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Based in central Christchurch premises, Fleur will arrange appointments either at her office or in your own home or at a location in or around Christchurch or Canterbury that best suits you.

My "Why" is to provide my clients with legal solutions with H.E.A.R.T. "Honesty, Empathy, Accountability, Respect, and Trust"

After nearly 15 years at two Christchurch firm's, Fleur has made the decision to establish her own practice, Fleur McDonald Lawyer. She has established herself as an Elder Law specialist and industry leader of the area of Elderly Services and Seniors law. Fleur deals with all areas of property, asset protection and estate planning with a particular specialty in helping seniors and their families. Typical solutions for Fleur’s clients involve the use of specialist Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney to ensure the smooth management of personal and property affairs, and for her senior clients, ownership structures designed specifically as they move into retirement living. Fleur has an engaging and caring personality and ensures she listens to her clients before formulating solutions. Her experience and knowledge in the Elder Law area is second to none and her commitment to finding the best results for all her clients is nothing short of impressive.

Operating as usual


Our Fixed Fee Promise

We know that finding your first home can be a mission!

The last thing that you want on top of this is - a huge fee for your legal services!

With us, you'll pay a fixed fee - not a cent over. We like doing law like that and our goal is to make owning your first home, affordable and easy.


Happy Easter!
Fleur McDonald Legal will be closed from 4:00 pm on Thursday, 1 April 2021, for the Easter weekend. Caitlin and I will be back in the office on Wednesday, 7th April 2021, and look forward to being in contact with you all then.
We wish you, and your families, a safe and happy Easter weekend.
Take care and stay safe!
Fleur and Caitlin


Where Do I Start?

You've found the home...

What now?

With Fleur McDonald Legal its easy - one simple call and explain where and when you're thinking about purchasing and we'll do the rest!


Get Your 'Team' Sorted!

When you're ready to buy your first home, it can be exciting and nerve-racking all in the same breath!

Watch this video from Caitlin on the importance of having the right team behind you and WHEN you should start getting your team together...


How I Like To Make My Clients Feel

When I practice the law, I really don't adhere to the 'charge every 6 minutes' rule that many firms do.

I'd rather get to know the client first and then tailor the solution that fits not just the law, but their lifestyle too.


Ten years on, it feels like it happened only yesterday.

As a staunch Cantab and Canterbury business, we love this city and the people who live here and know there are many people who suffered, and continue to suffer, after this terrible event.

We just wanted to say - we're thinking of you all. Your strength and resilience in the face of this event is truly awe-inspiring.

Kia Kaha x


Meet Fleur!

Meet, well, me!

As much as I loathe going in front of the camera, it was great opportunity to tell you all about why I started Fleur McDonald Legal and why I love my clients so much.

Watch and enjoy!

[02/09/21]   We love to get fantastic testimonials from our lovely clients. Ben, it was our absolute pleasure to assist you with your first home purchase.

"Thank you both for your great work in helping me buy my first house! Making everything look simple and seamless, with a record-holding response time. I would highly recommend you to anybody looking for legal advice!"



Meet Caitlin - Our Legal Executive Legend!

We're well and truly back into the swing of things here at Fleur McDonald Legal, and we managed to get a couple of seconds to catch up with Caitlin - our Legal Executive superstar!

Honestly, we couldn't do the job without her!

Watch the video to find out a little bit more about her and what's been happening at Fleur McDonald Law over the NY period.


The Family Trust - What You Need To Know

Gifting and having a Trust - it's vitally important to do it right, and, the rules are always changing!

You can get yourself into a world of hurt if you haven't got it setup right and you don't follow the steps to keep the Government and taxman happy :)

*This video was shot last year, so those 1st Jan changes are already in the mix!


Retirement Villages vs Rest Home Care

There's a difference between Retirement Villages and Rest Home Care?!


Yes, really - and they are viewed differently when it comes to Work and Income NZ.

My job is to make sure that you get the best legal care when you move into your 'golden years'.

If you have any questions, my phone/messenger inbox, email is alway open!


The Asset Threshold

How your assets are viewed by Work and Income can be a bit of a minefield and often difficult to understand.

Watch as I give an example when it comes to property - one of your biggest assets!


Happy New Years to all my clients, friends and family!

2020 has been, well, interesting but, I cannot thank everyone enough for the amazing support as I decided 2020 was a good year to go out on my own 😆

We're looking forward to 2021!


Merry Xmas!

...and just like that, we're almost at the big day!

What a challenging year it's been for all concerned, and Ill be honest, our team is very much looking forward to 2021!

I'm truely grateful to all those that have supported us in our new business and I want to thank our amazing team (and those people behind the team) that got us to opening day.


Here's to 2021!

Have a great Xmas!

