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These old billies are a tad excited about last weeks announcement of 2022 event dates for The Goat Tongariro Ring of Fire Volcanic Ultra Incl. Tussock Traverse and Tussock Traverseand so in a moment of rare motivation we decided to rise early, brave the weather, and put our broken bodies to the test, by heading out for training run #1 for the season. No better place than back where Mark Innes and my crazy friendship and running partnership began ... Rotokauri!
A big congrats to MitoQ Adventure Racing Team member Lucy Strack who got second place at the Tussock Traverse 32km ultra-trail marathon. Being her first major trail race, this is a pretty impressive result.

We’re proud to be helping power her training and recovery. ⚡️

What's the one word that leaves you trembling in fear when you're 24 days out from an event?

Dun dun dunnnnnnn... TRAINING! 😆

Whether it's the Kiwi way of shearing sheep, throwing hay bales, chasing after your kids in the school holidays, or taking part in the Tussock Traverse that was held at the weekend. We're sure you've got it covered 😉😁

The build-up begins, get amped, Goats!

Orcon - Grabbing the Goat by the Horns in 2021

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Fantastic - another weekend to remember at the mighty Maunga Ruapehu. Volunteering took me to the start lines of the 21&32km races in freezing temperatures where I had the pleasure of working with veteran Tussock team legends Pieke and Luke Garea. Great to see mates Mark Innes Marvin off across the desert. While they straight lined 21kms back to the Chateau from SHW1 I drove the 87km long way around to meet them at the finishline and give Marvin his medal and thank Mark for donating a tree to the Park. Once again the Nazari brothers enjoyed running on their favourite mountain that reminds them of home in Kabul. This time the regular competitors Abul Fazal Nazari, Ali Murtaza and Mujtaba Nazari were joined by their other two high school brothers Rahmattulah and Zabi. They all ran the 12km coming in 3, 4, 11, 13 & 16 out of 101. So good to see all 5 representing Afghanistan with pride.

Once again being on the other side of a race as a volunteer filled me up as I served alongside more Legends like Kerry, Ali, Chantel and Tim at the finish line. Thanks Jason and the many others who make the Tussock Traverse such an amazing event for all ages.

So much stoke to be out racing again 😊.
Such an amazing course out on the Tussock Traverse 21k.
Really happy to have a solid run and take out the win 🏅 on the final build into Tarawera Ultramarathon in 2 weeks time.
Thanks for all the great shots from the team at Photos4sale, it's always a highlight seeing you out there 😘

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The MitoQ Adventure Racing team is a group of Kiwi endurance athletes headed by pro sports coach Paul Cadman, who have been trialling MitoQ and monitoring key physical performance biomarkers. Many have recorded improvements in VO2 max, HRV (heart rate variability) and shortened recovery periods after intense physical training, and we’ll be following their activities and performance throughout the year. 🚀

Lucy Strack, former professional rower turned Ironman triathlete, is the embodiment of resilience. When her chances of rowing at the Olympics were crushed by what some refer to as “the yips,” Lucy bounced back and straight into competing in Ironman triathlons. We’re thrilled to have her as a member of the MitoQ Adventure Racing team this year.

In 2018 she qualified and competed in the Kona Ironman World Championships in Hawaii which consists of a 3.9 km swim, a 180 km bike ride through a Hawaiian lava desert to Hāwī and back, and a marathon. 🤯

She started taking MitoQ early last year to help support her training saying: “My coach and I have trained various blocks with and without MitoQ to monitor performance and perceived efforts. It has made a huge impact on my recovery this year, knowing I can wake up and push my training loads each week has been a game-changer!”

Lucy is competing at the Tussock Traverse 50km ultra-trail marathon today and will be running the Hawkes Bay Marathon this May.

Stay tuned to meet the rest of the team!

Let the weekend adventures begin! 🤙🏻

Who’s in town for the Tussock Traverse? 🙋‍♀️🙋Hosted in the Tongariro National Park, this is one of the most scenic and varied courses in NZ and the first major trail running event on the 2021 calendar. Even better, funds raised from the event are donated to Project Tongariro to support conservation projects in the area. 🍃💦🐾

📸 @tussocktraverse_nz

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Woohoo a dirtbag spotted in its natural environment!. Looks like gear check at the Tussock Traverse is in full swing! Hopefully Ian hasn't forgotten anything....
The Tussock Traverse is this Saturday! 🏔

Discover the beauty of Tongariro National Park as you traverse the incredible landscape. It's your last chance to register in person at their pre event registration before they sell out - so what are you waiting for?

