing and the Whanganui River. Em

Wood Pigeon Lodge B Wood Pigeon Lodge
130 Top Mill Road
Raurimu, 3989

Wood Pigeon Lodge provides a style of accommodation aimed at giving the customer a slice of what living in New Zealand should be all about. Fine scenery. relaxation, easy access to the natural enviromment and rural hospitality at its best.

Raurimu Chalet C Raurimu Chalet
3799 State Highway 4
Raurimu, 3989

Raurimu Chalet is an iconic Kiwi bach just off Mt Ruapehu.