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Summer and Winter Outdoors! We can Hire Sledges and Clothing to enjoy the snow of winter as well as Transport.


Our Snow Play Hire will be open when sufficient snow cover allows.

News | Tongariro National Park Villages | HOW TO DO THE TONGARIRO ALPINE CROSSING IN WINTER 26/05/2017


News | Tongariro National Park Villages | HOW TO DO THE TONGARIRO ALPINE CROSSING IN WINTER Don’t get stranded like a possum on the ice! National Park

Peddlers Lodge Outdoors updated their information in their About section. 25/05/2017

Peddlers Lodge Outdoors updated their information in their About section.

Peddlers Lodge Outdoors updated their information in their About section.


Adventure Smart - Outdoor Safety Information & Tips

Adventure Smart - Outdoor Safety Information & Tips Be AdventureSmart and Know Before You Go. AdventureSmart provides tips, links and advice for you to plan and prepare any activity safely, for any level of

Walking the Tongariro Northern Circuit outside the Great Walks season: Tongariro Northern... 01/05/2016

Walking the Tongariro Northern Circuit outside the Great Walks season: Tongariro Northern...

Walking the Tongariro Northern Circuit outside the Great Walks season: Tongariro Northern... Find out about walking the Tongariro Northern Circuit outside the Great Walks season.


Busy weekend!
Shuttle Departing at 6am and Second service leaving at 630am. Due to limited space both shuttles are fully booked please ensure you are on time we have to be strict due to how busy it is expected. Return times will be explained by the drivers.

Photos from Department of Conservation's post 19/01/2016

One the reasons you should wear the correct footwear and go equipped for the changing environment and weather.

Timeline photos 09/01/2016

Worth considering

Mt Taranaki, beautiful but deadly - RADIO NZ

5 JANUARY 2016. More than 80 people have died in climbing accidents on the slopes of Mt Taranaki since records began in the 1890s. Poorly prepared walkers and climbers and rapidly changing weather conditions are most often blamed for the fatalities, but a Taranaki mountain guide said the ease of access to Egmont National Park was also both a blessing and a curse.

Top Guides director Rob Needs said most serious incidents on Mt Taranaki occurred on the summit route. "Generally the summit route can be undertaken in good weather, but a lot of ill-advised trips are taken by people on a tight timeframe. So the summit is not to be taken lightly and, of course, we have classic New Zealand weather, very changeable."

Hiroki Ogawa and Nicole Sutton died on the mountain in 2013 after setting off on a day trip to the summit with the New Zealand Alpine club. The pair were part of a group that climbed the complicated East Ridge route in deteriorating weather, a decision which proved fatal. Many visitors to Egmont National Park were caught out by how quickly they found themselves high on the slopes of Mt Taranaki, he said.

"You can drive to 900m and then walk very quickly to 1500m, which really means you're in the alpine zone and that's a big element of risk." The best advice he could give to people wanting to enjoy trekking on the mountain was to give themselves plenty of time. "Take the time to wait for a good weather window and get good advice before heading to the mountain rather than arriving with a preconceived plan."

He recommended calling the Department of Conservation visitors centre at North Egmont and avoiding doing things on the spur of the moment. Mr Needs owned the New Plymouth adventure store Kiwi Outdoors, which closed in July 2015 after first opening in the 1930s. There he was often privy to the crazy antics of people determined to climb Mt Taranaki.

"A number of years ago, I had a traveller from overseas come in wanting to hire an ice axe and crampons. After talking to him we decided that it would be foolish of us to do so and advised him that we weren't going to do that. "So he left and another gentleman, a Scottish fellow who had been listening to us, he had the skills so we happily hired him crampons.

"The next day he returned the crampons and he said the other gentleman arrived as he was sitting on the summit with a screwdriver in each hand and a classic old butterfly can-opener zip tied to the bottom of his shoes. "And the classic statement he made pointing to his feet as he arrived was 'two dollar shop'."

Approval to operate

Top Guides recently got Department of Conservation approval to operate on Mt Taranaki. Central to its success could be the development of the Pouakai Crossing, a one-day point-to-point trek beginning at the North Egmont Visitors Centre and exiting the park at Mangorei Rd.

The 19km crossing, which traverses goblin forests, towering lava cliffs and a living wetland at an elevation of 960m, is being promoted by Venture Taranaki as an alternative to the Tongariro Crossing in the National Park. Its manager of innovation and strategic projects, John Haylock, said it has huge potential despite some parts of the track still needing work.

"There's around about 100,000 people who walk the Tongariro Crossing a year at the moment and the Pouakai Crossing is very much the twin of the Tongariro in terms of length, time and difficulty. "It has some slightly different attractions on it, it's not quite as volcanic even though of course Taranaki is a volcano. It's got more bush but also offers wonderful scenic views across the region and across the central North Island as well."

