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GCA Lawyers is a Christchurch based boutique law firm that specialises in class actions and achieving results. Established in 1986 by Grant Cameron, GCA Lawyers (formerly Grant Cameron Associates) is a nationally recognised legal boutique in Christchurch.

Its reputation is founded upon results achieved, often in the most difficult of circumstances. Such outcomes are attributable to the blended application of strategic, legal and innovation skills. Although a lawyer’s fundamental contributions to the client relationship are competence, integrity and sound judgment, GCA Lawyers believes more is required in a world of accelerating change. In applying an innovative perspective to client needs, the firm consistently delivers desired results and value. The Christchurch firm has a solid track record of ‘thinking outside the square’ and of producing results where others couldn’t.

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GCA Lawyers updated their address. 24/03/2021

GCA Lawyers updated their address.

GCA Lawyers updated their address.


Southern Response Concealment Class Action

To stay up to date with all future information about the Southern Response Concealment Class Action, like and follow this page!

The Southern Response Concealment Class Action is a claim for damages from Southern Response for allegedly misleading its policyholders about the estimated cost of repairing or rebuilding their houses damaged in the Canterbury Earthquake.


Southern Response Class Action Press Release - to see if you are eligible visit www.southernresponseclassaction.co.nz


If this sounds like your experience, we can help.

Thousands of dollars were withheld from deserving Kiwi's by Southern Response following the earthquakes.


Gary Blair


GCA Lawyers & SRCCA

southernresponseclassaction.com 21/08/2019

Southern Response Class Action | Register Now

If your property was damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes, and you held an insurance policy with AMI Insurance, you may have been short-changed on your settlement. Check if you are eligible to participate in the Southern Response Concealment class action.


nzherald.co.nz 29/05/2019

$300m class action on behalf of 3000 Canterbury homeowners launched against insurers Southern Response

"We think that the many hundreds of policyholders who didn't receive the settlements that they were entitled to, can now get access to justice, something they would never have obtained on their own.” Brendan and Colleen Ross, Avondale residents.

Up to 3,000 people may be entitled to additional insurance payouts from Southern Response after the Canterbury earthquakes.

If you held an AMI Insurance policy, find out more: https://www.southernresponseclassaction.com/

nzherald.co.nz Canterbury homeowners 'thrilled' with backing of top Australian law firm

nzlawyermagazine.co.nz 14/05/2019

Maurice Blackburn bankrolls Southern Response class action

National legal magazine reports on class action:

nzlawyermagazine.co.nz At issue is about $300m in alleged underpayments to policy holders

southernresponseclassaction.com 07/05/2019

Register your interest in the Southern Response Concealment Class Action

If you held an AMI Insurance policy and settled your insurance claim before October 2014, you may be eligible to participate in the Southern Response Concealment Class Action.

southernresponseclassaction.com Join the Canterbury earthquake claims class action against Southern Response. Find out if you're eligible now.



Southern Response Concealment Class Action: For further information, please refer to www.gcalawyers.com

We're starting the week with a Breakfast exclusive - Australia’s leading class action law firm will today announce it’s going to fund what may be the biggest class action in New Zealand legal history.

stuff.co.nz 30/11/2017

Police will not prosecute over CTV collapse

The police will not prosecute over the collapse of the CTV building.

Detective Superintendent Peter Read said the inquiry "did identify significant deficiencies in the CTV building design" and police considered charges of negligent manslaughter, but concluded there was insufficient evident to provide "a reasonable prospect of conviction in court".

"We fully recognise there will be disappointment with this decision".

stuff.co.nz Police will not prosecute over the CTV building collapse in 2011.

insurancebusinessmag.com 25/08/2017

ICNZ reveals latest Kaikoura quake stats

While it is good to see the numbers show a steady increase of settlement, we are beginning to grow concerned about the quality of these settlements. We have been contacted by Kaikoura property owners who have evidence of pretty poor behaviour from insurance companies, who should by now know how to correctly assess damage earthquake damage.

