Biggles Racing

Established 2008 "Biggles Racing" has been established since November 2008.

We are a Privateer Motorcycle Road Race Team competing in the MNZ National Championship (NZSBK)


Merry Christmas to all the Kawasaki BRT supporters! It's been a tough year for many, but all you guys and girls, rock Santa's socks!

Have a great Christmas and enjoy your break with family and friends.


13/12/2021 ***PRESS RELEASE***

It is with great sadness that BRT Kawasaki must resign ourselves to the fact that unless changes occur, we will not be racing this forthcoming 2022 NZSBK season. This is wholly due to the announcement by MNZ on the 29th of November to confirm they will be allowing events to be run using the vaccine passport system.

Whilst we understand it is a tough position for everyone to be in, MNZ included, we as a team have previously made our position unequivocally clear that we will not allow any form of coercion to possibly be a defining factor for our team members. This could potentially influence their choices of what we believe to be solely an individual’s decision as to what medical procedure or otherwise they wish to partake in. We cannot see any benefit in our team management insisting on, and policing any individual’s choice on the sovereignty of their very own bodies. We find this current culture of acceptance abhorrent and unethical. We are not “anti-vax,” nor do we have any opinion to be shared on this topic here. This decision is completely about the clear discrimination that the use of the vaccine passport creates for those who have chosen not to have the vaccination for whatever reason they decide.

This decision is wholly a Biggles Racing Team decision, and we do not purport to be the voice or opinion for Kawasaki NZ or indeed any of our amazing sponsors or supporters. As a team, we stand united against discrimination of any kind, no matter what the supposed benefits one way or the other is claimed by those complying with, and enforcing said discrimination. We will not be dictated to by any ruling that is clearly at odds with these unwavering principles and ethics we hold close to our operating procedures.

Needless to say, we, as many, will be disappointed with this unfortunate outcome, but we can only hope clear and wise people will prevail at the end of all this nonsense, and BRT Kawasaki will once again be able to “Let the good times roll!”

For this coming season, it looks like the mighty Kawasaki ZX10R’s will be tucked up nice and warm, staying brand new, waiting for what we hope to be a much better future for our sport than what is currently the case.

Thank you for your understanding and support, and we welcome/encourage other teams and racers to make a solid stand as we have here.

Merry Christmas to you all and have a happy new year.
Team BRT Kawasaki


Update regarding NZSBK Championship 2022. At this stage, the first two rounds in January 2022 have been canceled.

On the positive side, it looks like we've got some more time to get up to speed on our mighty ZX10R's now!

NZSBK 2022 Update From Grant Ramage NZSBK Series Director

Dear all

We recently committed to provide plenty of warning around plans for the 2022 NZSBK series. We recognise the need to provide surety for riders so they can make or amend plans. We also need to ensure we also provide a safe environment for all attendees.

We have reviewed the current situation and the recent Government announcements and sadly have to advise we are unable to run round 1 at Ruapuna and round 2 at Teretonga of the NZSBK series in January 2022.

Again, our apologies. We know that like us, you will be disappointed with this news but we wanted to ensure that everyone has time to manage or reset their travel, leave or family plans through the holiday season with plenty of notice.

Note, this is only for the initial two rounds. To support the riders with planning and provide all stakeholders with appropriate notice, we will be reviewing the national COVID situation through the next 2 months. We’ll target providing a further announcement in the middle of January 2022 regarding:

1. If there are any changes to the two North Island rounds scheduled in March 2022 that riders will need to be aware of.

2. The possibility of rescheduling or providing some South Island events to be run after the North Island rounds.

Please also note:

1. The Government’s traffic light system is expected to be implemented, but there are no known introduction dates.

2. Once the proposed traffic light system is in operation, that under Green or Orange, we should be able to operate as normal with no limits in attendees. However, vaccination certificate requirements are likely to be in play to allow this. This may mean that to attend events, a record or evidence of a “Proof of double vaccination” as mandated by the Government may be required. Please be prepared for this as it may take 3 -4 weeks minimum to achieve double vaccination status.

3. We understand that there will be some strong opinions on the above policy, but we may have little choice on the subject if we wish to run events and this is out of the club’s and MNZ hands.

Photos from Biggles Racing's post 05/11/2021

She's Alive!!!!! Jason and Campbell had their first taste of a Superbike on track at Levels today.

They were asked how it went and the general consensus was "I'm scared!"



Tough times for event organizers at present.

NZSBK 2022 – Covid Status

We’re in uncertain times and recognise that lockdowns and borders are still in play. While running the NZSBK series is the forefront of our plans, we need to recognise that the current national wide restrictions have the potential to significantly impact the ability for riders to be able to attend the first two South Island rounds.

At some stage we will have to make a call if things don’t improve on the restrictions status.

We want to provide plenty of opportunity for riders to plan accordingly, so while planning for the events is well in hand, there is still significant risk that not all riders will be able to attend.

To support the riders, we intend on making the call based upon the Govt’s lock down rules as soon as practical after the Government’s announcement at 4pm on 1 November*. We recognise that riders need time to make plans or cancel plans for travel, ferries and accommodation.

• Please Note that after this date, Government restrictions may adversely impact this decision.


