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Breakfast!!! We ALL need it, it's how we start our day. Fuel your body, and mind. Thinking back to when I NEVER ate breakkie - what a shambles... Bring it on down Bossman, lead your way - He asked to do this video today too BTW.... Food and Mental Health - very connected ;-) ;-) Just from my "lived experiences".

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Breakfast!!! We ALL need it, it's how we start our day. Fuel your body, and mind. Thinking back to when I NEVER ate breakkie - what a shambles... Bring it on down Bossman, lead your way - He asked to do this video today too BTW.... Food and Mental Health - very connected ;-) ;-) Just from my "lived experiences".

Making noise for #Hear4U and our Pete Blake, another massive effort at smashing out the Motu Challenge!! Legend of our time, Always, #Hear4U #mensmentalhealthawareness #communitywellness #suicideprevention #itsokaytonotbeokay #SpeakUp #riseabove #livedexperiences #4tobz, & LEGENDS Alike xx

Ready or not - Here we gooooo!! Motu Challenge - at the Start Line whoop whoop!! Always, Hear 4 U #mentalhealthmatters #ewemattermate #suicideprevention #community #itsokaynottobeokay #speakup #4tobz, and LEGENDS ALIKE xx

A & P Show, 8 Week Challenges, & Updates from your team at #Hear4U & #primalfitness (Haha how funny our faces, when everything is "still" haha).. Get amongst Gizzy Followers - Lots to look forward to!!!!

Maori Language Week: Our Marley (yes, named after Bob ;-)..), "Bossman" and I wanted to share a wee Waita (Song) with you all - something we recorded together a couple of years ago. WAITIA & WAIRUA - "Celebrating Maori Langauge Week 2022". It's a video that always makes our family laugh. "Singing freely" without worrying about judgement is a real thing in The Philippines, haha (My Fernandez whanau love to sing, even when we aren't in tune! - Filipino's karaoke EVERYWHERE - #nostigmathere ekkk). Today's message: "Don't worry, every little thing is goin' be alright"... you know the rest.... Get outside, even for 5mins today, the sun is shining and we ALL NEED IT. Always, Hear 4 U #mensmentalhealth #communtiy #suicideprevention #4tobz #itsokaynottobeokay #SpeakUp

"We just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other, keep working on our mental health and keep sharing our stories with others because true, real, human connection, will heal the world" - Laura Jerram. The Cowboy Hats and Running Shoes TEAM of 2022... LEGENDS! And brought so much #gratitude, education, and energy. We loved meeting them all, Always, Hear 4 U

We advocate for #speakingup always, Tell your stories, Share your grief, Listen, and listen AGAIN, Every story has a lesson, You can NEVER learn enough lessons.... I'm still learning everyday. This incredible mum blew us all away on Saturday, Many parents have lived this tale, So many "systems" are broken, OR short staffed, AND lacking GREAT PROFESSIONALS", Statistics continue to show, #malesuicide is still a HUGE problem, So we need TO BAND TOGETHER.... To enrich, grow, flourish, and HEAL... #GRABOURBLOKES and teach them #itsokaytonotbeokay. Community education, and being proactive is the only way forward. Good on you Jo & Sarah, your angel walked beside you on Saturday. Blessed to spend time with you both these past months. #mensmentalhealthawareness, #whanau, #community, and #suicideprevention MATTERS. Always, Hear 4 U,and NEVER FORGOTTEN... #4kory ###

Taupo Half Marathon Weekend #Hear4U… I’m VERY tired, 5 events in ONE week- BUT living the dream, 370 entries, we nailed it - all for #mensmentalhealthawareness, #suicideprevention, #4tobz, and LEGENDS alike. Most importantly, for those “struggling in silence”. We welcome everyone - we don’t discriminate and judge what cultures, ethnicity, social status, experiences, or industries people are associated with - to be honest, we are way too busy planning for the future. Our platform and movement is about educating community, whanau, and friends about the importance of #speakingup, and #itsokaytonotbeokay sometimes. We present opportunities for blokes, families, and communities to flourish - we might not be the answer for everyone, but we are super FUN. A few wise words from the past week…”Catch ya mates, stop them from falling, fill their cups with love, stop the judgement, and enjoy LIFE. We are only here for a short time! True connection is the answer, always”. Cheers TEAM, #TotalSportTaupo, and our SPONSORS - UNITED in beating the stigma. 2023, we are going to be even bigger!! And yesterday’s biggest winner, our very own Doug Moore - Overall Taupō Marathon Winner of 2022, sh*t I was proud of him! We also won $1000, which paid for our team dinner - we all bloody deserved it. Always, #Hear4U

