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If you're looking for a gorgeous 2022 calendar, photographed by an amazingly talented teenager, head on over to Fodder Farm 😁

Love the new pics, Summer!!

Unfortunately, FB is being dumb and wont let me link or share the post here 🙄. So you'll have to go over there!
Goats all done and in the freezer!
30kg of yummy goat, 12kg from one, 18kg from the other.

Took about 2 hours, and nothing special... but its done 😁

I've had a little teaching, thanks to Fodder Farm,on how to chop up pigs, but everything else is pretty self taught. It never comes out pretty, but it comes out edible 😄.
My tools arent necessarily the best for chopping up meat either...
I dont have a cleaver, or a good saw for the bones, so all cuts are done along cartiledge or joints (i.e. between vertebrae), and no one to hold bits for me, so it can be a bit awkward...

From the 2 goats, we have 6 legs (2 had to be de-boned), 4 shoulder roasts, 4 rump roasts, 4 lots of ribs, 2 necks, 2 short sections of spine from between the ribs & tail, 5 bags of 300g ish diced meat and about 3kg of meat & fat ready to try turning into mince a bit later.
That equates to around 32 meals, plus any leftovers (after a roast for example).

The deboned spine is also separated out to make bone broth.
Other bones and unuseable fat/bits/whatever, go to the dogs.

And, i managed to only cut myself once!
I didnt cut myself at all when skinning/gutting...
Miracle! 🤣🤣

The pic was the big 18kg one, Ernie The Loud.
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Good afternoon guys I'm out visiting your parents and your Mum has shown me the article in that magazine. What a awesome write up ❤❤
Bumper crop of garlic!!!!! Thanks for the cloves Rebecca Stewart.

Homesteading farm and off grid living in the hills of rural New Zealand.

Operating as usual

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way 25/03/2022

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

A bit of weekend reading for you all from our 'Tales from the Homestead' series.

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way Our neighbour’s forestry block was being harvested and they were about to move into the area which has our spring source and 15,000 litre water tank. The forestry boss man had agreed to help us mov…

Traditional Clabber Cheese 22/03/2022

Traditional Clabber Cheese

Fresh traditional clabber cheese is easy to make and tasty spread on bread and crackers or crumbled on salads.

Traditional Clabber Cheese This crumbly soft fresh cheese is similar texture to a cottage cheese but higher in fat. It can be pressed in a mould to create a firmer round cheese which can be sliced or which can apparently be …

Mild American Cheddar or Ozarks cheese. 12/03/2022

Mild American Cheddar or Ozarks cheese.

We have been trialing various cheeses based on clabber, which is raw milk left to 'set' with its natural bacterias. This is a very basic traditional form of cheese making and is perhaps more well known by some as just curds and whey.
The recipe below is a bit unusual and more complex than just clabber. We like it for dishes which used cooked cheese or grated cheese.

This is a great cheese to make if you have limited or no refridgeration as the milk can be used from fresh and the finished cheese should last long enough to use just in a cool enviroment.

I will add more clabber recipes to The Rustic Dairy as I photograph the making of them.

Mild American Cheddar or Ozarks cheese. While exploring the topic of clabber cheeses I came across an American school publication from the 1970’s called Bittersweet. In its (now online) pages was this recipe. It was, it turns out, pretty…

Rebecca Stewart’s Blog: The self-sufficiency mindset 09/03/2022

Rebecca Stewart’s Blog: The self-sufficiency mindset

This NZ Life asked me if I would like to write a monthly blog for their website. Hey why not I thought.
So here's the first one😊

Rebecca Stewart’s Blog: The self-sufficiency mindset Our new columnist, who lives on a six-hectare block in King Country, makes it her daily mission to live as self-sufficient as possible. A can-do attitude is a necessity, writes Rebecca. Photos: Summer Stewart As a child I loved to study the illustrations in my Nana’s book, The Complete Guide to Se...


I was asked today if we had any large trees on our property, um just a few...😆 and this is only some of them.

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 25/02/2022

A decent little harvest today so pressure canned green beans, made more sugar free bread and butter pickles, plus some tomato, basil and garlic sauce.
David has been busy reshaping the yard so the tunnel house has somewhere to go and we plan to put in a loop drive to make manoeuvring loaded trailers easier and safer. The new fenceline is to be planted in a shelter hedgerow to lift the wind over the house. Which means all my poor trees in bags finally get to go in the ground!
But for now its a massive lawn which is fine by us as we see grass clippings as a very useful resource.
Speaking of resources, the 'resource' pile under the tree will also have a new spot out of sight. Hey every rural property needs a resource pile!😆
We were hoping to start putting up the 6 x 9m tunnel house this week but have been sidetracked by foresty/water issues ( theres always something🙄) but that's a whole other story....

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 12/02/2022

A rainy very muggy day is not the ideal time to do preserving. But we did.
Made bread and sowed seeds first thing this morning. Then pressure canned heritage sweetcorn, made tomato sauce, bottled straight tomatoes, made bread and butter pickles and strained the plum wine must then added the sugar and yeast.
Trouble is one of the barrels doesnt like to be contained....😆oops

David did some storm prepping about the place just in case. Batten down the hatches! Plus heard our beautiful big sweet chestnut tree snap and fall partially down the cliff.