PS - here's a wee video of my opening night. Certainly was great to catch up with you all.

newshub.co.nz 18/12/2020

Elderly living alone more likely to fall, be hospitalised

If you know any senior person who lives alone, make an effort to visit them over the Christmas season. The link below reveals a study that shows that those living alone are statistically more likely to suffer from a fall.

newshub.co.nz An advocate says the holiday period is a high-risk period for older people.


...A great question from the crowd...

'The issue is, I don't know when I will actually need care'....

A good question from the crowd from a recent talk I did. When talking about gifting or, setting up a trust for your senior years, it pays to do it right!

Watch this short video to find out more :)

stuff.co.nz 12/12/2020

Proposal to make retirement villages share capital gains with residents

The Commission for Financial Capability has published a white paper calling for a full review of the Retirement Village Industry and sent it to Housing Minister Poto Williams.

We deal extensively in this area and will keep a watchful eye on this proposal. Occupation right agreements are complex legal documents and before entering into one, you need advice from a specialist dealing in the area. Contact Fleur by email [email protected] or on 021 222 8494 to arrange a time to discuss.

stuff.co.nz Village operators could share capital gains with residents, white paper suggests.


I truly love what I do!

My clients Allan and Heather get to relax over the festive season knowing that the sale of their Rangiora rental property is settled. Being part of that process is something very, very special indeed.

Here is what they had to say:

We have known Fleur for many years now and are delighted to see that she now has her own practice. We have engaged her services many times for buying and selling properties and general legal advice. Each process has been handled professionally and with the added bonus of Fleur's extra care and attention to detail. Our latest house sale happened very quickly. Fleur and Caitlin did a superb job in getting everything organised for settlement day. We cannot recommend Fleur and her team enough


One Thing To Think About When Gifting

If you're using a gifting strategy for your trust, there are a few things to think about before going down this track.

Watch this video as I explain one pitfall that can trip you up!


In this interesting post, Dr. Matthew Croucher talks about the shift in New Zealand from the Montreal Cognitive Test to the Mini-Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination as the 'go to' Dementia screening test.

At Fleur McDonald legal, our passion is assisting seniors through difficult times such as this when a loved one is going through major changes in life and potentially moving from the family home to residential care or a retirement village. Contact Fleur on 021 222 8494 or by email at [email protected]


[12/03/20]   Helping seniors is our 'Why' here at Fleur McDonald Legal. It was such a pleasure to help Ian and Lucy with their recent legal needs and we thank them for their kind words.

“Ian and I would like to thank Fleur and Caitlin at Fleur McDonald Legal for their professional and caring service and advice provided during a recent update of our Will and Enduring Powers of Attorney documents.”

Ian and Lucy

[12/03/20]   It was a pleasure helping out Angela and Dion with their investment purchase. Here's what they had to say about our service.

Buying a house at auction for the first time can be stressful but Fleur's knowledge and willingness to help us meet the short timeframes helped make this an easier process. Caitlin her legal executive ensured we had all the necessary documentation and that we understood what had to be signed by when. I would recommend Fleur and when we buy again we will be going back to her.

Angela and Dion

[12/03/20]   Thanks to Bhamini for a wonderful testimonial.

Really professional, friendly and super helpful. They are with you every step of the way and super accessible when you need. They think about so many things that I hadn't even considered to keep me protected throughout the buying process.

Would highly recommend Fleur and Caitlin as they did such a wonderful job. I also really appreciated that they gave me a quote upfront and it didn't change at all when it came to paying. I could really trust them to have my best interest at heart!


[12/03/20]   More happy customers. Thanks so much, Justin and Michelle for your kind words.

The Fleur McDonald team has been excellent in legal advice and assisting us with the purchase of our first property. Communication was a breeze and the service provided was top notch.

What will always stick with us is the jokes about the Louis Vuitton shoes that we are hoping to save a deposit for if the wardrobe permits space by 2050 😀.

Overall I would highly recommend your service to any friends, colleagues and family wanting to buy property in New Zealand.

Justin and Michelle

[11/25/20]   Another happy client safely moved into their first home.

Our first home buying journey has been very long winded, but right throughout the process Fleur and Caitlin have been so helpful answering our (sometimes silly) questions without judgment and giving us confidence in our decision making. It was great having people with the knowledge and experience to guide us through the process. We would highly recommend them to anyone purchasing their first home.


Jordan and Corey


Click the link below to check out this video from the Eldernet website. In it, Retirement Village living is explained. We deal extensively with the Occupation Right Agreements (ORA's) required to buy into a registered retirement village.
The ORA is significantly different from any contract you will have ever signed before and they are complex legal documents.
We take the time to explain the ORA to you in plain English at a time and place to suit you. Give Fleur a call on 365 1595 or email her at [email protected] to book a time to discuss how retirement village living might work for you.


Gifitng Cavet

If you're using a 'Gifting' strategy when it comes to staying within the asset threshold, there are a few things that you NEED to know.

