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Bird Rescue Dunedin


Hi just rescued this from cat can we bring it to you ?
Just delivered a Red Billed Gull to bird rescue. Found it on corner of Bayfield road and Spottiswoode st Andersons Bay - looked like may have a broken or dislocated wing. Great to be able to get hold of them at this time of year. The wee gull wouldn't stand a chance not being able to fly
Is shredded paper of any use to you?
Hello. My son and his girlfriend just rescued a tiny duckling from some drunk uni students. I can keep it safe overnight but have zero experience with ducklings. Can anyone help please?
Found at Highcliff this evening. Now safe inside in cage. Would love to reunite him with his owner. Thanks.
Hi there. We have a baby wax eye in our care at the moment ( rescued this afternoon from our naughty cat). I thought it would probably pass away but it seems a rest in a quiet warm box has helped it perk up and its very keen to get out and hve a wee flutter. Wings are too short for it to fly properly and Im keeping it safe inside tonight . Are you able to help with him/her? Dear wee thing its chirping and very interested in everything
Wee rooster that looks like he’s been left behind at aviemore dam. He’s quite friendly. Couldn’t take him with us but if anyone is out that way and could collect him!

The mission of Bird Rescue Dunedin Charitable Trust is to rehabilitate all injured & unwell birds To make a donation here are our bank details.

We thank you in advance for your contribution. Bird Rescue Dunedin


"L" Returns! Royal Albatross Pair Shares Brief Reunion During Incubation Switch | DOC | Cornell Lab


Hey everyone! We’ve recently been made aware of a couple of different stories with what sounds a bit like some incorrect information regarding some things to do with the farm, so we figure it would be best to address them so you guys get all your info straight from the horses mouth as it were. 😊

The Animal Ark does not work in conjunction with, or have any affiliations with, ANY pet shops or ‘rescue centres’ in Dunedin.
It is correct that we have occasionally asked questions and offered advice or support to those where we have believed we may have been able to help (which has sadly often been declined) but to date that is as far as any link to any pet shop/retail shop or ‘rescue facility’ on-selling pets goes.
We know there is some controversy and rumours around one in particular recently - and a couple of people had heard on the grapevine we were perhaps working together so we just wanted to clarify The Animal Ark is not associated with anyone else at all.

While many of our animals come from urgent rescue situations, livestock auctions or special-needs/ health related backgrounds, not all of them do. Some were loved pets who for whatever reason, just couldn’t stay with their owner any longer.
We will NEVER claim an animal here is a “rescue” unless that is exactly what it is.
All the animals in the farmpark have stories you can read up on to find out how they ended up with us at The Ark, what makes them special and what extra care (if any) they need. Well usually - when the goats or the cow haven’t eaten them that is.

We strongly believe all animals deserve the best chance at life with the best people working for them to make that happen. We make no apologies advocating for this wherever we need to, or stepping in if we are ever asked by someone for help - because the animals can not speak for themselves and they are the ones that truely matter - not egos or excuses or good intentions.

There are several registered charitable organisations in Dunedin working tirelessly within animal rescue whom we trust and recommend when people are looking to add new family members that we can’t help with. These are:

Cat Rescue Dunedin
One by One Rescue, NZ
Bird Rescue Dunedin
Dog Rescue Dunedin

The Animal Ark is not a registered charity, nor do we regularly accept donations. Instead, we ask that you support us by visiting us here at the farm and coming to make some new furry friends.
The admission fee charged stays 100% within the farm and is put towards the cost of vet bills, feed bills, rehabilitation, water charges, travel to collect animals, insurances, permits, fencing, general upkeep and the mortgage costs we have to meet to enable us to have somewhere safe for the animals to live and continue being able to have the public visit us.

As you can imagine, these costs are extraordinarily high - in excess of $2,300 each week, every week, without fail. And sometimes sadly, a lot more.
We cut costs wherever we can - so long as that doesn’t mean sacrificing care for the animals (let’s just say we eat a LOT of toasted sandwiches for tea around here lol) but there is always a shortfall, especially when we are unfortunately completely dependant on the weather being kind (can anyone remind me again when summer is meant to start? 🤣)

To help with the costs of running The Ark, and to cover the many many days/weeks/months we can’t open to the public due to the weather, once a year we have begun selling some of our gorgeous wee lambs and goats to pet-only homes (which are vetted by us personally). These wee guys are not part of the farmpark rescues and are never advertised as such.
Occasionally we may also rehome an animal that has come to us for rehabilitation or some extra training and love, or an animal we have bought from an auction to save its life, and will charge an adoption fee for this also if we do so.
This fee is nowhere near the actual cost involved but does help to deter those who perhaps haven’t done their homework on what an animal generally costs (or w**d out those who are looking for a “cheap bit of meat”, as someone so very eloquently requested from us not too long ago 🙄)

Sometimes, due to our financial situation or our grazing/feed/space availability, we very reluctantly have to occasionally decline taking in a new animal. We hate doing this, but we are also committed to making sure if we take an animal in, we know it will always get 100% from us. If we do ever say no for any reason, we will try to assist with advice in directing to other rehoming avenues or advertise on behalf if we can. We also occasionally are able to offer temporary shelter to pets to allow people to get back on their feet or move in between properties if that’s what’s needed. (For the record, we never charge for this).

