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We are a vibrant and client centred law practice specialising in commercial, entertainment and property law. Specialising in commercial,entertainment and property law Trollope & Co, led by Tim Trollope, is an innovative law practice providing progressive and contemporary legal advice.

The blend of excellence, approachability and professionalism demonstrated by the Trollope & Co team assists clients achieve their short and long term goals.

Operating as usual


Covid-19 update

During these unprecedented times and for as long as the lockdown remains in force the team at Trollope & Co (Incorporating Maurice Walker) is up and going and operating remotely. Please ring (03) 595 0710 to contact the person who you wish to speak with.

We take this opportunity to wish you all the best as we navigate through these challenging times together. To all persons working in essential services looking after the safety of all New Zealanders’ we say THANK-YOU!

We recommend you look at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website for regular updates on assistance provided to businesses, employers and employees:

[01/23/20]   Watch Out Hidden Traps in New Land Contracts

The start of a new year is a great time to reassess life goals and make plans. These may involve the sale or purchase of property.

The standard agreement used by real estate agents and lawyers has received a major re vamp and the new version was rolled out for use late in 2019.

Some of the changes are significant and it is important that the implications of these changes are fully understood prior to signing any contract.

For example, under the new version, purchasers of property can no longer use finance clauses as a reason to pull out of a purchase. The means that purchasers will now be required to provide evidence or face other legal action by the vendor.

It is essential to contact us before signing any contract so that we can guide you safely through your property transaction.


New years started off with a bang! Congratulations to our talented India who received the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) 2020.

RYLA is an experiential live-in programme designed to help young people develop their team work and communication skills and fulfil their potential as leaders.


Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness Week: Putting Practical tools in place to promote Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Trollope & Co attended the workshops held by PocketLegal CPD + Networking for Lawyers this week. We were enthused by the currency of the tools and techniques introduced by Dr Lucy Hone in her workshop ‘Beyond the Buzz Word: An Introduction to the Science and Practice of Wellbeing for Lawyers’ and by Betsy Haley, from Mindwise, and her ‘Calm and Clear: An Introduction to Wellbeing’ workshop #PocketLegal #Mindwise .

We can’t wait to introduce the concepts of the Science & Practice of Wellbeing and mindfulness as critical tools to support our hoamahi (colleagues) and as a happy consequence the development of Trollope & Co as a Practice. We related to Sarah Alderson’s of PocketLegal, concept of taha whānau; creating a feeling of belonging at Trollope & Co and caring about the people who you share your life with, including colleagues.


A fitting way to finish #TeWikioteReoMāori. Today's word of the day is Kia Kōpuni.


Rāpare's word of the day is Atawhai #TeWikioteReoMāori


Rāapa's word of the day is Tiaki #TeWikioteReoMāori


Rātū's word of the week is Hauora which translates to Health #TeWikioteReoMāori


Today's word of the day is Hoahoa #TeWikioteReoMāori


Starting this today it is #TeWikioteReoMāori! Māori Language Week has been celebrated each year from 1975.

This year's theme is 'Kia Kaha te Reo Māori'. ‘Kia Kaha’ is well understood in New Zealand English with its meaning of ‘be strong’. We often talk about languages as if they are people – talking about language health, strength and revitalisation. So when we say ‘Kia Kaha te Reo Māori’ we’re saying - ‘Let’s make the Māori language strong'.

The New Zealand Government has three key goals it wants to achieve by 2040:
1. 85 per cent of New Zealanders will value te Reo Māori as a key part of national identity.
2. One million New Zealanders will be able to speak basic te Reo Māori.
3. And 150,000 Māori aged 15 and over will use te reo as much as English.


Senior Associate, Heather Murdoch, joined Trollope & Co Incorporating Maurice Walker in August 2018. Heather started her career as a lawyer working as a Judges Clerk in the High Court of Christchurch. She continued working as a lawyer specialising in litigation before moving to the Institute of Legal Studies as a litigation Instructor. Together with a friend and colleague she established a private training business, Project Law Ltd. Project Law provided in-house training for law firms and related agencies.

Heather enjoyed 8 years at the Office of the Ombudsman (Parliamentary), the majority of which she was a Senior Investigator. During her time with the Ombudsman she expanded her diverse range of skills, including, investigations, quasi mediation and adjudication skills.

Heather is accredited as an Associate Member of the Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute of New Zealand and can be engaged as an Independent Mediator. Heather is also available to carry out workplace investigations where neutral services are required by a business or agency.

Heather's area of practice is dispute resolution.

