Caryn Zinn Dietitian

Caryn Zinn Dietitian


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We will miss our work neighbours. ⁣

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We will be forever grateful to Popi’s excellent coffee making skills Flexa Cafe⁣
Thanks for your ongoing support The Cottage Midwives and Hauraki Midwives and to Sara T for naming us!!⁣

So many memories, growth and experience has happened here but we are excited for our new adventure to start.⁣

Come and see us Unity Studios NZWe can’t wait to show you our new home. ⁣

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The Editor-in-Chief is an esteemed colleague Caryn Zinn Dietitian Worthy of study, for those of you interested in metabolic wellness. Mark
Peeps, this week on Mikkipedia I chat to Dr Caryn Zinn Dietitian all about low carb nutrition - amongst a host of other topics! 🎙🍳🥑


🥑Protein powders
🥑Keto for menopause
🥑Auto immune protocol
🥑Low carb diets on hypertension
🥑Recommendations for a 20year old male that is trying to bulk up
🥑Foods that affect thyroid

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T2Diabetes solutions... by Caryn Zinn Dietitian 👇🏻

The latest snapshot of the nation’s T2D future is bleak - it shows numbers could almost double in two decades.

According to this newsroom report, apparently the options that are staring us in the face for solutions are:
- reducing saturated fat and salt
- increasing grains
- having surgery
- or consuming very low calorie shakes (filled with seed oils) followed by reintroduction of a conventional diet.

While some of these options do work, respectfully I disagree that these are the only options staring us in the face. There are countless RCTs showing the efficacy of low carb diets in managing and even reversing T2D, with substantial lowering of medications that are often not seen with other strategies. Considering that the American Diabetes Association endorsed carbohydrate restriction in 2018 as an efficacious therapeutic dietary management for T2D, it saddens me that it doesn’t even get a mention in our country's health news.

To be honest, I was getting to the stage where I thought ‘low carb’ was almost mainstream when it comes to T2D management, but I guess not. We simply need to soldier on with the message.
And then we have the new Kelloggs advert... promoting the 'Perfect' GIANT serving of Corn Flakes in a Salad Bowl, taken with milk and sugar (and sometimes fruit added)! Perfect actually for that morning mega Carb/Insulin hit...followed of course by that 'perfect' dreadful mid morning crash! You would honestly swear that we weren't trying to turn the obesity and diabetes crisis around!
Read real life stories from Kiwis who follow low carb or ketogenic for health reasons, with expert opinion from Caryn Zinn Dietitian, a New Zealand academic, dietician and co-author of What The Fat? Many thanks to those who have shared their stories 😊
Only trivial effects and very large between individual and between study variations suggest that generalised recommendations for modifying exercise (or IMHO nutrition) across the menstrual cycle are misinformed. Individual prescription based on responses to exercise and nutrition are more valid.
Maybe women are kinda like small men? 😂 (I'm kidding....kinda....don't shoot me off of my position of white, male privilege...)
Caryn Zinn Dietitian Mikki Williden, PhD
Vitamin D below @Caryn Zinn Dietitian if you want to read and also check out FoundMyFitness. If you don’t want to read just remember - REGULAR EXERCISE🤸🏼‍♀️🏃‍♂️🤽🏾‍♂️⛷, MEAT & VEGE🥔🥬🥩(unprocessed food), A GOOD NITES SLEEP💤, having FUN and a LAUGH😂😁🍻 - will most likely be more important for most people’s overall health than any one vitamin or mineral. Basically do what your grandparents probably did:) #staysavage #dothebasics

Training Plans available 💪💪💪👊👊👊
Wonderful to see Australias first ALL WOMEN Low Carb Virtual Summit, hosted by Tracey McBeath Health Coach & Nutrition Network Advisor featuring so many of our top women lecturers and participants!

This 3 day summit boasts a number of prominent female speakers, including Belinda Fettke, Caryn Zinn Dietitian, Dr Hassina Kajee - Carb Free MD (NN's female medical director) and many other Nutrition Network Members, Gillian Harvey Health & Nutrition, Michelle Moss, Valerie Grosso, Primal RD - Martha Tettenborn RD, Leah Williamson, Claire McDonell Lui of Leafie, to name but a few.