The Animal Ark is a full-time job. Both of us gave up our previous careers to build the farmpark literally from the ground up. All we had at the start was a few empty paddocks and a halfway-decent dream.
Stu and I both have different skills and strengths, and that’s lucky because there is always something needing done, someone needing special feeding, admin to follow up, someone needing meds or rehab, someone stuck somewhere they’re not meant to be, a fence down or trough leaking or something needing fixed for the 400th time (sorry Stu!)
We are here, every single day, with the animals. And while it’s tiring, it’s so worth it.
We do not have volunteers at The Animal Ark for a few reasons - health and safety of people and animals being number one, but also because we don’t have the ability to vet people or continually watch over them in the farm while they’re helping - and finally because we definitely don’t believe in asking people to work in this much poo for free (as much as we know many of you have very generously offered to!!)

From a welfare point of view we are so incredibly blessed to have the amazing team at Clutha Vets working for us who care about our animals just are much as we do. There is no question too idiotic that I’ve asked, no animal too far gone for them to try save for me, no “amazing new thing I’ve heard of on Google” that they won’t humour me about. They are on call for their clients 24/7 and while I know they must cringe when see my number come up on Caller ID, they always turn up ready to give their all.
A huge special thanks has to go to Bevan, Olivia and Matt, who have suffered my questions more than most 🤣 But hey, you don’t ask questions, you don’t learn right? And we want to learn everything we can. Even when we think we’ve seen most things, every day, we still learn something new around here (although often it’s “how on earth did he manage to get in to / break/ eat/ climb on THAT?!”)

The Animal Ark opened 18 months ago (after years of planning and building) to be a family-run rescue sanctuary, with the number one aim of saving animals and a goal of enabling us to educate people so that hopefully it makes someone think twice about animal welfare in the future.
And while we love that we can share some of our beautiful furry friends with others in our community who also love animals too, it has never been (and sadly will never be) a get-rich-quick scheme lol.
But hey, a girl can dream right? 🤣

For those asking how else to support us - honestly, leaving a review on Google or Facebook, sharing one of our posts, or even just telling your friends about us next time they’re looking for something fun to do would be amazing. We have absolutely no advertising budget at all and rely completely on word-of-mouth for people to know we’re here and doing what we do. And we know there are still so many people out there who don’t know we exist!

We will remain here, open to the public, as long as we can. I hope we’re still here in 10 years, but even if finances dictate it’s only 10 more days, our animals will always, always, always be safe, fed, and cared for.
Of that, there is no absolutely no doubt.

For those of you who have already been to our little slice of paradise - thank you so much, for being part of our journey so far. Thank you for the excitement you bring and the smiles you give, and the many many photos you’ve tagged us in. We’ve seen every one, I promise.

To those we haven’t met yet, we hope that you’ll be able to visit us soon, and we look forward to sharing our special family of furry misfits with you.
Just be prepared - some of them do slobber 😉

With Warmest Regards,
Kelly and Stu ❤️

Albatross eggs missing from Taiaroa Head colony 14/11/2022

Albatross eggs missing from Taiaroa Head colony

Albatross eggs missing from Taiaroa Head colony Four toroa/northern royal albatross eggs are missing from the colony at Taiaroa Head/Pukekura, near Dunedin.

Auckland's secret wars: Cat burglar raiding endangered birds' eggs causes squawk 09/11/2022

Auckland's secret wars: Cat burglar raiding endangered birds' eggs causes squawk

Auckland's secret wars: Cat burglar raiding endangered birds' eggs causes squawk A secret war between cats and birds in north Auckland has seen humans join the fray with repellent pellets, a motion sensor camera and even legislation.

Have your say: Should fireworks be banned? 04/11/2022

Have your say: Should fireworks be banned?

Have your say: Should fireworks be banned? As Guy Fawkes approaches the age-old debate has been reignited.

Kiwi calling: Predator Free NZ Trust apprentice Māia Gibbs at home on the range 24/10/2022

Kiwi calling: Predator Free NZ Trust apprentice Māia Gibbs at home on the range

Kiwi calling: Predator Free NZ Trust apprentice Māia Gibbs at home on the range Like many of us, Māia Gibbs grew up never having seen a kiwi in the wild. Now, she gets up close and personal while helping save the kiwi.


