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I can help with your health issues including but not limited to Allergies, Coughs, Headaches, Migraines, Mineral and Vitamin deficiencies. Keeping people out of the Health System, Improving peoples quality of life.

Keeping People out of the Health System, Improving people's quality of life, Changing the way people think.

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[09/30/18]   Depression.

Depression is something a lot of us will suffer from at some time in our lives.
Some times grief is mistaken for depression.

My belief on depression is, depression is caused when the human structure goes out of balance because of a lack of vitamins and minerals, Anti depressants are not the answer!

When one is in a depressed state this then affects the thoughts that come into your head.
At times these thoughts are very hard to control and going by the number of people who commit su***de each year a lot of people have given in to their thoughts.

If you suffer from depression, be strong take control of your thoughts , seek help and get help in getting your structure back in balance.
If you know somebody who is suffering from depression then please make time to talk to them and get them some help as they will need help with controlling their thoughts and getting their structures back in balance.
Some people with depression will show no sign and act the tough ones, if you know of a person who puts on a front then take some time out from your busy life and spend some time with them, talk to them, above all listen to them as they will give you clues as to how they are coping, we all need to take time and look after each other.

[05/20/18]   Poor Health Is Created

All Health issues have a starting point!
First look for the cause of the problem.
Is the structure still being affected in some way, if so look at removing the cause.
Just a few steps that i take when checking people out.
The problem we face with our Health system is poor Health is big business, a lot of people and a lot of companies make a lot of money out of people who suffer from poor Health.
Just imagine how small our Health System would be if we only used this for accidents and emergencies, a lot of people would be with out jobs and a lot of companies wouldn't exist.
There will always be a number of people who will try other ways of looking after their Health and well being, this is good!
For a lot of people who want to improve their Health they are faced with the the problem of changing their lifestyle and environment that they live in, it also makes this even harder if a partner is involved.

Poor Health

With a lot of Health issues our structures have the ability to heal themselves, other Health issues require outside help, i have also come across a couple of issues where the person can't be helped, this is not very nice to deal with.
I know when you are young and in your prime you think that you are bullet proof, believe me this is not true!
What we do to our structures when we are young has a lot to do with how our lives pan out later.
Our lifestyles ,exposure to harmful chemicals all impact on our structures.
By what i see it appears there are a lot of people who are not travelling down very Healthy Pathways.
Good luck with what ever pathway you choose to look after your Health.
Need help with your choice of Pathway then drop me a E mail or if you know of somebody who could do with some help then please share this post.
People have made comment about my text only phone number on my Face Book page, in the past i have found that when i speak to people on the phone some times people only hear what they want to hear, i also don't have record of what i have said, if i send a text or E mail then both parties have words to refer back to.
Good luck looking after your Health!

[03/21/18]   Always asking questions!

This is me!
There is always another question no matter how many answers that are given to you, don't stop asking questions, always finish off by asking, do i need to ask anymore questions in regard to this subject.

I can fill my day up by just asking questions, i question anything and everything.
The more time that i spend with a person the more questions that i can ask, the more guidance i can give them.
The healing of a human structure takes time, a life time as we are always dealing with a issue, known or unknown.

Never be afraid to ask a question, some times the answer is not what we expect, that is life!

[03/07/18]   Thrown in the deep end.

This is what i was told by a Maori Healer who i went to see in regard to being involved with terminal ill people. He told me that my guides had got me involved with these people to see if i was going to sink or swim, carry on or give up.
This was way back when i first started to help people and at a time when i was ready to throw my pendulum into the gorge, which i didn't, i kept going!
Every so often our guides will give us a test to see if we are ready to take the next step.
I know a lot of you are new at looking into who you are and why are you here, all i can say is keep going and pass your test.

[02/25/18]   Taking Supplements

A lot of us at some stage in our lives will require supplements.
Supplements for us Humans is big business, we are spoilt for choice.
The secret is knowing what supplements you require and what supplements will work for you, other wise it is trial and error which can be frustrating and expensive.
Some supplements will take time to build up in your system before they will work, not all supplements are made equal!

[02/21/18]   Freedom of choice

i read a article in the Wanganui chronicle in regard to adding fluoride to the Whanganui water.
Being able to drink water with out any additives makes me glad the we live in the country.
I take my hat off to all of the people who are working very hard to preserve our waterways in N.Z.
We all require water to live!