Find out all the info via their website: https://tussocktraverse.co.nz/

📸 via Tussock Traverse
So feeeling sorry for myself especially as I’ve withdrawn from The Tussock Traverse. I was really looking forward to kicking my husbands ass up on them Tussocks... looks like it’ll have to wait until next year. Good luck to everyone taking part tomorrow. @tussocktraverse_nz
Hoping classes and clients will be back to normal on Monday.Tussock Traverse Shaun McHale
Hi team! Project Tongariro is the charity partner for the Tussock Traverse event, and we're still looking for some enthusiastic course marshals for this Saturday! If you like tramping, you can make the safety briefing on Fri 29th at Whakapapa Village, and can spend Saturday marshaling - we'd dearly love to hear from you! This is an important fundraising event for our society. In return for your time, there is accomodation for Fri and Saturday nights, a packed lunch for Saturday and dinner, not to mention an awesome day out in Tongariro National Park, cheering on some awesome human athletes! Please get in touch here [email protected] to find out more!
It's been a long road for the Ring of Fire team as we work through all of the factors of delivering an event of this magnitude in these challenging times.

With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, we have now made the difficult but necessary decision not to deliver the full Ruapehu Ring of Fire event in March 2021. Yes, we're heartbroken too.


The Tussock Traverse Alpine Adventure scheduled for Saturday 30th January 2021 will now feature a 50km event option, utilising the Ring of Fire course starting from the Turoa Ski Area! 🤩 We're affectionately calling it, the "Traverse of Fire".

Not only that, but event credits are available for 2020 ROF entrants to redeem as part of their entry for 2021 Tussock Traverse events 🙂 Credits will be held over for International entrants until our 2022 event.

Read the full update with credit amounts in our latest enews: https://mailchi.mp/71c6cc060c4f/event-update-9404329

We thank the trail community, local Iwi, sponsors and supporters for your ongoing support of the Ruapehu Ring of Fire and hope to see you for The 17th Annual Tussock Traverse Adventure Run/Walk.

Come Run Where the Mountains Meet the Sky 🗻
Photo du jour.
Ainslee Hitchings on her way to completing the 2016 Tussock Traverse.
Loving it ‘on the other side’ ... really? Yep!

When I told a mate who competes in his sport at a pretty high level, that I was going to a running event and was going to be on the ‘other side’ as a volunteer and not running, he told be he hates being at an event that he can’t compete in - ‘I try to be all enthusiastic and cheer on my team mates with a smile, but inside I’m hating it!’

I was wondering whether I might have the same experience. Well ... no! Would I rather have been running the Tussock Traverse? You bet! But did I love volunteering? Sure did!

Reason #1 - Appreciation.
I so love these trail events, especially the ones at Tongariro National Park. Being on the other side helped me catch just a glimpse of what goes into these things to make it possible for guys like me to just turn up and run. So many people doing so many tasks to make the day run smoothly as we run rugged, so much thought and care into making the day fun but also safe, and so many passionate people who love seeing other people experience the mountain.

Reason #2 Inclusion.
I’ve been a part of many teams, and I have to say the team at the Tussock Traverse is one of the best. I was one of the last to volunteer, bringing some eventing experience but no running event background at all other than running. I turn up the day before and am welcomed as ‘hey everyone, we all know each other, except this is Campbell, he’s new to the team, he’s a lovely guy, and he’s here to help’. Turns out I’m so late volunteering I’m not even on the list so I get offered to whoever needs help. Well this team all do know each other, and they know their stuff, but that doesn’t stop them welcoming me straight away and letting me get hands on to helping right from the start. I’d seen many of these familiar faces on the other side of the registration table, finishing line and camera lens at past events, but over the next 30 hours they felt more like mates and family as we set up barriers, tables and chairs, banners, checked runners gear, got medals unpacked and ready to wrap around the finishers necks.