Mr Haylock was not sure he would like to see 100,000 people on the track but said he would love to eventually see tens of thousands walk it each year. Mr Needs also saw parallels with the Tongariro Crossing. "It's a day walk that most people with an adventurous streak and moderate fitness will be able to complete and see some amazing parts of Egmont National Park that they wouldn't normally be able to see.

One highlight was the Ahukawakawa Wetlands, which boast 260 plant species and giant carnivorous land snails which grow up to nine centimetres long. Another was the opportunity to take the classic picture-postcard photo of the 2518m Mt Taranaki reflected in the tarns [mountain lakes]. But just getting out there should be reward enough, he said.

"It's an opportunity to get into true wilderness. You've still got mobile coverage but you are in the wilderness." The Pouakai Crossing is open all year and the recommended start point is the North Egmont Visitor Centre. Trampers are advised to check weather conditions and arrange a pick up from Mangorei Rd before departing.

IMAGE: Mt Taranaki is one of New Zealand's most distinctive volcanoes. Photo: Andy Reising

Timeline photos 12/12/2015

Timeline photos


The Peddlers Lodge has relocated its Accommodation. We still can offer great Accommodation and Transport packages.
Ideal for large groups and families with discounts available on Transport depending on the group size.

Timeline photos 21/07/2015

Timeline photos

New web camera on Tongariro - GEONET

20 JULY 2015. The GeoNet seismic monitoring service has installed a new web camera for its website at the Tongariro volcano. GeoNet, run by GNS Science and the Earthquake Commission, installed the new camera on Pihanga as part of a revision and upgrade of the data links in the area.

The new Pihanga camera is about 10 kilometres south-east of the one installed on Kakaramea and takes a view along the eastern side of Tongariro towards Ngaurahoe, with lake Rotoaira in the foreground. “The views from the two cameras complement each other,” GeoNet said.

GeoNet said volcano monitoring was made up of many parts – an important part was visual observations and a great way to achieve this was by the use of remote cameras. Advances in camera technology and, more importantly in this case, the upgrade of the data links were allowing GeoNet to capture more data.

IMAGE: NEW Pihanga we**am at Tongariro.

2015 10/07/2015

Not much snow

Upper Mountain Update:
Thank you everyone for your patience here is what facilities we plan to have operating this weekend :D

Saturday; Happy Valley will be operating including the Magic Carpet, Valley T Bar and Centennial Chair. Waterfall Express will be open for sightseeing only. Knoll Ridge Café will be open.

Sunday; same as Saturday with potential for the Waterfall Express open for skiing/riding.

Saturday; Alpine Meadow, Parklane and the Giant chair – Giant café will be open also.

Sunday; As above with the potential after review of the High Noon Express operating – we will confirm that Sunday morning.

The weather forecast is predicting a perfect blue bird weekend as well!!! Pack up your gear, grab the family and we'll see you here!!

Photo by Ryan Wallace (Whakapapa)


Winter is here the ski fields are open just! At the Peddlers Lodge we are now able to offer Toboggan and Clothing hire as well as the best value ski and board hire in the area.

We can also offer you Transport with our Daily Shuttle Service and pick ups from accommodation to take you to the snow at Mt Ruapehu.

Why pay $40 for Chain hire and crawl up the mountain roads at 20kph with the risks of someone sliding into you, when you can use our shuttle service from Whakapapa Village from $20 return and a Family rate for Two Adults and 2 Children for $50.

You think that is expensive? How much is your insurance, fuel, Chain high and nerves going to cost you?

We are the regions best kept secret for value.

Timeline photos 18/06/2015

This just proves it is not safe to go up there unless with a guided group! We recommend Tongariro Alpine Crossing - Adrift Outdoors or
Adventure Outdoors Tongariro NZ


Four tourists stuck on Mount Ngauruhoe in freezing conditions had to be rescued by a helicopter crew using night vision goggles.

On Wednesday, a party of eight tourists aged in their late 20s to early 30s began a tramp up the mountain about 4pm when they struck difficulties.

Four fell and sustained minor injuries, and the remaining four went for help.

While waiting for help the mountain iced up and the injured group became stuck, unable to move up or down due to the danger the ice posed.

Police were called about 5.30pm and a search and rescue operation kicked off.

Police, the Taupo Greenlea Rescue helicopter and crew, St John Ambulance, and 12 members of the Ruapehu Alpine Rescue Organisation worked together in the dark to locate the four people.

National Park police constable Conrad Smith said due to the freezing weather conditions the only way to save the four was with a helicopter, with crew using night vision goggles.

Cloud rolled in, adding another hazard on the steep icy slope but it cleared enough for the helicopter to reach the tourists.

"To give an idea of how solid the ice was, one of the rescuers who assisted the four people off the mountain used their ice axe to attempt to anchor themselves, however this twisted completely out of shape and was unusable.

