Hey Sidekick fans,
With the changes around Residential Property Tax, we're going to do a #SidekickTV episode over in the Sidekick Business Lounge to cover of all your FAQs on the matter.

I'm crazy excited cos I finally get my business partner and property expert Cameron Robertson on camera with me 🤩 !

So please send in the questions now over in the group

Welcome to Sidekick. Here we post all the local action that matters to local businesses and keep you up to speed with what Sidekick Christchurch are up to!

Join the conversations, request to join Sidekick Business Lounge DJCA Chartered Accountants are the countries leading Partners of the online accounting system Xero. A team of 25 based across Christchurch, Tasman, Auckland and London are working hard to change accounting services for the better. Friendly, smart and experts in all things 'Cloud', we're here to help business owners reach their goals. Sidekick, our fixed monthly fee package is specifically designed for Xero users to ensure they are getting the most possible benefits out of the system with the addition of ongoing support from the countries experts.

We’ve always been a forwards-looking company, helping customers see where they’re going rather than giving them a backwards-looking summary of where they’ve already been. Our clients love that we speak their language and make an effort to really ‘get’ what their business is about. Plus we won’t look at you sternly over the tops of our glasses if you’ve accidentally lost a receipt. We’re technology-minded, recommending new software and services that make business easier. Sidekick are Xero Accountants and are leading the revolution in cloud computing for accounting – we were the world’s first Platinum Partner of the highly regarded Xero accounting software. Not to mention we picked up Xero’s NZ Partner of the Year award twice – for 2010 and 2011…but who’s counting. Sidekick is at your side with the advice you need, when and where you need it. At the end of the day what we do is pretty simple – you tell us your business goals, and we help you get there.

Operating as usual


Remember that next week it's the 'End of financial year'!

So if you're not quite ready, here's what you need to know

We've outlined all the key things you should be aware of as we head towards the end of the financial year.

End of year checklist:

It's that time of year again - most of your financial information is in Xero, however some clients like to fill out our annual checklist to ensure they have collected everything! Please message us if you would like to receive a checklist.

Minimum wage Increase:

The minimum wage is increasing on on April 1st. The wage is going up to $20 an hour (it is currently $18.90, so that's an increase of $1.10). Make sure that if you have any employees earning under $20 an hour that you increase their wage on April 1st. The starting out and training wage is also increasing from $15.12 to $16, so if you have any staff on those wages, make sure to also increase their wage.

Tidy up your Xero:

Give your Xero ledger some attention before the end of the month, this means reconciling and reviewing your accounts receivable and accounts payable. Are there any bills you've already paid? Or any invoices you've already received payment for? If you have any questions about what you need to do, please contact your accountant.

Stock Take:

If you keep stock, the best time to do a stock take is on or as close to the 31st March as you can. Once you've done your stock take, send us what you've recorded so we can account for your stock.

If you have any questions about any of this information, please do yell out!


We're all celebrating St Patrick's Day today wearing green! Ready to just skip down stairs to the The Bog Irish Bar Christchurch later!


The Government last year passed legislation that temporarily increases the low-value asset threshold for depreciation from $500 to $5,000. This will allow you to deduct the full cost of your business assets with a value of less than $5,000 in the year you purchased them. This is instead of having to spread the cost over the life of the asset. This legislation stands until the 16th of March 2021.

The low-value threshold will be dropped back from the 17th of March 2021 to allow only the immediate expensing of assets purchased costing less than $1,000.

*Information sourced from the Inland Revenue's website


SidekickTV | Josh Wilson | Xero, automation and security

Today, for the first time in the Xero Support NZ group we've done a #SidekickTV episode.
This time with Josh Wilson from Sidekick Cloud.

We cover off;
How can people use Xero and the main add-ons in their business to build efficiency and make improvements?
If a process can be automated should it be?
Is it really worth using 2Factor Authentication and what security issues should people be aware off?


In the Xero Support NZ group on Facebook we've done a #SidekickTV episode. This time with Joshua Wilson from Sidekick Cloud.We cover off;How can people use X...


One of our awesome clients Yoshiko is hosting a free authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony at Tūranga on Sunday February 28th. Yoshiko started the Tekijun Chanoyu (Japanese tea culture) group and is a registered professor in Omotesenke's Fushin'an (the only one in NZ as well!)

