Closed until further notice.

Covid 19 coronavirus: Two new community cases - Chris Hipkins and Ashley Bloomfield - NZ Herald 12/11/2020

New confirmed COVID case in Auckland CBD:

"People who have visited A to Z collection store at 61 High Street and a resident or visitor to Vincent St Residences at 106 Vincent St between Saturday (7th Nov) and today (Thurs 12th Nov) should isolate and get a test as a precaution."

Covid 19 coronavirus: Two new community cases - Chris Hipkins and Ashley Bloomfield - NZ Herald The person is a student at AUT University.


She's leaving us!!
The lovely Mosiana aka MOSI will work her last shift as Assistant Club Manager in CityFitness Queen Street tomorrow as she returns to take over the reins at CityFitness Papatoetoe.
We will really miss her bubbly smile, infectious laughter & spontaneous krumping on reception but we wish her the very best of luck for this next chapter ahead & can't wait to see her grow :)

If you happen to see her tonight and/or tomorrow, don't forget to say GOODBYEEEE!

(according to this photo I believe Nick is still coming to terms with her departure)

Covid-19: New case in Auckland community went to bar, bottle shop while infectious 06/11/2020

"The person had eaten brunch at Mezze Bar on Thursday before visiting a Queen St liquor store"


Hi everyone,
If you haven't already read this article, please take some time now...

Covid-19: New case in Auckland community went to bar, bottle shop while infectious Patrons of an Auckland restaurant are being warned to look out for symptoms of Covid-19 after a confirmed case ate there while infectious.


From 5.30am this Thursday 8th October...

*24 hour access RETURNS
*Gym floor bookings DISAPPEAR
*Class bookings REMAIN

Thanks again for your patience & understanding πŸ‘
Nice work team Auckland! πŸ‘Š


From Thursday onwards, all Auckland clubs will not require gym floor bookings!! Can this week get any better???
*goes off to buy lotto tickets*



Hello everyone,

Some of you may have noticed that we removed the 7.15pm timeslot this week in an act to reduce the amount of time that we require bookings. But, unfortunately, it wasn't as successful as we had hoped. We reached our maximum capacity very early into the 'no booking required' timeslot last night.
So tonight, CityFitness Queen Street requires bookings for the following 90 minute timeslots:

*no bookings required from 8.30pm tonight (7.30pm Thurs/Fri) but please be aware that if we reach our maximum capacity, we will implement a 'one in, one out' system.
With that in mind, please be respectful of other users & keep your workouts to 90 MINUTES while in level 2 so we can accommodate as many as we can while also maintaining the regulations set upon us as a gym.

Like all gyms at the moment, we have a limit to our capacity hence the necessity of booking during peak times (4-8.30pm, Mon-Fri).

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank you all for your patience & understanding. We know it's not an ideal situation and we too are looking forward to the days when bookings are not necessary for the gym floor!! πŸ˜‚

Thanks for reading & see you soon!


Hello good folk of CityFitness Queen Street,
The day has finally come upon us where we (everyone in AKL) get promoted a massive .5 step in the right direction - congratulations everybody!
*sings* cause we're movin' on up, we're movin' on out...time to break free, nothin' can stop me yeeeah...

But what does that mean for your gym experience?
Well, zero, zilch, nada...sorry!

But hey we are so close right?! RIGHT?!

Please continue to
-book sessions via the app from 4pm (Mon-Fri) in CityFitness Queen Street
-keep your workouts to 90 minutes so we can let others in to use the gym
-bring a sweat towel
-leave the gym on time - not sure what time that is? Take a look at the app. ;)

Due to level 2/2.5 regulations, Auckland clubs cannot open 24 hours just yet. But the good news is we have started opening all Auckland gyms from 4.30am Monday-Friday (afterhours access) for all of you early risers ;)

Thanks for reading!

Photos from CityFitness's post 30/08/2020

We've made some changes recently to help create more space on level 4 😍

Photos from CityFitness's post 29/08/2020

~T O~C H A N G E~C L U B~

You can book into any CityFitness club.

To see what club you are booking into or change club just press the 2 arrows in the top right corner.

