Bujinkan Moukokagedo Dojo

Bujinkan Moukokagedo Dojo


Nori in action. RIP warrior!

Moukokagedo Dojo is operated by Anthony Netzler. Anthony has spent 25 years living and training in martial arts in Japan. Shinhan Anthony Netzler is a 15 Dan Black Belt in Ninjutsu.

He has lived and trained in Japan for the last 25 years and has trained with the Grand Master Masaaki Hatsumi in his Dojo all that time . Anthony has been given the blessing by the Grand Master Hatsumi to start a Dojo in New Zealand. The Dojo is in M.S.C Stadium - corner Hull road and Maunganui road , Mt Maunganui Tauranga New Zealand. Class are on Tuesday at 7.00 to 9.00 pm

Operating as usual


初見良昭 Masaaki Hatsumi 武神館 Bujinkan dojo - tradition of 9 ryu-ha


#Bujinkan #Hatsumi #Budo #Taijutsu #Dojo #Traning Глава Будзинкан додзё - Масааки Хацуми, Патриарх девяти стилей боевых искусств, живой носитель древних трад...


Masaaki Hatsumi "Living Ninja Legend"


Yotsume Dojo

木村正治 Kimura Masaji (student of Takamatsu Sensei)
"My Bugō 武号 (martial name) given to me by my teacher is Masakatsu 正勝. I was born in Meiji 34 on February 3rd and lived in Nara Prefecture, nearby the Kashihara Jingū 橿原神宮 and the house of my teacher Takamatsu Tosh*tsugu. I was able to train and spar with him almost every day. People say that I looked exactly like my teacher in my older years.
At the age of 17 I was allowed to join Takamatsu Sensei's Dojo with the following three rules: No Liquor, No Smoking, No Fighting!
When I was 36 I received Menkyo Kaiden from my teacher in Tenshin Hyoho Kukishin Ryu Bojutsu and other arts. I had a Dojo with 15 students and had Takamatsu Sensei in to teach. This was 70 years ago. Takamatsu Sensei made it clear to us that Jujutsu is not just for fighting. It is something you must develop for your life during the entirety of your life. I have witnessed Takamatsu Sensei's true fighting style as someone grabbed at his shoulder and he immediately threw him flying across the room.
Takamatsu Sensei's father Gishin Yasaburo in the Edo Period was the castle commander for the Kuki clan. Upon retirement he went into the mountains taking up the calling of a Yamabushi (mountain priest) under the name of Gishinkai. He became an abbot of a small monastery after he received Dai-Sendatsu 大先達 (Grand Path Leader) title in Honzan-ha 本山派 Tendai (Kumano) Shugendo. There is record of this at Ōminesan-ji (大峯山寺) monastery.
Takamatsu Sensei taught by teaching basics and then the regular techniques. He taught Jujutsu and various patterns. He said that part of the Bugei Juhappan was the ability to speak as a Shodan to Shodan holders and as a Godan to Godan holders. It's essential to communicate to students at their level..."
Kimura Sensei passed away on January 14th, 2000. He was 100 years old and died due to illness.


Yotsume Dojo

忍耐自制 - Nintai Jisei (Endurance and Self-Control)
When Hatsumi Sensei was asked about what was required to become a Ninja, he replied, "It is 忍耐自制 Nintai-Jisei (endurance and self-control). That is the most important thing. Living with endurance."

This painting is one of Hatsumi Sensei's most cherished possessions he was given by Takamatsu Sensei. Takamatsu Sensei and Hatsumi Sensei often express the essence of martial arts through their many paintings.

Here is a video of Hatsumi Sensei reading for us this painting by Takamatsu Sensei.

"Nintai Towa Kokoro o Yashinai Waza o Hagemite Suenagaku Shinbō Koso Shin no Ninja Nari."

"The Ninja's body is to nurture one's mind and to train the body to endure to the end. One who can do this is a true Ninja."

Signed: 戸隠流忍術三十三代 高松寿嗣
(Togakure Ryū Ninjutsu Sanjūsandai Takamatsu Tosh*tsugu)
忍耐自制 - Nintai Jisei (Resistencia y Auto-Control)
Cuando se le preguntó a Hatsumi Sensei sobre lo que se requería para convertirse en un ninja, él respondió, "忍耐自制 - Nintai Jisei (Resistencia y Auto-Control). Eso es lo más importante. Vivir con perseverancia."