We urge Kaikoura homeowners to remain suspicious of any settlement offer. If the offer is based on a repair, particularly if it is lower than your sum insured, it should come with geotechnical evidence, structural engineering evidence, and a scope of works that takes those assessments into account.

Also make sure you read your policy and know what else you are entitled to on top of your sum insured figure.

We also recommend you seek legal assistance to review your settlement documents before signing them.

#kaikoura #earthquake #nzearthquake #ICNZ #engineering #construction #insurance #advice

insurancebusinessmag.com Commercial claims lead the charge on completions, industry council says

newshub.co.nz 20/08/2017

Quake claimants urged to contact insurer

Further to our posts about the Limitation Act, the Insurance Council of New Zealand recommends that everyone with a claim still open contacts their insurer to confirm when the insurer intends to start using the limitation defense.

To briefly summarise the public statements made for residential properties:
- Southern Response - not until September 2018
- IAG (AMI, NZI, Lumley, State) - not until June 2018
- Tower and EQC - the 6 years doesn't start until a claim is closed
- FMG, MAS, Vero, AA - September 2017

newshub.co.nz The different interpretations of the Limitations Act has led to the advise.

radionz.co.nz 16/08/2017

Southern DHB urology patients could take class action, lawyer s

In an interview with John Campbell, Grant Cameron discusses the legal issues faced by urology patients of the Southern DHB who have suffered medical mistreatment and neglect, commenting on their possible rights of redress.

#grantcameron #gcalawyers #johncampbell #checkpoint #health #law #southerndhb #classaction #medicalmistreatment #neglect

radionz.co.nz The Crown has settled cases of medical mistreatment and neglect in the past, so a class action against Southern DHB "may be possible," Christchurch lawyer Grant Cameron says.

radionz.co.nz 02/08/2017

Gerry Brownlee acted 'unlawfully' over uninsured land, court rules

As John Campbell has said, it is a damning decision.

The Crown needs to now give serious thought as to what is needed to provide justice to these people who, after 7 years, have still not had the opportunity to move on.

For more information visit our website at: https://www.gcalawyers.nz

#national #gerrybrownlee #unlawful #publiclaw #quakeoutcasts #redzone #earthquake #canterbury #christchurch #courtofappeal #grantcameron #gcalawyers

radionz.co.nz The former Earthquake Recovery Minister's decision to exclude uninsured Canterbury landowners under the Recovery Plan was unlawful, the Court of Appeal has ruled in an interim judgement.


Quake Outcasts Win Again in the Court of Appeal

This is the second action seeking judicial review of the Crown’s decisions on offers to purchase properties from uninsured property owners in red zones. The Court of Appeal has allowed the group’s appeal and found that the Minister’s decision to approve a Recovery Plan, under which nothing was offered for uninsured improvements, was unlawful.

#redzone #earthquake #insurance #canterburyearthquake #gerrybrownlee #national #courtofappeal #publiclaw

gcalawyers.nz In its interim Judgment delivered this morning the Court of Appeal allowed the Quake Outcasts appeal.

gcalawyers.nz 26/07/2017

Insurance Advice for Flood Damage

If you have any concerns with your insurance following this last bout of terrible weather, contact the team at GCA Lawyers on (03) 365 1347.

gcalawyers.nz With another storm set to hit the South Island this week, we hope everyone has found a place to stay warm and dry. For all of those affected by the terrible weather – if it is your home, business, contents or stock, we have put together some initial advice on dealing with your insurance com

lawsociety.org.nz 24/07/2017

Lawyer warns deadline for earthquake claims looming - NZ Law Society

Further to our blog post earlier this month, if you were insured by Vero at the time of the earthquake, and you have concerns about your property, we recommend you seek legal advice as soon as possible. Even if your claim is still undercap with EQC.

The Insurance Council of New Zealand publicly announced that they would not plead the limitation defence until 4 September 2017. This timeline was extended by IAG and Tower. However, if your property was insured by any other members of ICNZ and you are in dispute over your insurance claim, you may need to file in court before the 4 September 2017 to protect your entitlement.

