Galaxy Sign

The Galaxy is seen by over 150,000 vehicles per month, is for everyone to use and the rates are very To say the sign lit up the street is an understatement.

The Glowinfo Display Board

In 1998 the directors of Business Applications Limited and Blueprint Imaging wanted to make a point of difference in advertising in the district and instigated a media first for the region. They invested in a totally new advertising media for the Gisborne District with a 4 metre wide electronic information display board being installed on the roof of the Business Applic


Better get this on the sign soon 🙂

Have an eftpos machine in your business? Call Robyn on 868 6096 for some important information about the coming sunset :-)


More high praise for the guys :-)


Not a cloud to be seen 🙂


🚨Thank you
These amazing sponsors are what make the show possible!
The Gisborne Herald 🙏

Ovation Gisborne Jobs 🙏

PGGWrightson 🙏

Farmers Transport Limited 🙏

Corson Grains 🙏

Downer NZ 🙏

Bayleys Real Estate Gisborne 🙏

Enterprise Motor Group Gisborne 🙏

LeaderBrand 🙏

Clark Farming Group 🙏

Fulton Hogan New Zealand 🙏

Business Applications Limited 🙏

Ben Holden Fencing Contractors 🙏


Weren't the 90s just a great time :-)


Kia Ora Gisborne! I am sure you all remember our amazing Vouch For Recovery Raffle we held earlier this year which consisted wholly of vouchers towards our local businesses donated by YOU, our generous and giving community 🙌
Because our Vouch for Recovery was such a success, we are doing it again! Introducing VOUCH FOR DAFFODIL DAY!🌻🌻

Here's how you can get involved:
1. Think about a local business you'd like to support;
2. Purchase a voucher from your chosen business in physical or electronic form (it could be $15, $20 or more)
3. Email the voucher to our Fundraising & Events coordinator Becky at [email protected] or call 06 867 1795 to arrange for us to collect it (the deadline is 5pm Thursday 13 August).

We will then group the vouchers together to create an awesome prize pool and start selling tickets over the week leading up to Daffodil Day. A list of our locations will be posted closer to the time.
If you have an item to donate to this raffle that isn't a voucher, or you'd prefer to donate to us directly so we can purchase a voucher on your behalf, please get in touch using the contact details above.
WHY GET INVOLVED? Not only will your chosen voucher be helping a business get back on its feet after the lock-down, the raffle proceeds will help raise vital funds for the Cancer Society. This enables us to continue helping locals through their cancer treatment and recovery.


Showing them how it's done :-)

Martin Lowe used the harsh words from his school principal as a motivating force to create and own his own business in Gisborne. The Business Applications Limited company director shares his story with Matai O’Connor . . .

Link To Article :


Robyn is really on a roll :-)

Drop by the store any time to talk to her about the latest in Ricoh IM Multifunction Colour machines or any of the other Ricoh products we have to offer or give her a call to arrange for her to give you a visit to discuss your needs .....

Ready for a Ricoh? Reach out to Robyn at reception on 868 6096


Make sure you’re recycling right
Dealing with plastics is a global issue. Council didn’t create it, we’ve just got to work with it.

Grades 3 – 7 plastics CAN’T be recycled. Check the number on the bottom and put grades 3-7 in the rubbish.

Plastics 1-2, tins and cans should be washed and squashed. Remove lids and place in your rubbish.

Food contaminated items CAN’T be recycled and will be rejected.
Glass should be rinsed and if you have 2 recycling bins, put glass separately in one.

Excess cardboard and paper should bundled flat underneath the bin (no greater than 1 m square)

Don’t overfill your recycling bin. If you find one isn’t sufficient, you can purchase one additional bin from customer service for $10

Everyone has a part to play – every small individual action will collectively make a big difference. For more information please visit our website


Shop Dog - Paul’s little Bayley:

On Sunday 14th May Paul’s little 12-month old Löwchen puppy, Bayley, had to be taken to Melbourne University U-Vets where two surgeons and their assistants worked on her to correct a problem in her nasal airways.

The complication can happen to one in 150,000 dogs during spaying when acid from the lower stomach flows up into the nasal passage destroying them and the dog can’t breathe or smell through her nose.

Paul who is totally dedicated to animal care, was voluntary treasurer of the local SPCA until it was taken over nationally by Auckland.