[12/10/17]   Dementia.

I have just read a newspaper article with the heading
"Dementia Rates Set To Soar"

According to this article the Neurodegenerative disease Alzheimers is the main cause of Dementia in older adults.
There was no mention on what caused Alzheimers, or if this disease could be prevented, or why this disease was set to soar. I would have thought that we should be looking for the cause and looking for ways of preventing people from getting Alzheimers. There was no reason given as to why this disease was on the increase, there was no reason given as to what caused damage to the human structure so that the human structure then becomes vulnerable to this disease.

I would put this damage done to the human structure down to a imbalance caused by a lack of Vitamins and Minerals and living with toxic chemicals that are in our daily lives.
These harmful chemicals are in our food, personal products, what we wash our clothes with also in house hold sprays , e.g, fly sprays.
Remember what harm you do to your structure today will have a affect on you tomorrow.
I know this is of no help to the people who have either Alzheimers or Dementia, at least this will help the people who are willing to help themselves.
People who have Alzheimers or Dementia need help with bringing their structures back into balance, and help with removing the toxic chemicals from their structures.

[09/26/17]   Keeping People out of the Health System

Just lately there have been a number of articles written in newspapers about people and their health.
One article that i read was in a farming paper, this was to do with toxic chemicals and the harm that these chemicals were doing to people, not just when they used them but later in life, even up to 20 years later.
Other articles that i read were to do with Asthma
[ Respiratory problems ] and people breathing in toxic spores. These were having a huge impact on peoples health.

1 ) Harmful Chemicals !
It is not just Farmers who are exposed to Harmful chemicals, most people at some stage in their lives will come in contact with chemicals that will cause harm to their structures.
Garden products, House hold cleaning products, personal products, Health products, Food, all of these can contain chemicals that cause us humans harm.
AS each persons make up is different from other people, we all can tolerate different chemicals from other people.
When you find yourself sick and full of aches and pains, do you just go off and treat the symptom, or do you also go looking for the cause?
Remember the problem that you are suffering from could have been caused by harmful chemicals you came in contact with 20 years ago.

2) Respiratory problems, [ Asthma ], Toxic Spores,
These are problems usually caused by what is happening in our lives today.
The first thing that i would be doing in regard to dealing with these symptoms is to find the cause, once this is found then this can be dealt with and then you can start on treating the symptoms, other wise you are facing a losing battle.
The easiest way of keeping people out of the Health system is by prevention. For a lot of people prevention is to hard as it requires a change in the way that you think, and this could mean a change in the products that you use.
The trouble is over the years we have become to rely on our Health system to help us, for me this is wrong, our Health system should be used when we can no longer help ourselves, and for accidents, not for conditions that we could have prevented ourselves from suffering from.
Instead of just looking for a cure to our Health problems, we should be looking at removing from our lives what is causing our health problems.
Peoples Health will not improve until people want to help themselves!

[04/04/17]   How are the doctor visits going?
How many times have you been back to the doctors because what you have been given is not working?
I am not anti doctors, we all need them, i myself have used them in the past.
What i try to do is keep myself and family and other people from having to rely on doctors all the time.
In a lot of cases if people are given the right help then they are able to help themselves, this all comes down to the want of the person.
How many of you at this time of the year get flu like symptoms? have you ever considered that you could be carrying a disease that is doing a cycle or one that is brought on by stress!
These diseases can be removed from the human structure using the vibration given off by a colour.
What products are you taking to help build up your immune system?
How do you know that the products that you have just spent a lot of money on are the right products for you?
Need help, then please make contact.

[02/10/17]   The journey we refer to as life ,we create.
I read where our Health System is over loaded with sick people, maybe it is time for people to start looking after themselves!

[06/23/16]   In regard to my website.
At this stage i don't have one set up. I have started but ran into problems with people wanting a guarantee for the advice i gave out. This is not possible as i have no control over what people do with my advice. People make up their own choice as to follow what i suggest or not. What i offer people is another way of looking into their health issues. I do intend to set up a website in the future it is just a matter of finding the right person to help me.

