Hike Bike Ako Waiheke Island

Hike Bike Ako Waiheke Island

Hike Bike Ako Waiheke Island offer the only guided walking, cycling and Maori learning tours on the island.

Operating as usual


New Zealand Human Rights Commission

Share if you commit to giving nothing to racism.

No tolerance. No laughs. No likes. No attention. No welcome. No respect. No agreement. No support. No encouragement. No power. No home. #GiveNothingToRacism


Beautiful day with our guests from Mexico City on our electric bike tour.


We're set up at the Rotorua iSITE for our 'Cycle with Māori' tours.


We had a stunning day for our recent 'Walk with Māori' tour. Summer has definitely arrived.


It's an aromatic, other world experience on our Cycle with Māori tour in Rotorua.


Our Rotorua tours are available now. Cycle with Māori, $95 includes bike, safety gear, juice or coffee from a cafe. These tours are fully guided.


Healing Forest

Improve our wellbeing by putting ourselves in nature. This is a film about you. (Note: this is NOT Waiheke Island)

Learn how forests have the ability to heal people. Please share and help spread some healing. For more info visit: healingforest.org


Today on Waiheke: After a few coolish days, we have a lovely mild but bright day on the island. Traffic is looking a tad congested (by Waiheke standards) through Oneroa (the main village) but otherwise, a fairly idyllic day on-island. It's a good day for: walking, bicycling, e-cycling, stand up paddling, kayaking, visiting art galleries, eating delicious food. A word for dog-lovers: if you want to pat dogs on the island you need to be at the beach before 10 am or stay after 6 pm. Dogs are not allowed on most beaches between 10 am and 6 pm. Kia pai te rā / Have a great day.

[09/26/16]   Exciting news! Hike Bike Ako Rotorua is coming. 'Cycle with Maori' Tours around Rotorua City will start from October 2017.

[03/26/16]   It's a beautiful day on Waiheke. High tide was about 10 am, perfect for a leisurely breakfast followed by a stroll to the beach.


Bike Auckland

"...biking liberates your mind....your inner child"

"Biking every day is incredibly liberating. It liberates your body – freeing it up with beautiful daily mindful movement. It liberates your mind – you’re never as ‘in the moment’ as you are when on a bike. And it liberates your inner child."

sbs.com.au 15/02/2016

Green therapy: how getting out in nature can save your brain | Health

Our bodies relax in natural surroundings...

sbs.com.au We know that going on a hike or swimming in the ocean makes us feel good, but getting closer to nature may also make our brains healthier, helping to reduce depression and stress, increase our attention spans, and even make us more creative.

planetizen.com 15/02/2016

The Bicycle as a Tool of Social Justice

We firmly believe that seeing any place is done much better at a slow pace - walking or riding a bicycle. Being in the environment rather than passing through is a more authentic way to engage with a place and its' people.

planetizen.com Philosopher Ivan Illich believed that the bicycle could connect users back to the pace of community-oriented life, that the right of free movement does not lapse just because cities have strapped themselves into ideological seat belts.

[01/15/16]   If you're on-island today and happen to be at Little Oneroa, pay a visit to the Waiheke Resources Trust (beside the playground) to learn about ways to reduce water (over)use, care for your septic tanks (and therefore our precious waterways) and produce less food waste. Mauri ora.

[01/09/16]   The weather has been a bit unpredictable but hoping for a calm day tomorrow on tour.

[12/13/15]   Out and about with guests from Hawaii and strangely, two groups from Minnesota. The weather has been kind and the busy season is definitely here.

concreteplayground.com 19/11/2015

The Ten Best Walks In and Around Melbourne

Have a look a this if you happen to be in and around Melbourne. It's very simple really - move or lose the ability to move.

concreteplayground.com Because that activewear was made for activities.


Jacqueline Carter is a former resident of Waiheke Island. She has written this poem giving the perspective of a Council and a very wealthy developer who are about to embark on the destruction of a precious Maori landscape. Ihumatao is very close to Auckland's Domestic and International airports.

"What care we", a beautiful poem written by Jacqueline Carter. Now displayed at the gate of Otuataua Stonefields.

2 days to go till we journey to Fletchers AGM to voice our concerns regarding SHA62. Come along and have your say.