Watch this video as I explain the pitfalls of gifting so you don't make the same mistakes!

scoop.co.nz 16/11/2020

The Harsh Reality Of Dementia In New Zealand

We regularly do talks for Dementia Canterbury about effective estate planning for seniors and how to ensure that your house is in order. This recent article spotlights the alarming rise in the number of seniors suffering from dementia.

Our mission is to make sure that everyone we deal with has all the important documents they need in their 'legal toolbox', including at very least an effective Will and Enduring Powers of Attorney for both Personal Care and Welfare and Property.

If you or anyone you know does not have these important legal documents in place, we are available to help and would love to hear from you. Contact Fleur or Caitlin on 365 1595 to arrange an appointment. We will even come to you if you need us to.

scoop.co.nz Rapidly growing numbers of New Zealanders living with dementia threaten to overwhelm our health system unless government acts quickly, Alzheimers NZ has said in its Briefing to the Incoming Minister of Health. Chief Executive Catherine Hall says the impact ...

[11/16/20]   Thanks so much Elisha and Michael for your testimonial. It was a pleasure for Caitlin and I to help you with your recent purchase.


"Following an unlucky auction on our first round, we were lucky to purchase a home through a deadline sale. Fleur and Caitlin were a pleasure to work with throughout what can be a stressful process. We were guided through the purchase of our home clearly and with confidence knowing the legal side of things were being looked after on our behalf. Would certainly recommend their services. Thanks"

Elisha & Mike.

tvnz.co.nz 12/11/2020

Retirement village resident uses lessons from childhood to help end loneliness among elderly

This interesting post highlights how this year's lockdowns have put the issue of loneliness among seniors in the spotlight. It focusses on how one retirement village resident used the lessons of childhood to combat loneliness.

tvnz.co.nz Maggie Wyse, 79, has been there for her friends throughout the Covid-19 lockdown.

[11/12/20]   Our goal at Fleur McDonald Legal is to provide great outcomes for happy clients. Here is what Kate M had to say about her recent experience.

"I felt heard and supported by Fleur and Caitlin through the process of buying my first home. Fleur was a strong advocate helping to ensure a good outcome for me and together, Fleur and Caitlin’s enthusiastic, friendly and approachable manner was much appreciated. "


How assests are viewed

Making sure you understand how your assets are viewed by Work + Income and VITAL (yes, I am yelling).

If you don't get it right, you might just get a nasty surprised when you apply for The Residential Care Subsidy.

Watch this video to find out more - and if you have any questions, PM me and I can help!

[10/27/20]   We love happy customers and would like to thank Saskia and Duncan for their kind review of their recent experience with Fleur McDonald Legal.

"We recently had the pleasure of having Fleur help us with the sale of our home. We have sold homes in the past and its been quite the ordeal. Fleur was so streamlined, professional and kind throughout the process, which made it super simplistic and easy. What is perfect, is that the paperwork has "advice from the heart" at the bottom of each page and this really does encapsulate the truth. Thank you, Fleur, you are wonderful and your advice truly does come from there and we will be recommending you everywhere."

Saskia and Duncan 27 October 2020


Happy Labour Day!

We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. I was lucky enough to get away and spend some time with my family and friends and it's always awesome to recharge the batteries!

The team will be back on deck tomorrow. Enjoy!


What If One Person is Living In Aged Care and One Person Is Living In The Community?

How are your assets defined by Work & Income if one of you is living in the community and your partner or, significant other is living in aged care?

How assets are viewed is often not a 'one solution for all' type of scenario - Watch this video as I explain:

At the heart of what matters

After nearly 15 years at two Christchurch firm's, Fleur made the decision to establish her own practice, Fleur McDonald Legal. She has established herself as a specialist and industry leader in the area of Elder Law. Fleur deals with all areas of property, asset protection and estate planning with a particular specialty in helping seniors and their families find peace of mind legal solutions. Typical solutions for Fleur’s clients involve the use of specialist Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, to ensure the smooth management of personal and property affairs, and, for her senior clients, ownership structures designed specifically for them as they move into retirement living or long-term residential care.

Fleur has an engaging and caring personality and ensures she listens to her clients before formulating solutions. Her experience and knowledge in the Elder Law area is second to none and her commitment to finding the best results for all her clients is at the heart of her service. Her intention is to bring a new focus to the provision of legal services in Christchurch by conducting client appointments that suit her clients needs either in her central city office, their family home or at a prearranged meeting place in Christchurch, Kaiapoi or Rangiora.

The by-line says it all, Fleur McDonald Legal “at the heart of what matters.”

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Our Fixed Fee Promise
Where Do I Start?
Get Your 'Team' Sorted!
How I Like To Make My Clients Feel
Meet Fleur!
Meet Caitlin - Our Legal Executive Legend!
The Family Trust - What You Need To Know
Retirement Villages vs Rest Home Care
The Asset Threshold
...A great question from the crowd...
One Thing To Think About When Gifting
Gifitng Cavet



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