[05/22/16]   Children's issues!
Here is a example of some health problems that i have dealt with in regard to children lately.
Babies and young children sleeping through the night.
A nurse told one mother that it is normal for babies to not sleep through the night now days, this is not true. Yes it takes time to work out the cause of the problem, and yes sometimes the answers are hard to believe, but it is possible to get your baby sleeping through most nights. There are always going to be broken nights for one reason or another .e.g. cold, hungry, teething, growing pains or sick.
Another problem has been dealing with a toddler with a skin condition. With the help of some Malcolm Harker products this condition has all but gone.
Allergies has also been another big problem in children with the cause being ,plants, house hold products,and personal products.
Respiratory problems in children has been another problem. The main cause of these has been mould/ fungi spores growing in damp cold houses.
Have any of these been affecting your children ?.

[03/28/16]   Creating Health Problems !
A lot of people create their own health problems !
It is only a matter of time before these problems come to the surface and affect their structures. Some of the toxic chemicals that people come in contact with on a daily basis affect them straight away by giving them either, headaches, migraines, skin disorders, muscle cramps, to name a few symptoms, while other chemicals could take up to 20 to 30 years or longer before the affect on the structure becomes noticeable.
If our immune systems are down or our structures are out of balance because of a lack of vitamins or minerals in our diet then people open them selves up for disease or organ failure. The other one that is over looked which can be a cause of peoples health problems is parasites which can cause, skin disorders, itchy fingers. These can come from gardening without gloves.
Looking around what i see is that a lot of people don't want to do anything about their health until it is to late, then off to the doctor they go ! People need to know that we all have the ability to look after ourselves instead of relying on other people to make them well again. Sometimes because of the damage done to their structures this is not possible. The older people get the more noticeable this becomes.
I watch as a lot of young people pour harmful chemicals on them selves doing damage to their organs and because these chemicals have no immediate affect on them these people live today as if there is no tomorrow !
We all no how over loaded our health system is and how our doctors are over worked and we all see people becoming sick which should help us all make the choice to look after ourselves.
Not long a go i came across a women who has kept her self out of the health system for over 40 years, so it is possible !
Remember prevention is the key !

[02/28/16]   E Mail contact!

In regard to people making contact with me using E Mail.
Over the years people have either got hold of me by phone or they came to see me in person. Coming to see me in person is good for you as you get the personal contact. What i find is that this normally puts me on the spot as sometimes it takes time to go through peoples health issues and i find that i don't get to cover everything that is asked of me.
Using the phone can be good but what i have found in the past is that i have a person on the other end of the phone wanting a answer now. I also have found that people only hear what they want to hear and after the phone call have no words to refer back to. Also it is good not having to get up in the middle of the night or when i am having tea to answer questions.
There is also no cost involved as in the past i have had people ring me from oversea's.
Email works well for me as this allows me time to work on a answer. From your Email i not only work out your answer i can also get a insight into how else i can be of help to you. With a Email i then can go back to your words and look at my words and you can do the same with my answer long after you have made contact.
Email allows me to be open 24/7 and puts no restriction on how many people can contact me.
Any health issues Email, [email protected]

[02/25/16]   Prevention Is the key!

How many people do you know that are always going to the doctors or are always taking their children to the doctors?
A lot of times we are looking for a cure to our problems when we should be looking for the cause.
If you can find the cause of your health problems or childrens health problems then maybe it is possible to remove this from your lives. Maybe you need to bring your structure back in balance so as to strengthen up your immune system.
Some times people need to be proactive and take the first step to make this work.
Remember Prevention is the key!.

[02/20/16]   I cover all aspects of health and wellbeing.
Helping people who are not happy with the results that they are getting from their doctor or health professional, thats me!
In the past i have found that i am the last person people come to see. A few of these people that i have had dealings with have only had a short time to live.
This is very heart breaking for me as a lot of peoples health problems can be prevented, either by catching the disease before it takes hold, removing toxic chemicals that are causing the damage to the structure, finding out what supplements the structure requires to bring it back in balance, checking to see if the environment that people live in is safe.
One chap who came to see who didn't have long to live was suffering from mercury poisoning. He had picked this up from the environment in which he was living.
This chap had come from Germany.
If you have any health issues, don't leave it to late before you get these checked out as the sooner you get onto them the easier they are to treat.
If you need help all you have to do is ask!


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