The Advisor Channel

The Advisor Channel

We work with you to help achieve your insurance objectives.

[09/01/18]   We'll find the right loan for your business.

Business loans are essential to succeed whether it is a new enterprise or an established business.

A cash injection can help you stay competitive as you can invest in the latest technology or a better location. It can also help with making ends meet in a slow economy.

Our experts are self employed and understand the pressure you face. This intimate understanding of business gets you exactly what you require. We have access to various lending institutions and will find you the best deal.

[09/01/18]   We can help consolidate your debts.

Personal loans are useful for consolidating debt or financing a large purchase.

It can be borrowing for a new car or to make changes to your home such as a new roof or landscaping.

We can help you even if you do not meet the criteria as specified by some companies. You can borrow from a bank or our experts can show you options through other lending companies. We can help you find the loan which best suits you.

[09/01/18]   How do we operate?

When we give advice we follow the internationally-recognised six-step process:

1) Establishing the client-adviser relationship

2) Gathering client data and determining your goals and expectations

3) Analysing and evaluating the client's financial position, personal and business insurance

4) Developing and presenting our written advice

5) Overseeing the implementation of the plan

6) Monitoring and reviewing the plan.

This can require a series of meetings with a prospective client before our advice is finalised. It also means we maintain a close ongoing relationship with clients, regularly reviewing progress and working with them over time to ensure their goals can be met.

Our advice will take account of your personal objectives, financial situation and needs. It will be clear and concise, with enough detail for you to make an informed decision about whether to act on it. I have the skills and knowledge to conduct my business in a professional manner and I particularly enjoy helping my clients reach their destination.

[09/01/18]   Who are our product providers?

Fidelity Life
Southern Cross

The above is not an exhaustive list of suppliers and from time to time we may advise or be asked to advice on products offered by different suppliers. If the above list of suppliers is amended in the future and the change is relevant to the advice that we provide to you, then we will provide you with an updated disclosure statement.

[09/01/18]   What is our role as an advisor?

Our role is to work with you to help you achieve your insurance objectives. Each one of our clients has a different set of needs and goals. By working together we can assist you to find solutions that are tailored to suit your particular situation.

We give advice in the following areas:

- Life Insurance

- Total and Permanent Disability

- Mortgage Protection

- Critical Illness and Income Protection

- Medical Insurance and Key Person Protection Planning to protect you, your family or business.

We only give advice in the particular and similar subject areas set out above.

We keep our qualifications up-to-date by regular attendance at industry seminars and conferences.

We believe that to enable us to provide you with the best insurance advice possible it is our responsibility to remain up-to-date with any new developments in the insurance industry.

Our Story

The Advisor Channel was founded by Mehernosh Kotwal. Following his move to New Zealand in 1997, Mehernosh started his career in insurance with Combined Insurance. He ultimately became a Territory and then District manager, which included recruiting and mentoring new advisers. He achieved numerous awards and was one of their most highly recognized advisers.

In 2003 he moved to Tower Financial Advisory Services, and established his own full service insurance business. He built up over 3,000 clients, winning many of Tower’s recognition awards along the way. This experience of general management allied to insurance expertise from running the business processing for over 3,000 clients gives the Advisor Channel Ltd an excellent base to support a dynamic team of advisers.



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