Can't join us in Taupo, get creative, and show your support!!! Go on...we've ALL battled our ways through Covid, Inflation, Winter, Stress, Grief, & SO MUCH MORE! But really pumped to be #Hear4U. OUR TEAM would appreciate extended AROHA, and spirit!!! Flick through ur pics and I'll post, and show our team of legends!!! Community, working together is the only way to beat the stigma around, #mensmentalhealthawareness #suicideprevention #4tobz Always,

Looking on the bright side of life hahaha... We are almost there team!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 Always, @Hear4U

Playing catch up via video!! A few important messages for our team doing the Taupo Half Marathon Weekend #Hear4U too. Always, @Hear4U

A URGENT plea for helpers/volunteers on Friday.... Matt Chishol, Time Out Tour whoop whoop! Let's deck the audience out in #Hear4U tees yeowwwwww... Please drop me a line if you a keen... to give us a hand followers....;-). Always, #Hear4U A little cuteness always pays off.......

TEAM MASCOT!! Friday at the office... Always, Hear 4 U

Thank goodness we laugh, and "lighten up" at Hear 4 U - because we wouldn't mentally cope. LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE!! Next week, Brian is going back to the UK for a visit - it's going to be a strange two weeks without him here, and both our workloads are in overdrive - creating a video was the only way forward. For your entertainment, we decided to share the bloopers, because we LOVE "imperfection", and GOOD BELLY LAUGHS... As you can see, we are pretty 'real' around here... Enjoy your Friday everyone, and hope this brings a smile on your dial. Working hard for #mensmentalhealthawareness & #SuicidePrevention, Always, @Hear4U

Happy Bday Griffin Law, AND HUGE LOVE from the Round Three, Primal Fitness, 8 Week Challenge team. Always leading the way for #mensmentalhealth, and #SuicidePrevention. You are one of the best! Very grateful to have your massive support, positivity, and HUGE heart... Hope your "bright coloured Lycra" will make an appearance again in Taupo haha!! THANK YOU for being YOU. HAVE A GREAT day boise, always got your back. From the entire crew, Always, Hear 4 U #4tobzALWAYS ###

Very exciting... the countdown is on!!! Arghhhhh let's get ready to roll... #Hear4U is on fire baybee!!! Ticking off the jobs. Always, Hear 4 U

I received this video tribute from Jo Gregory... by Jules Bohumil Benacek Craft, which he wrote and sung for his good mate "Kory" (Jo's son), 12/05/1994 - 20/03/2018. Suicide and grief, affects everybody in different ways - music is my saviour too. Words and emotions are often easier to express through the power of WAIATA - thanks for allowing us to share Juls, WELL DONE YOU, because there is always someone struggling that NEEDS to see how we #speakup, and celebrate #mensmentalhealthawareness. Always, Hear 4 U

Working everyday with blokes was going to eventually rub off on me, but it's happen alot sooner than we envisioned haha. Quite often, I forget to behave lady-like, whoops - imperfect people have way MORE fun anyway..Mr. Mack caught a Blue Finn Tuna on Sunday - really enjoyed it 😋🤣🤣🤣, don't like waste! Currently working alongside many hurting souls - it ain't always an easy gig... But super rewarding, and I have HUGE admiration, respect, and gratitude towards the men that are starting to #speakup, and allowing us to help whenever we can. In order to heal, we must learn to laugh MORE! A wee bit of laughter everyday, is the BEST bloody medicine. If I have to go "social media ugly", just to bring a smile to someone's today.. I will...haha. #enjoyyourkai #donttakeyourselftooseriously Take care followers, Always, Hear 4 U Ps - Thank you Spika for the warmest, spunkest, and most versatile jacket ever... It's possibly spillproof too eh? #mensmentalhealthawareness #suicideprevention #ITSOKAYTOTALK #itsokaytolaugh

July is already super busy! Trying to cover everything this morning - living on adrenaline until Taupo Half Marathon Weekend #Hear4U. Please forgive me if I've missed something important haha - have to make the most of videos! Hopefully it all makes sense haha ;-)...quite preoccupied by Puppy Cash during filming, BUT she's too cute not to share. Always, Hear 4 U