Outside of work Heather enjoys yoga and strength training and exploring NZ and the world. She tries to fill her world with colour whether it be in the garden, fashion or interior design.

Independent Mediator AAMINZ

Heather is an independent Mediator. Her areas of expertise include:

• Civil and Commercial disputes

• Schools, Boards of Trustee’s, Tertiary training Institutions
and associated providers of education

• Health and disabilities

• Community/Neighbours

• Local government and Government disputes

• Construction disputes


Grace joined our team in April 2019. She is one of our solicitors and has a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Canterbury.

Grace specialises in conveyancing, property and commercial law, relationship property, wills and powers of attorney.

One of Grace’s desires is to explore the world. While having visited many places, Sweden and Thailand take the top her list and recommends anyone to visit them.

Grace has an eye for good cinematography and enjoys watching Movies with friends and family in her spare time.

With a wealth of talents, Grace is an internationally qualified beauty therapist and takes pride in making her friends and family look and feel amazing.


Carla is our registered Legal Secretary. She has over 10 years of experience in administration and received her Diploma of Legal Executive in 2018.

Carla also volunteers at Radio Lollipop in her spare time. Radio Lollipop allows children to have a voice, while they can’t say “no” to their medication, they can request their favourite songs, win prizes and hear their own voices on the radio.

Carla has a passion for teaching and performing swing dance for the Swingtown Rebels. She also loves to Jazz sing and is a member of the Woman’s Acapella Choir.


Julie is a Senior Solicitor in our commercial and property team, regularly advising clients in relation to business and residential conveyancing transactions. Julie's area of expertise also includes advising on and resolving Relationship Property matters, trusts, the administration of estates, preparation of wills and powers of attorney.

Julie is a trustee of the Friends of Madagascar New Zealand Trust. The Trust is a Canterbury based charity with the goal of helping the people of Mandritsara having a better way of life.

Julie loves exploring New Zealand and staying at the many Kiwi baches they have to offer. During her stays at one of New Zealand’s many classic baches, Julie enjoys sitting at the riverbed while reading a book and watching her husband fish whitebait.

In what spare time she has, Julie enjoys spending it with friends and family.


Starting off the week we are proud to introduce Maurice Walker.

Maurice has over 46 years’ experience as a commercial, company, trust and property lawyer acting for public listed companies, widely and closely-held companies, a major bank, a number of large lending companies, family and charitable trusts, partnerships, joint ventures and individuals. Maurice has acted in a wide variety of personal, company, commercial and financing transactions for his clients and has particular expertise and experience in franchising acting for both franchisors and franchisees for over 30 years.

Maurice has a passion for photography, especially capturing life and those special moments of his grandchildren. He is an avid supporter of any activity his grandchildren pursue and enjoys following rugby and cricket, reading, listening to classical music and jazz and watching classic movies.

After a long day, Maurice appreciates good food paired with wine, preferably Pinot Noir.


Trollope & Co Incorporating Maurice Walker are proud to present the new team members! Watch out for the following week for the individual profiles. 17/05/2019

ILANZ 2019 in-house lawyer award winners announced - NZ Law Society

TC is proud of Maurice's daughter, Charlotte Walker, who received the Greenwood Roche Private Sector In-house Lawyer of the Year Award

The judges said Charlotte was nominated not just for the quality of her work in her day to day role as senior solicitor, for the Law Society's regulatory team, but for her work over the last year in a key advisory role for the working group led by Dame Silvia Cartwright which produced a landmark independent review into the Law Society’s regulatory functions.

Charlotte has also played a key part in the Law Society’s response to the working group report and her work is identified as playing an important role in changing the culture of the legal profession for the better. ILANZ is the New Zealand Law Society's section for in-house lawyers and the annual awards recognise excellence across New Zealand's in-house lawyer community.


Trollope & Co are thrilled to announce that we are expanding!

As of 1 April, Maurice Walker and his team have joined Trollope & Co.

Stay tuned for our new team members‘ profiles to get to know them.


Trollope & Co's cover photo


Trollope & Co


The strengths at Trollope & Co #InternationalWomensDay


Today we are celebrating our 3rd birthday 🎉🎉🎉 A big thank you to everyone, especially our clients, for helping us grow over the last three years. We look forward too many more years together and exciting times ahead! #watchthisspace

[11/05/18]   Law Commission proposes changes to the Property (Relationships) Act 1976.

The Law Commission has proposed changes to the Property (Relationships) Act 1976. The Review of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976: Preferred Approach, which was released on 1 November 2018, sets out proposed rules for dividing property when a relationship ends on separation.