Some of our team members will be along supporting and we really recommend you head along as well. Bookings are required, so register using the link in the comments section.


For most tax-payers, the end of the financial year is approaching fast at the end of next month. It is a good time to review the position of your company and consider if declaring a dividend would be a good option for you.

In addition, with the top tax rate increasing to 39% for any income above $180,000 per annum (Although after the GameStop event, hedge fund managers may not need to worry about this)

It will be a good time to clear any retained earnings in the company before the end of this financial year to avoid additional tax as a result of crossing this threshold. We will be getting in touch regarding this but if you have any questions, get in touch with your accountant at your earliest convenience to discuss your situation.


At Sidekick there are two groups of people that we love the most! Our clients and our team, or as we like to say, our team and our extended team! Without people, businesses aren’t much. So here we love to regularly shout from the rooftops and celebrate the great people and great businesses that we look after! Here's a Client Spotlight from our December newsletter:

Oil Change Kings have just opened up their new workshop on Harewood Road. It’s awesome to see a new spin on a traditional model, and we’ve loved working with our long time client Carl as he’s set up shop. He came to us with a clear vision, and as you can see from the photo below, he’s very successfully brought that vision to life. Their new state of the art facility means that they can quickly and efficiently tend to your vehicle, with no appointment required. If your car is in the need for a service, make sure to head down and support these guys!

Oil Change Kings NZ


We've just set up our new YouTube channel: SidekickTV! We're frequently uploading helpful videos for you and your business, so make sure to check out our channel below (and don't forget to subscribe!)


Simon Sinek

Here's a great video from Simon Sinek about optimism, which is a great attitude to focus on this year and can help you and your business move in the right direction in 2021.

Optimism isn't the denial of the current state. It's not naive. Optimism is the undying belief that the future bright. And that's always a good thing.


We love feedback! 🥳🤗

Thanks so much George from Golden Blade Barber Lounge

"Thank you and the team at Sidekick for all the help and support I have been shown this year, it's really refreshing to see accountants that care about their clients so much"

#sidekick #DJCA #accountantsthatcare


Here are a few pics of the team (it takes a few goes to get everyone smiling) - We're all united in pink today to celebrate Pink Shirt Day!

Among other things, Pink Shirt Day works to create workplaces where everyone feels safe, valued and respected! Something we, here at Sidekick, support 100%!

Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand - October 16th, Pink Shirt Day


How awesome is this! Dave Jessep our founder is appointed at Rātā Foundation! His strong sense of community and incredible monetary management are a match made in heaven for this role!
Well done Dave

One door closes and another one opens - Tēnā koe and welcome to one of our four new Trustees -Dave Jessep.

Dave already had a connection to Rātā - his Mother Fran was a Trustee in the 1990's. Dave says his motivation to join the Board stems from that early first-hand look at how Fran was able to help the community by funding great new ideas an projects - something he hopes to carry on!

For more information on Dave - visit @Rātā Foundation




Sidekick 23/07/2020

Help Sidekick Red Nose Day Fundraising make a difference

It's Red Nose Day on 31st July - " Cure Kids biggest fundraiser campaign where incredible kiwis across Aotearoa come together to help fund big research for little lives".

You can help us raise funds for this great cause by donating through our Sidekick page We've created this page because we want to make a difference. We're inspired by the work of Cure Kids and wanted to support them by raising money as part of our participation in Red Nose Day Appeal 2020. We're fundraising across all our South Island offices, so please help us help them by giving wha...


Business Recovery Planning session with the team and some lovely clients


This week in the Sidekick Business Lounge, Modecai and Ric will be interviewing Aleisha Duncan from Rebel Influence.
Aleisha is an expert on engaging with your audience on social media.
We want to hear from you guys about what you'd love to know from Aleisha on engagement with clients and prospects.

Join the group


Ric Thorpe - Sidekick Chartered Accountants

**** Going live in 30 minutes ****

Sidekick want to help business owners with 'what the budget means for your business'.
What will you have to do?
What are your opportunities?
What will you need?
What changes might you need to make?

What action will your business need to take to survive the great unknown!

Register here;


PM's Announcement Review + Q&A - What does this mean for your business?

What will you have to do to prepare to reopen?
What will your teams need?
What changes might you need to make?