Worn out so had plum and apple crumble with Lucy cream for dinner.

David updated the job list for tomorrow...


Finally rain, consistent wetting cooling beautiful rain! No more dry dust, here comes the mud instead...
And no more fire risk!

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Photos from Fodder Farm's post 04/02/2022

The late summer/autumn preserving time is in full production mode now.
Today we made plum sauce, small amount of plum jam, bread and butter pickles, another lot of pickled cucs and daughter made plum icecream. Also draining the clabber for cheese.
Updated the blackboard for the next lot of jobs...

What are you preserving and whats your favourite recipe or method?

#fodderfarm #homesteading #homesteadingnz #homemade #homegrownnz #homegrown #pickle #clabber #rawmilkcheese #plumsauce


Phew drama!

Sitting down to dinner and David sees smoke down the valley!
Dry as around here, so they jumped in the ute and shot down the road.

Fire under an old man pine, spreading through the dry tinder.

Couldn't reach the neighbours, so David, a friend and Summer battled the blaze.
So proud of our teenage daughter to jump in and help fight the fire.

Managed to stop a couple of forestry guys on the road, who called for back up and rushed to help.

No water available so they used shovels to stop the spread. All in dry undergrowth, on a steep bank above a 50m cliff, with punga bursting into flames around them.

An hour later with the fire mostly under control the fire brigade turned up and took over. Four trucks later the area was damped down and the hot spots sorted.

What a crazy evening!

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 29/01/2022

Our latest article in the New Zealand Lifestyle Block mag. The fabulous world of fungi!

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 16/01/2022

We have had about 3 weeks of hot dry days. The paddocks are showing signs of it but the garden has ample water. Its crazy leafy chaos is a nice place to be in the early mornings and evenings. We are busy from dawn to dusk it seems with the new chores of milking and dairy work added into the daily running of our homestead. Plus we now have another family staying on the land and some of our family staying a bit too. It seems the dishes are never ending when there are so many mouths to feed and most of our food is homemade! A hazard of living this way😆

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 03/01/2022

An early morning walk around the garden and I know what jobs need to be done before the heat gets too much for me.

Its looking a bit ramshackle, bursting at the seams in places, with all the summer growth. Being in the Ruapehu district some crops like tomatoes take a bit of time to hit their groove. Also we are still working on supporting the plants nutrition as we build our soil life up. So nutting out nutrient issues and then tweaking the inputs to support the plants without upseting the work we are trying to achieve with the soil. We'll get there...

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 26/12/2021

Wow what a night. Lucy's water broke at 8.30pm, but by 12.30 still no calf so decided to intervene. I did an internal examination and figured calf was too big and stuck. A bit of a crash course in calving...
A friend/neighbour, came down and moved him into a better position, then her and David pulled him out with bailing twine around his front legs... once the shoulders pulled through he came out in a rush. Poor Lucy took a little while to recover from her 2am emergency delivery but was standing when we all went to get some sleep.
He's a big lad and this morning they both are doing well. Mum's cleaned him up and he's suckling on her massive udder. But sh*t what a experience, not one I'd want to repeat.

Huge thank you to Isabel for coming to the rescue at a ridiculous hour of the morning.

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 23/12/2021

I feel for you Mama, not long now🤞

Lucy's first calf is due any day, her udder is massive and baby's kicking. Hope things go smoothly...

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 22/12/2021

Its been 3 months since the pine harvest finished and we sowed the first pasture seed. The ground has settled and its time for the fences to go back up so we can graze the new pasture. Its been a long hard road to get to this point, David has done a tremendous job of clearing much of this paddock by hand. While there is still a lot of slash clearing to be done, we already have more grazing than before the harvest and of a better quality.

#fodderfarm #homegrownnz #homesteadingnz #restoration #pasturenz

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 12/12/2021


We have 6 muddy munchers ready for new homes.
Kune/'wild' black, 8 wks old.
Ruapehu district.

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 25/11/2021

🌱Our new calendar for 2022 has arrived!
Limited number so be in quick.🌱

Featuring the photography of our teenage daughter Summer, this is her fundraiser to buy more photography gear.

$25.00 per calendar plus $5 postage for up to 3 calendars.

Please PM any orders to Fodder Farm, Thank you💚

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 21/11/2021

As spring moves into summer the garden is starting to give us beautiful berries and showing the beginnings of many more crops.
Our tea camellias ( Camellia sinensis) are finally growing well, they've had a hard time surviving a drought and then moving house in the last 2 years!
Weeding and cutting back are regular jobs as everything wants to take over the gardens. Most of the summer planting is done though and we have even planted a caravan in the garden for extra accommodation with an annexe to be built on the front.
David has been spending a lot of time on the pine paddock clean up, but a deal struck with another forestry company has seen one paddock raked and a track formed, the downside is the 2 massive slash piles. The upside, a whole paddock of freshly sown pasture seed is sprouting, its great to see the fine covering of green and to hear the sound of rain tonight watering it. In the areas David first cleaned up, the pasture is more established and hopefully in another month we will have the areas re-fenced and be grazing in there again. There is probably about 30% to finish clearing but it is also some of the worst areas...