On the following page, if it's your first time in this part of the app, you will see your 'home club' (that's where you set your membership up).

To ADD A CLUB, in the bottom right, you will see a red '+' sign. Press this to add whatever club you like & as many clubs as you like :)

Here is the most important part... the club at the TOP OF THE LIST is the club you will book into.
So, if Queen Street is at the top of the list, your booking will be made for the Queen Street club.
If you would like to book into our Newmarket club for example, make sure Newmarket is at the top of your club list.

It is really important to book into the correct club as if you have booked incorrectly we may not be able to let you in if we are at full capacity due to the government regulations.

Thanks for reading!

Photos from CityFitness's post 27/08/2020

~G Y M~B O O K I N G S~

Hello everyone!

The CityFitness app has been updated so if you have not been able to see the 'Gym Bookings' tile/button, you should be able to see it now :)

Here's a few things you need to know:
- BOOKINGS OPEN 48 hours prior (so if you want to book for Monday, you can do so on Saturday)
- sessions are 90 MINUTES long
- you can book into ANY CITYFITNESS, all you need to do is change the selected club by going to the arrows in the top right corner of the home page. On the following page, you can add/change clubs. (PLEASE NOTE: the club at the top of that list is your 'selected club' i.e. the club you will be booking into)
- blackcard/premium members can BOOK IN GUESTS on the app (please encourage your guest to scan the COVID QR code located at reception everytime upon entry to help with contact tracing-thank you!)
- bring a SWEAT TOWEL
- grab a SPRAY BOTTLE when you arrive (return it to reception when you leave)
- WIPE DOWN all equipment before & after use
- please kindly LEAVE the gym by the end of your session to allow our reception team to prepare for the following session
- our aim is to make all of this as smooth as the smoothest peanut butter so please bear with us as we navigate this next chapter :)

***The following information applies to the QUEEN STREET CLUB ONLY***
(check the app. to see how our other clubs are operating)

CityFitness Queen Street OPENING/CLOSING TIMES:
Monday to Friday: 5.30am-9.45pm
Saturday/Sunday: 7.00am-8.15pm

Monday to Friday: 12-8.15pm (last session is 8.15pm)

Monday to Friday: 5.30am-11.45am
Saturday/Sunday: all weekend)

Thanking you all in advance for your patience, co-operation & understanding.

See you soon!


For once, a Monday to look forward to... πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

As per the announcement today, Auckland will be going into Level 2 next week, which means we can reopen all of our Auckland clubs on Monday 31 August at 5:30am. All membership fees for Auckland members will remain on hold until we reopen. Our Level 2 guidelines can be found on our website -

We'll be sure to update everyone if any of our guidelines change for Level 2. We look forward to seeing all of our Auckland members next week!


Hey! How is everyone doing?
Hopefully next Thursday we'll all be back together again!

This week marked our FIRST YEAR anniversary in our 239 Queen Street location πŸŽ‚πŸŽŠπŸ₯‡
Anyone else grateful to have a bigger group fitness studio than our 203 Queen Street location...πŸ˜†


Super Excited to open the doors to our state of the art HITT studio on Monday 10th August in CityFitness Queen Street!!

The studio will be set up with a workout of the day which can be accessed during staffed hours or you can be motivated and guided by a personal trainer in one of our scheduled classes.

Check out the 'Group Classes' schedule on the CityFitness app for class-times and to book your place!
Please note, bookings open 48 hours before class start-times and no-shows will be monitored.
For Blackcard and Premium Members only. To upgrade your membership, please come see us at reception.


Make sure you bring a workout towel!!

This is a government regulation and we won't be able to let you in without one


Hi everyone,

Our team are incredibly excited about today's announcement regarding reopening at level 2 😊

We are working on some final guidelines to ensure your safety at our clubs which we will share with you shortly.

While we are still in level 3, stay home and stay safe πŸ‘
We cannot wait to see you all again very soon ☺️



NAME: Gabby
POSITION: Group BLAST Instructor

Hi Team!

My name is Gabby and I am one of Queen Street’s Group Fitness Blast instructors!