*** Added note after some comments from a few people who were concerned by this poem...This poem is satirical rhetoric. A poem gifted by Jacqueline Carter to SOUL - Save Our Unique Landscape in response to the Special Housing Area Auckland Council want to establish at Ihumàtao. These are not her personal views.***

[11/18/15]   It's a very, very sad day for us in Aotearoa NZ. Our ultimate sport's superstar died after a marathon battle with illness. Moe mai ra e Jonah; moe mai i roto i ngā ringa i ō Atua. Haere, haere, haere atu ra.


Making some new posters and playing with pic collage.


Declaration of Independence, 28 Oct 1835.

180 years ago today, on 28th October 1835, thirty-four northern chiefs signed the Declaration of the Independence of New Zealand.

Signed in the presence of James Busby and other British Settlers, this declaration asserted the independence of the 'new country' under the rule of the United Tribes, who would then meet every autumn to discuss and create the laws that would govern the country into the future.

It was formally acknowledged by the British government in 1836, and by 1839 52 rangatira from around the country had signed the document.

However less than a year later it was 'replaced' by Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi).

These five years between the first signing of the Declaration and the subsequent signing of the Treaty were an extremely important period in our history. Threatened by settlers from other countries these documents reaffirmed our links with the British and the associated promise of their protection.

Those who signed the declaration did not of course speak for all Māori, but the document has since been recognised as being a foundation for the assertion of indigenous rights and another step towards what eventually became a formal constitutional relationship with Britain.

We all of course know what followed and we are still adressing the consequences of this relationship today, but nevertheless it is important to recognise these moments in our history - as they form who we are as a nation.

www.nzherald.co.nz 28/10/2015

Lonely Planet rates Waiheke fifth best destination in world

Yes, we have a lovely island.

www.nzherald.co.nz https://www.facebook.com/nzherald.co.nz/posts/10153092977251302

[10/18/15]   Yesterday I had a lovely day cycling with guests from Hong Kong and Boston University. As per usual, I forgot to take photos.

[09/01/15]   We are having a very informative day at Maori Tourism Trade Day 2015 - Auckland Museum. Guests speakers are from Tourism NZ, Regional Tour Operators, Inbound Operators and Social Marketing peoples. Photos to follow...


He Maori Ahau : I am Maori

One of the stories we share on our tour.

The story of Tinirau and the whale (Tutunui)

This is a dramatic tale of treachery and revenge involving the chief Tinirau, his pet whale, Tutunui, and Tinirau's sinister guest, Kae. The story reveals the complex relationship that Maori have with whales. Many versions are known throughout the Pacific.

Credit Source : Te Papa - http://bit.ly/Tinirau

[08/20/15]   Our busy season is about to start. From early next month we will have a group of teacher trainees every week, for 10 weeks. One of the first things we will be teaching them are simple greetings:

Kia ora / Hi
Tēnā koe / Hello to one person
Tēnā kōrua / Hello to two people
Tēnā koutou / Hello to more than 2 people

[06/11/15]   Getting ready for our next season. We'll soon be listed on Viator.

[04/12/15]   Enjoying a calm day on island with guests from Nebraska. Half day walk and cycle with Maori. Nice way to spend Sunday.


Te Matarae i o Rehu: Ngati Pikiao te iwi



Matatini finals day (National/World Kapa Haka championships): On now at Otautahi/Christchurch. Lucky you if you're there!


[02/24/15]   Later this week we will be working on a Digital Marketing App for HikeBikeAko. If you have enjoyed one of our tours, please let your friends and families know about us. We look forward to meeting them.


Join us on our Waitangi Day cycle tour. Beautiful scenic tour with a visit to our marae (communal gathering place) including participation in a Te Tiriti o Waitangi / Treaty of Waitangi workshop delivered by one of our lead Guides, Dr Kepa Morgan. See our website for more details: http://hikebikeako.co.nz/www/content/default.aspx?cid=846&fid=775


If you are out West and can't be on Waiheke for Waitangi Day, head over to Hoani Waititi marae (Glen Eden).

Bob Marley's Wailers and Hollie Smith had the whanau rocking in Gisborne - and they will be doing to same at the [email protected] event on February 6 at Hoani Waititi Marae. The Wailers along with Che Fu, Moana & The Tribe, J Geeks and a ton of other performers will be entertaining the whanau for free. [email protected] is a smoke free, alcohol free, drug free violence free event and proudly bought to you by Waipareira - where whanau comes first. #WaipareiraTrust #whanau


Our lovely guests from Boston University at Piritahi Marae. We enjoyed a half day cycle tour with a visit to The Goldie wine tasting rooms.



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