To join this, register for free through this link:

To have lifetime access to the event click here:
Our buddies at want to know some of your favourite health/nutrition resources. You can help them out by submitting your favourite sites, podcasts, blogs etc here:

My votes went to Mikki Williden Real Food Nutrition, Caryn Zinn Dietitian, Dan Plews, Sigma Nutrition, MASS Research Review, Julianne Taylor and more!
What are your favourite health and nutrition resources?
It's commonly claimed that people require fairly high amounts of carbohydrate in the diet to maintain hormone levels and function. In this #Podcast Mikki Williden, PhD, Dr Caryn Zinn Dietitian, Dr Dan Plews Plews Performance, and chat about whether this is based on strong (or any?) evidence and what we should actually be focussed on to have health hormones.
The Carb-Appropriate Podcast - Ep.22

Cliff Harvey PhD discusses low carb diets & hormone balance alongside low-carb researchers Mikki Williden, PhD, Plews Performance (Dr Dan Plews) & Caryn Zinn Dietitian

...bringing you the latest nutrition information with a focus on the whole food "low(er) carbohydrate, high(er) fat" lifestyle.



Green-fingers here went overboard with planting cucumber (4) plants in October 2021. As a result, I’ve since harvested 100 cucumbers, and still counting... Apart from being the best neighbour in the ‘hood’ (regular cucumber supplier all round), and maker of amazing Greek salads, I’ve discovered a lot of awesome cucumber recipes. They are clearly a versatile vegetable and make for a refreshing low calorie, low carb, nutritious snack.

As an aside, averaging $2 a cucumber from the shops, that’s $200 worth of cucumbers. The cost of my 4 cucumber plants was $16.72, plus water costs of course as it did not fall from the sky this summer. Admittedly, it’s unlikely I would have purchased 100 cucumbers since October, but I’m sure you get the gist! The green-finger joy in homegrown is certainly a delight!

Happy 2022 everyone.


Happy holidays FB friends.
I hope you all have a happy, relaxing and safe holiday break. I'm grateful for your continued support of my work.
Fingers crossed for a 2022 with some normalcy...

Swimming 52 Km Across Lake Ontario - Solo Swim by Transplant Survivor 22/12/2021

Swimming 52 Km Across Lake Ontario - Solo Swim by Transplant Survivor

Move for Life…

For some end-of-year inspiration, watch this clip.

Jillian Best – who had a liver transplant in 2016 planned to swim 52km across lake Ontario in August of this year. Jill did this to raise money for her foundation, Move for Life, that supports those affected by organ transplants.

I was privileged to be part of the medical / nutrition team (Dietitian Lynne Sinclair and gastroenterologist, Dr. Mayur Brahmania) that helped her prepare for this (me from a sports nutrition perspective).
It certainly was a challenge planning a suitable food, fluid and electrolyte system for a 19-20 hour endurance effort like this.

On the night / day on August 4th / 5th, I enjoyed every minute of following her gps spot move across the lake. Did she make it? No spoiler alerts, just watch until the end and if you don’t have a tear in your eye, I’d be surprised.

It’s amazing what some people do and what they overcome to achieve their goals. An inspirational lady, that’s for sure!

Swimming 52 Km Across Lake Ontario - Solo Swim by Transplant Survivor Transplant survivor Jillian Best swims 52 km across Lake Ontario to raise funds and awareness for organ donation and her non profit foundation Move For Life....

Sign the Petition 20/12/2021

Sign the Petition

Low Carb Evidence Based Practice for T2D- it's time for change!

I sign very few petitions; this is one that I have signed. It could use your signature too, if you think it's worthy.

Sign the Petition Low Carb Evidence Based Practice - it's time for change!

Why New Zealanders are eating less kale 09/12/2021

Why New Zealanders are eating less kale

Is kale really going out of fashion or are people just growing their own?

Word of advice, in terms of nutrient value of kale, vs spinach vs broccoli, it's much of a muchness - they all stack up about as well as each other aka. very well. They're also pretty easy to grow, although I find broccoli a little more temperamental at times.

Another word of advice, forget the "steel-wool" version of kale (i.e. the curly version), go with cavolo nero, soft kale. Here's a recipe for kale chips that I posted over 2 years ago. I still have the same 'mulitple-headed' kale plant growing in the garden.