Click to register here;

These events are promoted in our Group - Head to Sidekick Business Lounge here;


Ric Thorpe - Sidekick Chartered Accountants

Hey guys, before we head into the long weekend, Modecai Skca, Scott Wilson and myself Ric Thorpe Skca are going to be doing a live video at 2pm in the Sidekick Business Lounge!
You'll learn,

'What can you be doing right now to build an audience from
your sofa'

See you at 2pm today over at the Sidekick Business Lounge


Josh's webinar on Xero Reporting tips is kicking of at 10am today. If you haven't signed up already there are still a few spaces left, click on the link below to sign up and find out how to get more out of your Xero reporting:


Sidekick's cover photo


Here's a message from our Tech Guru Joshua Wilson,

With disruption comes opportunity.

For the next two months I am taking my events online. I am going to be running online Xero upskilling webinars and videos to help make your software work for you.

This week I am running two webinars:

1. Hubdoc and Xero advanced coding tips and tricks.

This webinar will cover how Xero and Hubdoc can help speed up recording receipts and bills and store your records. Also I will look at how Xero's powerful reconciling tools can help you deal with those tricky scenarios.
Tune in at 10am TOMORROW (7th April)


Hey there, for those that missed the last session which was such a success with over 100 small business owners online, we're running it again this Wednesday at 2:30

More info here;

Feel free to share out to friends in business who may be finding it tough or needing some direction. We'd love to help them

Register here;


We're going live in just under half an hour!
Sidekick HR hosting an employment webinar 2pm which will deal with the Contracts, Subsidies, other leave options and Restructuring in Covid-19
Join the webinar here;


Did you know that we have started a commercial office?

Sidekick Commercial was set up by our long term Sidekick Lisa Adamson and ex banker Dave Armstrong. Together they offer full relationship advisory services for medium - large businesses including finance work & business development programs.

The website is now live so have a look!


Culture is so important! Which is why every Wednesday we have an office morning tea shout. This week it was Ayumi's turn who whipped up some of her famous home made dumplings! 16/04/2019

Sidekick HR

Introducing Sidekick HR! We saw the need to help our clients with HR matters specifically around employment law so we are very excited to have Kirsten and the team on-board!

Check-out the awesome new website Sidekick HR takes away the stress and worry, and guides you through all aspects of your business’ HR, employment law and health and safety needs.


Tonight we held our first Sidekick Whisky Tasting for our Business SideKicks and clients.

Dave Armstrong our Senior Advisor from Sidekick Commercial hosted and took us through some delicious Single Malts from his native land of Scotland!


The Sidekick Leadership team got together today in Christchurch to plan how we can help our clients grow so that the sky is the limit!

And who better to help us get there than this guy! 24/08/2018

Intermediate Accountant Job in Otago

We're hiring in Queenstown!

Sidekick is a modern, cloud focused and fun (yes fun!) accounting firm in Queenstown looking for an Intermediate Accountant to join the team. If you, or someone you know is ready to take their career to new heights, send them our way! Ready to build on your skills in a modern accounting firm? Enjoy a diverse role, no time sheets, supportive mentors and a competitive salary.


Sidekick Tasman

Some fascinating shots of the Kaikoura Earthquakes from a client of the Sidekick Tasman team, well worth a look :)

The talented Dan Kerins Photography captured some incredible moments from the Kaikoura Earthquakes, which we encourage you to take a look at on the link below. Thank you Dan for sharing these captivating shots with us all.


Fast 50 2016 | Christchurch and Upper South Island regional winners event

Congratulations to SmartLift for winning the Fastest Growing Services Business in Christchurch in the Deloitte Fast 50 New Zealand. What an awesome achievement! Fast 50 2016 - Christchurch and Upper South Island regional winners event 21/06/2016

BAS Senior Accountant

We're hiring!

We are looking for another Senior Accountant to join our Christchurch team. If you know someone who might be interested in joining djca please send them our way, we'd love to hear from them. Due to expansive growth djca are looking to recruit a Senior Accountant to join our professional team in Christchurch. 14/10/2015

Guest Blog – Growth Strategy for Small Businesses

Need a little Thursday motivation for your business? Head over to our blog to see the first of a series of guest blogs on business growth tips. Simon White, a local financial management expert here in Christchurch, has written some helpful tips on growth strategies for small to medium businesses.

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Whale Watch Kaikoura




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