Good afternoon we have had a few requests about our bank account number for donations as it seems to be hard to find via the page I will upload a picture with bank account details attached 🙂 big thanks from everyone at Bird Rescue Dunedin Expecially our most important member Sue :)


Good morning everyone we will not be responding to any messages or calls today as we have had some important personal things pop up please call
doc - 03 477 0677
spca- 03 473 8252
Or if injured please ring a vet clinic
For all small birds please contact Suzy on - 02041514504
Otherwise we will get back to you as soon as possible thanks from the team at bird rescue 🙂


This is Pancake in 2018 at the Wildlife Hospital


Black Swan Chick eating and preening


You may have noticed little families of ducks and ducklings popping up around town again!

While they are very cute, they do manage to get into all sorts of situations, which means duckling season becomes our busiest season here at Bird Rescue Dunedin.

Thankfully, we have some lovely regular supporters that try and help us out by fostering each year, but we can always do with more willing helpers.

If this is something you would be interested in doing, take a look at the post pinned to our page then contact us as soon as you can!


We are caring for this mum and her brood. One of a few dumped chickens at 3 Mile Hill. Unfortunately the hawks have been picking off the chicks. She is a beautiful chook. Thank you Anna McCreath Munro for catching her and her wee ones and bringing her here for safe care, and for donating food and funds for them and our birds. We love you 💕

Planting for the birds 21/08/2021

Planting for the birds

Great article from the Otago Daily Times

Planting for the birds As well as putting out food in winter, encourage birds with suitable plants, suggests Gillian Vine. The results of the annual bird survey have been...


Hi everyone if you would like to make a direct donation to BRD bank account I’ll post details below 🙂 thank you 💕

To make a donation here are our bank details. We thank you in advance for your contribution.

Bird Rescue Dunedin

Bird Rescue Dunedin 01/08/2021

Bird Rescue Dunedin

Bird Rescue Dunedin BRD is currently going through some hard times. The BRD Vehicle needs repairs, we need Medications and feed as we are low on funds


Did you know Bird Rescue Dunedin is a registered charity?
Therefore any donations you make to us of $5 or over you can claim a tax rebate for.
We are so grateful for the donations we have received as they go towards a variety of things from food and vet bills to heat pads and aviary maintenance.
To our regular donees - we love you💕 Please let us know who you are so we can thank you properly and give you receipts 😊


Our latest babies 💕

Brave New Wilderness 16/04/2021

Brave New Wilderness

Charlie from Otago Museum sent us a link to a film event tomorrow that looks great! Also features guest speaker Tahu Mackenzie 😊

Take a look at the link below.

4.30pm – 5.30pm, Saturday 17 April
Perpetual Guardian Planetarium
Adults $12, Concession $9, Children $7

Brave New Wilderness In partnership with Orokonui Ecosanctuary.


Fairy prion burrito

Good to see things are going well 💕

Rush to protect penguins at Waiheke's Kennedy Point as developers move in 13/04/2021

Rush to protect penguins at Waiheke's Kennedy Point as developers move in

We are shocked to hear of the crisis situation our friends Native Bird Rescue - Waiheke Island are facing trying to save their Little Blue Penguins habitats....if anyone knows any way to help them with this please get in touch with them urgently.

Rush to protect penguins at Waiheke's Kennedy Point as developers move in Construction of the marina would put kororā in harm's way, protectors say.

Photos from Bird Rescue Dunedin's post 12/04/2021

A Rosela and a little Fairy Prion rescued over the weekend. We have taken the Prion to The Wildlife Hospital - Dunedin


We have been informed there is a young male Falcon in the Roslyn area learning to hunt. Please keep pets such as rabbits chickens etc safely enclosed while he is in the area. It is estimated he will be around for a month or so. Pic courtesy of NZ Birds Online.


Thomas getting ready to leave us but noting down the number just in case he needs us.

Photos from Bird Rescue Dunedin's post 20/03/2021

Thomas the baby that came in 7 weeks ago now almost ready to leave 💕


Come to Mitre 10 MEGA Dunedin and get a sausage for our fundraiser! Opal would love to meet you 😊


We would love to see you there, please share! 💕

Photos from Bird Rescue Dunedin's post 18/02/2021

So we have been very busy here at BRD today working on a new enclosure. All materials sponsored by Mitre 10 MEGA Dunedin as part of their Helping Hands community initiative. How great is that!! Matthew Morgan has been leading our volunteer team on this rebuild. It’s looking amazing 🤩


I can see you!


We are currently looking for some volunteers that can help with the following; organising fundraising, office work, computer work, all the admin things we don't have time to do, as well as bird care. If you would like to join our awesome team please contact us 😊🦆🦜🐥🕊


New baby in today

Photos from Bird Rescue Dunedin's post 09/01/2021

Thank you Karin, Jacobi and Delta Utility Services for prunings to put in our avairies 💕

Photos from Bird Rescue Dunedin's post 07/01/2021

Rosella in yesterday with injuries is doing well and on antibiotics. She will return home when fully recovered.


Spot the owl....

Little Owl Bird Call 01/01/2021

Little Owl Bird Call

Many people havnt seen an owl but have you heard them ?

Little Owl Bird Call Bird Call Playlist : Little Owl (Athene noctua) is a bird that inhabits much of the temperate and...





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