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Capturing life's precious moments, memories and milestones, preserving a moment in time for you to treasure forever in the form of 3 dimensional castings.

Welcome to Momentoes

Every Momentoes casting is custom made to meet your requirements; we are only limited by your imagination. As Momentoes castings are individually designed and handmade, you can have your casting however you want it. We have a huge range of frames, mat colours and plaque options to choose from, so the options are endless. If you haven't had castings done of your previous child



From our bubble to yours we wish everyone a happy Easter, especially all those amazing essential works that are out their helping all New Zealanders! 👩‍🌾👩‍🍳👮‍♀️👨‍✈️👩‍🚒👨‍🔬👩‍⚕️

May this Easter Sunday fill you with hope, 💕 and happiness.

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Looking for an activity for the kids or yourself busy during Easter weekend? 🐣

Print out our easter colour comp and enter to win a prize on our NZ page - link below.

Happy colouring - Renee 🥰

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Home - Momentoes 07/04/2020

Home - Momentoes


We are so excited to be launching our new website 🖥

Please click on the link below and check it out - we hope you love it as much as we do.

Gift vouchers are also now available to purchase through our website.

Home - Momentoes

Momentoes Gisborne updated their phone number. 07/04/2020

Momentoes Gisborne updated their phone number.

Momentoes Gisborne updated their phone number.

Home - Momentoes 07/04/2020

Home - Momentoes


We are so excited to be launching our new website 🖥

Please click on the link below and check it out - we hope you love it as much as we do.

Gift vouchers are also now available to purchase through our website.

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So much respect to Harry and his wife for deciding to follow their own path and create their own journey. His mum will be holding his hand every step of the way. Good on them.

Dear Harry,

Darling Harry.

We have watched you grow from a smiley, cheeky little boy, who adored his mother, his brother and his little trio, to one who quickly had to grow up. Overnight.

We watched , along with the whole world, as your life, your grief and your pain....was blasted all over our television screens.

We watched you walk behind ...that...carriage.

We watched you, a little 12 year old boy, be expected to keep up with the men around you, and emotionally cope with what you were being faced with. You had no hand to hold. No arms to bury yourself in. No one wiping away the tears you no doubt desperately wanted to cry.

We watched, little one, as Princess Diana was paraded, slowly, in front of millions. But she wasn't a Princess to you. She was 'mummy'. And you suddenly lost the someone who made you smile, laugh, and gave you affection like no other person in your life.

We watched as the world kept turning. But yours stood still.

We watched you struggle as a teenager and young adult with this new reality.

We watched you rebel against the expectations of 'your lot'.

We watched you just want to be normal. Despite being reminded that you're not.

We watched you push the boundaries of what a member of the royal family could do. Where they could serve. Who they could be.

We watched as you tried to find fulfillment.

We watched you establish the Invictus Games, so many charities, and help so many gain purpose back in their lives, when you were still struggling to find your own .

We watched as you, finally, found someone warm, caring, happy....someone who, like your mother, wasn't afraid to show you love and affection in public. She loved you, and she didn't care who knew it or what people thought.

We watched the press pick her apart.

We watched you hate them for it.

We watched you become a husband infront of millions. A much happier man.

We watched you become a father, and saw how proud you were of your wife and son.

We watched you protect with everything you have - your own little family. We know why: we saw what happened to your mother. We saw. The media is a cruel, heartless beast.

We watched as you found your calling. You found who you are. You found more of Harry. And less of the Prince.

We watched you smile again. A beaming smile. Holding your baby. Holding your wife's hand.

We watched you be brave. So brave.
You've given us enough.
You owe us no explanation.

We watched as you got a taste of a more fulfilling, quieter, healthier life.

We watched you shock the world by admitting that, yes, you just wanted to live it.
As Harry. Meghan. And Archie.

We watched you say, Prince or not- I am also a father, a husband, and a man. Let me be one.

And so ...

We will be watching, proudly, as you go off to start your new chapter. You won't lose us.

We will be watching, relieved, as you finally get to live your days as YOU choose to. That little boy, with his head down, in his big suit, walking behind his mother's dead body - that little boy who has had to rebuild his world, do his 'royal' duties, and have his mental health dragged through the mud ever since.

We will be watching - as much as YOU decide we can - intrigued as to what you will get up to. Where you'll be. What. Who.

Go .... be strong.

Go .... be happy.

Go.... Be....You.

We will be watching.

And so will she ♥️ ##

©Mummy Mumbles 2020


I asked my friend Mukseet if I could share his thought process in the wake of tragedy. He agreed. In my opinion, voices like his should be front and centre as we grapple with the racism and hatred and intolerance that led to this violence. We must listen. We must learn. We must grow. We must do better.

“There are better, more intelligent people than me who will more eloquently and articulately explain the background and repercussions of what happened on Friday. So I just wanted to say a few things not as any authority or expert, but as me; a Muslim immigrant, a New Zealander.