Esta pintura es una de las más preciadas posesiones que fue dada por Takamatsu Sensei a Hatsumi Sensei. Takamatsu Sensei y Hatsumi Sensei a menudo expresa la esencia de las artes marciales a través de sus muchas pinturas.

"Nintai Towa Kokoro o Yashinai Waza o Hagemite Suenagaku Shinbō Koso Shin no Ninja Nari."

"El cuerpo de ninja es para nutrir la mente de alguien y a entrenar el cuerpo para aguantar hasta el final. El que puede hacer esto es un verdadero ninja."


Bujinkan Dojo Genova

The initiation into the essence comes from respect and honor of people, from person to person. It is important to be trusted and meet people that you can trust. When this idea spreads and develops into Gokui 極意 network of "give and return", there will be less conflict and rivalry in the world.
- Masaaki Hatsumi

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Negishi Ryu Shuriken-jutsu - Hayasaka Yoshifumi - 42nd All Japan Kobudo Demonstration

Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaFF4Q8RlfNq45cPDUwE8QA?sub_confirmation=1 School: Negishi Ryū Shuriken-jutsu Event: 42nd All Japa...

bkrbudo.com 06/12/2019

The Assassination of Emperor Sushun And The origins of The Hidden Lineage – BKRBUDO

bkrbudo.com The Assassination of Emperor Sushun And The origins of The Hidden Lineage December 5, 2019 December 5, 2019 / The Hidden Lineage Research / By bkrbudo / Leave a Comment One of the earliest traces of The Hidden Lineage lies with the coming of Achi no Omi (阿知使主) and his son Tsuka no Omi (都.....

www3.nhk.or.jp 29/11/2019

TV Live | NHK WORLD-JAPAN Live & Programs

www3.nhk.or.jp Japan's sole public broadcaster delivers to the world the latest information about Japan and Asia 24 hours a day.


Bujinkan Dojo Genova

In Japan there is a saying that says, "If you fall 7 times, 8 times you will have to get up" (Nanakorobi Yaoki 七転び八起き), but I will want to fall and get up 8 times 9 times, this is the spirit of Kukishin Ryu, who says: - every time you fall nine demons will rise you again, Hatten Kyoku 八転 九起鬼 - in training as in life, we survive thanks to our Ukemi 受身, and no matter how many times we fall, it is important to get up every time".

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www3.nhk.or.jp 22/11/2019

Ninjutsu - J-Arena - TV | NHK WORLD-JAPAN Live & Programs

www3.nhk.or.jp We meet 87-year-old grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, living legend of the ninja arts, and speak with one of his instructors, an American living in Japan who has reached a high level of proficiency in ninjutsu. Keeping the secretive techniques of the ninja alive in the modern age, Hatsumi sensei has attr...


10 Rules for A Perfect Ninja // The Bansenshūkai 萬川集海 (Book of Ninja) 1676 // Japan Primary Source

Straight from the pages of the ultimate Ninja manual - The 17th century Bansenshūkai (萬川集海 - translated as 'All Rivers Merge into the Sea'), here we have a p...


Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Art

Bujinkan Daishihan, Toshiro Nagato, will teach in the US | May 1st - 3rd of 2020 in Dayton, Ohio. Join us! Get the best price — Early Bird tickets are still available at:
— Steve


Honbu training with Nagato Sensei Oct 2019

Honbu training with Nagato Sensei Oct 2019


Bujinkan Ninjutsu Orewa Beach

Shihan Mark Lithgow - kenjutsu Seminar - November 2019 New Zealand


Palm Beach Bujinkan Dojo

On Happiness

by Tosh*tsugu (Chosui) Takamatsu

The way to experience ultimate happiness is to let go of all worries and regrets, and to know that being happy is the most satisfying of life's feelings. Reflect back on all the progress in your life and allow the positive, creative and joyous thoughts to outshine and overwhelm any sorrow or grief that may linger in the recesses of your mind. Knowing that disease and disaster are natural parts of life is the key to overcoming adversity with a calm and happy spirit. Happiness is waiting there in front of you. Only you can decide whether or not you choose to experience it. Take this to heart.


Bujinkan Moukokagedo Dojo

This will be awesome !!!!!


Takamatsu Tosh*tsugu keiko for Hatsumi students

unique video Takamatsu Tosh*tsugu trening & old Hatsumi Masaaki sensei fragment from DVD Ninpo ninpo Den vol. 2 https://queststation.com/quest-e/products_dvd...


Masaaki Hatsumi - sakki jutsu

Hatsumi sensei - class in Budokan Tokyo 2005


This will be awesome !!!!!