Public Meeting SHOUT OUT... Renee has created an event page for hosting/catering purposes too. Any questions, please fire away through a private messages. Always, Hear 4 U

Head back in the game.... Always, Hear 4 U A massive thank you to the team at Primal Fitness for having my back too ### LOVE yas!! #itokaytonotbeokay #SpeakUp #mentalhealthawareness #mymentalheathjourney

Their #Hear4U Adopted "Auntie Nay Nay", has scored our Taupo Half Marathon Cubs EPIC sponsorship - Brand new Stella & Gemma, Hoodies.......!! We are so grateful, the hours these two spend training, and dragged from event to event.... I think they deserve theirs early...;-) (bloody look after them kids!) I never know what else to say when miracles like these happen - apart from THANK YOU!! PLEASE support NZ businesses, and Grant Bro's. too. Have a good day everyone, Team #Hear4U The next generation, smashing it for #mensmentalhealthawareness, #suicideprevention and #4tobz

LOVE when our team finds something to share.... Good on you Kaz... Check this out followers... might be a very cool idea for our organization..what ya reckon? Always, #Hear4U #mensmentalhealthawareness #itsokaytonotbeokay #beingthechange

These little legends are doing round two of The Taupo Half Marathon with mum and dad in tow (and NEW BABY SISTER).. @TraceyMann & @GusFraser.. x #postoftheday #smashingit #littlelegends #happywhanaus #LittleLeaders #getoutsideandplay #mensmentalhealthawareness #suicideprevention #itsokaynottobeokay #speakingup #4tobz Always, @Hear4U

Loads of emails today.. our followers are amazing... Feedback about our mahi really inspires and helps me. LOVE being out in the community, and hearing your stories, and experiences too #speakingupheals. Messages get checked weekdayS... sorry team.. but on the weekends - too busy trying to be "Mother/Wife of the year" Haha. Yesterday Matty snapped me out... very unglamorous, but always real life. Have a good weekend everyone - and remember "your bum muscles" are more powerful than we realise (learnt that at Primal Fitness haha). Bossy nailed his rugby game... the proudest mum ever!!! #getoutside #ourfuture #laughatyourself #whanautime #mensmentalhealthawareness #resiliencebuilding #rugbydays #suicideprevention #lovemybaby #communitysupport #laughteristhebestmedicine Always, #Hear4U

Wise words from the Bossman... #getoutside #getmovingkeepmoving #suicideprevention #youwillbeokay #mensmentalhealthawareness #4tobz #SpeakUp Always, #Hear4U

Milestone today wahooo!!! #mensmentalhealthawareness & #suicideprevention advocating at its BEST. Taupo Half Marathon is only 3 months away!

Getting motivated during winter can be challenging... It's our job to lift your spirits, and teach followers how to be "mindfully well".. Kaz has joined #Hear4U not only for our blokes, BUT for all supportive loved ones too. Don't dismiss the healing powers of essential oils, they are super simple and FUN to use. My theory: "Enrich the whanau - enrich the man" xx Have a great weekend everyone.... Always, #Hear4U

Highlight of the week - inheriting my dad's wee boat, it's the best EVER. Thanks Mr. Mack for giving "Jimmy" an epic face lift too. From one crazy household to another, have a GREAT weekend everyone. Get yourselves a Gizzy Herald too, there's a very good "men's mental health awareness article" - WELL DONE to another beautiful #Hear4U whanau for being brave enough to #speakup & #bethechange. P.s. - Don't take life to seriously.... And if you currently have Covid - rest up! Mrs. Mack orders!! Always, Hear 4 U

Followers... get to know your community through #Hear4U. There is always help out there for those in need, and their families. Don't be scared to try new things or LISTEN to new ideas. Take a little bit of everything, and you can heal or flourish in your own way. A couple of weeks ago, I met with the vibrant Kaz Jones. Kaz is based in Gisborne with her young family, and has been serving hundreds of people all over the world for 8yrs, helping them make small changes to live a more natural existence full of vitality, energy, and much more. She's super passionate, and is an Australian, and New Zealand leader for doTERRA. Essential oils are a great gift for those struggling with mental health, experiencing grieve, or just needing a boost. Mr. Mack doesn't know it, but I even put lavender on his pillow hahaha! Contact Details: Kaz Jones 0272156423 EMAIL: [email protected] FACEBOOK: Keeping Up With Mrs Jones INSTAGRAM: @keepingupwirhmrsjones