Andy Skelton – Commissioner, Road Racing MNZ



With some discussions surrounding the mandatory vaccination to participate in MNZ events going forward, we thought we best get in front of this issue to make our position as a team clear.

Although BRT Kawasaki is extremely excited to participate in this years NZSBK with brand new Kawasaki ZX10R Superbikes, we believe in free and open choice for all our team members to choose what’s best for their own health. Our team culture is not of coercion or intimidation, and we are a close-knit group with a mantra of “Let the good times roll!” Health choices and medical procedures of our members is not a conversation we as team management should expect to be involved in at all with our members, unless they so desire to discuss. It is private and confidential information, and of no concern for the management of our team.

For this reason, should mandatory vaccination become required to participate in MNZ sanctioned events, we will not be competing in these events in the future.

This is absolute, non-negotiable, and not up for further discussion.


We're getting just a little bit excited in the Kawasaki BRT camp!

Qmoto - Buy Online 20/08/2021

Quick shoutout to to endorse their leather protection and gear. BRT has a long standing relationship with them and our racers only wear their quality gear....Jason loves testing it out for them too 🤣🤪🤪

Qmoto - Buy Online


We would like to welcome aboard as a Kawasaki BRT team sponsor for 2022 season, DCL Consulting!

These guys are in the engineering consultancy business, and deal with civil design issues surrounding a variety of structures such as bridges etc. Dave (the owner) is a motorcycle enthusiast himself, and will no doubt be seen track side at our events cheering our boys on.

Welcome to the team and we hope we can make this fun and worthwhile for you!


We've been busy building Kawasaki NZ ZX10R Superbikes, and things are coming along great!


****PRESS RELEASE*** (this is the 3rd announcement about the forthcoming announcement........ TOMORROW!)


Stay tuned.... the countdown is on....T-minus 6 days and counting....


You may think we've been slack and not up to much since we've been all quite on this page for a while.... but you would be wrong! BRT loyal supporters, please stand by for some big announcements soon!

Billy Redmayne 18/04/2021

5 years on from Billy Redmayne leaving us all heartbroken I thought I would present a entire album of all the pictures I have of when this legend came to New Zealand and raced in BRT in the Suzuki Tri-Series. Billy was a true gentleman and a fantastic character that is sorely missed by those he has left behind. I can freely say that I shed a few tears when I heard the news. RIP mate, you absolute knob-end! 😗

Photos from Biggles Racing's post 18/04/2021

****PRESS RELEASE**** We've been in discussions for some time and are really excited to announce that for the NZSBK Championship 2022 we will be fielding a sidecar team. Marcus, team owner said "I've always been interested in this discipline and love the way you can race these contraptions without a care in the world, and no one cares about the size of your numbers!" When asked about his previous bad mouthing of the class, he said "oh well it's kind of like being at school, you're always mean to the girls you like!" It turns out Marcus likes Scrivy the big girl! Sw***er will be announced at a later date. Stay posted!!!


NZSBK 2022 is fast approaching (I know 2021 has just finished right!?). Rumor has it (not really a rumor actually, it is being planned now) that it will be a x6 round series with the first being late this year. To this point, we are on the lookout for the next young champion to join BRT as a supported racer.

We have available one spot in the team and the class could be either 300ss or 150ss. We are asking for expressions of interest from young, fast and motivated individuals (or parents) to contact us for a discussion.

This is a well supported ride, from a dedicated team of individuals and sponsors, so we are after a top racer that is committed and will be a good fit in our team. The successful individual will be equally professional off the track as on, and weighted equally.

Please share this post and get in touch via message or call Marcus on +64 27 295 4457


A quick update on Jason as so many are messaging us asking. He spent one night in Rotorua hospital and had a CT scan which showed two breaks in his pelvis. They are stable and not too major, but far from ideal clearly. Maybe I (Marcus) shouldn't have told him to just harden up in hindsight!😁.

He's in good spirits, and is now back at home, albeit somewhat sore. We wish him all the best for a speedy recovery, and he wants to thank you all for your concern and messaging!


Race two was hectic!!! Campbell a flyer start and did everything asked of him at turn 1, rounding out in 6th position and finishing in that position at the end of the race. Jason's start was much better but he had his line stolen in turn 1 pushing him back into 8th. He woke up in the 4th lap and started with the hammer down! Fighting with both Double Six Motor Sport ktms he finally got the better of one of them and broke the lap record doing it. Right on the tail of 3rd, 2nd and 1st, on the last lap he unfortunately lost grip on the rear exiting turn 1 resulting in a fairly large high side and causing a red flag stopping the race. He is very sore and has been taken to hospital for x-rays so it's out for the last race. Campbell will be riding the 2020 for the remainder of the day.


Race 2 (first for today) up now. Watch live on Ctaslive


Presenting and representing BRT 2021! looking sharp since ages ago!


How we feel about race day here at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park for the final day of NZSBK Championship !


Race 1 now


Jason qualified in 5th position and Campbell in 6th. We had a plan that didn't quite work as we wanted following a red flag. Over all were feeling faster than the grid positions we've secured for the weekend and positive there's more in the tank (if you know you know🤫)


Qualifying up now. Ctaslive to watch.

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