“Growing up as a brown boy, and (especially post 9/11) as a Muslim in New Zealand, I’ve always experienced racism in various forms. Kids calling me curry muncher or terrorist, telling me my clothes smell or laughing at my oily hair. From being excluded from playing Catch and Kiss (in hindsight, what a f*ing terrible game) to Tinder profiles that say ‘no Indians’ (something which, technically, I am not, so you know I’m swiping right). I’ve also been followed and yelled at by white men in cars while I went for a run (maintaining my fit bod), and had to remain calm while my mum has been harassed in the street and in the shops for wearing her hijab. I’ve helped clean swastikas off the wall of my local mosque, and I’ve picked up mail from my letter box only to find messages telling me to go back to where I came from.

“All of the above; plus being pushed, shoved, yelled at, stared at, laughed at, and whispered about (lets not even get into how drastically the number of call backs I got from potential employers jumped when I changed from Mukseet to ‘Muks’).

“The point of this isn’t to show you some sort of twisted résumé of abuse, but just to highlight that this is New Zealand, and this s**t happens. All the time, and not just to me, or brown people, or Muslim people. It happens to my Samoan mates, to my Hindu friends, and my q***r friends. It happens to all of us.

“But you’ll find me in Massey. For the last 25 years, and the next 25. Not London or Melbourne, but Massey. Because, as I did on Thursday, and on my way to Juma prayer on Friday, and as I do sitting here on a Sunday; I genuinely believe that Aotearoa is the greatest place on earth. Just this morning my mum came home from her morning walk and she looked stoked, big ole smile from cheek to cheek. Before I got a chance to ask her what was going on, the phone rang (as it has been, non-stop for the last 3 days) and she picked up.

“I watched my mum bursting with pride as she recounted to my aunty in Bangladesh the story of how she went for a walk this morning, and a white woman came up to her, greeted her as a friend, took her hands and said ‘I’m so sorry for your loss’.

“In these, the worst of times, the best in people has really been brought into sharp focus. The messages of support and love that I (and all my homies) have received over the last couple of days has been overwhelming and incredibly humbling. Your messages mean a lot. Your support means a lot. They have brought me to tears, helped to keep me grounded, and brought me back from some really dark places. But if I’m to be honest; they’re not enough. Action is so much harder than apathy. But look where apathy and complacency got us.

“In these times when hate and bigotry no longer have to hide in the shadows; listen to minorities, talk to those around you, if you hear someone spouting hate, call that s**t out. Rally your politicians and leaders. Be that lady in the park.

“I don’t have anything to say about the victims and those who survive them. I have no words, nothing to add that will bring any semblance of comfort. I weep for you, and I pray for you, and I hope that your sacrifice has not been in vain. ‘Verily, with every hardship, there is relief.’ (94:6)”


Interesting in joining our Momentoes Franchise team - we would love you to get in contact with us.

Timeline photos 19/06/2017

Momentoes Gisborne


If you are a motivated, hard working person who has extremely high attention to detail and takes pride in the presentation of yourself and the appearance of your home, are well organised and have great time management skills, loves working with babies and young children, then this opportunity may be perfect for you.

Past business and marketing experience isn’t a requirement but would be useful.

A big part of our business is casting “angels” young and old, so this is a big consideration to take into account in deciding if this business is right for you.

Self employment isn’t for everyone, it’s hard work but you reap the rewards of the work and time you are willing to put in.

To register your interest and for more information please contact:

Renee Patterson
E: [email protected]
M: 0275 466 338

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This year is nearly half over, time goes way too fast these days.

If you haven't organised a casting appointment for your little one yet, give us a call to arrange a time that works for you - they don't stay little for long.

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We want to show you our amazing product!

If you have any ideas on markets/expos/A&P Shows etc that we can attend, when it is and if possible who the contact is can you please comment below so we can look into it and try and get there to met you all.

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Newsletter Sign Up » Momentoes

Sign up for our Newsletter and receive a $20 voucher towards your casting!

Newsletter Sign Up » Momentoes

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Happy Mothers Day to all you amazing mummas out there!

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Why Choose Us » Momentoes 08/05/2017

Why Choose Us » Momentoes

Why Choose Momentoes? There are sooooooo many reasons!!

Why Choose Us » Momentoes Momentoes franchisees are fully trained in our product, are friendly and interested in helping you design your casting as we all love what we do.

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We have a beautiful extensive range of coloured matts available for your casting. The perfect way to really compliment your castings!

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NZ Gallery » Momentoes 24/04/2017

NZ Gallery » Momentoes

Momentoes custom make especially for you giving you a casting that can be unique to the next. On our website you will find a gallery of photos and options, and this is just the beginning.

Enquire today!

NZ Gallery » Momentoes

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