The key to making perfectly crunchy cavolo nero kale chips is this:

1. Keep leaves / pieces as dry as possible when cooking.
So, pick (if you’re growing it – which you should if you have the space), wash, wait (until dry), remove the thick stalk in the middle if you want.
2. Sprinkle with olive oil and massage into leaves (coat fully) – if you have a spray oil that’s even better.
3. Add spice. I used loads of rock salt and pepper, but you can also use cumin or fennel seeds, chilli, curry powder or turmeric for a different flavour.
4. Bake in the oven for around 25 minutes at 130°C, then turn down to 90°C for a few minutes or switch off and leave in the oven for a bit. Make sure to check them once or twice to ensure they’re all evenly crunchy.

That's it!

Why New Zealanders are eating less kale Kale has fallen out of favour with New Zealand consumers, with the country's largest grower of salad crops reporting a significant decline in sales.



Would you believe trying a new protein powder was the motivation I needed this morning to get out of bed and do my workout? True story. I ordered some cool new flavours that didn’t disappoint.

Protein is so important and harder to get in a breakfast meal unless you’re cooking eggs etc. I love my fruit, high protein yoghurt (Kalo -my current fave), protein powder (whey is my fave taste /texture), and various seeds and other tidbits, post workout. I actually look forward to it, but feel I need to earn it too. When you get to be a (very) late-quadragenaraian, like me, muscle mass building and retention should be a goal. A decent lockdown workout (lift some heavy stuff like full gas bottles and various weights/bars you have lying around) for 30 - 35 mins to spotify’s “beast mode workout music 😁” partnered with a good 30-35g good quality protein is just what you need!

Well it’s what I need anyway! There are some great companies out there doing some amazing whole food minimum ingredient protein powders and I’m loving trialing them!


Journal of Insulin Resistance 03/11/2021

Journal of Insulin Resistance

Journal of Insulin Resistance ...

I have recently taken on a new role of Editor-in Chief for the Journal of Insulin Resistance. For those who don’t know, this is a relatively new academic journal that was first established in 2015. After a brief closure in 2020, it has recently being reestablished.

It’s an open access journal (currently free of publication charges) that focuses on pathophysiology, prevention, management and advancing therapy for conditions characterised by insulin resistance, i.e. type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, Alzheimers disease and others.

My vision for this journal is that it becomes acclaimed for its objective peer-review system, that it establishes a readership for both the academic and the clinician, and that it creates global impact in the field of insulin resistance.

I’m really hoping that with your support (i.e. publications or spreading the word for publication opportunities to academics and clinician), we can continue to establish the place of insulin resistance on the modern medical map. Thanks

Journal details:
My recent clip about the importance of open access.

AOSIS publishing

Journal of Insulin Resistance The Journal of Insulin Resistance is a peer-reviewed, clinically oriented journal covering advances in disorders of insulin resistance. Articles focus on clinical care and advancing therapy for patients with insulin resistance-related disorders. Insulin resistance includes pathophysiology, managemen...

Photos from Caryn Zinn Dietitian's post 26/10/2021


Did you get out into the garden and do your Labour weekend herb and veggie planting this weekend? I did. Cucumbers, baby toms, rocket, cress, and an assortment of herbs, including Italian parsley.
Thanks to a mate who supplied their Italian parsley for my beautiful chimichuri sauce for this weekend; I’m hoping to be using my own supplies soon.

Just a small dollop of this amazing sauce delivers a good hit of nutrients and flavour (depending on how you make it) – here’s my recipe

BIG handful(s) of Italian Parsley
½ cup EV olive oil
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
1 tsp salt, pepper
1 tsp dried or fresh oregano
Chopped up chili – add to the level of heat you want, I use 2.
Garlic – add to the level of garlicky flavour you like, I use two big cloves (it doesn’t really matter when you’re in lockdown!)

Throw all ingredients in a blender…blend… done!
Beautiful with meat, fish, chicken, or anything really.

Whole-fat dairy products do not adversely affect adiposity or cardiometabolic risk factors in children in the Milky Way Study: a double-blind randomized controlled pilot study 17/10/2021

Whole-fat dairy products do not adversely affect adiposity or cardiometabolic risk factors in children in the Milky Way Study: a double-blind randomized controlled pilot study

Milky-way study…

Yet another study (no, not about white chocolate) verifying that children need not consume low fat dairy products to avoid being overweight and unhealthy when they grow up.