"This was a very technical rescue with significant risks and the highly skilled rescue team did a fantastic job given the conditions.
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Smith said it was unlikely the four people would have made it to the morning given how cold it was..

All eight people were seen by ambulance staff and the four injured tourists received medical treatment.

Smith said the eight climbers were not well prepared.

"Unfortunately the party of eight were not experienced, unprepared for the elements, and were using gear that was not suitable for the conditions.

"I can't stress enough that being properly prepared could save your life."

"Winter is here and winter alpine conditions can be dangerous, and its paramount that the correct gear and experience is required to go with that environment," Smith said.

Picture shows what bullet proof ice does to an ice axe during the rescue.

Timeline photos 14/06/2015

Bring it on! Winter Shuttles the best way to get to the chairlifts at Whakapapa and avoid the car park mayhem!


Winter is coming and so is the ski season!!! We have rooms available for seasonal staff and some great rates for those looking for a quite place to stay and enjoy the snow.

Timeline photos 03/06/2015

Timeline photos

This is what it looked like on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing late last week. Go prepared people and if you have any doubt check at the Tongariro National Park Visitor Centre or take a guided trip! Cheers for the heads up Adrift Outdoors!


Its on its way! Time to book your winter getaway :) Peddlers Lodge is proud to be able to offer Transport to the snow via Turangi Alpine Shuttles.

Timeline photos 25/05/2015

Dust off those skis the winter is coming! Tongariro Alpine Crossing is NOW GUIDED ONLY for the remainder of the winter.
Photo Taken 23/5/2012

RailBike adventures begin pedalling into the Forgotten World 23/05/2015

RailBike adventures begin pedalling into the Forgotten World

RailBike adventures begin pedalling into the Forgotten World 17 May 2015 RailBike adventures begin pedalling into the Forgotten World The visitor industry in the central north Island is set to surge once again with the introduction of the country’s first tandem RailBike experience. Operating along what is arguably ...

German backpacker survives icy fall on Mt Tongariro - National - NZ Herald News 20/05/2015

German backpacker survives icy fall on Mt Tongariro - National - NZ Herald News

BEING PREPARED....Means the correct footwear and clothing! But also making sure someone know where you are and making sure that you have someone to pick you up at the end of your alpine experience. If you are taking your own car to the start of the crossing how are you getting back? HItch hiking is hard to do at the quite time the year so make sure you book a shuttle.

Alpine Shuttles 0508 427 677 or +64 27 232 2135

German backpacker survives icy fall on Mt Tongariro - National - NZ Herald News A 19-year-old German backpacker has been hospitalised after sliding 50 metres down an icy slope near the summit of Mt Tongariro today. - New Zealand Herald


Winter - Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Tales from the Tongariro Crossing 14/05/2015

Tales from the Tongariro Crossing

A good read for those planning a trip on the world famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Tales from the Tongariro Crossing DOC Taupō office staff recently took a trip over the Tongariro Alpine Crossing – the most popular day walk in the country, and right in their own backyard.

Timeline photos 14/05/2015

Timeline photos

Whakapapa River Bridge, that goes from the Ohinetonga Reserve into the Tongariro Forest, is currently restricted to quad, bike and foot access only for safety reasons until further notice.

At the moment... it is as they say 'raining cats and dogs' in Tongariro! There are increased water levels in many of the rivers and this has had a severe impact on the Whakapapa River Road Bridge. So take care out there around the rivers!

Timeline photos 03/05/2015

Timeline photos

It is the end of the Great Walks season. All huts on the Northern Circuit are now BACK COUNTRY HUTS! So that means no cookers and NO LOO paper amongst other things. Remember if you are heading out there to go fully prepared!

Photos from Peddlers Lodge Outdoors's post 03/05/2015

While others are posting photos of the recent snow events and given you the impression Winter has taken hold! Its time for a reality check and show you what you can actually expect for the next week. Taken yesterday 2nd May no snow on the crossing trail. So it is still good to go with good sturdy walking boots a sense of Humour and yes a Torch is handy as the sun sets at 530pm.

Timeline photos 02/05/2015

We are so lucky to have this in our backyard.

All the ducks have lined up to produce our best whio season ever in the Tongariro Forest Whio Security Site!!!
Mild weather during the spring months coupled with a 1080 drop and trap replacement program, has seen a total of 215 ducklings recorded with 185 ducklings surviving through to fledge! Great work by everyone involved!

Photos from Peddlers Lodge Outdoors's post 24/04/2015

It is not Winter yet! Still time to do the Tongariro Crossing without tramping through snow.

Timeline photos 13/04/2015

Winters first Tease! Dont worry this will clear within a few days and the crossing will back to normal. It is to early for this to settle in for the Winter.

Photos from MY KIWI ADVENTURE's post 23/02/2015

Photos from MY KIWI ADVENTURE's post

Timeline photos 07/02/2015

Just the view from The Peddlers Lodge Cafe and Lounge