Reason #3 My Mates.
Best mates Mark Innes and Abul Fazal Nazari, along with a new guy to the crew Marvin, came on down later in the arvo and I got to do their compulsory gear check which was a bit of fun. Being with these guys was great. Bunking at the Whakapapa Holiday Park, grabbing a feed at the local tavern and then hanging out as they all checked their gear for the mornings early start and got an early night. Something was different about watching and supporting them get ready to race was different, without my own race to consume me like normal. The next morning was all about being the alarm clock, the shuttle driver, and then sending Mark and Marvin off on their extra early bus. Abul and I had 90 minutes until his bus so we walked on up to the top of Bruce Road and then hiked up to one of the lower peaks on Mt Ruapehu, and enjoyed a spectacular sunrise as Abul soaked in the landscape and vista that reminds him of his homeland Afghanistan and his city of Kabul which is surrounded by Ruapehu-like mountains. After Abul jumped on the bus I had jobs to do back at the finish line while I awaited the three lads return. Seeing each of them cross the finish line tape, shake them by the hand, award them their medal, and give them a big hug ... so good! Also seeing other mates like Sean Bardsley and Marty White rock in was a massive bonus. I love to compete, but not competing made me so much more focussed on my mates competing, loved that.

Reason #4 Trail Running Community.
I loved being able to say ‘congratulations you are finished!’ to well over 500 of the days 900 runners and walkers, and mean it every time! To hang a medal around their necks and say ‘you so earned this today ... now no more running today for you!’ Old and young, all shapes and sizes, experienced speedsters and novice grinders ... all part of the Tussock Traverse family for the day. Two young boys sharing thé podium with Angus the Salomon rep for the 6km run, and he was 3rd. Chatting on and off for half an hour with an elderly gentleman who anxiously waiting for his darling to arrive, and when she did it was arm in arm with her 4 new friends who had laid aside their own agendas to make sure this lady got to the finishline. One of the youngest 21km competitors ran across the line, grabbed his medal and then was off to look for his next adventure, about a minute later mum and dad arrived laughing that their 10 year old didn’t even wait to see them finish and get a family photo.

What an event. Will go down as one of my favourites and most memorable, and I didn’t even run!

Explore the Tongariro National Park, Central North Island, New Zealand with one of the Tussock Traverse trail running or walking distances as part of the Ring of Fire 2022.

Take on one of the Tussock Traverse trail running or walking distances as part of the Ring of Fire on Saturday 12th March 2022 in Tongariro National Park. Sign up for our 6km, 12km, 21km, or 32km courses at www.rof.co.nz.

Operating as usual


YIKES! Only 20 entries left in the 32km distance, get yours quick! https://eventplus.net/RTF23

Saturday 11th March 2023

Only 20 entries left in the popular Tussock Traverse 32km distance! 😮

Snap yours up quick: https://eventplus.net/RTF23


A little somethin' somethin' to warm you up on Friday 10th March 2023, before your Tussock Traverse event the next day! 😉😅


Make sure you LIKE the Ruapehu Trail Festival page as all updates will be communicated there first. Instagram coming soon...

Ruapehu NZ Mt Ruapehu


Hit the trails with a friend in March 2023! Walk or run the Tussock Traverse 32km, 21km, 12km or 6km as part of the Ruapehu Trail Festival. ENTRIES OPEN NOW! https://ruapehutrailfestival.co.nz/


The Ruapehu Trail Festival website is LIVE!


The Ruapehu Trail Festival website is LIVE!


Ruapehu NZ Mt Ruapehu


The Tussock Traverse is now part of something BIG! The Ruapehu Trail Festival incorporates the Ring of Fire, Tussock Traverse, AND a third very exciting event all on the same weekend in Tongariro National Park. OH YES!

Mt Ruapehu Mt Ruapehu

Ruapehu Trail Festival - Run where the mountains meet the sky!

Victory Events - Events that Move You, announce the Ruapehu Trail Festival, a range of trail running and walking events to be held in the Tongariro National Park from the 10th to the 12th of March 2023.

Two proven events will come under the Ruapehu Trail Festival banner, with another exciting and never seen before in New Zealand event yet to be announced.

Read the full release: https://mailchi.mp/ruapehutrailfestival.co.nz/victory-events-announce-the-ruapehu-trail-festival

Ruapehu NZ Mt Ruapehu


Tussock family, do we have some news for you...

Victory Events, the people that bring amazing events to the treasured trails of Tongariro National Park, have some exciting event announcements for summer 2022.

The much loved Tussock Traverse returns on Saturday 12th March 2022 as part of New Zealand's premier alpine ultra, the Ring of Fire 73km and 50km! 🤩

For the first time, Ring of Fire will combine the Tussock Traverse event offerings of 6km, 12km, 21km and 32km as part of a super day in the Tongariro National Park. The Chateau Tongariro Hotel has been secured exclusively as the official venue and designated finish line for all events.

