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Maurice & Annie Flood are the new Groundswell representatives for Gisborne, having taken over the po


The farmers Xmas present from the government?? Devastation and sabotage....

Climate change: Government's planned emission charge for farmers gets mixed reaction 21/12/2022

Climate change: Government's planned emission charge for farmers gets mixed reaction

Latest developments in taxing livestock emissions!

Climate change: Government's planned emission charge for farmers gets mixed reaction "This plan could have significant implications for our rural towns and communities."

Farm debt and mortgages pushing up cost to grow food 19/12/2022

Farm debt and mortgages pushing up cost to grow food

Farm debt and mortgages pushing up cost to grow food The average farm overdraft limit increased by $46,000 from last year, and the average farm mortgage lifted $120,000.


Well done! Here's hoping for something good to come out of this.

Bryce, Laurie, Jamie and Mel were pleased to represent grassroots rural NZ & food producers yesterday at the Beehive 🚜 We had constructive meetings with National, Act, the Prime Minister, current government ministers James Shaw, Damien O’Connor, Kieran McAnulty & Meka Whaitiri.

We’re pleased to report, they listened. A couple of points we got across were:

1. the failings of the industry bodies with HWEN consultation, including that farmers were not provided with full and accurate information
2. the downsides of the emissions pricing proposals
3. that consent and planning systems in regional councils are starting to collapse
4. that the takeover by pines is not just from the flawed ETS policy settings but also because of the multiple unworkable regulations driving farmers to planting pines
5. the extent of mental welfare impacts on farmers and rural communities from unworkable regulations.

It begs the question of what our farming groups have been saying to the government all this time and what have they signed up to on our behalf??

Ag may already be climate neutral 15/12/2022

Ag may already be climate neutral

Another scientist, Professor Per Frankelius from Linkoping University, revealing truth!
Worthwhile read.

Ag may already be climate neutral IPPC does not take photosynthesis into account when measuring carbon footprint of agriculture industry.


Do we really want to wreck the industry that always pulls through for New Zealand?


This government is the laughing stock of the world while they treat farmers, the lifeblood of the country with contempt!

The rest of the world is laughing while Jacinda decimates Kiwi farming.

Netherlands to buy out and close 3,000 farms to meet climate goals 02/12/2022

Netherlands to buy out and close 3,000 farms to meet climate goals

Agriculture worldwide is fighting for its survival.

Netherlands to buy out and close 3,000 farms to meet climate goals The Dutch government is planning to buy out and close as many as 3,000 farms in the country, exacerbating an already-bitter dispute with growers as leaders attempt to halve the country’s nitrogen emissions by 2030.


This speaks for itself!


Thankyou Laurie. This sensible explanation confirms more than ever the ridiculous bureaucracy that is inhibiting farming.


Will Taxing Farmers Work?

Bryce McKenzie trying to get politicians to see common sense!

Barry Brill on the biggest surprise from COP27 24/11/2022

Barry Brill on the biggest surprise from COP27

Deceit being revealed!

Barry Brill on the biggest surprise from COP27 Barry Brill speaks with Sean Plunket about the biggest surprise from COP27.Download The Platform app for free:App Store:


Bryce McKenzie on the 50% emissions stat


Thank you to everyone for helping to make this a reality. Groundswell have just sent the politicians a large message they can't ignore. Over 102,000+ New Zealanders signed our petition to stop the Farming Tax - the largest of its kind in NZ history. This is only the beginning... 🇳🇿



Will your name be on our ‘Stop the Farming Tax’ petition when we deliver it to Parliament on Thursday?


Ludicrous NZ government!


If you want to support us in our mission, please sign up below:

Stop the Farming Tax - Groundswell NZ 12/11/2022

Stop the Farming Tax - Groundswell NZ

Stop the Farming Tax - Groundswell NZ Take a stand against the Government's farming tax and sign up for updates from Groundswell NZ.

Study shows NZ beef and lamb among the world's most carbon efficient 10/11/2022

Study shows NZ beef and lamb among the world's most carbon efficient

Putting pressure on Beef and Lamb NZ to stand up!

Study shows NZ beef and lamb among the world's most carbon efficient New research has confirmed the carbon footprint of New Zealand beef and lamb is amongst the lowest in the world. The comprehensive study by AgResearch has


Laurie Paterson talking real common sense!


"Democracy NZ" is the political party, of farmers for farmers.
Matt King was a National Party MP in the last government, but was disillusioned at what National has become.
National was once the farmers party, but is now very similar to Labour heading in the same direction.
"Democracy NZ" under Matt King is the future that we as farmers need.


Why don't they tax sugar instead of livestock🤣

NZCPR Site | New Zealand Centre for Political Research think tank 04/11/2022

NZCPR Site | New Zealand Centre for Political Research think tank

Strengthening the argument!

NZCPR Site | New Zealand Centre for Political Research think tank Quite frankly the livestock emissions policy is absurd and more so given our Prime Minister is forcing this tax onto our productive sector some fifty years before the world’s main carbon emitters are planning to take any action on reducing emissions.


Tell 3 people about this petition. We can hit our goal.