Each Monday night that rolls around and I am not sweating profusely onstage with my regular Blasters is a sad one. (even though my lazy body is secretly rejoicing)

I have been actively exercising every day before work to enforce a routine into my solo isolation - although I do dearly miss weights!
This has (mostly) stopped me going stir crazy during these uncertain times.
I can assure you though, the return of Monday night Blast will be fittingly insane πŸ˜‰

I hope you are all safe, and that you are using this time to nurture yourselves and connect with your community!

Be kind x
Not only to others, but to yourself.



Name: Hazel
Position: Group BLAST Instructor

Hazel joined the City Fitness family as a group blast instructor in the middle of 2019.
Outside of the Group Fitness studio, you might notice her around the gym working on some weights, getting in some cardio on the cross trainer or treadmill or even on the mats keeping her core in check.
Hazel is an avid camper and is looking forward to going exploring in some old and new locations around the country once it is safe to do so.


Week 1 of Level 3 is GONE...DONE...FINITO...never coming back again (hopefully!) πŸ˜…
Tomorrow is a big day for us all... The government is going to let us know what level 2 looks like so come on folks let's stay positive, let's pray, let's hope, let's wish that we can open the gym come level 2 ✨
Once we know what's ahead we (CityFitness) will send you some information about our plan ☺️
Come on Jacinda, give us good news 🀞



Name: Greer
Position: Reception

Greer is the newest addition to the CityFitness Queen Street reception family. She can’t wait to get back to the gym and meet more of our amazing members!

Powerlifting is her passion! Before lockdown, you could have probably found Greer upstairs on one of the deadlift platforms. She is looking forward to getting back behind the bar and hopefully competing in her first official GPC comp this year.

Now if there’s anything Greer loves more than lifting weights, it’s spinning a yarn! So if you see her behind reception or wandering around the gym floor, feel free to stop to have a chat.

During lockdown, Greer has been kept busy by her university studies as she completes her final year of law at the University of Auckland (so…you know, don’t go breaking any rules around her! 😜)

As Suzy Kassem said β€œdoubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” If your time in lockdown has got you thinking about some goals you want to achieve, this is your sign from the universe to get out there and do it (you might have to wait until lockdown is over though πŸ˜‚)!!

Stay safe and be kind to yourself! πŸ€™



I'm Anna and I manage the studios at Queen street and Newmarket (Abundance, Ride, Group Fitness, HITT).
I am missing my group fitness members 😞 especially my awesome Monday lunchtime POWER team that help me kick-start the week (flanked by a couple of the Monday POWER peeps in pic) - "Never miss a Monday!" πŸ™‚
Remember, laughter is the best medicine (especially if you can laugh at yourself), and be mindful to NOT sweat the small stuff. We will all be back moving together soon guys, for now, eat and drink up and we will roll forward with a smile on our faces # # #


Hi team,

Hope you're all keeping well!

LEVEL 3 TOMORROW!! Although we haven't been granted a massive amount for this level at least we are moving, we're PROGRESSING!!

Focus on the positive - every day we're getting closer to the end of all this.

Thinking of you all, let us know if we can help you with the app or exercise plans or if you just want to chat! Reply to this message or get in touch with one of our awesome coaches via the app :)






Name: Keith (The Malteser)
Position: Reception

Keith is from Malta (a beautiful and tiny island in Europe).
He has worked for CityFitness since the start of the year.

His favourite thing about working with CityFitness is meeting his awesome colleagues and helping out our amazing members.

During lockdown he has used his time in getting some online courses done and attempting some new challenges such as 'Plank for Time' from our CityFitness App in which he managed 5 minutes!! He was pleased with it until he found out the World Record is over 8 hours! 🀣

One of Keith's favourite quotes is:
"It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters."
He likes this quote so much that he decided to tattoo it on his arm - photo attached for proof πŸ˜‚

Stay home, Be Well and see you all soon! πŸ’ͺ🏼



Name: Emmy
Position: Personal Trainer/Yoga Instructor/Receptionist

This is Emmy's second year with CityFitness. She started off doing personal training in Mount Wellington and thereafter moved to Queen Street, where she now also teaches yoga classes and works behind the front desk! Emmy has some personality traits of a husky; she needs heaps of exercise to stay healthy and happy! So she can definitely not wait to get back and give 110% in all areas πŸ’ͺ

Emmy is keeping busy right now by deepening her PT knowledge by studying to become a Corrective Exercise Specialist and following (stalking) her favourite yoga teachers around the globe online, as well as teaching online PT sessions and Yoga sessions. (Thank you Zoom!)

