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Videos by Fleur McDonald Legal in Christchurch. Based in central Christchurch premises, Fleur will arrange appointments either at her office or in your own home or at a location in or around Christchurch or Canterbury that best suits you.

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Our Fixed Fee Promise

Where Do I Start?

Get Your 'Team' Sorted!

How I Like To Make My Clients Feel

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The Family Trust - What You Need To Know

Retirement Villages vs Rest Home Care

The Asset Threshold

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How assests are viewed

What If One Person is Living In Aged Care and One Person Is Living In The Community?

Asset threshold

Find Out About Residential Care Subsidies

Going Into Residential Care
As you know, I'm extremely passionate about Elder Law and the all the little small things that make a big difference for our elderly. This is just a wee snippet video about the Residential Care Subsidy and what it means for us in New Zealand.