The decision was that nothing could be done here in Gisborne, so Bayley was taken to Auckland for MRI Scans at VSG Vets and then Balloon Sinuplasty. The diagnosis came back from Auckland that both nostrils were damaged; her nasal airways and sinuses had scare tissue and the only remedy would be stenting.

Paul then took the task in hand and spent many, many hours organising getting Bayley to Australia. His only choice was either a Vet at Melbourne University or one in Chicago which was too far to go with a sick dog. Australia was prepared to give this a try.

A huge mission and a very costly exercise for Paul over the next month of organising exporting from NZ, arranging Dog Visas (yes they exist), Customs, Quarantine, MPI approval, travel with a dog on public transport in Australia, motels that are dog friendly, (a mission on its own), the list goes on, a huge task.

Then making sure that the operation goes to plan and is done within a 10-day period or otherwise the pup automatically becomes an Aussie citizen and that then becomes a nightmare to get her back to NZ and a new set of rules and procedures-wow!

Bayley was operated on Tuesday and Surgeons Dr Julien Dandrieux and Steward Ryan were very happy with the result. Bayley was ready to venture back to her motel post-op two days later and wait for her big trip back to NZ then Gisborne on the Friday.

Paul returned happy and now Bayley is recovering well; the stent implant to be checked in a couple of months by X-ray. All going well she will lead a normal life thanks to the great surgical team.

The operation was recorded and shared for other vets in the world to learn from.


Blast from the past .....

Shiny shiny :-)


It's alive .....


Not long now .....

Photos from Galaxy Sign's post 23/12/2018

Getting things together .....


The Liquorland Gisborne and Business Applications Limited bout will be a noisy affair on Fight Night. Red teams' Maria "Machine Gun" Jeffery supported by Shaw's ropes and wires takes on Jade "One, Shot, Drop" Stafford who is fueled by Nina's kitchen. Many thanks to Liquorland and Business Applications who are supporting the smooth running of our event this Friday.


In the Blue team, and supported by Nina's kitchen we have Jade "One, Shot, Drop" Stafford. Looking at the fighters names this bout, kindly sponsored by Liquorland Gisborne and Business Applications Limited is going to be exciting.


Galaxy V3 coming soon, keep a look out for the start of construction .....


You're welcome, we're here to help 😀

Huge thanks to Business Solutions for this epic sign advertising my ‘Black Tie’s & Swanndri’s’ event happening this Thursday at 6pm!

Still tickets available and can’t wait to see you all there! 👑😆

Timeline photos 05/07/2018

Timeline photos

Thanks Business Applications for coming to our rescue and providing this great new photocopier for our use!

Endeavours to return 22/03/2018

Endeavours to return

Endeavours to return New Endeavour models might possibly be built by Christmas. Gisborne District Councils community...

Bring back Endeavour replicas 27/02/2018

Bring back Endeavour replicas

Bring back Endeavour replicas THE sons of the men who built the original Endeavour replicas want...


Beautifying Gisborne, Project Ātaahua


Beautifying Gisborne, Project Ātaahua

Timeline photos 27/01/2018

Last night I heard my momma singing this song .....

The amazing has completed the incredible mural on the side of business apps!! A big thank you to all our sponsors, business applications and Lina Marsh one of gizzys many talented artists for making this all happen! Go and check it out on the corner of Childers road and Grey street! We hope to have the scaffolding down by the end of the week!


We are excited to announce our big, slighty-faded, green building is getting an exterior revamp and freshen up in the form of a repaint in our famous bright green hue.

Keep a look out for the new paint job coming to life over the next little while.

Timeline photos 20/09/2016

Visit the Heart Of Gisborne page to vote for your pick in the Wine and Food Festival Window Display Competition .....


Look for StudioMe on the Galaxy Sign .....


It's raining, it's pouring ..... Galaxy Sign is still shining brightly though :-)


Another house sold with Galaxy Signs help :-)


Hosting an event? Post it on Galaxy Signs for a larger audience ..... Call now 06 868 6096


Need a Weather Report? Look to Galaxy Signs for more information .....


Congratulations to Nick and Maraea from Nuhaka School, the Business Applications Limited May 2015 Newsletter Competition Winners.

They take away a brand new Ricoh, A4, Twin Paper Tray, Laser Printer, valued at $599.00

Not a bad result for sending a two word email simply saying ..... 'Galaxy Sign'

Well done guys .....



150 Grey Street

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