The key proposals include that the family home should no longer always be shared 50:50. Instead, if one partner owned the home before the relationship, only the increase in value during the relationship should be shared. Family homes acquired throughout the relationship are still considered shared property.

Another proposal suggests that people who have children and have been together for at least 10 years or have built or scarified careers because of the relationship should be eligible for Family Income Sharing Arrangements (FISAs). FISAs require partners to share their combined income for a limited period after the separation. This ensures that economic disadvantages and advantages are shared more evenly between separating partners.

The Law Commission proposes that a court should have greater powers to share trust property when a trust holds property that was produced, preserved or enhanced by the relationship.

The review suggests developing a comprehensive information guide for separating partners. This guide will explain the law and provide information about different options available for resolving a dispute. The commission suggests that funding for community organisations to provide person to person support should be considered.

The Law Commission is currently calling for submissions before the commission prepares its final report.

[11/02/18]   Parliament abolishes letting fees on rentals by 12th December!

Parliament has passed an amendment to the Residential Tenancies Act prohibiting the charging of a letting fee in respect of charges for services rendered by property agents, landlords, solicitors or any person in relation to a tenancy.

The Residential Tenancies (Prohibiting Letting Fees) Amendment Bill comes into force on 12 December 2018, in the middle of the peak tenancy change over period. Abolishing the letting fee will make a substantial difference to tenants, who are hit with significant costs associated with moving to a new rental property.

Prohibiting the charging of letting fees is the first step in improving the accessibility of rental properties, as it reduces the price barriers that make it harder for tenants to find a suitable rental. Additionally, it encourages consistency and fairness in the rental market.


Check out our latest blog post about digital wills, something you probably have not thought about yet!


Check out our latest blog post about why it is important to have a will at any age, even when you are young!


The new Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation requires us to obtain certain personal information from you. Here is a summary of what you need to know. 07/10/2018

House-hunters warned not to rely on seller's building reports

Do not rely on Property reports by vendors

Trollope & Co always recommend that independent building reports are obtained and not to rely on property reports made by vendors. If you are looking to buy a house be sure to engage your own independent experts to validate the structural integrity of the home. Relying on vendor supplied property reports can lead to all sorts of nasty surprises. Paying extra for a specialist might save you money in the long run.

Radio NZ shares this viewpoint and we recommend to check it out! There's a warning to house hunters in Christchurch not to rely on building reports supplied by those selling homes. In April EQC admitted the cost of fixing botched repairs had hit $270 million and was likely to continue increasing as further problems were identified. Legal experts say the potential...


10. Moving into your New Home

Before the big day when you take ownership of your home, there are a number things you need to check out, including, making sure your insurances are up to date. You have completed your pre settlement check of the property. Organised your moving process (Rally up your family and friends!). Have a checklist on what improvements need to be made and whether or not they need to be done before moving in.

After settling in, we hope you enjoy your new home and the neighbourhood, don’t forget to introduce yourself to your new neighbours.

[10/04/18]   Congratulations and thank you to the team at Little Andromeda for creating an exciting new opportunity for performing arts in Christchurch. Great to see the successful launch take place last night.

Little Andromeda is an exciting pop up event in the centre of Christchurch - with all sorts of culinary delights available and with a variety of over 75 shows throughout the next 6 weeks.

It’s a fantastic place to absorb the thrills of live performing arts.

We are proud to be involved with this fantastic project.

Check out their FB page to show some support and to stay updated with the latest events!


9. Signing the Mortgage

Once the loan documents are finalised and prepared they will be sent to us. When signing a mortgage, it is important to remember what you are agreeing to. In principle, you are agreeing to repay all the money you owe to the bank, including interest and fees, paying the legal fees to register a mortgage, rates for the property and to maintain the property, and the list goes on. Approving the priority sum, allows the bank to consider applications for further finance without having to change the mortgage registration.

After signing the final documents, it is official. Congratulations you have bought your first home.


8. Figure out your Home Loan Structure

There are different types of home loans and it’s important to understand which loan structure suits you best. Interest rates can be fixed or floating. The upside on having a fixed interest rate is that the repayments cannot go up during the fixed interest period. It also benefits you if you are not planning on paying large lump sums and are not intending on selling the property early. Having a floating interest rate means that it can go up or down depending on the economy. One of the benefits of having a floating interest rate is that you can pay lump sums without penalty.

You might consider a combination of both fixed and floating components to your loan.



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