Read the full release and get event info here: https://rof.co.nz/

Follow the Ring of Fire page, where all event information will be published: https://www.facebook.com/RingofFireNZ

RSVP to the Ring of Fire feat. Tussock Traverse event listing here: https://www.facebook.com/events/305693977804570

Ruapehu NZ


Looking for an autumn challenge fit running and walking people. Very cool local Ruapehu event to get amongst

Ok, we are counting down.. Raetihi Gutbuster walk/run/cycle. Come along and celebrate our 10th anniversary. See you there!


The Victory Events team are back in the Tongariro National Park this weekend, hosting The Goat Tongariro! 😍 We are remembering that awesome day in January when you were here with us too.

We figured it's about time we shared some moments of the 17th annual Tussock Traverse, right? ! Check out our highlights vid, maybe you're in it! 😊


The 17th Annual Tussock Traverse - THAT'S A WRAP!

As participants, staff, volunteers, and Iwi gathered under the majestic Maunga for prize giving, event director Jason Cameron gave a heartfelt thanks to everyone who played a part in making this year's Tussock Traverse an unforgettable experience.

Ten months ago, the future of large-scale events was uncertain. Jason's company, Victory Events had to cancel the Ring of Fire Volcanic Ultra 72k, 50k, 24k & Relay Ruapehu NZ just days out, due to the effects of the virus-that-shall-not-be-named. Additional events were also affected.

That is why us all coming together yesterday meant so much to Jason and his team of staff and volunteers. So while you have been thanking us for your Tussock adventure, now it's our turn to thank you and all those who backed this awesome event.

Thank you to every single person who purchased an entry to Tussock and those who shared their photos and videos with us so we could see the event through your eyes. Thank you also to every participant who thanked a marshal as you walked or ran by.

Thank you to the following Iwi, organisations, and businesses for your support and sponsorship:

Ngāti Hikairo, Ngāti Rangi and Ngāti Uenuku
Department of Conservation
Ruapehu District Council
Chateau Tongariro Hotel
Project Tongariro Mahi Aroha
Lakeman Brewing Co
Tongariro Water
Goodr Sunglasses Australia & New Zealand
Opus Fresh Apparel Co
R-Line Electrolyte Drink
Ultimate Direction Hydration Packs
Steigen New Zealand


Ruapehu NZ


The wonderful Pieke modeling lost property from today! If you recognise anything, message our page. Black beanie, orange puffer, teal jacket, gloves.

Please note:
Green Olympic Torch (jacket) has now been claimed.
There is also a Garmin charger being modeled as an earring.
Pants not included.
Pieke IS actually a super hero.
Yes this should have gone in the event listing, but the photo is too cool for anyone to miss.


Tussock of Fire 50km Run - First Female!


Congratulations Charlotte Milne, first female overall in the 50km with a finish time of 7:33:37!


Check out the excitement in these 6km Starters!! 😀🥳🤩


Tussock of Fire 50km Run Winner!


Congratulations Elliot Cree from Wellington, winner of the 50km with a finish time of 5:47:53!


Tussock Traverse 21km Wave B 2021

Start of the 21km Wave B event at the The 17th Annual Tussock Traverse Adventure Run/Walk! So exciting! Thank you so much to Ngāti Hikairo for sending our adventurers off with a Karakia.


Start of the 21km Wave A at Waihohonu Track, Tongariro National Park. Go well, everyone!


50km runners heading on out! Good luck you amazing humans! See you on the other side 😎

Commentary by organiser, Jason Cameron.


Feeling the spirit with a Karakia for our 50km runners this morning just ahead of their 5:30am start! Thank you Ngāti Rangi for supporting our events in your whenua ❤️

Photos from Tussock Traverse's post 29/01/2021

We've got a good thing going here at registration, with Goodr Sunglasses Australia & New Zealand, Opus Fresh, R-Line Electrolyte Drink and Steigen in attendance! I may or may not have had a mini-shopping spree... YOLO!


Opus Fresh, Ruapehu’s own merino adventure wear manufacturer are proud to once again be a local sponsor of The 17th Annual Tussock Traverse Adventure Run/Walk!

Join the Opus Fresh Adventure Club; a group designed for runners, hikers, and mountain bikers of all levels to come together and enjoy the greater outdoors .h.com/ or in-store at the historic Ohakune Railway Station.

You can also catch up with the team at registration on Friday where they will have a range of merino tees, runners singlets and caps available to purchase.