This was an RCT comparing cardiometabolic health outcomes in healthy children 4-6 years consuming either high fat or low fat dairy products for 3 months. While total dietary fat content decreased, total energy remained the same across the groups, and there were no significant differences (not even trends in some cases) in measures of adiposity (body fatness), body composition, blood pressure, fasting lipids, glucose, HbA1c, and CRP (inflammation).

Despite the growing evidence, dietary guidelines around the world remain the same, which still direct parents to feed their children low fat dairy products. Revision is much-needed, to ensure that the guidelines reflect the best available evidence.

Whole-fat dairy products do not adversely affect adiposity or cardiometabolic risk factors in children in the Milky Way Study: a double-blind randomized controlled pilot study ABSTRACTBackground. Limited evidence supports the common public health guideline that children >2 y of age should consume dairy with reduced fat content.Obje

Caryn Zinn - Fats Are In, Sugars Are Out and How Whole Foods Are Medicine : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive 22/09/2021

Caryn Zinn - Fats Are In, Sugars Are Out and How Whole Foods Are Medicine : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Great chat with Jason T Marinovich on Raglan Community Radio - Your Health your Choice:, chatting about all things nutrition and health.

Caryn Zinn - Fats Are In, Sugars Are Out and How Whole Foods Are Medicine : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive A conversation with Dr Caryn Zinn PhD, Registered Dietician, and author exploring low carb healthy fats, the Human Interference Factor regarding the processing...

Photos from Caryn Zinn Dietitian's post 14/09/2021

Authentic Greek yoghurt – NOT!

Disappointing, Puhoi. Adding sugar to plain yoghurt is NOT authentically Greek.

As a random aside, truly authentic Greek yoghurt is called Straggisto and is made from strained sheep's milk; it has a high protein, and fat content and a nice sour taste.


Mid-week wine…

My resolve is being tested! It’s day 1 of our level 4 lockdown (after enjoying freedom - within NZ that is, for 6 months). I have eaten well, exercised well, and worked well. But I’ve just broken my ‘I don’t drink during the week’ rule, a rule that I usually find easy not to break.

Why? Well, just because I felt like it. I’m having a [email protected]&$k it moment (sorry!), even though I’m not even tired or overly stressed. I just felt like a wine! I’m normal and appreciate that maintaining healthy habits consistently can be a challenge. I am also fully aware of the need to be metabolically healthy at this time so here’s hoping it’s just a mid-week one- off.

Take care folks!


Kohlrabi snacks…

If you haven’t heard of kohlrabi, it is a cruciferous vegetable, also known as a German turnip. I haven’t seen it for ages, but lately I’ve been getting it from my local supermarket. Kohlrabi has a similar taste (slightly sweeter) and texture (more cucumber-style crunch) to broccoli stems. Like broccoli, it is low in carbs, has good amounts of fibre and Vitamin C.
It’s one of my favourite raw vegetable snacks (it can be eaten cooked too, but I prefer it raw). I simply slice it finely and add some salt and pepper. While you can use any salt, I love it with a fine Indian black salt (which is actually a pink colour) called Kala namak. You need to source this from a specialty Indian grocer as it’s not readily available. The salt is not for everyone as it has a sulphurous, pungent smell (i.e., locals, think Rotorua – you either love it or hate it), I happen to love it!.

If I’m not painting a good enough picture, move on 😊 or give it a try.

The Mikkipedia Podcast 09/08/2021

The Mikkipedia Podcast

Podcast chats...

I chat to Dr Mikki Williden on the latest episode of Mikkipedia answering your questions (from a few weeks back). We cover all things LCHF / keto / protein / collagen / What The Face and other interesting topics...

Hope you enjoy the chat.

The Mikkipedia Podcast Mikki Williden Nutritionist and consulting. Nutritional advice and online membership

How I am reversing my diabetes thanks to my data science skills 28/07/2021

How I am reversing my diabetes thanks to my data science skills

T2D reversal: Low carb by logic...

Nothing new here, but just an interesting article I came across about how continuous glucose monitoring and some logic gets you there in the end. If you start getting lost in the stats, just scroll down to ‘The outcome’. BTW you don’t need to be a stats guy to get results like this!

These Freestyle Libres are the best devices, ever!

How I am reversing my diabetes thanks to my data science skills Thanks to modern technology and data science, I’m putting my diabetes into remission

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