A huge thankyou to all the farmers and supporters that attended the Groundswell Gisborne 'WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT' protest recently. The Groundswell protests throughout New Zealand made a massive statement to government, but the government are not going to concede easily, so there will be more protests to come and we need to be bigger and better next time!
The people that turned up are the ones that are awake and aware of what the government has planned for us.
There were many farmers that should have been there, but were absent.
PLEASE spread the word...we need every single farmer out there on board with us!
We have over 100 on our email base now, but need everyone to keep you informed.

Sam McIvor: Beef + Lamb executive says $775 million in export was lost as farmland is turned to forestry - The Mike Hosking Breakfast | iHeart 31/10/2022

Sam McIvor: Beef + Lamb executive says $775 million in export was lost as farmland is turned to forestry - The Mike Hosking Breakfast | iHeart

Good interview!

Sam McIvor: Beef + Lamb executive says $775 million in export was lost as farmland is turned to forestry - The Mike Hosking Breakfast | iHeart More and more farm land is being turned into forestry. An independent report commissioned by Beef + Lamb New Zealand has found more than 52-thousand hectares was bought by forestry interests in 2021. That's a 36 percent increase on the previous two years. Beef + L...


Blowing the lid off methane

Cows have been farting for millions of years with no problem for the earth. The government wants to tax cows and make the farmer pay. The farmers won’t be able to afford it and will sell their farms. Foreign buyers will buy big chunks of the land, and the people will be pushed off. To make farming unprofitable is the Labour government’s stated plan.

Stock goes down to the water to get a drink. When they are there they may poo, putting the products of their combustion into the ground and adjacent waterways. For hundreds of years it has been part of a natural cycle, in which the water and the land are nourished with nitrates.

The truth is that 100 yards downstream of a rotting carcass in a flowing river the water is pristine clean. It is safe to swim. In years gone by people would drink water collected off the roof, and the tanks had bird poo, opossum poo, dead rats, dead leaves, and all sorts of rubbish. Children swam in the dirty water, they drank it and washed in it all with a positive effect on their health because it made their immunity stronger.

The science has completely lost touch with reality. There is a disinformation war going on between the politicised academics and the people living ordinary lives. And it is being willingly paid for via taxation, with the poor eagerly contributing to their demise.

What is dirty on a farm is NOT destructive to the environment but in reality, although not academic reality, is enhancing it. What is polluting these days was considered compost and good for the ground in days gone by.

There was a time when farting animals ruled the earth. Once it was the age of the dinosaurs and huge flying creatures each of which belched their way through history. Then there was the time when the Americas were overrun with farting and belching buffalo, Canada streamed with caribou, wild safari animals dominated Africa, and the oceans were full of belching and farting whales. Yet the planet amazingly survived.

New Zealand was once full of birds. If you ever want to witness a methane factory, just walk behind a duck for 10 minutes. The truth of the matter is that all living and walking creatures on earth continuously feed food through their front or***ce and produce gas out their rear end. The only difference is that cows can be counted and a tax be applied. It has nothing to do with the environment or climate change and attempts to link the two in a causal way are absurd rubbish.

Farting contains methane. Methane is an inflammable fuel and is what we use in our barbecues. You buy it compressed into small tanks that can be used in wartime as small explosive bombs. When it joins the atmosphere it becomes 1 millionth by composition. How is that a threat when 999,999/1,000,000 of the atmosphere is methane-free?

If it affected the atmosphere, the emissions of the combined animals and humans of the city, all spewing this gas, would make small planes with sparks in their engines explode and countless pilots perish above airports. It is very strange that we don’t witness that.

The fact is that lightning, happening once every two seconds somewhere around the world, burns up methane immediately, before it has a chance to gather in any great quantity. Above the lightning level and in the higher reaches of the atmosphere, methane undergoes a chemical reaction which produces hydroxyls and is known as nature’s cleanser, for it cleans up the air.

Trevor and Bruce were at a restaurant, scanning the menu.
“What'll you have?” said Bruce.
“I think I’ll have the ox tongue and the soup.” replied Trevor. “What about you?”
“Eww!” Bruce frowned. “I could never eat something that came out of an animal’s MOUTH!”
“Well, put in your order, man!”
“Okay,” said Bruce. “I'll just have an egg, please.”


Organisers hail ‘fantastic’ Groundswell protest event

Many thanks to Murray Robertson from the Gisborne Herald for the great support and coverage under his guidance.
Also a big thankyou for all the supporters that rallied around us. It would be a non-event without you.











If you are stuck for ideas for protest signs here are some ready to print.

Download our signs, ready for any printer 🚜🇳🇿

Timeline photos 17/10/2022

Timeline photos

The Farming Tax will hurt everyone.

Together, we can stop it👇



This Thursday 20th October at A&P showgrounds.

Free sausage sizzle will be available on the grounds from 10.30am onwards, as people congregate.

Soon after 11am there will be a couple of speeches to address the crowd, before they return to their vehicles.

The Procession will depart the showgrounds at 11.30am.

Should be over in about an hour

Look forward to seeing you there and really appreciate your support.

Annie & Maurice
Groundswell Gisborne

Timeline photos 16/10/2022

Timeline photos

Our billboard, currently running down the road from the Beehive. See you Thursday! 🚜😉


Don't let them destroy our food production.

NZ Agricilture Minister exposed!


One of the success stories of this government🤣😅


This clever poet and Gisborne farmer is a great supporter of Groundswell Gisborne. Graeme Williams has written and speaks out with this brilliant poem!




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