Find out more about ICNZ members here: http://www.icnz.org.nz/about-us/our-members/

#vero #insurance #AAinsurance #earthquake #canterbury #ICNZ #limitation #litigation

lawsociety.org.nz A lawyer in Christchurch is warning the deadline for people to file residential claims in Court for earthquake damage to their homes is looming.

gcalawyers.nz 20/07/2017

Is Time Running Out?

If you are insured by any members of the ICNZ and have not yet settled your residential insurance claim, we highly recommend you seek legal advice as soon as possible. It is important that you understand whether or not you should file in Court before 4 September 2017.

gcalawyers.nz Under the Limitation Acts 1950 and 2010, the right to recover in civil claims is restricted to a 6-year period. What this means for those still yet to settle their Canterbury earthquake claims is that under the statute, they had until 4 September 2016 before the insurer or EQC could plead...

stuff.co.nz 09/07/2017

Earthquake conference back on the agenda in Christchurch

"Labour MP Megan Woods said the decision to delay obviously had nothing to do with the Kaikoura earthquake, because it had not happened when Brownlee canned the event and to say it did was "deplorable".

"The Government is not being honest about the reasons for not holding the symposium.""

It is important that we learn from our mistakes and our triumphs, and we hope the conference helps develop techniques that allow a smoother and faster recovery from our next (inevitable) natural disaster.

stuff.co.nz A major earthquake conference is back on the agenda after being cancelled late last year.

scoop.co.nz 06/07/2017

Settlement of Kaikōura claims progressing well

While we hope this to be true, our experience suggests there are still many property owners in Kaikoura struggling with their insurance companies.
#kaikoura #earthquake #gerrybrownlee #insurance

scoop.co.nz The Minister Responsible for the Earthquake Commission Gerry Brownlee says settlement offers for the majority of claims from the Kaikōura earthquake are on track to be made by the end of the year.

scoop.co.nz 06/07/2017

New Documents Confirm EQC Inquiry Needed

More and more homeowners are coming to speak to us because they're starting to see cracks in their freshly painted living rooms years after the earthquake. Often it's due to foundation repairs that are not even consentable, let alone to the legislative standard. We will be providing you with advice in the near future as to how you can avoid purchasing a property with these issues.
If you have concerns with your property, call the litigation team at GCA Lawyers on (03) 365 1347.
#insurance #eqc #christchurch #southernresponse #failedrepair

scoop.co.nz That from Christchurch lawyer Dr Duncan Webb after documents released under the Official Information Act show that Southern Response is to step in and take over EQC’s botched repairs of AMI insured houses.

beehive.govt.nz 05/07/2017

Reforms to EQC Act announced

The Canterbury and Kaikoura earthquakes confirmed a serious need to reform the current EQC Act, however it is difficult to tell at this stage whether these reforms go far enough.


#earthquake #lawreform #newzealand #canterbury #insurance #eqc

beehive.govt.nz Finance Minister Steven Joyce and the Minister Responsible for the Earthquake Commission Gerry Brownlee have today announced plans to simplify and improve the EQC scheme for New Zealanders. “EQC has provided huge support to New Zealanders following the Christchurch, Seddon, and Kaikōura earthquakes,...

[06/26/17]   Our website is currently suffering from some technical difficulties. If you need to contact us, please call the litigation team on (03) 365 1347.

stuff.co.nz 15/06/2017

Near-perfect replica of Christchurch heritage house a triumph of perseverance

"I wanted to add something back into the the city … it's a very beautiful building and it's historic and there's hardly any [heritage] left."

Older properties with heritage features are not cheap to replicate. Under a full replacement insurance policy, you are entitled to the replacement of those features in a way that retains the aesthetic, structure or function of the property. This can increase your entitlement far above the market value - but this doesn't matter as you didn't purchase a market value policy.
#heritage #christchurch #earthquakes #building #insurance #lumley #IAG

stuff.co.nz It will take eight years but a Christchurch man will get a near-perfect replica of his quake-ruined 1913 heritage home.