What else is there to do on a hot day! Water play time!

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 18/11/2021

🌱Our new calendar for 2022 is being printed!

Featuring the photography of our teenage daughter Summer, this is her fundraiser to buy more photography gear.

$25.00 per calendar plus $5 postage for up to 3 calendars.

Please PM any orders to Fodder Farm, Thank you💚

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 30/10/2021

So much new life, spring is my favourite season💚🌱
A busy season too though...

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 22/10/2021

The latest additions to Fodder Farm.
11 little Kunekune/'wild' black cross piglets born yesterday to our Kunekune sow Polly.

Photos taken by our daughter Summer💚


#fodderfarm #homesteadingnz #kunekune #piglets

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 21/10/2021

Been out to check on Polly and the babies, looks like 10 healthy babies and one still birth.
Earlier this evening we put up a little safety fence so we dont loose any over the cliff🤦‍♀️
Lots of black and stripy piglets and one little ginger with spots.


Piglets arrived today, mama pig chose a nice spot for birthing (not the cosy pig house!) Except for the ravine nearby, a 20 to 30m drop to the river below!!!

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 18/10/2021

Yay!!! Finally got our wine cap mycelium and have mulched fresh oak branches to create its growing bed. Looking forward to picking mushrooms from the garden!

Last 2 photos are from Lynny Bishops bumper crop this year💚 look how big they get😲

#fodderfarm #homegrownnz #harvestnz #homesteading #homesteadingnz #fungiinthegarden #winecapmushroom
#myceliummagic #mycelium

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 17/10/2021

Spent some time getting some bigger jobs done in the garden this week.
David pruned an oak and mulched a few piles of branches for the last of the vege garden paths. I tied up the seed saver cover crop as it was falling over everywhere.
Cleaned up a swale today, the overgrown borage and mustard will be used as chop and drop and to start a compost. The other weeds like grass and buttercup are tossed over the fence to the cow and pigs.
We are trialing growing potatoes in cages above ground, these are made from re-enforcing mesh. Once the potatoes are harvested they can be used for composting over autumn and winter. As the potato tops emerge they will be covered with old silage and soil or whatever else is available.

While this week has meant a break from the pine paddock clean up, David and a friend have planted some flax and alders on the wet side of the creek bank and a mix of natives on the other. It is good to see the damaged punga and mahoe with new life sprouting. Also the grass seed which was sown on the cleared land is starting to sprout, its good to see a bit of green in the paddock💚

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 05/10/2021

Spring growth is finally here in the Ruapehu district. Loving how much the plants have grown just lately with the warmer nights. We even have an early nasturtium flowering.

I have planted out some brassicas and am trialing a wool mulch around each plant to deter the slugs. Apparently they dont like the fibres, hopefully it works as its free and wont kill the predator slugs. (Edit - the wool doesnt work🙄 maybe if I cut it up fine...🤷‍♀️)

We have 2 broody chooks on eggs so far and piglets due in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to the first babies of the season💚

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 28/09/2021

Loving the colour of the lupin flowers, such a beautiful blue.
These are in a cover crop which I am letting go to seed for more cover crop sowing later.


#fodderfarm #homegrownnz #harvestnz #homesteadingnz #homesteading
#ticbeans #oats #covercrop #gardennz
#naturalgardening #bluelupin

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 25/09/2021

Our homegrown and foraged alternative flours feature in Octobers NZ Lifestyle Block mag. Not my bread photo ( my photo styling skills aren't that good😆) but headlining article with 'homesteader' in there too!
So good to promote this awesome way of living💚 and good homegrown food.
For more info buy the mag😁 or check out our website

#fodderfarm #farmhousekitchen #homegrownnz #homesteading #homesteadkitchen #homesteadingnz #nutflours #seedflours #harvestnz

Photos from Fodder Farm's post 24/09/2021

An update on our pine paddocks, David has been working on the clean up most days since the logging crew disappeared for lockdown.
Starting on one of the thickest part of the large paddock, he made steady progress through the slash and potential firewood.
Level 3 saw the crew back and the job finally finished about 2 weeks later.
David managed to level part of one skid site with the neighbours tractor, before rain made the area too wet again. It has rained on and off most of September, with not enough sunny days to dry out the area for more earthmoving. So repairing the fence lines will have to wait a bit longer.
But about a 1/4 has been cleared and on Thursday grass seed was sown in these areas.
We really appreciate the help we have had from a friend, especially since its not an easy job.
Today David and I worked along an area at the top of the ravine. The amount of damage to the bush edges is saddening, especially the amount of large punga which have been flattened. So we started collecting the broken punga to use else where on the property, a punga fence perhaps...
But in the midst of the mess we find beauty, the clematis is flowering, a beautiful waterfall across the river and cheeky little robins hunting for worms in the freshly turned pine needles

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