Join the Opus Fresh Adventure Club; a group designed for runners, hikers and mountain bikers of all levels to come together and enjoy the greater outdoors 😎



R-Line Electrolyte Drink has a super sweet hydration offer for Tussockers! Just add your name to the list on the link below, then come and see them at the event for a free gift. Their 50ml miniature bottle of R-Line makes 500ml of hydration drink – perfect for hydration, energy, and recovery.



Let's see your pics!


While it is the height of summer and earlier in the week the temperatures across the country have been very high (it was 32 degrees at Waihohonu Hut on course marking day), things are changing on the Maunga. Please read the following update to be informed of the temp drop that's coming!



The fun side of organising events...gotta love your Mahi💚. Looking forward to the 17th Tussock Traverse with Project Tongariro ❤️



Aside from being part of something amazing envied the world over, AND the exhilaration of crossing the finish line, you could also WIN STUFF at The 17th Annual Tussock Traverse Adventure Run/Walk!

Thank you so much to our prize and logistic sponsors for supporting this year's event:

Chateau Tongariro Hotel
Goodr Sunglasses Australia & New Zealand
Opus Fresh
R-Line Electrolyte Drink
Ultimate Direction Hydration Packs
Steigen New Zealand Sports Apparel

See you at Registration, Friday from 4pm - 10pm!


The Chateau Tongariro Hotel, Tussock Bar & Restaurant, and Project Tongariro Mahi Aroha have your sustenance sorted for this weekend! Find opening hours below, menus available from https://www.chateau.co.nz/food-drinks/

Friday 29 January 2021
Tussock Bar & Restaurant: 1.00pm – Late
Lounge Bar: 11.00am – Late
Pihanga Café: 11.30am - 9.00pm
Ruapehu Room: 5.30pm – 10.00pm

Saturday 30 January 2021
Project Tongariro Fundraising BBQ - on the lawn at Tussock HQ
Tussock Bar & Restaurant: 10.30am – Late
Pihanga Café: 11.30am - 9.00pm
Lounge Bar: 11.00am – Late
Ruapehu Room: 5.30pm – 10.00pm

Sunday 31 January 2021
Sunday Buffet Lunch at the Chateau: 12.00pm – 2.00pm
Lounge Bar: 11.00am – Late
Pihanga Café: 11.30am - 9.00pm


We'd love to see the event through your eyes!

Use the hashtag when you share event pics on the day so we can see them too. 😎😍


Tell the world you're having a volcanic adventure with hundreds of happy humans this weekend by selecting 'Going' in the event listing: The 17th Annual Tussock Traverse Adventure Run/Walk.

We're talking about compulsory gear, timings and other important stuff in the event discussion, so head on over now. RSVP and make sure you're informed ahead of registration. 😎

Haven't entered? You still can! ... just. Online entries until midday tomorrow (Thursday). Jump on it!



Online entries for The 17th Annual Tussock Traverse Adventure Run/Walk close at midday tomorrow (Thursday 28th January)! If you haven't locked in your weekend adventure, do it now so you don't get FOMO. 😁


Entries will be available for last-minute peeps at Tussock HQ at the Chateau Tongariro Hotel from 4pm - 10pm on Registration Day, Friday 29th January.


This year we did something a little different and offered our entrants the option to forego their much-loved finisher bling, and instead, give back to the land that gives us so much.

So far, 40% of The 17th Annual Tussock Traverse Adventure Run/Walk entrants have opted to give back, and event organisers will work with Project Tongariro Mahi Aroha to plant a native tree in the Tongariro National Park for each of those entrants! This is absolutely amazing, and we thank you ALL!

Even if you've chosen to keep your medal (what a memento!), you are still supporting the hard work of Project Tongariro who are the charitable partner of this event. So thank you too!

It's already feeling so good, and the event hasn't even started yet!

Our Story

The Tussock Traverse will take place on Saturday 26 January 2019 in Tongariro National Park. Sign up on Wednesday 1st August 2018 at 9.30am for our 6.5km, 13km or 26km run/walk course at www.tussocktraverse.co.nz.

Videos (show all)

Tussock of Fire 50km Run - First Female!
Tussock of Fire 50km Run Winner!
Tussock Traverse 21km Wave B 2021
21km Start at the Waihohonu Track - Tussock Traverse 2020
Jade Pritchard at Tussock Traverse 2020
Tussock Traverse 2020 32km Men's and Women's Champions
Meet & Greet with Lucy Bartholomew, feat. Squadrun




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