insurancebusinessmag.com 13/06/2017

Canterbury earthquake claim payouts piling up

A report from the RBNZ recommends insurers improve their "catastrophe risk" management as payouts following the Canterbury earthquake continue to exceed expectations.
#insurance #earthquake #EQC #law

insurancebusinessmag.com Slow pace of quake damage payments, virtually “standing still,” says opposition spokesperson

stuff.co.nz 06/06/2017

Canterbury earthquake recovery services' budget cut by more than half

The Residential Advisory Service has provided thousands of homeowners with advice on their insurance claims. With many more still in insurance disputes, it is disappointing to see a decrease in the services funding.
#insurance #earthquake #RAS #christchurch #eqc

stuff.co.nz Canterbury residents waiting for their homes to be rebuilt or repaired may find services decreasing.

interest.co.nz 03/06/2017

EQC levy to be bumped up 33%; Hike for insured homeowners comes further to 39% fire service levy increase; Decision on EQC Act Review on the way

“The new levy rates mean we will be well on the way to restoring the Fund to this level within 10 years,”
#eqc #insurance #eqcact #budget2017 #earthquake #christchurch #kaikoura

interest.co.nz EQC levy to be bumped up 33%; Hike for insured homeowners comes further to 39% fire service levy increase; Decision on EQC Act Review on the way

insurancebusinessmag.com 01/06/2017

Insurance complications delay ‘dirty 30’ rebuild

It is important to differentiate between the landowners who could complete repairs and those who are stuck in insurance battles. Thousands of landowners continue to face complications with the repair work necessary. We hope the council supports those landowners seeking a fair and reasonable resolution with their insurers.
Read more at:
#insurance #dirtythirty #christchurchcitycouncil #cathedral

insurancebusinessmag.com Warning letters sent out to property owners who leave their buildings derelict

insurancebusinessmag.com 30/05/2017

ICNZ chief lifts lids on hard-to-insure areas

Prime coastal real estate may not be insurable. ICNZ urges would-be home buyers to consider natural hazards such as coastal erosion or flooding before purchasing, as it could impact your ability to get insurance.
#ICNZ #coastalhazards #insurance #homebuyers

insurancebusinessmag.com An industry rep talks about some flood- and erosion-prone areas that struggle to get insurance cover

insurancebusinessmag.com 29/05/2017

Fire sparks Christchurch couple’s year-long insurance nightmare

Thousands of properties across Christchurch have struggled with underscoped or inadequate repairs completed by EQC/Fletchers. In these situations, the relationship between EQC and the insurers is unclear. This leaves homeowners in limbo as neither party wishes to take responsibility for the work.
#insurance #earthquake #failedrepairs #fire #christchurch

insurancebusinessmag.com The couple was still unable to repair the fire damages due to the inadequate 2014 quake repair

stuff.co.nz 27/05/2017


Repair nightmares: Brownlee says it would have been chaos without home repair programme

"The Earthquake Commission (EQC) and insurance companies say the onus is on homeowners to prove something went wrong with their repair"

Yet the insurance companies and EQC often refuse to accept creditable evidence, forcing homeowners to incur costs they are unable to recover. Homeowners that did all the right things were still facing long battles and failed repairs, without any assistance unless they had the money to pay for it. If the government believes nothing was wrong with the earthquake repairs, this suggests lessons will not be learned from the mistakes in Christchurch, which is highly troubling for those in Edgecumbe and Kaikoura.
#national #eqc #earthquakes #christchurch #insurance #failedrepairs


stuff.co.nz 25/05/2017

House must be repaired or demolished after major repairs done without building consent

It is important to remember that whether the repair work can be granted a resource consent or a building consent is a minimal standard. Your policy standard is usually far higher.
#canterbury #earthquake #kaikoura #wellington #insurance #law #thepress #failedrepairs

stuff.co.nz Sally Gaw and Scott Harwick's Lyttelton home may be demolished after major repair work was done without a building consent.

courtsofnz.govt.nz 24/05/2017


The High Court list has been updated and we continue to see huge numbers of earthquake claims facing litigation.


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If this sounds like your experience, we can help.
You may be entitled to thousands in compensation.
You may be entitled to thousands in compensation.
Gary Blair
GCA Lawyers & SRCCA


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