Bujinkan Dojo Genova

"Forget your sadness, anger, grudges, and hatred. Let them pass like smoke caught in the breeze. You should not deviate from the path of righteousness; you should lead a life worthy of a man. Don't be possessed by greed, luxury, or your ego. You should accept sorrows, sadness and hatred as they are, and consider them a chance for trial given to you by the powers... a blessing given by nature. Have both your mind and your time fully engaged in Budo, and have your mind deeply set on bujutsu?"
- Masaaki Hatsumi

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Tone Deaf

This is awesome

The coolest thing you will hear all day!

Band: The HU


Hatsumi Soke teaches Togakure Ryu Ninpo Santo Tonko Gata Migikataude

If interested more videos on ninjutsu write [email protected] Bujinkan DVD https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bujinkan-Budo-Taijutsu-Kukishin-Ryu-Daken-Tai-Juts...


Bruce Helander interviews Masaaki Hatsumi. #Bujinkan #Hatsumi

Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Art is a book of Japanese calligraphy & martial arts. Discover the paintings and calligraphy of martial arts grandmaster, Masaaki Hatsu...


初見良昭 Masaaki Hatsumi from old to new

初見良昭 Masaaki Hatsumi Bujinkan dojo Soke 9 schools: Togakure-ryū (戸隠流) Gyokko-ryū (玉虎流) Kuki Shinden Happō Biken jutsu (九鬼神伝流八法秘剣術) Kotō-ryū (虎倒流) Shinden Fud...



Takagi Ryu jujutsu to Kukishin Ryu bo jutsu


Bujinkan Dojo Genova

I’m not teaching you how to fight. I am teaching you how to control “Evil”.
- Masaaki Hatsumi

#Bujinkan #Ninjutsu #Ninja #Budo #Taijutsu #Italia #Genova #artimarziali #giappone #martialarts #samurai #incontro #dojo #palestra #difesapersonale #femminile #donne #nike #calcio #MasaakiHatsumi #sport #liguria #spiritualità #filosofia #CSImoments


Great training at Sen Dojo last week with Jason Sargant all the way from Adelaide. Special thanks to Leighton White and everyone who attended.

nippon.com 05/09/2019

Hatsumi Masaaki, the World’s Most Famous Ninja, and His Essence of Martial Arts

nippon.com The Bujinkan martial arts dōjō in Noda, Chiba Prefecture, is at first glance an unassuming training facility. But men and women from around the planet gather at this martial arts Mecca north of Tokyo in the hope of receiving direct transmission in the skills of Japan’s most famous secret agents ...

[09/05/19]   "Happiness depends on being free, and freedom depends on being courageous… But the man who can mostly be accounted courageous is he who best knows the meaning of what is sweet in life and of what is terrible and then goes out undeterred to meet what is to come."



Little Ninja


Saturday 7th September 2019

Bujinkan Shihan Jason Sargent (Adelaide, Australia)

Sensei Jason teaches kids and adults in Australia and will be teaching the Saturday class @ Little Ninja Dojo. Senior kids from other days will be invited to another timeslot during Sensei Jason Bujinkan Seminar @ the Glenfield Community Centre. You be told more at Thursday class by Sensei.

Sensei Jason Biography:

Jason Sargent is the Head Instructor for the Sargent Bujinkan Dojo and has been training in the Bujinkan for 34 years. Jason has extensive experience having served with the Australian Defence Force, The Australian Federal Police and the Australian Protective Service both in Australia and Overseas. Jason was graded to 15th Dan Shihan (Master Instructor) in 2012 and holds a Bachelor of Policng, a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and various other qualifications.



Neste vídeo, Masaski Hatsumi sensei explica o uso e as diferenças entre os vários tipos de espadas japonesas, como usado na escola ninja tradicional de Togakure ryu.


Bujinkan Ninjutsu Orewa Beach

Winter camp 2019 Sensei White


Bujinkan Tesshin ryū Dojo

I passed this test with Soke in 1995 for my 5th Dan (godan) Black belt. First time only time! One chance!


Bujinkan Ninjutsu Orewa Beach

Winter camp 2019 Sensei Netzler


MEGATON (Kai Asakura vs Tenshin @ RIZIN 19) on Twitter

A good friend of mine sent me this. I've never seen the footage before so pretty stoked! The fight was never finished in the ring, it was finished in training.


“Anthony Tatsuji Netzler finishes Muscle Hiranuma in 20 seconds https://t.co/MdKHeK8nGN”

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Honbu training with Nagato Sensei Oct 2019



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