"If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit."
- Banksy

"Motivation is what gets you started.
Habit is what keeps you going."
- Jim Rohn

Stay safe and keep up (some of) all the hard work ! πŸ’—



Name: Mosiana (Mozi/Mosi)
Position: Assistant Club Manager

Mosi has worked with CityFitness for about 3 years now. She started off working as a receptionist in CityFitness Papatoetoe and Mt. Wellington and made the big move to the management position here in Queen Street back in February. She cannot wait to return to the club and hear how you all have been as well as helping you all out πŸ˜„

Some things that Mosi has been doing to keep busy is by teaching people Krump (Dance style) online, being creative with new cooking recipes (with the help of niece and nephews), strengthening her knee (after a recent injury) and keeping fit by walking the block and utilizing the CityFitness app. Such a great way to keep active πŸ”₯

A famous quote by a not so famous person:

β€œYou are amazing and you are great. Never let the words of another tell you otherwise. Hold your head up the same way a kid does after a sugar rush”
-Mosiana Webster (not so famous person) πŸ˜‚

Stay home, save lives, keep your Mana and Aroha alive while Tamaki Makaurau rests and we will see you all very soon πŸ’›πŸ™πŸ½



NAME: Joanne (aka Jo/Joey/Jojo)
POSITION: Club Manager & Group Fitness Instructor

Jo has worked with CityFitness for over 4 years. She counts herself extremely blessed and thankful to work, train and have fun with all of the people in her club community πŸ’—
She is missing you (!) and cannot wait to get back to the club to see people do good things for their health and wellbeing✨

What's helping Jo to stay sane is to believe that we have been given this time to become bigger (not in that way, put those cookies down!πŸ˜†) and better so she has been doing some online educational courses and has kept herself busy running and throwing some weights around in the backyard. Jo enjoys pushing her physical and mental limits by running half/full marathons and is hoping to add an ultramarathon to that list this year🀞🏻

A quote she has been pondering...

"Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. KEEP GOING. Tough situations build strong people in the end.”
― Roy Bennett

Stay safe, stay positive, we're nearly there whanau.


Sing it with me now...
"PLANKING, huh, yeah!
What is it good for?
Absolutely EVERYthing...uhhuuh..."

Need proof? Here are just some of the awesome benefits to adding planks to your workouts:

-Strengthens your core
-Reduces back pain
-Encourages better posture
-Increases muscle definition
-Improves balance

This suggests that it's a pretty nifty move to have in your workout-toolbox, right? Right!

If you need any (virtual) help with this move, please head to the 'Coach Finder' section of our app./website and ask one of our wonderful coaches for tips and tricks. They'll have you planking in no time.
If you're already a planking veteran and would like some inspiration to take your planks to the next level, ask our coaches/PTs. They would be happy to help πŸ’ͺ🏼

Once that's done, head over to our 'challenges' section, record your planking times and get your name on the coveted leaderboard 😍

Good Luck πŸ€

pssst....brownie points awarded if you can name the song I butchered at the beginning of this post...πŸ˜‚


What the plank?
That's right, PLANKS are up this week for our challengers and challengees 😍
Who's in??
Have you been able to find the challenges on the CityFitness app.? If not, ASK ME, I would love to help πŸ’β€β™€οΈ


Happy long weekend everyone πŸ₯³

As you may have noticed, we have added some cool new features to our app. and website to help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals 😍
Should you have any queries navigating the app. please ask us πŸ—£

Otherwise, I hope you all get a chance to sneak in some chocolate and spend some (more πŸ˜…) quality time with your bubble buddies this weekend πŸ’™

Be a hero/ine, stay at home, save lives πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ


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